WATCH: Democrat Governor argues in favor of post-birth abortion (seriously)


New York State signed one of the most radical pro-abortion bills into law which allows abortion up until the moment of birth.

Planned Parenthood activists cheered and the Governor ordered the One World Trade Center to be lit in pink to celebrate.

But all that pales in comparison to what a 2020 swing state governor just said about abortion.

Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates introduced legislation that would allow abortion-on-demand right up until birth.

A video went viral of the bill’s primary sponsor, Delegate Kathy Tran, defending abortion through the 40th week of pregnancy.

When she was asked if a woman was dilating and about to give birth could obtain an abortion, Del. Tran said, “My bill would allow that.”

But now Democrat Governor Ralph Northam landed in a world of hurt after he took her argument a step further.

In an interview with WTOP, Gov. Northam – who claims to be a pediatrician by trade – said he supported Del. Tran’s bill. Northam and then matter-of-factly went on to say:

“So in this particular example if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen, the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable.

“The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

The days of “safe, legal, and rare” are long gone.

Democrats have sunk to sickening depths arguing for outright infanticide.

And Democrats in more states are trying to ram through similar laws to what was passed in New York because they’re afraid it’s only a matter of time when Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Do you think Virginia Governor Ralph Northam should resign over his despicable support of post-birth abortion?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. You are all despicable….allowing a full grown infant to be murdered???? you are all sick…how would you have liked that to have been you?

  3. libs are very dangerous to our freedom, whether we are born or unborn. They should all be rounded up and sent to Gitmo or somewhere else they can’t interfere in our lives.

  4. This is way beyond sick. It is the worst kind of evil. God will not support a nation that murders babies. Satan will reign for a period of time, and it seems that it has begun.


  6. These people will feel karma at it’s worst…..they will all burn in hell for eternity. Murder is against God’s law!!

  7. Put this LIBERAL DEPLORABLE DUMB AS_ in PRISON for killing babies and
    not DEATH ROW INMATES that are there for ONE reason MURDERE.. This
    LOONEY TUNE is really the CAT’S MEOW ! He will kill Helpless little babies
    And not the ONE’S that are in PRISON for..

  8. Some one said, Quote; “If there is a heart beat, it is alive”. To terminate a heart beat, deliberately, is “murder”. Under US Law, the penalty for that is death. We have become a Lawless Society when it comes to murder. It depends on who you know and if there were ‘Political Motivation’ involved. For those who are motivated to terminate a ‘Heart Beat’, regardless of when it began, should be held accountable. Ironically, Muslim are just the opposite … they allow multiple, simultaneous, marriage to have as many children as possible, usually covered under our Welfare Program At Tax Payers expense. Thanks to Obama, they are now becoming a controlling Political Power in various parts of the USA. As we continue to kill ourselves off they are multiplying rapidly with intent to rule our Nation, actually World, as directed by there self proclaimed leader in their Koran. Our once Christian Nation has Lost it’s Way.

  9. So, we can have felons vote, do away with capital punishment. But an innocent life, barely a few minutes old, we will allow to die. And call it “choice”. I call it being brain washed by a hateful society. A society that would allow millions to come into our country illegally, give them everything they want. But kill our own, and cheer about it. SICK, SICK, SICK!!!!

  10. Abortion is MURDER in any way you look at it and this SO-CALLED VA Governor is a Murderer if he is in favour of Abortion. May he rot in HELL along with every Mother that has had an Abortion.

  11. Why a limit on abortion at birth lets take it to the teenagers then they would behave and not be the whiny crybabies they have become as they would always in the back of their mind think the could be aborted . Just extend it to include politicians , oh what a great government we could have .

  12. If this can be done to a child that has been delivered – you are all playing GOD and you will be very sorry when he deals with you – make no mistake He will – – every single one of you, be it the person who chose an abortion, the politician that made it acceptable to man’s law, the abortionist that performs the act and sick people like planned parenthood that sell the body parts. And one step further the voters that aren’t raising their total anger . Just because you let these despicable things go on without an uprising of the public – makes everyone just as culpable in God’s eyes and all will be held accountable.

  13. Don’t see how these people have made it this far! Killing babies is now their business?
    Just can not believe that these people have any intelligence at all and they certainly do not believe in God. Let the babies live. Somewhere out there, couples are begging to adopt them.

