Wait until you see what the LGBT tyrants are forcing this middle school teacher to do


So-called “progressives” are targeting our children with their radical leftist agenda.

They want to institutionalize our younger generations for their political benefit.

But what they are forcing this middle school teacher to do is crossing the line.

In Port Richey, Florida, Chasco Middle School administrators are forcing a male P.E. teacher to supervise a transgender boy (a biological girl) shower or face consequences.

The teacher is even being threatened with potentially losing his job if he refuses to supervise the girl showering.

Christian Headlines writes:

A male P.E. teacher could lose his job at a Florida middle school because he refused administrators’ demands to supervise the showers where a biological girl could be showering with boys, according to a legal group.

The biological girl at Chasco Middle School in Port Richey, Fla., claims to be a transgender boy and was given access by the administration to the boys’ bathroom and locker room “with no forewarning” to the boys or their parents, Liberty Counsel said in a letter to the Pasco County School Board. Liberty Counsel is urging the board to change the policy. The letter was dated Sept. 28 but was released to the public this week.

Both P.E. teachers, Robert Oppedisano and Stephanie Christensen, objected to the biological girl being allowed in the bathroom and locker room without accommodations being made.

Boys came out of the locker room to express their concern but were told by Oppedisano and Christensen that nothing could be done. Administrators “had placed a gag order on them, and told them that they could not answer the boys on these questions,” the letter says.

Administrators further demanded that Oppedisano walk into the locker room and supervise the students, “despite a girl potentially being nude or undressed in that area.”

Oppedisano, the letter says, has been told by administrators “he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.’”

The middle school boys that were forced to share their showers with the girl even expressed concern about the situation. Some boys were embarrassed after they were caught changing by the girl.

School admins placed a gag order on them to stop the boy’s objections.

This is a new low for the radical leftists.

So-called “progressives” are using middle schools for their sick social experiments.

They are damaging our younger generations by attacking the foundations of a functioning society.

The move to expose kids to LGBT agendas is nothing new, however.

As we reported, recently a public school forced six year old students to write LGBT “love letters.”

All the while they hide kids from conservative and traditional views, labeling them as “dangerous.”

They want to force everyone to accept their radical LGBT agenda whether you like it or not.

Should the male P.E. teacher be fired for not complying with orders to supervise a girl showering with boys?


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  2. All these reprehensible school rulings should taken to the courts.
    With two new judges (Gorsuch and Kavanaugh), the Court may be more
    amenable to cases involving these Draconian actions taken by the tin-badge
    school authorities.
    The voting public should also vote school boards in who can use some common
    sense in dealing with these now-inevitable problems and turn out the lefties.
    Voters need to know You CAN fight City Hall; and these far-left school bullies too!

  3. Parents should revolt! Anyone who has the ability to take their kids out of the public indoctrination camps should do so as quickly as possible. This is disgusting! I’m glad my kids are grown and I’m so sorry to see this happening as I used to hold educators in the highest regard. I can’t say that any longer and I know that, given what I know now, there is absolutely no way I would put a child into that mess called public schools. Maybe getting parents to leave the system by their actions is one of the ways we can tear this all down, do away with the Federal Dept of Education, and start over. Praying something happens as our kids are NOT experiments to be played with by the liberal activists now posing as teachers (some of which are highly unqualified to carry that title). Do away with tenure, too. It’s the only reason some of them are still allowed to be in a classroom.

  4. Post the names and addrese of the ersatz life forms, responsible for this. The problem can be resolved over night

  5. This is sick. It isn’t the P.E. instructor who should be removed; it’s the school administration and school board who needs re-educating in moral and traditional values. As Jesus said,”Whoever causes these little ones to sin, a millstone should be hung around his neck.” Time to find the millstones.

  6. Every young male forced to use the locker room and shower with this GIRL (born a girl and will die a girl) should get together and have their parents file a class action suit against the school district, the school board and every one in administration that has forced this on them for not just thousands of dollars but millions.

  7. I agree totally with “Liberally Disgusted”…..the tail is wagging the dog, yet again….I am 3 generations from having children in school, but I am shocked that 1 % of the population is managing to rule the roost. .
    If you younger people don’t get going , you will have to live with these bizarre rulings.

  8. I am prepared for the flak I will receive, i have received it before. Most I do not read and other times in and out and means nothing to me.
    I have prayed and studied this issue for years. I support Gay rights in general. When it comes to a Democratic form of government. My religious beliefs should not influence government policy makers one way or the other.
    I do not want government to interfere with my religious beliefs and if I don’t, then I have no right to demand that it interfere in others religious rights. Children and Transgender should not be a religious issue. It is a societal issue.
    I object to transgenders using facilities that traditionally have been designated one of two sexes. I do not think it is good for society as a whole.general.
    I oppose anyone trying or forcing a child to make a decision regarding gender or their sexual preference. That decision should be made by them at the time they become an adult.
    I believe God created all things. I believe God does not make mistakes . Did God create prople to become Eunuchs as found in the Bible? They were not outcasts they were respected and sometimes honored in society at the time. Did God create some to be Gay and the majority to be heterosexual? You probably say no, sexuality is a learned trait? influenced by environment. Sounds logical, but what about siblings raised in the same environment, one is Gay snd one is not? What about children raised by a homosexual couple and all grow up to be heterosexuals? I have witnessed this many times.
    What does God really think of parents, who cast out their child, when they find out they are Gay? What does God really think of parents, who continue to love, protect and respect the child God gave them, in spite of them being Gay?

