Wait until you see what this Muslim Congresswoman did in 2017


Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar (D-MN) will be the first Muslim to assume office in Washington, D.C.

She has been under attack for her radical Islamic views.

And what she did in 2017 was sickening.

Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar, argued against a 2017 bill in her state that increased penalty for female genital mutilation.

She accused the bill sponsors of wanting “to get in the media” and wanting a “flashy headline.”

Breitbart reports:

In 2017, she (Ilhan Omar) questioned a bill in the Minnesota State House against the practice, making it “a felony for parents to subject their daughters to the procedure and calls for loss of custody and prison terms from five to 20 years, depending on the extent of the injuries,” as well as “increas[ing] penalties for those who perform the procedure,” the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

While she agreed that the practice was “heinous,” and ultimately voted for the bill — contrary to at least one report — Omar claimed that FGM should not be singled out by a new law, and that parents should be charged under existing laws. She was quoted in local news as arguing: “I don’t want us to create laws because we want to get into the media and because we want a flashy headline.” She also reportedly opposed removing victims from their parents’ custody, according to Alpha News.

Omar would eventually vote in favor of the bill, which passed 124-4 in the Minnesota House before being struck down in the State Senate.

So Omar clearly had the advantage of reluctantly voting in favor of the bill that had overwhelming support to make herself look good.

While the Democrats are heralding her as a model so-called “progressive,” she is anything but.

She still defends her radical Islamic views today.

Her criticism of Israel is typical for subscribers to the Islamic religion.

And it begs the question what other radical views she will poison Congress with.


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  2. People need to stop using the terms “radical” and “extreme” in relation to Islam, its laws and its practices. Under the laws of the Islam theocracy this stuff is NORMAL. By using these words one gives the impression that these Islam citizens are not following the teaching and laws of Islam. And remember, Islam is not a religion. It is a government – a theocracy with a religious component that is intended for people to worship the moon god Hubal (Baal). The word “allah” simply means “the god” and was/is used to refer to Hubal.

  3. I see you suffer from a form of mental illness….. “radical and extreme” in relation to Islam and laws of the Islam theology is NORMAL…??!!.
    Well in that case, how about (if you’re a female) we cut off your female genitalia *with a dirty rusted old knife** or if your a male how about “we remove your 3 layers of spongy tissue and your “glans: When you get turned on, blood fills these tissues. This makes your male genitalia get harder which is also called getting an erection”….after all, this should be a perfectly NORMAL….procedure.
    So how about it, when can YOU come in for your normal removal of your genitalia??? We will be preforming it without an Anesthesia….

  4. If you are referencing my comment I would recommend you learn what Islam instructs its citizens is normal behavior, what they are instructed to do, and actually read what I wrote IN CONTEXT. As I pointed out using words like “radical” or “extremist” conveys the idea that when a citizen of Islam does what most people consider extreme, radical, or depraved, the citizens of Islam are doing exactly what Islam instructs its citizens to do. Under Islam these things are considered NORMAL behaviors and acts. The people doing them are not being radical or extreme according to Islam’s laws – they are following the laws of Islam. Words have meaning. Using terms like “radical” or “extreme” implies a person or people are not following the teachings of what is being referenced.

    978-0-913321-01-0 is an ISBN of a qur’an with a English translation.

  5. How does it feel to be a totally indoctrinated moron in the worst idiocy to ever appear on the face pf the earth. GO kiss some camel butts.

  6. You are actually saying islam is normalLY “RADICAL AND EXTREME” and they should NOT be allowed in this country. It is beyond my comprehension why a state in this country would ever vote a muslim into any kind of office let alone our Congress. The people in Minnesota who voted for this POS need a labotomy. That is pure insanity and it will make our Congress even more worthless than it is now.

  7. Deport them all or our country will change forever in the wrong direction! I am really scared for our future. a
    Can’t sleep at night just thinking of how things have changed and what is happening in OUR culture.