  14. We are aborting our children, the Muslims will continue to have and care for their children in about 30-45 years who do you think will be running this country. Wake up America

  15. Contrary to the earnest hopes of most of these comments, God will not interfere
    nor punish the murderers. The only cogent comment is about recalls!
    Recall all the slimeballs and elect candidates with a moral backbone.
    Widespread calls for yanking these killers from their cozy jobs and perks
    would soon put the brakes to this abomination.

  16. “We often do not look at the Scripture that tells us if we cause one of these little ones of mine who trust in me to sin it would be better if a millstone be placed around your neck and you be cast into the deepest sea. We are all creation of God . Every person has a spiritual knowledge that they have been created by God . Therefore every human being is a little one of God’s creation therefore in some form we trust in God. Abortion is causing a woman to fall in to the sin of taking the life of an innocent child . We learn that God demands a life for a life . Therefore when a women takes a unborn childs life she goes through mental illness and life long hatred for her actions. Thou shalt not kill. Looking back into the Book of Amos we find that God destroyed nation that killed pregnant women we also find that Israel had been offering children on an Idol Molech that was made of Iron and was made red hot before the child was placed upon it . This action brought God’s judgment against Israel which led them into captivity. When abortion attempts to offer the unborn to Satan one is violating God’s right to every human being as His creation . All Creation is God’s and only He has the right to judge and make decisions concerning life and death. We can not judge for we are God’s creation , but God’s word makes the judgment of sin and God is just in His judgment. When will we learn that Christ said I do not judge you , but my word shall judge you . Every word of the Bible is inspired or God Breathed through the Holy Spirit . That means that all humans shall be judged by what God has inspired the Prophets and Christ and the New Testament writers to write.

  17. The majority of Virginians are conservative. We have been invaded from Northern VA by these brain dead heartless liberals. None of us are voting for them, we wonder how they have taken over our state. Then we realized, it’s voter fraud! Every time we mention wanting voter ID’s they have a complete melt down. They don’t want anyone to check our voting records. They go ballistic if you mention that. If they didn’t have something to hide, they would welcome the peace of mind that everything was done by the books. They want our cities to be sanctuary cities, all of the usual insane liberal stuff. THIS governor had a temper tantrum when we suggested we wanted voter ID’s. They are invaders and they have taken over our state and ruined it! This is not the history of Virginia! My family has been here since Jamestown. This latest transgression makes me sick, it is nothing but murder. This is proof that they care nothing about life. They are monsters! Thank God it didn’t pass, but I am sure they will try again. Please, other states, demand voter ID’s and strict security in your state elections or you will be invaded too. Apparently, Virginia is not for lovers of life or America. Please God, make these officials go away!

  18. In my opinion ALL the Democraps have a screw, or two, loose. It seems like they only want to destroy our country.

  19. These are the same peice of crap Bolshevics that when it comes to the second amendment say we have to ban guns for the children and then they turn around and want to kill babys up until the time of birth! The democrat party is full of low life swamp dwelling scumbags Same on Virginia for voting for these scumbags!

  20. Planned Parenthood activists cheered and the Governor ordered the One World Trade Center to be lit in pink to celebrate…..
    WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY. People care more for animals than they do for innocent little babies…
    The sick people now can celebrate the death of babies but when they die they will experience what hell is all about..

  21. I suggest that Andrew Cuomo as a male, and Nancy Pelosi as a female test subject be the trial run for successful post birth abortions, as they clearly missed that curtain call.

  22. I am beyond saddened, sickened, angry with the extent that EVIL IS CELEBRATED…MURDERING AND REJOICING OVER SUCH IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION OF THE UTTER DEMISE of our leaders in government…and those who are involved with PLANNED PARENTHOOD….they should change their name to ‘ONE-STOP BABY MURDERERS’!!!!



  24. He backed off (a bit) by saying this was in the case of infant “defects,” that is-a child with severe disabilities, not expected to live in any case…but – one can also say such a law would permit any baby who lives through abortion or regular childbirth to be executed afterward, at the parents’ behest. Unthinkable! – not what most Virginians (including me) would want to be considered lawful. He should resign. That said, if he does not, he should at least retire himself from public office. For myself I would sign a petition to remove him from office in a heartbeat.

