WATCH: This pro-Planned Parenthood ad is downright evil


The pro-abortion left can’t wait to promote Planned Parenthood’s bloody agenda.

After all, abortion is a profitable business.

But this pro-Planned Parenthood video will make your blood boil.

The pro-abortion left wants to make it easy and convenient to murder an unborn child.

In fact, they will openly advertise that people should have a right to choose to murder their unborn child.

And their evil rhetoric was on full display in the form of a pro-Planned-Parenthood video by The Agenda Project saying an unborn baby is a life “choice.”

The video features a beautiful baby girl.

Interspersed with footage of this adorable creation of God are the following texts:

“She deserves to be loved.”

“She deserves to be wanted.”

“She deserves to be a choice.”


To the pro-abortion left, babies in the womb have no right to life.

They think an unplanned, unborn baby is deserving of nothing more than being murdered.

To them, an unborn child is simply a faceless, nameless clump of cells that doesn’t deserve to be loved, defended, or even given basic human rights.

And they’ll do whatever is necessary, use whatever language necessary, and lie however much they need to in an attempt to keep murder of unborn children legal.

What are your thoughts on this vile ad? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. I am for contraception. Possibly for the day-after pill. However, some 19 days after conception there are already brain-waves and 21 days a discernable heart beat. I believe that the unborn do have unborn rights to life. It gets tricky when a pregnancy is the result of a rape (it happens very rarely) or when amniocentesis reveals that the unborn would be severely mentally or physically handicapped. In those situations, it abortion may be allowable (though not encouraged) if it is still fairly early and not past the second trimester.

  3. For all of you today believe a baby is. Not worth saving I hope you all tell your mother thank you for not murdering YOU!!

  4. If you don’t want a baby you don’t start one in the beginning, but you certainly don’t kill it after it is started. Today, there are too many ways to prevent this from happening. I personally think abstinence is the best way but they do have plenty of medical ways!

  5. Thoughtful and much agreement with what you said and how well you stated it. Kudos. Although I believe women must be able to make that choice, when my daughter was surprised with unexpected pregnancy after her first birth, my son-in-law wanted to terminate, so I offered to pay my daughter’s pay if she would stay off her feet and birth the baby who was threatening to have problems. He is now my beloved grandson, Tristan.

  6. Planned parenthood is and always will be an evil,vile Nazi-like organization that should never get one cent of government funding! Some of the crimes they have committed should be punishable by the death penalty!
    They are the most inhumane group to ever exist!
    God bless the children!! ????????????????

  7. Then don’t frigging watch it! I think most people really get tired of those whiny, gritchy people who rant and rail all day long and are so nasty – – and state things like you did, Jim. Planned parenthood does have a point – – – people need to be much more thoughtful and deliberative about their choices! AND, if a baby is born, I hope conservatives support helping the mother and child with food and other necessities of life. Seems the message of most Trumpers is they are really about pro-birth and forget about the kids once they are born. There should not be any hungry people in this abundant country!!

  8. Nazi-like? Trump and his supporters are Nazi-like fascists, but because they are racists and create scapegoats like the NAZIs did the Jews to blame for all their programs. But Planned Parenthood gives a lot of health services to women (cancer checks, health advice etc.) beyond the medical help to end legal pregnancies.

  9. There is coming a day and by all indications very soon that all who believe that it is ok to murder children in the womb will give an account for their murderous actions. God said life begins at conception, it does not matter what man thinks. God help us all.

  10. truth is important: thank you and thank you for convincing your daughter and son-in-law to go with the birth. By the way, not all people on the left are pro-abortion and not all people on the right are pro-life. What we need to do is to sensitize society that the unborn have rights to life and terminating a pregnancy after the 21 or 23rd day from conception is equivalent to killing a child. It will be a thought fight – but a worthwhile fight.

  11. truth is important: I fully agree with your comments. The conservatives should help the truly low-income people, the mother and child, by helping them provide the necessities of life for the child. If one is concerned about the unborn, then one should be also concerned about the child after he/she is born.

  12. Parduc: What you said is cruel. If you truly believe what you said, you have no values – only an ideological obsession to support the right. You are hardly different from the Nazis and the Communists – who believed that the end always justified the means.