  8. Gerry, you appear to actually have read and understood what I wrote. These behaviors and actions are considered normal under the laws of Islam. No citizen of Islam has fealty to a non-Islam controlled country or society. For example a male citizen of Islam is allowed to rape or sodomize any non-Islam citizen. Under the laws of Islam the victim is responsible for what happens to them which is why rape victims are killed on a regular basis in Islam controlled countries. Deception and lies to advance Islam are acceptable. Words like “radical” and “extreme” when used in reference to the actions of Islam citizens give the impression the Islam citizens are not following Islam’s laws when they are following the laws of Islam. The use of these types of words in reference to Islam aids Islam’s occupation and destruction of countries and societies by aiding Islam’s deception of people. People need to read the Qur’an and learn its real history.

  9. The “Progressives” are working hard to destroy our culture. Western culture, despite its problems, has helped more people than any other philosophy be prosperous and successful – especially where Christianity has been able to moderate and stop depravities. But “Progressives” want total control and Western Culture puts the people first and rulers serve the people, not the other way around. A good book to read is “Law of Nations” by Emer de Vattel.


  11. This whole pisslamic garbage is disgusting. The only way that pig git into congress was voter fraud. Thay all need to be kicked out of our country.

  12. She (and one other woman) will be the first MUSLIM WOMEN to take seats in Congress. There have been SEVERAL men of the same faith, including Keith Ellison, who is now LEAVING the House to become state attorney general in Minnesoa. Too bad this stupid webpage can’t get things like that RIGHT!

  13. True. And since they did not renounce their Islam citizenship any US citizenship is null and void. Islam is not a religion. And if a person rejects Islam its laws require the person be killed.

  14. An American — I don’t like it much better than you do, but they don’t need voter fraud to get into Congress. They come from districts where a high percentage of the population IS Muslim, and like votes for like. If we want to get rid of them, fine, but THAT WILL MEAN GETTING RID OF THE VOTERS WHO ELECT THEM, because it DOESN’T TAKE FRAUD to do it!

  15. This is why non-citizens are not allowed to vote in elections. And since Islam is a government if a person becomes Islam they have renounced US citizenship. And if they were an Islam citizen to become a US citizen they have to renounce their Islam citizenship.

  16. If Islam is a government that it’s people are to follow it should not be allowed in the United States where we already have the only one legal government in our country. What you stated effectively would end religious protections in the constitution of the right to free practice of religion.

  17. WHAT THE HELL is wrong with the idiots in MN? They keep voting in LOONEY PEOPLE.
    Though alot of them have Scandinavian genes, and look.at the INCREDIBLE mess there! Maybe it is something GENETIC.

  18. This is why Islam masquerades as a religion, so it can invade and take over. Its claim to be a religion is used in infiltrate and impose its laws on a country. It is a theocracy, that is a government with a religious component. If a person wants to worship Hubal, the god of Islam and whom is associated with the moon, they can. Hubal is also known historically as Baal. The worship of Hubal is protected by Amendment 1. Just as is the worship of Jehovah, Jehovah/Christ, Thor, Kali, Jupiter, etc. Remember, the word “allah” means “the god” and is a contraction of “al” (the) and “ilah” (god). The use of the laws of Islam (Shar’iah law), as are the laws of all foreign governments, are prohibited by Article 6 Paragraph 2 of the US Constitution. There is a difference between a religion and a theocracy. People need to learn Islam history and look at what it actually is.

  19. And keep in mind that Hubal is the chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses. And for a while Mohammad allowed Islam’s citizens to continue to worship Hubal’s daughter goddesses (associated with 3 stars).

  20. Unfortunately, they are already here. I personally know of two mosques in the Dallas area. One is in Richardson and the other is in Carrollton. I am sure there are many more spread throughout the state.
    P.S. I have lived in Texas since I was 20 years old and have yet to actually meet a Muslim, male or female. As for the “radicalized” muslims, most of them have been created by the Wahabbi sect in Saudi Arabia and then exported to the rest of the world.

    Phil in TX

  21. While the basis of most religions is to Love and care about each other I really believe that those of Muslim belief should not be in any USA government position on any level because their laws are in opposition of our USA Constitution. It’s called, “Conflict of Interest” especially since it calls for the death of non-muslims. We are Free to practice the religion of our choice . . . Being forced to become Muslim or die not belong here.

