WATCH: Planned Parenthood is in deep trouble after one abortionist’s disturbing admission


The Left is on the receiving end of a massive backlash against its support for abortion-up-to-birth and even infanticide.

Many Americans are repulsed by what Democrats are doing in the name of their abortion-anytime agenda.

But what a Planned Parenthood abortionist admitted to a woman in this video will change everything.

A woman in Minnesota went to Planned Parenthood to have a late-term abortion and had a life-changing experience that will shock you.

The woman was told by the Planned Parenthood abortionist exactly what would happen to her baby if it was born alive during an abortion.

The abortionist said they would “break the baby’s neck.”

LifeNews reports:

The woman said she asked the two abortionists, “If you guys were to take him out right now while he’s still, his heart rate is still, you know, going, what would you guys do?”

She said one of the abortionists looked at the other one, then looked back at her, “and she told me that we don’t tell women this, and a lot of women don’t even ask this question, but if we was to proceed with the abortion and the baby was to come out still alive and active, most likely we would break the baby’s neck.”

This would be a clear violation of Minnesota’s “Born Alive Infants Protection Act,” which requires that, “All reasonable measures consistent with good medical practice . . . shall be taken . . . . to preserve the life and health of the born alive infant.”

In the video, the woman described how she initially went through with the abortion. She said the abortionist used a long needle to inject digoxin to stop the baby’s heart, but the baby survived.

The woman said she requested an ultrasound on the second day to see if her baby was still alive. When it revealed that he was and she learned what the abortionists would do if he was born alive, the woman said she demanded that the dilators be removed so that she could go home and keep her baby.

“The more I was telling them no, it was more like they were trying to sell me something, like a seller that pushes you and pushes you until you buy their item or their product. That’s how it felt, as if they were trying to sell me this abortion,” she said.

Her baby later was born full-term and healthy, according to the pro-life ministry. Her identity was concealed so that she will not be subject to retaliation by Planned Parenthood.

You can see a the video of the woman’s testimony below.

Perhaps this disturbing account of what Planned Parenthood abortion providers actually do to babies will change the minds of Democrat elected officials in Congress and so many state legislatures about their unwavering support for the Abortion industry’s radical agenda.

If that doesn’t, poll numbers will.

As we’ve reported, a recent poll showed a 17 point boost in Americans who consider themselves “pro-life.”

We want to know what do you think.

Will these latest shocking revelations help ultimately end the travesty of late-term abortion and infanticide?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. This is a typical liberal attitude. This is actually murder. Anyone who tried this would be arrested and tried for murder. They need to be in jail with no parole.

    • Unbelievable the pro abortion people are comfortable seeing unborn and born babies getting killed without any remorse. Not humane. The law must be reset to protect babies i any stage starting from conception through and after birth.

    • You can use expletives around your fellow adults especially if it so appropriately describes their evil behavior, fiends is the only way to describe those people, it is true if they believe in ending a human life at any time someone needs to convince their parents to request their lives be terminated as well.

    • Likewise … I quit the Democratic party In ’68 for other ungodly ambitions. Abortion for convenience or the baby’s ears were too big was not a plank then. Liberalism is not limited to communist inclination. Since 1967 abortion rights nationwide have been a work in progress; part of the more an more needs of society.

    • I totally agree with you!! This just turns my stomach, to even think that someone could do that. We have to start blaming the Mother too, if they did not want the abortion, there would be no need for planned parenthood. The demorats support them, because PP keeps giving them money, the demorats are bought and paid for!!

  2. These people are murderers!!!! How cruel what they do to these innocent babies. I sure hope this baby is alright after having this stuff done to it. They wanted to make money by selling the baby parts.

  3. I saw a photograph of what appeared to be a perfectly healthy infant if that was the woman’s child thank goodness she was so repulsed by the thought of them ending the infant’s life the way they kill rats for dissection she said no that she had changed her mind and wanted to keep her baby.

  4. Abortion is an abomination. What this incident reveals is the callous disregard for the dignity and sanctity of human life of the abortionist, Planned Parenthood, and the democrat party. This is is evil incarnate.

  5. The abortionist could hear the cash register ringing. He knew the sale of the baby’s body parts would bring in money, and he didn’t want to let it go. Thank the Lord the mother left and delivered a healthy baby.

  6. This whole entire discussion is sick and disgusting in every way possible. Any sane, mature person knows where babies come from and if they don’t want to be pregnant then stop being so promiscuous and get a handle on your desires, seriously.

  7. not mu ch to ad. so glad .omma changed her mind….abortion shouldnt be an option.all it is is greed and people with no concience like our govt . that vote to approve it. they are suppose to vote as the people want. not for a political standpoint. they want the big bucks kickback from P P.. that can be proven names and how much paid.. it makes me sick .

  8. How long will we tolerate MURDER until we call it MURDER???

    GOD have mercy on America judgment day is coming for us all!!! Thank God!!!

  9. Read the fifth paragraph. Second up from the bottom. The more she told them no, the more instant they became. Her own words, like a seller pushing their product till you say yeas. Why? Read on.