  13. Truth is important: I don’t want to support your offspring from my earnings growing up to be liberals, so just keep aborting them.

  14. Truth is important: Can you explain us what “Nazi-like fascists” really mean? Or you just like to throw around words you don’t know the meanings of?

  15. Latest I heard it is a mere 16 days before a heartbeat starts-but even before that, from very moment of conception, are all the cells that are the potential of a child who, if allowed to live, will grow to an adult, a member of the HUMAN group of living beings on this earth. In what stage is this a CHOICE? What if the “choice” is to destroy this or any other life? PP gets itself into more trouble every time they open their vile, demonic mouths…

  16. Agreed. I believe all life is sacred, and we need not be so reactive to terms. Ideally all, except the cases you mentioned above, people would help, by good decisions that this issue would never come up. It is a fight in a world with so much to learn.

  17. who said they would grow up to be liberals – – and your hate is totally evident, you would prefer that liberals die, which shows you are not pro-life AT ALL. Now, back to your question – – you pay to feed and help children in your own best interests – – because in the long run it is cheaper than to pay for the medical care and lack of development. That is unless you wish them all to die, and that would be the greatest cost of all – – and the solution of the Third Riech.

  18. I very much know the meaning, both from history and from these signs, which come from the Holocaust Museum in DC. On this list of EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF FASCISM, you will see Trump scores high on most of these areas:
    1. Powerful and continuing nationalism
    2. Disdain for human rights
    3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
    4. Rampant sexism
    5. Controlled mass media
    6. Obsession with national security
    7. Religion and government intertwined
    8. Corporate power protected
    9. Labor power suppressed
    10. Disdain for intellectual and the arts
    11. Obsession with crime and punishment
    12. Rampant cronyism and corruption

  19. Sharon M: Thank you for your comments. In fact, as conception occurs at the mid-period of the menstruation cycle, by the time most women realize that they are pregnant, a heart bet and brain waves exist. So, abortion is killing the unborn.

  20. Parduc: With you attitude regarding support for abortion, as these babies might eventually grow up to be left-wingers, you would make the world so much a crueler place. Shame of you for being so uncaring and obsessed with your right wing ideology – and just thinking of how to reduce taxes so that you can have more money. You should know that there are more important things in life than just making money – which none of us can take any part of it when we go into the after-life.

  21. If Planned Parenthood believes this ad is going to result in a positive outcome for their heinous business, then they’re as foolish as they are heartless. The innocence of the beautiful baby in the ad, and the possibility of destroying such a life, should have any compassionate and humane person with a soul, to think twice about abortion.

  22. Stop ASSuming. I am nether a right winger nor a left winger. I am a Libertarian. None of my “cruel” words killed/aborted anyone. You left wingers kill your own babies, you right wingers kill certain other countries babies. The shame is on YOU.

  23. You are really confused. You claim that I support the “right” and that I am like the Nazis and Communists. Did you know that the Nazis and Communists are left wingers?? Obviously not, so brush up on your ideologies

  24. Parduc: My point is that we should stop killing all babies. Libertarians, if they truly believe in liberty, should respect life and the liberty of others, including that of the unborn to life.

  25. Parduc: I was just showing the contradictions inherent in your point of view. Life for you – but killing unborn is fine. I will pray for you that you not be an accomplice in the killing of unborn babies.

  26. to ‘truth is important’; your list is the soros/alinsky/obama/democrat/islam list; not President Trump. Look in the mirror idiot.

  27. Roman, Shame on you: You promote taxation (THEFT) to take money from people who worked for it (you are JEALOUS because you did not) and give it to people who did not work for it (you are a LIBERAL/ COMMUNIST). The Nazis were anti-abortion, how does that fit your agenda?. Btw, how do you suppose you feed 10 billion people or 20 billion?

  28. Parduc: Taxation is not theft. Governments need to tax their citizrens to raise money for infrastructure, policing , defense, etc.I am not jealous of wealthier people as I am reasonably comfortable. Some people can not work, they may have physical, mental handicaps, senior citizens or may be care givers and just can not work. We need to be humane regarding them.. Nazis were for abortion of what they considered degenerate people’s pregnancies and not to mention killing what they considered inferior people – Jews, handicapped, Gypsies, homosexuals, blacks, etc. The world population is expected to peak at about 10-12 billion at most and not 20 billion. Being more efficient in production of crops, reduce waste in storage and less wasteful of prepared food, using new technologies, using the technologies already available, the world’s population can be fed.