  22. While the basis of most religions is to Love and care about each other I really believe that those of Muslim belief should not be in any USA government position on any level because their laws are in opposition of our USA Constitution. It’s called, “Conflict of Interest” especially since it calls for the death of non-muslims. We are Free to practice the religion of our choice . . . Being forced to become Muslim or die does not belong here.

  23. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a serious crime, but it’s not confined to a particular religion, like Islam, even if it is widespread in that part of the world (Africa, the Middle East), as many political observers have pointed out. As for her reportedly not wanting the victims removed from their parents’ custody: in past decades, there were similar accounts of conservative Christians arguing laws helping victims of child abuse, domestic violence, etc., were the government intruding or interfering with the family.

  24. Screw every damn Muslim kick their asses out of the country they are nothing but killers they hate America and hate the American people never allow them in our government throw their asses out now they are nothing but radicals they pray to moon gods Islam is not a religion It is the way they run their government it’s got nothing to do with religion and now they want sharia law screw them get them the hell out of this country

  25. So called Islamic citizens do not belong in America kick all their asses out they are radicals and extremist they are no good they are all rotten people

  26. Yes in the Minnesota Muslim they got into Congress married her own brother to get into this country why isn’t she prosecuted and her marriage thrown out just like she should be thrown out of Congress she’s a radical Muslim she’s no good for America

  27. Does anyone remember 9/11? Maybe I’m the only one, but I’ll NEVER forget! Do you know what the B.Obama permitted
    to be built just down the street? It seems that America has been betrayed by that man. Personally, I am very concerned that it is now risky to go anywhere! Public restrooms, including those in schools, are multi-gender, constructing several more than God created. Today I may want to be a guy, maybe I’ll want to be a gal or something else in a few years, or sooner. At whose expense? While these idiots are doing this, other countries are busy developing weapons of mass destruction possible of obliterating the whole world. Meanwhile, I will continue to salute our beautiful flag, read the Bible, and pray whenever I want to, thankful of our military and law enforcement personnel who serve and protect this one of a kind nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  28. colon…i dont think you understand was drl is saying…..unless i am misunderstanding, he is saying that these wackos behaviors..the radical extreme behavior is not so radical or extreme to them….in their eyes, they are normal….to the rest of civilization, they are crazy killers…

  29. she married her brother to help her brother get here….he has since gone to england…..he just stayed long enough to get his citizenship….

  30. Yes ,Islam is a political party. just as Hitlers was. Their laws are from a demonized maniac that were if alive today he would be in an asylum for the criminally insane. They do not believe in man-made laws but rather those of Allah via Muhammad. There fore our Constitution to them is null and void. A Radical Islamist is one that has removed himself from believing in Sheria Law and is obeying the laws of this land. Read the Koran. Sweet and nice at first then turns later into a horror story , hating you and I (infidels) Jews (monkeys and pigs) with destructive venom.

  31. WHAT do we need “allah people” in the Government for…THIS country is based on CHRISTIANITY last time I checked, getting muslims into this/our Government will DESTROY this Nation…..All they do is making TROUBLE, No matter in what CHRISTIAN or other RELIGION based countries they live in….They need to be BANNED from ALL countries except, of course, their OWN….Send HER and the rest of HER minions BACK to where THEY BELONG……!!! Also, HOW do these people get SWORN IN by the BIBLE when they ONLY believe in and accept the koran…??? They will NOT defend the CONSTITUTION and the LAWS of THIS land, anyway….!!!!!

