WATCH: Tim Allen just revealed a secret about the plot for his Christmas movie


Hollywood hates Tim Allen because he portrays a conservative character on “Last Man Standing.”

He is also famous for his iconic role as Santa Claus in the movie The Santa Clause.

But what Tim Allen just revealed about The Santa Clause’s original plot will make you fall out of our chair.

Tim Allen revealed on The Tonight Show that he was originally supposed to shoot Santa Claus off his roof thinking he was a home invader.

The “Last Man Standing” star revealed that this original dark turn was how he was originally supposed to become Santa on Christmas.

In the same interview, Tim Allen revealed details about Toy Story 4 and dropped hints about the new script.

He also touched on the joy of watching The Santa Clause with his daughter while trying to keep her belief in Santa Claus alive.

“Last Man Standing” is a thorn in the liberal TV network world’s side.

It gets consistently high ratings because it portrays everyday American values.


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  2. Quit lying. From Google:

    Tim Allen is famous for being a rare Hollywood conservative… but don’t expect his Last Man Standing character Mike Baxter to plant a Trump 2020 sign on the lawn.

    “I think the guy is kind of a centrist,” Allen — the star of Fox’s sitcom revival, debuting this fall — told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday. “This guy’s a practical guy… if it’s helping his business, I think he’s probably pro-Trump. [But] he probably doesn’t defend him.”

    In fact, Allen reveals that he and the Last Man writing staff were actually disappointed when Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in the 2016 election… because they had so much material saved up. “We had a bank of stuff” already written assuming that Clinton would win, Allen says — “pantsuit stuff,” as he puts it. But he emphasizes that the show won’t play political favorites: “We want both sides to think it’s funny.”

    Tim Allen is clearly NOT one of yours. How do I know? He thinks for himself.

  3. Actually, there were three “Santa Claus” movies starring Tim Allen and they are all wholesome, fun to watch movies. Anyone that is in doubt or doesn’t think he is a conservative has never watched “Last Man Standing” I think he is great!

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Mike Baxter (or is it really Tim Allen) isn’t as pro-Trump as the rest of us who voted for him – ya that’s right we’re the real “Russians” here! I was looking forward to seeing a Trump 2020 sign on that show. Then again, the web is just as much the media as anything on TV or in news papers so I can’t really believe what I’m reading here either. I guess one can only hope then. I’ve always liked “Last Man Standing”, even the new one. The old Mike Baxter had a bit more fire though. Always a fan still. Stay true, God bless.

    Steve C. J. Bruno

    PS: Miss the old Mandy, like to see more Eve ;-).


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