  29. Ur just plain stupid. It doesn’t matter what Persons politics are, we have NO right to stop a “ beating heart, Idontbcare what politics you have, one baby life cut short is TOO many!

  30. No.
    in the 2 years the orange one has been in office, it si corruption everywhere, and lies on top of lies.
    The anti choice gang are joining in his lies and deception.

  31. Any race that is not “white”.

    If you step back, and take a good look at his racis dog whistle activities, you would see that .

  32. None.
    The term is fetus, and it is non-viable at the time of abortion.
    If it is not your body, it is none of your business.

  33. Roe vs. Wade has got to be overturned. To bad the people working for and with Planned Parenthood weren’t aborted before they were brought into this big beautiful world, a world where every unborn, in some cases after they were born should be allowed to live and experience the wonders of and not be murdered by Planned Parenthood.

  34. I agree killing babies in the womb is very wrong. Don’t want a baby use protection. It’s don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  35. Helene: “Ur just plain stupid.” Calling names people who have different opinion than yours is pretty much a proof of YOUR low IQ.

  36. More of your Globalist brainwashed ideas. The USA was founded and run without taxing the people for 150 or so years. Research how the Gov’t survived. Taxation is a Globalist tool now. Ok, taxation is not “theft”, it is “robbery”. The only ways for the world to “peak” at 12 billion are 1. Mass starvation deaths outnumber births, 2. Bio-Engineered plagues, 3. Perpetual wars. Your Globalist Masters are hard at work on all 3. – Globalist M. Rothschild said: “When there is blood on the streets, buy property.”

  37. Be more specific. What activities? Or statements? – From your racist “orange” statements we can assume that you preferred the brown baboon and the tranny.

  38. Parduc: you make no sense. How can governments pay for defense, roads, airports food inspection without having revenue. Of course, to raise revenue, they need to tax people, corporations directly and/or indirectly.You figures of 20 billion people on earth is not based on any facts or research.My figures were based on credible studies by informed scientists and researchers. You are a victim of conspiracy theories that have obviously brainwashed your thinking.

  39. Roman: Obviously you are not old enough for a history class. The US Income Tax system was established in 1913 (Mostly to pay for the Federal Reserve scam, but that is a different story). Before that the US Gov’t existed on tariffs and such. Does “small gov’t” rings the bell? What will cause the people to “peak” at 12 billion? What is my “conspiracy theory”? You are extremely illogical: brainwashing is done through constant bombardment by the media & schools, however you have to do research to find “conspiracy theories”.

  40. Parduc: The world and the US have changed a great deal since 1913. At that time, airports for millions of travelling people did not need to be constructed, assuring and plentiful food supply was not a priority. The Government was expected by the public to provide for these and other services. I don’t need to mention even social security for the elderly – which is now expected. So, obviously, someone has to pay for it and therefore taxation is necessary. I actually think that you need to take history classes and be better informed. Stop reading right-wing conspiracy sites that deal with doom and gloom and exaggerate the world’s problems. The 12 billion figure is a credible figure of the world’s population and not the 20 billion figure. You are the one that is brainwashed due to hearing right-wingers and reading their sites. They are the ones that exaggerate problems and peddle fear – not to mention hatred – of other points of view. Opening your mind to balanced reporting from numerous sources, American and foreign, would provide you with more accurate information and benefit you in forming your views.

  41. Why is that ad allowed to run but pro life ads are not? I dont understand why pro life can not run an ad of the adoption of the baby….

  42. Wait a minute…who said pro life is anti abortion? Abortion is absolutely necessary in certain situations but abortion is not birth control. Nor should abortions be given past the first trimester. The only who is not pro choice is the abortion clinics….they lie about being pro choice…they do not tell the people who go to them that they have choices, they just take them straight to abortion. The pro life ads are censored from the networks and social medias as well as main stream and print medias….so who is pro choice? Certainly not planned parenthood.

  43. Anyone like the dem terrorists who enjoy the deaths of babies should never be in public office, ever.


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