  32. Isn’t it WEIRD though that ohomo is GAY and has established this multi-gender restroom MADNESS and STRANGELY so-called muslims have NO problem with ALL of this, especially with ohomo himself….???? I thought that muslims don’t just KILL/MURDER so-called “infidels” but GAYS too….???!!!! AND I have to say, I ALWAYS knew that ohomo was a TRAITOR, it was really STRANGE to me that so MANY MILLIONS of Americans did NOT understand THAT until he was FINALLY gone from the White House after 8 MISERABLE years….???????!!!! What I am trying to point out is just that 4 MISERABLE years should have been MORE than ENOUGH to let this CREATURE occupy the “people house” as MANY Americans should have REALIZED that he was just a FRAUD from DAY 1 and he should have been IMPEACHED on DAY 1 for SEALING his RECORDS on DAY 1….

  33. UNFORTUNATELY, the people of Minnesota DON’T get it and I am afraid the people of Michigan are just as SCREWED UP too, you should come and see ALL the MOSQUES they have build here ALREADY, it’s just INSANE……!!!!!! But then it’s NO surprise as so-called democRATS have “ruled” here for DECADES now…..These so-called democRATS are just as EVIL as these muslims truly are…!!!!

  34. Female genital mutilation…mmmhh…..How come it’s only being done to girls/women…??? What about THEIR males, should be DONE to them too…..Fair is only FAIR….Or has it something to do with THEIR muslim males being TOTALLY, UTTERLY “SCREWED UP” in the head AND are “women HATERS”…????? I BELIEVE so………!!!!! THESE people should NOT be in any other countries except in their OWN…….!!!!

  35. This is why people need to learn Islam real history. Mohammad was a normal person until he was around 40. Then he appears to have gone crazy. Remember, he had married a widow and run her business. Mohammad was a successful Charles Manson, people should look at some of what Manson tried. But his family was dedicated Hubal and apparently most of Arabia was Jewish. Most of the cities in Arabia appear to have founded by Jews. And he did not like the fact that people were becoming Jews and Christians, and abandoning the worship of Hubal. So when he lies failed he switched to violence.

    Also, remember the Qur’an is not in the order written. It is ordered longest to shortest. And some people believe that is for the purpose of deception. The earlier written sections on getting along and being nice are replaced, or superseded by the text to kill and destroy. Another item I came across is that no Qur’ans from prior to 1000 to 1100 time frame are known to exist. Arabic in the 600s when Mohammad was alive did not have the vowel marks. They were added in 1000 to 1100 period. Those in control apparently worked very hard to destroy them.

  36. Keep in mind the “Progressives” work very hard to distort things in order to impose their dictatorship. Spanking a child is considered abuse by many “Progressives” even though children who are not punished physically have lots of problems. Just like Islam citizens lie when it is convenient those on the “Left”, “Progressives”, do so as well when it was advance their agenda.

  37. A mosque is a foreign government embassy. And their purpose is to aid invasion. People need to learn the history of what Islam did to North Africa and Spain in the 700s to 1400s. While Charles Martel drove the Islam invasion forces out of Europe (France/Germany) in the 700s the Islam government still occupied Spain until the 1400s. Much of our knowledge of what was going on prior to the 700s is due to Charlemagne, Charles Martel’s grandson, who worked hard to preserve knowledge. This is why people need to learn the real history and why “Progressives” and Islam citizens work hard to destroy knowledge and history.

  38. Another person who read what was written. You are correct. Using words such as “radical” obscure the facts related to the ideology by giving the impression the ideology is being distorted when it is not.

  39. A citizen of Islam is allowed to ignore the laws of Islam to advance Islam. Thus an Islam citizen can consume alcohol if it is being done to advance Islam. And since the victim is responsible for what happens to them under the laws of Islam a Islam citizen can do just about anything. From some reports Yassar Arafat kept a stable of boys he regularly sodomized. The US Army has had to deal with boys being sodomized in Afghanistan. Islam is rooted in depravity and this is obvious when one takes the time to learn the history, laws, and teachings.

  40. That is the goal of Islam…total world control and it would be a great victory for them the replace our Constitution with sharia law. They will not stop until they have done so.

