Wait until you see why this 30-year-old called the cops on her Dad


Society has become more hostile against Christians and Christianity as a whole.

Christians are treated as second rate citizens by so-called “progressives.”

But wait until you hear why this woman called the cops on her parents.

A 30-year-old woman in South Carolina living with her parents was invited to go to church by her father.

She decided she didn’t want to go and instead called the cops on her parents.

She said they were “harassing” her to go to church.

The Herald writes:

Instead of going to church with her parents Saturday, Ashley Shanell Fuller called 911. She told deputies responding from the Union County Sheriff’s Office that she was being harassed by her parents, according to an incident report.

But it wasn’t her parents who were in trouble. Deputies say they arrested Fuller after she got “upset,” “loud” and used “profane language,” when she was told that what her father did was not harassment.

According to the sheriff’s office, Fuller’s father went to his 30-year-old daughter’s bedroom — inside his house — and asked her if she “wanted to go to church and have communion.”

Fuller told deputies her parents knew she didn’t want to go to church and she wanted deputies to “make her parents leave the house and leave her alone.”

For starters, the woman is 30-year-old and still lives with her parents.

She isn’t in any place to be disrespecting anyone, much less her generous parents who are allowing her to stay with them.

And instead of respecting her parents and simply telling them that she would not like to go to church, she tried to get the government involved.

She even ended up cussing out the police!

This behavior is typical for radical leftists who hate Christians and Christian churches.

They throw a tantrum to force Christians to shut up about their religion until they get their way.

As we reported, a High School principal went out of his way to tell a group of students to stop praying in school.

Christians’ First Amendment rights are under attack by so-called “progressives.”

And they won’t stop until America is entirely eradicated of Christian Conservatism.


  1. If she was my daughter she would be out on her butt and looking for some place to lived. If by some miracle she was paying rent, which I doubt she is, then I would give her a written and verbal notice that she must move out in 30 days. I would also record myself and my wife (as a witness) doing so in case she pulls the old “I never received a notice, written or verbal.”

      • Amen!!!!! That’s what the ungrateful bitch deserved. Having said that I do have to say that I think that this woman might not have been taught about responsibility and respect when she was growing up. Just a thought.

        • She may have been taught better and then brain washed by the communist core teachings in schools and universities these days.

        • She is a fool dumbocrat….Abolish the democratic party and you will put 85% of women in this country without a voice or political party….therein lies the problem….and not one of their millions has the slightest idea what this country is about. Squash them and put an end to ALL of America’s problems.

    • I would have escorted her out the door immediately.
      Now parents need to have police evict her. Pronto.
      She has a mental problem to do this to her parents.

    • Oh my…your comment reminds me so much of our daughter. She was 29 when we finally kicked her out as she had hit me on my head but she will never admit it.
      What a relief with her gone. Plus she never paid any rent or contributed to any food. Nothing but a leech & it’s sad to say about our daughter.

      • I Know what you mint Dallas Yvonne Aldridge This Is Stated in the Bible in the Book of Proverbs it states Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child. sometimes when I am upset with some of these people Stupidity I also git my words mixed up. Remember your thoughts are correct and we are Human and are not Perfect.

  2. These parents have been way to good to this CHILD. They need to cut her loose and let her learn to stand on her own two feet. It seems she has no respect for them at all.

  3. Another entitlement Millenial. Give me, give me, give me! Get a job, woman. Stop being a sponge. You’re parents don’t owe you a living!


      • Semper Fi Marine on the birth of our Corps.
        We can turn the cheek unless the confrontation becomes physical. In the garden of Gethsemane Simon Peter armed with a sword cut the ear off of the servant when Roman soldiers layed hands on Jesus. I dont believe Simon Peter would have been armed as a disciple of Jesus unless it was perfectly appropriate to defend life.
        Christian’s do not have to turn the other cheek when it comes to physical defense. This 30 yo brat needs to find a job and place to live and return for a cordial visit when she grows up, confesses before her God and apologizes for her behavior.
        Place her in the corps and they’ll make a proper respectful woman out of her.
        Ghost USMC VN 69-71

    • ALL of us Christians are still a “work in progress”! We will be until the Lord calls us home! God gives us the right to discipline our children and sometimes the punishment is harsh. (God’s punishment for His children has been VERY harsh!) As Christian parents, we need to follow God’s guideline on how to be a good parent – and sometimes we must be strict and do just what you have suggested!