  25. Evil is taking over our country and the demoncrats are the party that’s completely consumed by it. What kind of human beings can murder innocent babies? I remember telling my friends years ago when they were saying they needed stem cells for research and Bill Clinton said late term abortion was fine, I said the democrats will turn abortion into a killing field. Then they found out they can get stem cells from umbilical cords and your own stomach, I thought they’d back off. No the feminists ran with it and now we have that killing field. God is warning us with natural desasters like he did in the Bible. The left wants to take God out of everything. They don’t want to feel guilty. God gave us Trump and he’s a fighter, so maybe he hasn’t given up on us yet. Killing babies I’m sure are an abomination to him! God help us!! I’m so heartbroken and feel bad for my Grandchildren!

  26. The spirit of King Harod lives. This *shall not* go on forever, and the purveyors one day shall have to face the very Every Living One, whom they deny, and explain themselves to Him. For their souls, that’ll be their “circus and monkies,” not mine.

  27. Sharon,
    Perhaps it’s my mood today, but I’m afraid our nation is irreparably, terminally ill. Every manner of perversion is allowed to flourish unchecked like kudzu weeds, but what is good and innocent and decent, forget it. None of it’ll end until either God hits giant ‘reset button’, or enough EMPs from high altitude nuclear missiles fry the grids worldwide, sending humanity back to the 10th century. The people in charge of these “progressive” ideas are transhumanists, and their thinking is compleately alien to anything we were raised with. If it were up to me, all universities in the US would be shut down, and the purged. These creeps have been at this, patiently biding their time, instituting their crap in increments for decades. There were no watchdogs — too many of us asleep at the switch, as it were. But, this is not limited to the US. Nowhere left to run.

  28. The doctor should be charged with murder Ndsk should the mother. There are too many people who want to adopt a baby. Why let it die?

  29. I’ve heard the term “retroactive abortion” used as a joke, but this guy is serious! Does he have any idea what he’s advocating?

  30. The way I see it is that let one have this happen to them and arrest the P O SW paramecium for “MURDER BY PROXY”!!!!!

  31. This is beyond belief. I am 71 years old and in my early years, I never thought something like this would happen. This is only the beginning!! The elderly is next. Think about it, it will be a burden for the family to care for their parents. It will interfere with their lives, cause undo stress. Whatever their lame excuse is, but if they can do this to children, they will do it to the elderly. Senior adults need to wake up!!! The Democrat party is the party of death and destruction and slavery. Just because your mother or father voted democrat, is no reason for you to do also. Wake up senior adults you will be next!! Our only hope is the return of Jesus Christ. And He is coming!!!! Truth is found in the Bible!!!! God has never lied. He CAN’T !!!! He is truth. There is a judgement day coming!!! And these people who try to act like God have a rude awakening coming. God loves the world and gave His Only Son that we might be saved. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. The actions prove whose side a person is on. Choose this day who you will serve! But as for me and my house, WE will serve the Lord!!

  32. an abortion is between a mother and her doctor, no white old man like me should ever be able to get in the way of that!!

  33. With that kind of law does that mean people can go out a kill someone years after they are born? It should be, I mean after all abortion is killing a life and it doesn’t really matter how old they are, it’s still abortion, it’s still killing.

  34. Barbara , they do this every day in the hospital to seniors every day. I know it’s true because I have two sisters in-law who have seen it and my mother had it done to her and my sister the same. You see the obitts in the paper every day that someone died at home with their family at their side because they were put down by hospeth using morphine. My mother didn’t ask for that nor my sister but to hurry them along to save medicare money they did it.

  35. Seems they don’t mind hell. So sad for many. Plain murder of the innocent and defenseless!! They too should be killed. God help the babies who would choose life!

  36. Seems they don’t mind hell. So sad for many. Plain murder of the innocent and defenseless!! They too should be killed. God help the babies who would choose life!
    Soon we will be allowed to kill anyone.

  37. Wait until they pass a law the parents can disown a child before one or two years after birth. Maybe even put it to sleep forever.