  41. No muslim should ever be allowed to hold political office in America. Try going to a muslim nation and running for a political position, see how far you get. These people do not assimilate. The radicalize the weak minded. Our current crop of politicians are allowing this country to be taken over which is why they fight Trump on every turn when he wants to limit immigration from muslim run countries. Imagine someone coming into your home and disrupting your family, turning one against the other and imposing their beliefs and opinions on the way your house is run. Now imagine sitting back, letting it hapopen, and watching your family turn against each other. That’s what the muslims are trying to do to this country and we are making it easy for them by doing nothing. And don’t give me the bleeding heart bull crap. This is a real threat to America and I care too much about this country to watch what is happening and say nothing.

  42. And of the first things that need to be done is to expose the fact that Islam is not a religion and is not protected by Amendment 1. It is a government and its followers are citizens of a hostile government and are in fact invaders. People need to learn the real history. A citizen of Islam only has fealty to Islam. They are not citizens of the US and a claim to be a US citizen and an Islam citizen at the same time is a lie since Islam requires on to overthrow all non-Islam controlled countries.

  43. If it isn’t normal in America it is radical. We should deport every single Muslim. To hell with them & their fake religion.
    Muslims are the scum of the earth.

  44. Even the Bible says that the sons of Ishmael will be subservient to the sons of Isaac. They will be wild and uncontrollable. They are just jealous that they are not the “chosen” race, like the Jews are, and have showed it since Ishmael was born. The Jews are God’s chosen race. Have always been, and will always be. It’s up to us “Gentiles” (Christians) to keep the faith in Jesus up till the very end.

  45. I can’t believe this raghead bit(h got elected? Why would anyone with a fu(king brain even think of voting for some sandni&&er loser bit(h like that??? There must be alot of dumba$$ people in her state?

  46. My first encounter with a Muslim was when a man and woman dress in her black clad robe showed up to look at a table I had for sale. The woman became very rude shook her finger in my face and called me a lier because they had looked at the wrong ad phone number. I am 70 yrs. old worked hard and do not put up with things from people who behave in such a manner. I backed up and tried to walk away she continued to shout at me and call me a lier. Having had enough, I pushed up my sleeves turned to her and told her she had 2 min to get her ass off my property or I would drag her in the gravel to her car. I started towards her and she ran to her car. Her husband just stared ad thanked me for looking at the table. Left a VERY bad taste in my mouth for Muslims.

  47. In the Quar’an in Sarah 5:51 says “O you who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other.

  48. Sadly the Democrats have been ignorant and stupid about political issues, and many Blacks don’t vote. No Christian in MN should have casted a vote for a Muslim. Many ignorant Blacks voted for her and other Muslims because they were black. Yes the Muslim have created communities in MN and the Blacks have none.

  49. Reminds me of a Book on WWII where I read that while waring in Saudi Arabia against the Germans and American and allied troops would get lost in the desert and upon coming across muslim indigenous people’s who would tell the lost that they will guide them back to their lines. Problem was, they delivered them to the Germans.

  50. What are we doing with a Muslim in our Congress. If you weren’t born in America you will not have Americian values. No one should be allowed to hold any office in America if you aren’t American.
    I see bad things happening to our country, doesn’t anyone else question the rational of this? It starts small then escalates. Get that woman out of our Congress. Write your President, your Senators. Remove that radical female.

  51. HEE HAW HEE HAW ! Something is really really wrong with this MORONS
    Head ! IT, needs to go back home where IT came from.. So somebody
    put a BOOT UP her A__ and keep her hopping until she gets there !

  52. Your Tweet was right on and so clear! Thank you so much! I would like to add one other truth! You notices she prays all these prayer of he God that can’t hear her prayers, can’t answer, and cannot complete or even help! Our God is the only Real God! He has been witnessed and documented as performing miracle after miracle! Her God Never rose from being killed on the cross, buried in a tomb although the tomb was guarded he arose! His showed himself to His disciples he ascended into heaven and sits on the Right side of God the father almighty! Baal is their false Good and has no place in our Government! If we refuse our God he has promised his wrath upon us! I will ever bow down to Islamic laws! Never, Never, Never! Hopefully you who read this love our Heavenly Father also! We must stand together!

