WATCH: This pro-Planned Parenthood ad is downright evil


The pro-abortion left can’t wait to promote Planned Parenthood’s bloody agenda.

After all, abortion is a profitable business.

But this pro-Planned Parenthood video will make your blood boil.

The pro-abortion left wants to make it easy and convenient to murder an unborn child.

In fact, they will openly advertise that people should have a right to choose to murder their unborn child.

And their evil rhetoric was on full display in the form of a pro-Planned-Parenthood video by The Agenda Project saying an unborn baby is a life “choice.”

The video features a beautiful baby girl.

Interspersed with footage of this adorable creation of God are the following texts:

“She deserves to be loved.”

“She deserves to be wanted.”

“She deserves to be a choice.”


To the pro-abortion left, babies in the womb have no right to life.

They think an unplanned, unborn baby is deserving of nothing more than being murdered.

To them, an unborn child is simply a faceless, nameless clump of cells that doesn’t deserve to be loved, defended, or even given basic human rights.

And they’ll do whatever is necessary, use whatever language necessary, and lie however much they need to in an attempt to keep murder of unborn children legal.

What are your thoughts on this vile ad? Let us know in the comments.


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