  38. The governor is heading in the right direction Soon he will be proposing something the Christians might finally be able to agree with like prepuberty murder . before 13 years of age The child could be baptized and even confirmed in the Christian faith . By than we would also know how well the kid is going to do in school . The way the democrats are doing it now . We are likely losing to many future great people and even future presidents like Obama . I should not even write this evil plan because it sounds so much like what the unbelievers , progressives , globalists and the NWO will eventually try to do .

  39. abortion will lead to pills for early retirement and strengthening social security . Without the ten commandment progressives can accomplish everything

  40. Its not that they don’t mind Hell – they don’t believe there is such a place. You want to see crying and gnashing of teeth just as the Bible foretells – all these individuals that are Atheists, Transgender, Same sex marriages, Abortionists, Rapists and all the Priests, Clergymen, Elected Official Pedophiles and Planned Parenthood, when Christ judges each one of them will wish they had been repentant of their sins and changed direction in their life but it will be to late. I am no different from any of the above as Christ says a sin is a sin – but by the Blood of Christ and repenting from my sins – I am promised a place in Heaven. For all of you mentioned above if that is you as long as you have a breath left in your body , as did the thief on the cross, you to can repent and be saved — eternity is forever.

  41. I hope you remember your comment as you will be judged also for your words. If you choose not to stand up for the teachings in God’s Word you will be held accountable as we all will. This can only happen if we the people allow it. Have the Governor recalled and replace him immediately. There is no such thing as go along to get along – it is either wrong or it’s right – killing the unborn is not right – it doesn’t matter how you choose to take it off your conscience – you by your statement are as culpable as the individual that performs the murder.

  42. Peggy: The liberals are killing their own? They are only animals. They are saving us the bullets in the next civil war.

  43. So dispecable, I can’t describe it. Pure evil to kill an innocent child. A beautiful gift from God. These Godless people should face the abortionists hands. Lets see what they would say. They won’t want to be killed like that. Barbaric. I just don’t have the words for the way I feel about anyone who would do such a barbaric act.

  44. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, McConnell, Flake, etc)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  45. It’s called MURDER pure and simple.
    Every baby is a gift from God.
    What will he have to say when he stands before God on Judgement Day?

  46. I assume he has children, don’t know him, but maybe grandchildren. Maybe they need to question his love for them, if he can so callously sign a bill like that. Maybe they need to question his commitment to them, would he have gotten rid of them? Does he really believe in this or just trying to curry favor with those so far left it’s ridiculous! Such a sad, evil man!

  47. Anyone thinking this is ok are murderers. This is not a right. Sick subhuman trash. Democrat party should be disbanded. Evil .

  48. michael – You should know that MURDER can be stopped. No Doctor, Mother, or anyone else is given the right to murder, it doesn’t matter your sex, race or age ! Get squared way.

  49. If you have to be resuscitated to be alive, you are not alive. Hence this would NOT be an abortion. And given the right wings obvious willingness to see babies die at the border with no compunction, why do you care anyway?

  50. Leslie; that term, Retroactive Abortion, is quite interesting. Not that I am in favor of it, but it gave me an idea, silly or serious as it may sound. Suppose we took a sampling of the numbers of PRO LIFE abortions committed by P P and or other abortion doctors, and then got a bill passed that would permit “retroactive abortions” of those that committed these terrible atrocities? Let’s face it, or admit it; at this point it’s not a matter of can abortions be done – it’s a matter of “at what age?” So, what would be the difference of killing a 1 day old child versus a 35 year old abortion doctor? Ans: Just the Age of the Victim?”

  51. I’m ashamed of the fool voters in VA (live there and didn’t vote for this piece of crap) for putting this piece of rotten sewage in office. He’s a disgrace to the state and the nation and should be removed from office.

  52. I’m not sure what this world is coming too but I can’t believe that any human being would think it’s OK to kill babies babies are gods gift and I don’t understand what is happening to the human race it’s like the devil has taken over

  53. I’m not sure what this world is this is my first reply coming too but I can’t believe that any human being would think it’s OK to kill babies babies are gods gift and I don’t understand what is happening to the human race it’s like the devil has taken over

  54. Since they believe that it’s permissible to abort a life AFTER birth, then let’s take every one of these pro-abortion idiots, “abort” them RIGHT NOW, and toss their useless, miserable carcasses into a bonfire. What’s fair is fair!

  55. The Democrats Fight Song: Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babi—————————————————–


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