  53. Her God is the same God that Jews pray to and the same that Christians pray to. The three faiths descend from Abraham. By the way, all three are required to obey the Golden Rule: Do not do to others what you do not want done to you. None of us are very good at following it, but we should try.( I know you don’t want to believe this. I’m sorry.)

  54. None of what you stated is accurate. A citizen of Islam can do what ever they want to a non-Islam citizen. And under the laws of Islam the victim is responsible for what happens to them. The “golden rule” does not exist in Islam.

    Mohammad tried to convince Jews that his god – Hubal the moon god, chief god of the Arab pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses, was the same the god as Jehovah, and that Christ was just a prophet being misrepresented. Jews and Christian rejected the lies because they knew Mohammad was lying. Even most of those that worshiped Hubal and the other gods and goddess of the Arab pantheon of gods and goddess rejected the lies. Hubal is also known as Baal. After Mohammad’s lies were rejected he switched to murder and mayhem. Learn the real history. Islam’s religious component has nothing to do with Judaism and Christianity. That is obvious when one reads the Qur’an and learns the real history.

    The claim that Islam’s citizens worship the same god as Jews/Hebrews is a lie. Islam has no relation to Judaism or Abraham and never has. The lie was intended to deceive people since the worship of Hubal and the others gods was being replaced with Judaism and Christianity. Mohammad took stories from the Old Testament and altered them to support his lies. When one reads the Qur’an one will find that Mohammad allowed the worship of the daughter goddesses of Hubal for a while. Then he changed his mind. Jehovah does not have children. While Jesus Christ is called the “son of god” he is Jehovah. Under Judaism and Christianity Jehovah takes what are presented as three roles (father, son, and spirit) that operate independently of each other but are one. Think of the individual roles a person has and image if they could operate independently when desired and the how Jehovah presents himself makes sense.

    An ISBN of a Qur’an is 978-0-913321-01-0. Get a Qur’an and read it, but keep in mind the current texts of the Qur’an only date from the 1000/1100 time period. Those in control of Islam destroyed the original texts. Written Arabic of Mohammad’s time does not have the vowel symbols that were added in the 1000/1100 time frame. Just like Hebrew does not have the vowel symbols. When the Qur’an is read in the order written, not as the Qur’an is currently ordered – longest to shortest chapters, the friendly sections of the Qur’an are seen to be replaced with the hostile sections.

    The word “allah” means “the god”. It is a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god). It was used to reference Hubal whom Mohammad and his family were dedicated to. It is not name. Any place one read the word “allah” one should replace it with “the god”. Again, take the time to learn the real history.

  55. AMERICA only has one POLITICAL PARTY that recognizes GOD AND CHRISTIAN BELIEF’S …. That is the “REPUBLICAN PARTY”… If you are an AMERICAN and you are a CHRISTIAN… Then you need to make Extra Double Sure you VOTE for ONLY REPUBLICAN’S! Otherwise you are going to be outnumbered! And it is happening right now! LOOK PEOPLE … UNITED WE STAND …. DIVIDED WE SHALL SURELY FALL. Let’s hold our noses if we must? But, our only choose is the REPUBLICAN PARTY. OR WE DOOMED. It pains me to say this … but, the take-over is already occurring. GET SMART QUICKLY.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Sharia Law, or the law of Islam, here are a few key points regarding women:
    1. A woman or girl who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
    2. Testimonies of 4 male witnesses are required to prove rape of a female (Quran 24:13).
    3. A woman or girl who alleges rape without producing 4 male witnesses is guilty of adultery.
    4. A woman or girl found guilty of adultery is punishable by death (see “Islamophobia“).
    5. A male convicted of rape can have his conviction dismissed by marrying his victim.
    6. Muslim men have sexual rights to any woman/girl not wearing the Hijab (see Taharrush).
    7. A woman can have 1 husband, who can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
    8. A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
    9. Girls’ clitoris should be cut (Muhammad‘s words, Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
    10. A man can beat his wife for insubordination (see Quran 4:34 and Religion of Peace).
    11. A man can unilaterally divorce his wife; a wife needs her husband’s consent to divorce.
    12. A divorced wife loses custody of all children over 6 years of age or when they exceed it.
    13. A woman’s testimony in court, allowed in property cases, carries ½ the weight of a man’s.
    14. A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits (see Mathematics in Quran).
    15. A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
    16. A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.