    First the harvest baby parts at planned parenthood, remember the big flap- then it was made against the law to investigate what they did. What you were not told, they also , in a late term, abortion harvest the Adrenaline , by removing that gland , in some cases while the baby is still alive. The intense pain increases the amount that is harvested. They use the adrenaline to make a very special drug called Adrenochrome. Which is sold to the elite of the elite rich, the elite of the rich politicians and Movie Stars. The drug costs thousands per ounce. Don’t believe me? Look it up with you own search engine, and see what this drug does. You also can see who uses this drug, If you read your bible , look up Moloch in Wikipedia, and in several other places. Also other names are Molecule, Milcom, or Malcam. He is in the New and old testament. Babies were sacrificed at birth to this god and the priests that delivered the baby cut its throat an drank the blood, which was spiked with Adrenaline. They did not know it was spiked with Adrenaline, they id know it had benefits that believed was there and these totally evil people still believe that. I am writing a another book, “What has been, Is, and Will be, Nothing has changed under the Sun”. Ecclesiastics was written by Solomon, you will find it after Proverbs. The Globalist Movement is comprised of these people. Read the True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin, it can still be found on Amazon, it has a membership list in the front which includes names, Presidents, Senators and Representatives, members who own News services, Television, Radio or News Papers. They have taken over the Democrat Leadership, and they are also the RINOS, ((Republican In Name Only). George Soros and his sons are extremely active, so is Tom Styer.

  10. Here it is 2019 and we’re back in the Stone Age! Why do we have people on Death Row for murder while we allow the “legal” murder of infants? If a baby is born alive, at that point it should be treated like anyother human being. How can anyone justify breaking a baby’s neck? The Democrats are condoning murder, I wonder what else they have in store for US?

    Adults having intercourse need to know the consequences of their few minutes of pleasure! With all the birth control products available today, it’s nothing short of criminal negligence to risk an unwanted pregnancy. Ladies, how would you feel being an accessory to murder? Just asking!

  11. This goes to show that the Democrats aren’t playing with all their facilities. I always thought that you go to jail for killing a human being. This is only true if you’re a Republican or Christian. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. God will not be mocked Just as a man sows so shall he reap.

  12. Wake Up America. If you want to have sex, have it responsibily! Use the many available birth control methods available over the counter or use abstinence. Birth control by Abortion is Murder and so very digustingly irresponsibe. Not only are you Murdering a human being, you are funding illegal body parts for salvage and make slimeball companies and people rich by your help. Stop this and be good to yourself and America. Stop serving the rich, selfish slave owners that you become by doing this kind of behavior for them.

    • Marlene everything you say is TRUE … As for birth control alternatives.
      I remember decades back when the kids on the street girls were advised to keep their legs crossed and the boy? Keep your zipper zipped. Someone on YV, maybe Arthur Godfrey, advised if the former was not possible, girls could try his dime method, ‘Put a dime between your knees and hold it there. Corny but better than nothing.

    • And….you pay for the privilege! Slaves by choice, murder for gain, blood money, idolatry, immorality…the victims of greed cry out and no one listens!!

  13. On another story they were pissed about a woman hunter killing a large young mountain lion. Can you imagine how people feel about late term abortion have a live birth and a living ,breathing human being laying on a table alone and not getting mad at the fact that there isn’t anybody defending the babies life from being killed isn’t worth saving . But there is anger over a stupid mountain lions death!

  14. I think the real goal of these murdering pigs is to extend the right to murder children up to the age of 3, after all one needs time to decide if they want what they made, don’t they?

  15. For one thing, most late term abortions are ONLY to save the mothers life. NOT because a woman does not want an infant. If a pregnancy is not wanted, it is terminated during the FIRST three months (normally, right after the woman discovers that she is pregnant). Next, I keep reading about the rights of the “Un-BORN”, and I have a question, for Pro-Life.

    If the Un-Born must have the rights, of human beings, then what about the UN-Dead?

    Shouldn’t vampires, mummies, demons, zombies, etc, have the right to be free, as well?

    What is the difference between the Un-Born, and the UN-Dead? Does anyone, without a pulse, heart beat, respiration deserve the right to remain among the living?

    • Most states and the Feds rule if a pregnant woman and her undelivered child are shot it is a double MURDER … regardless of pregnancy term or after. Why are perps who violate their hypocritical oath who pull babies from the womb with forceps and break there necks above the paramount law? Paid killers folks.

    • PS. To my other remarks … After three months they do have heartbeats and can feel pain … even suck their thumbs as shown on scans.

  16. Can the so called doctor be killed by someone if he is about to kill a baby that survived being slaughtered that baby deserves to be defended.

  17. Hitler’s horrific Halocost pales by comparison to the number of children aborted by Planned Parent and other butcher shops. Remember your taxes make this possible and thanks to the DC (no expletive strong enough) klutzes vote that enable these legal abhorrent procedures. Wake up America!! We are on our way to the H place in a wheelbarrow.

  18. This should come to no surprise….I mean really….in the end it is KILLING plain and simple. With current day on goings in the US coupled with organizations like PP, the Nazi’s would be envious. Once a country starts to justify and rationalize genocide. It’s game over. We will not be blessed and the country will continue to tumble off the cliff crash and burn. Once the almighty takes his hands off of us similiar to frustrated parents who have run interference with little Johnny ( who has grown into a criminal), then makes the decision to kick them out of their lives, the country is doomed. We are not practicing through our actions what we preach

  19. How could they not call that murder,breaking the baby’s neck, I just get sick at the thought. Put the baby up for adoption. What is all the fuss about the children at the boarder, they call that all kinds of names because we want a wall, and yet they think nothing of killing a baby at birth. Somebody give me a clue because I’m lost. Maybe, if I heard right they sell baby parts????

  20. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  21. I wonder how long God will wait until He punishes the killers of the innocence ? I was born in 1939 and remember the celebrations when the war was over. Rationing ended and real butter returned. Most of all we were rid of the monster Adolf Hitler. Now, what those men fought for is lost. The Nazi T-4 program is being used in our country. Our country has accepted Hitler’s program of killing. He has finally won. God have mercy on the United States of America.

  22. Stop tax funded abortions, and any abortion after the baby has a heartbeat & can feel pain! Any woman can get birth control or even get the “morning after pill” to never ever need an abortion even if her sex life is like a dog in heat! Stop the murder!


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