Wait until you see what these posters in New York City have to say about conservatives


Since the 2016 election, radical leftists have been foaming at the mouth.

They see Trump and everyone who supports him as “deplorables” who are second rate citizens.

But wait until you see what the “tolerant” posters plastered around New York City have to say about conservatives.

In New York City, posters have been put on trash cans saying “Keep NYC Trash Free” with a picture of a white man with a “Make America Great Again” hat on and a Chick-fil-a cup in hand.

Another poster depicts a white woman with a “Make American Great Again” hat holding a Bible.

The Blaze reports:

Posters blasting President Donald Trump — particularly his “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing supporters — have been spotted on New York City buildings and trash cans.

The posters were titled “Keep NYC Trash Free” and used the NYC Department of Sanitation logo, WPIX-TV reported — but the agency said it didn’t create or issue the posters and doesn’t condone “unlawful defacement of City litter baskets or public property. We are looking into this matter.”

What else is on the posters?

One poster depicts a white man wearing a white tank top and a MAGA cap. He also has a confederate flag “heart” tattoo and is holding a Chick-fil-A cup, if the stereotypes weren’t sufficient enough.

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East 9th and Avenue A. #keepnyctrashfree

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Another poster shows a white woman wearing a MAGA cap and clinging — bitterly, no doubt — to a Bible. No gun in sight, however.

It is unknown who put these posters up, but it clearly shows the “tolerant” views they have toward their fellow Americans.

Radical leftists regularly encourage this type of behavior against conservatives.

Recently, CNN’s Don Lemon went on live television to tell everyone that “white men” are the biggest threat to America.

The leftists keep saying they embrace “diversity” and “tolerance” to create a more “inclusive” society.

But then they turn around and demonize the 63 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Conservatives are tired of the virtue signaling and being preached to about “civility” when the left doesn’t know two things about morality, or how a civil society works.

Do you think radical leftists have gone too far in their disdain for conservatives?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. It’s time The Alien and Sedition act is put to some use against these hate-filled jerks.
    Unfortunately, our DOJ is headed by a wimp who should be replaced ASAP with a
    patriot with a backbone.
    In earlier, more patriotic days of America, the posters would have been immediately torn
    down, the perps rounded up and sent to prison.
    The situation is also an example of the commie and Muslim strategy (plainly stated by them),
    of using the Constitution against us. They hate “free speech” but use it to their advantage when
    situations like the vile posters come up.

  2. Read Foxes Book of Martyrs to see where this is headed – the anti-Christ spirit is leading the people behind these vile signs and actions. Murder is in the hearts of this crowd and people will be killed for their beliefs right here in America. It’s already happening in others parts of the world and it’s coming here. Never have I seen such things happening as I see today.

  3. Just another reason to have more radical individuals use mind altering drugs, DUI;s are bad enough. How many deaths will be recorded from DUMAD Driving Under Mind Altering Drugs. What is wrong with this legal system and the travesty’s changing the laws to allow the majority of the 30% of the minority to be more non productive as a work force in this country to be more less responsible on Smoke!!!!

    • Sounds also like hate filled Trumpers. They are equally good, if not superior to lefty Democrats in whining, bitching, moaning and “playing the victim.”

      • Wrong Truth, its your side that have so much hate and intolerance, you think you are superior and are full of double standards. You hate white men and you are probably white yourself. Do you need some play dough.

        • Mike; you should have mentioned that the tag “Truth” , followed by his stupid rant is a definite non-sequitur.
          I wonder if he has to wipe the spittle off his chin after he spouts his rabid garbage.
          He obviously hasn’t the least conception of “truth”.

  4. Anyone that can post the names and addresses of the life forms doing this will be thanked profusely, we know how to put a stop to it.

  5. Amazing! These “tolerant” bigots can do this and the rest of us have to worry about putting a Trump bumper sticker on our car as some leftist loon will try to attack us! These people have to be stopped! This is inciting hatred if not violence by saying people like us need to be eliminated. Where is law enforcement? Time to step up…

    • Take a look at the posting (above yours) from Pizzo that says: “Time to remove NYC and all its inhabitants from the USA and replace it with a cemetery.” That is not only saying we don’t want you around, but to advocate WORSE. Are you willing to use law enforcement on BOTH groups?

    • Agreed!! My husband was “confronted” sitting in our truck in the grocery store parking lot waiting for me, because he has a Viet Nam Veteran, and a US Marine Corps bumper sticker on the truck. This lunatic guy came up ranting and threatening him! When my husband, and another man sitting in his truck right next to him, had heard enough and got out of their vehicles and headed toward him, he jumped in his best up car and sped off like the whimp he really is!! This behavior is totally unexceptable!! They really should be arrested for harassment and threatening people. I don’t even want to go anywhere by myself in the truck! How pitiful is that?! In the USA!!!

  6. What we R a witness to is the result of the Warren Ct & the rulings against the Judeo-Christian foundations of the good ol’ USA – prayer, the Ten Commandments, reverence for our institutions, Republican self government, the feminization of the American male, the destruction of the American family, personal initiative.

    Murf Appling
    Germantown TN
    Public School Teacher

  7. The Left is at the lowest point it has ever been, lower than the gutter!! In my 52 years in this Country, i have never seen so much hate for a President and his supporters. This will not end good Rotten Apple!!

  8. Okay Don Lemon tell us what you think you can do about white men, it’s people like you, radical terrorist lying fake news reporters who want to start a race war by making comments like “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them”, you are an idiot as you actually are demonizing white men you moron and would surely like to clearly state and understand your opinion about what it is you think you would like to be “doing something about them, i.e., white men”. Your nothing but a loser scumbag.

  9. Who allowed this? Some dweeb in the NY city government had to sign-off on this, or is it just the sanitation workers? Nope, they’re city workers! Those responsible should be disciplined, and fined, or perhaps fired.

    The government of the city of NY is SUPPOSED to represent ALL of the citizens, of ALL political leanings. It is NOT for them to use tax dollars to endorse their political views! It’s certainly not for them to use tax dollars to make derogatory, slanderous, or defamatory statements or pictures that insult individuals within a group (white: women and men, those from the south, patrons of chix-filet, or those who support the sitting President of the United States).

    I’d venture an educated guess that having done this, makes them criminally libel for (1) misuse of government funds (2) Misuse of office (malfeasance), and possibly (3) voilation of the 14th amendment; discrimination against white men \ women.

    We should organize, get a law firm, and file a class-action-suit against the city for discriminatin, and associated pain and suffering!


  10. I cannot imagine the horrid people who would do such a hate filled racist bigoted act! I understand you people who live in New York are the most rude and discourteous people in the world blur there are laws against such hate being plastered around your city! If the government there can’t clean up after those of this sentiment and mentality, I’m sure the federal government can stop it and stop the illegal operations of that city’s government! Then you leftists and democrats want to talk about civility….do any of you know the meaning of the word?

  11. If I could pick anywhere in our country that I would like to go NYC would be the last on my list and next to it would be LA. I don’t know how anyone in their right mind would ever want to live in a big city. No thank you, I am a country girl and I love the peace and quiet that surrounds me. It is also nice to have farm animals and a garden where I can pick my own fresh produce and chickens who give me fresh eggs every day. So in other words I’m living the dream!


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