  57. you stupid ass people need to start learning that muslims are satans people, their quoran specifically
    calls allah god. they allow men to rape 1yr olds, marry 1 year olds, beat women and kill for family honor. YOUR SO DAMN DUMB, the only good muslim is a dead muslim. YOU IDIOT READ THAT QOURAN, READ SHARI LAW. IF YOU CANT UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR ONE DUMB IDIOT.
    muslim is not a religion its satanonism. plain and simple. men pee with someone helping them,
    then they take a bath in it… basically they do all the satan crap they want.
    and you stupid americans there allow it. what idiots,

  58. People need to vote for Constitutionalist. That is those who know, understand, and will follow the US Constitution as written. Not every Republican is a Constitutionalist, many are “Progressives” like in the Democrat Party.

  59. The word “allah” means “the god”. It is not a name. It is a contraction of the Arabic words “al” (the) and “ilah” (god). When Mohammad was alive and engaging in lies and war the word “allah” was used to refer to the chief god of the Arab pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses. The god being referenced in the moon god whose name in the Arab world is Hubal. Historically Hubal is also known as Baal. Make sure you use the words correctly. But Islam is rooted in depravity and promotes depravity. That is obvious when one reads the Qur’an. Islam is a theocracy – that is a government with a religious component.

  60. These refugees should br grateful we took them in they however should not be able to vote until they are naturalized US citizen and have assimilated. Sharia law and practices have no place in the US and it should be treated as a criminal offense and any doctor doing the procedure should lose their lic.

  61. They come to America because the can make money live a comfortable lifestyle and have prosperity and a good life and have rights and freedom that are not possible where they come from! They should just remember the old saying don’t bite the hand that feeds you still goes today or suffer the consequences?

  62. Muslim congresswoman is an palestinian troublemaker who her tribe didn’t inherited any religion from the past hiding behind everything and every country to destroy others Sometime predatory tribe destroy themselves, too let her to go back in Gaza Strip to eat her own dregs!

  63. If one does not know the real history and facts one can properly fight or resist those who lie – especially about history and what groups really believe and are about. This is one reason Charlemagne created universities, colleges, and libraries. And look at the history that is in the Bible itself. Don’t blind yourself to what has gone before. If one does not remember history one can prevent the bad in history from repeating. Look at how the “Progressives” have been distorting the history related to the US itself. And that history is only around 300 to 400 years old.

  64. You don’t EVEN know what you are talking about. Allah is mentioned no where in the Bible. Allah is the name of a pagan god. I suggest you look in your Bible to see where the muzzies came from. What you spouted is what they want you to believe.

  65. Actually, the god (i.e. allah = the god) of the Islam theocracy is mentioned in the Bible. 🙂 He is called Baal. And Baal is the associated with the moon. In Mohammad time the moon god’s name is Hubal and is the chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses. The word “allah” was simply in common use to reference him. Much the same way the word “god” is used to reference Jehovah/Christ by Christian, Jews and others. The word “allah” is not a name. When one reads the word “allah” one should actually read it as “the god”.

  66. Joann- you are so RIGHT !! You have insight and can see what’s really going on. They’re going to turn us into a third world country. Their plan is to make us aliens in our own country. I hope more people will listen to you !

  67. I think you are right on the deportation. I would begin with those who were elected. How can they represent America? It is doubtful they understand American history. But they can have your head cut off anytime if they interpret your comments, activity, clothing, religion, food. I’m afraid for America’s future.

  68. According to the bible, the only Jews that were saved were the ones that followed Christ and became Christians. So they aren’t the chosen people anymore. The were, in the OT. In the NT, Christians are the Chosen people. But we are allies. That is why I believe Omar’s hatred is totally wrong. And Pence is closer to being one of God’s chosen people than she is. Don’t tell her that, she’ll have a conniption fit.


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