WATCH: This transgender candidate just committed political suicide on live television


Liberals in one northeast state were hoping identity politics would deliver them the Governor’s mansion.

But to elect a socialist transgender man as governor it takes more than identity politics for voters.

And this transgender candidate just committed political suicide with his comments on live TV.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Vermont Democrat’s transgender gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist, just destroyed her chances of winning the Vermont gubernatorial race.

She could barely answer MSNBC’s softball questions on live television.

When questioned by Susan Del Percio concerning how Hallquist would pay for his massive increases in spending, he completely fell apart, unable to give an answer.

Hallquist talked in circles and went on a half-baked attack on Republicans with the same old drivel the left has been using for years.

When Susan pointed out the lack of response, Hallquist proceeded to make the same mistake twice.

After watching Hallquist successfully make a fool of himself on live television, Mika Brzezinski made a quip toward Republican candidate Phil Scott.

But Noah Rothman wouldn’t let Mika get away with the quick save.

He revealed how ill-informed Hallquist was about the inner workings of his own state’s current laws.

If Hallquist is elected in Vermont, he will be the first transgender governor in the nation.


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  2. If the good people of Vermont elect this idiot they will regret it. Forget his transgender and think of what damage he would do with his policies………….. Good luck

  3. I do not think being a transgender is the problem, I think this person’s stupidity is the problem. If you are running for Governor of any state you should at least know what the laws are and what the responsibilities of being a governor are. Maybe this person should have at least looked up a job description for Governor.

  4. The person(?) who’s going for Vermont’s Governor is all screwed up.. Vermont will be in the s—-s before the gov’s term is even at 10% done…

  5. What is hilarious is if you are born male, you die male. There is no way to change chromosomes. If unfortunately one who describes as male, is burnt beyond recognition, dna analysis the born sex will show true…can’t run and hide from science

  6. That is ignorant babble, you don’t understand basic physiology. There are those born with both genders, called hermaphrodites. Those differences on the gender spectrum are natural, it is just the Democrats that are better educated and recognize that you cannot fit many people into just two categories. You see, Democrats are the party of inclusion, whether that person is black, white or whatever ethnic group, male or female or shades in between – – and Republican party has been taken over by the radicals who cannot even tolerate any variation in thought by other republicans.

  7. If he is not sure if he is a man or woman, how well do you think he/she would be as a “Governor” running your State; I would think chances would be slim on how efficient this pervert would govern!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Who in the hell would vote for anyone, ANYONE, that doesn’t have the intellect to understand once a man always a man. No matter how many hormones ingested or how many mutilating surgeries performed will always, ALWAYS, remain the gender into which he or she was born. I wouldn’t want someone this delusional to run my state!

  9. truth…You really need to change your screen name. You have no concept of what truth is. YES, God created TWO genders, male and female. Your ignorance is profound. Yes, there are those born with both genders, but it is NOT natural. Dems better educated??? Really???? No, dems blindly believe the lib propaganda that has taken over the public schools without question. The truth is no longer taught. You have no clue what a republican even is. That is very obvious. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist. But it is the DEMS who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK. And it is the dem party that has been taken over by radicals. JFK would not be welcome today. Open your eyes and get out of fantasyland. Join the real world

  10. xx is female. Read a biology book. And you will stand before God to be judged the gender you are born as…male or female

  11. I’m afraid it is too late for this person so inaptly named truth. He/she needs to get their brain-rewashed. Obviously so delusional that there is no turning back at this time. I would guess this person is constantly watching CNN or MSNBC, has friends of the same ilk, listens and adores celebrites and believe everything they say and wishes they could be one. Actually, they have nothing of value and that is why they are so easily fooled and are just followers and cannot think for themselves. It is sad, isn’t it?

  12. You think it is bad where you are. I am from Vermont. I can not believe the democraps would put this MORON up as a candidate. It has NO chance of winning. While I am not a Phil Scott fan, he is the second most popular politician in the last years. The only politician more popular than Scott was Dick Snelling

  13. Transgender??? Looks like an ugly man dressed in drag .Can’t argue with X’s and Y’s. Chromosomes are gonna do what they are gonna do.

  14. My , been smoking the weed again? Inclusive? Try to have an intelligent discussion with a Dem. AND if you have a different viewpoint, well, they call antifas, oxymoron . Inclusive, like lock step , like Adolph? As in Lockstep/goosestep? Right , dream on, go back to sleep.

  15. I agree with you, It sounds like the things Obama would say, that amount to nothing that helps the American Taxpayers. This person doesn’t have any knowledge where the money would come from for these dumb ideas since WE ALREADY OWE OVER 21 TRILLION DOLLARS THAT WE HAVE TO FIND AWAY TO PAY FOR.

  16. Sorry, but this is a real example of a decay of a nation. This “thing” has no business being a governor!!!! She/it would be better suited as a crash test dummy for GM!!!!!

  17. I believe him/her being a transgender is a problem. IMHO transgenders are not playing with a full deck, they have mental issues that should not be ignored of overlooked for the sake of being PC. Perverts should not be given special treatment, they should be given psychological counseling and treatment. There are only two genders, TWO. Not 2.5 or three, TWO. Accept it.

  18. Truth????? Really???? Better changed your name to brainwashed fool!!!!
    You’ve been taught what to think by radical morons!!!!

  19. Why isn’t CNN jumping right in on this one??????? You know the whole routine. How courageous this person is and how us bigots and homophobes should evolve with this progress!!!! Diversity!!!!!

  20. Just because IT would be the first transgender to be elected governor is a VERY BAD reason to elect IT. Just look how bad the first elected Black (half black) President worked out. America had the worst 8 years in American History not counting times of war during Obama’s admin.

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