  5. Yes, hostility towards Christians will keep increasing, as the Bible says it will. Satan will reign for a period of time and it is happening. He has people very brainwashed to do his will. But sin is not allowed in Heaven and these sick people will lose in the end for eternity, as they have rejected Jesus and have only hate.

    • Interesting story, but trying to make this a broad stroke against ALL Democrats or progressives is about as appropriate as trying to blame all conservatives for the pipe bomber, Sayoc. One case may make the headline, but it does not make a trendline. There is a cartoon, Pickles, in today’s paper, where the woman is looking at her computer and said “I think there are people out there who wake up every day just waiting to be offended by something.” That reminds me of this website and searching all over to act like they are poor little victims as Christians or republicans, or some course they would never take, to gripe about curriculum or to find something they can call offensive, and therefore, themselves as having no sin.

      • Wow So funny that you would reply to this report. Not on any other news site. BUT BOY had their been any story about a demonrat, it would be all over. Maybe in planes pulling the news and not just the fake news! Or better yet about a parent ousting a son or daughter for being gay! I did and so what, I have rights also!

      • ..personally I belive that most ALL DIM-0-RATS , ARE BI- POLAR or SCITSOFRANICS..!! Walking the line ..!! I don’t think there is a GOOD SIDE TO THE LEFTIST PARTY at all.!!!!!.. THEY ARE PURE EVIL..!!! ,

  6. Then, they – the progressives – won’t ever stop because they will NEVER rid this country of Christian conservatism. satan, and his minions, ARE at work – but they will fail. We, Christians, know the end of the story! That female (I won’t even call her a woman – she doesn’t fit the bill) would be out of my house very quickly. With that sort of behavior, however, I feel that her parents are complicit. It speaks volumes about how they reared her.

  7. I wonder, did they take her to Church & Sunday School every Sunday when she was growing up? Probably not, and 30 years old is no place to start.
    Maybe it’s time to cut her loose and allow her to figure out things in life for herself?

  8. Who is this girl hanging out with, a boyfriend who wants only sex and gets it by separating her from church and her parents by telling her what to do against her parents so she keeps the creep. Why would she think it is the parents who should leave their home, somebody is telling her what to do so they can get total control over her for their purposes. Like an addiction she will only change when she is at her bottom, send her out to who she is hanging out with so she will find out just how much they will take care of her and if they do take care of her at least the parents are free to enjoy and live their lives without going through a war with this chick every time they try to enjoy themselves.

  9. She’s 30 years old. She can do what she wants. Probably her father molested her when she was young – no wonder she isn’t impressed with what he wants her to do.

    • You are correct in that she is an adult and can do what she wants. To say that her father probably molested her is just inflammatory. Unless you know something about this, I think it’s really unfair to say anything of the sort. More importantly, however, her parents are adults, too, and it is not out of bounds for them to ask her to go to church. They fear for her soul. Even if you don’t believe in God or that people have souls, is it ever wrong to be concerned with your child’s well-being? Many people in this forum have said that the parents should kick her out. Unless she has a formal rental agreement with them, they are 100% within their rights to do so. We don’t know her circumstances or her parents so I think it’s very arbitrary to just say “kick her out”, but she certainly seems to be ungrateful and disrespectful. Regardless of your feelings on religion, don’t you think that her behavior is very poor and should not be rewarded?

  10. It is one of the Ten Commandments, “Honor they Father and thy Mother”. Is it any wonder this woman refused to attend services, she apparently is irreligious and lacks respect for he parents. Sad.

  11. The Cops have more important things to do than settle a petty, spiteful argument of a 30 yr old who still lives with her parents. She needs to be thrown out of the house to fend for herself and let her parents lead their lives without her.

  12. If I were one of those cops I would gather the forms for a legal eviction and take them to this blood-sucker’s parents and help them fill them out!

  13. Have you ever seen a more entitled, obnoxious, generation like this one? Like the police don’t have anything better to do than cater to her self centered ass. The more I see of these indoctrinated millennials the more grateful I am that I’m on the second half of my life. Hopefully dead and gone before this bunch of morons is running the country!

    • I was the mistaken baby, I heard about that my entire life till my folks passed, they were looking forward to my laving home theirself, I left when I found the wrong guy to marry. He was already a drunk but I didn’t recognize till after the first kid came along. I was just too sheltered from real life. After the second baby, I left. It was a struggle but but I learned all I should have from my folks and got on with my life. After they passed they finally were not shading my moves and I finally have peace. And a very nice guy. We don’t miss the drinking either even the dancing. We left any friends we thought we had in the bars.


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