    The Bible is not to me, the dictated Words of God. They are the influenced Wordsmith of God. Men wrote them and men also influenced them according to their own tradition and culture. It does not mean they are any less valuable. If a person lives by the Ten Commandments they would be an acceptable person to God and a very rare individual on earth, i have never met a person who in the last year has kept every single Commandment. have you yourself? Get real!
    Now closing on public transgenders rights. I do not think any individual or Institutions has the right to interfere with a parents right. I do believe schools have the right and the mandate to teach children how to live in a society. That means treating people the same way you want to be treated. It does not mesn you have the right to impose upon the majority, Justice what they believe is abnormal behavior to their society. There are individual rights you must sacrifice for socities rights. We must have rules to survive as a society.

    Teaching respecting people who are different, does mot mean forcing people, especially children, to look at what makes us different. Words will suffice thank you and if you took it further than words in my child’s school I would fight you to the biter end.

  9. thoughtful posting. Don’t agree with it all, but that is life . . . and I appreciate the effort and work you put into thinking about the issue.

  10. Where is there anything in this article about LGBT people doing anything – – – they have no power, this is all being done by a couple of administrators – – and without coming up with a better and thoughtful decision. What about letting that one person use the coach’s shower on her/his own?

  11. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy, Graham,Grassley,Ryan, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  12. Do you even know what LGBT stands for? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. And they’re all Freaks, And don’t need to be talked about to school children. What the hell is this country coming to that we have to bow to the whims of every freak show minority and then shove it down out kids throats. how about sticking with reading, writing, and arithmetic and dispense with the freak show stuff. The whole damn country is pissed off with this insanity.

  13. I do not understand these Administrators & this Girls parents. If this male GYM teacher were to walk into the girls locker room or any of the male students into the girls locker room you would have every feminazi & Socialist Liberal wanting somebodies hide put on the cross for violating their space & I would agree. As for the Administration are they going to take the full hit when something goes terribly as we have seem to a elementary school girl. No they will then blame the teachers for not using better judgment. As for the parents I have no gripe about their child wanting to dress as a transgender boy but do these parents have any idea what could happen. The only reason this teacher is being forced into a no win situation is so the School Board Administrators can make the teacher the fall guy. Hopefully the teachers listed in this article have a good lawyer so they can get the justice they deserve & maybe the people of this school district vote these anal cavities out of their School Board jobs.

  14. This bothers me. But only for this reason. If a male teacher was accused of watching boys showering, he could be in trouble.

  15. What is wrong with the parents of this girl who thinks she is a boy. How could you put your child through something like this. I have no respect for them, they are forcing young boys to shower with their daughter and it has to be uncomfortable for the boys and the girl. I was a tomboy big time I even had a boys haircut, wore boys clothes and had no interest in boys until I was fourteen. I even wished that I was a boy at that time. But then something happened I turned into an attractive young women who liked seeing the response from men when I walked by. Who is to say that this is possible for this young girl as she gets older.


  17. Nothing right or good about this situation. Are they trying to make boys that have no shame, or that turn into letches? And a girl that has no morals and will undress in front of any Tom, Dick, or Harry? All of this needs to stop. Everybody needs to go back to the bible. The bible is a great rule of law book, even if you don’t believe in God. But believing in God is a billion times better. Our country is going to the devil, literally.

  18. I am so sick of the LGBT and their agenda. The parents of these kids should protest or take their kids out of school and home school them. The evil that is permitted in our society by this organization to our children is an abomination. I believe in live and let live, however when it comes to our children and the indoctrination of a particular way of life without parental consent is so wrong. The schools that allow this change in either school policies or teaching a subject that shouldn’t be taught to begin with should have their credentials taken from them and not be allowed to teach. The Board of Education should be fired and schools closed. I’d rather that then to have the crap they are trying to force down our children’s throats. I pray that this nation get off their asses and realize what is going on in our society. Stand up, make some changes, pay attention what is going on around you.

  19. Dear Fr Martin: Where do I begin? First let me say that God would not create a homosexual when He condemns homosexuality as sin. It is a choice, sir, most likely as a result of sexual abuse as a child, or some traumatic incident that occurred early in the person’s life. Yes, God created us all, and He loves us all; however, He recognized our sinful nature. That is why Jesus came, to take the punishment we all deserve. Didn’t they teach you that in seminary? When God made a girl, He gave her the body parts necessary to function as a woman, likewise the male to become a man. The DNA will never change. Even if the person self-mutilates in an attempt to change the bodily appearance, or takes hormones, he or she is still male or female. And sir, if the Bible is not God’s very words to us, throw it away completely. Using a book written by man is like a rudderless boat, since it could change as society likes. If fact, we could all write our own bible! that would solve everything! No, it is the unchangeable, inerrant and infallible Word of God which is reliable and sacred. It is an anchor for our souls, and divine guidance through the muddy waters of political correctness, or any other demonic notion. And if your beliefs don’t influence your politics, and everything else in your life, then they are worthless. Respecting people is one thing, and loving them in spite of their sin is Christian duty. But acceptance of what God calls an abomination is not love for that person. It is encouraging and assisting them on their descent into an eternity in hell.

  20. If it requires a “gag order” I think it should be looked into. I taught school for 30 yrs and everything in a public school should be transparent.

  21. If My chilldren went to the school there would be people dying
    We have been way too patient with the liberal scum.
    We can no longer coexist with these life forms. There is only one way to deal with them, talk and voting aren’t it.

  22. A girl, who thinks she is a boy, showering in a boys locker room shower,….Gee, what could possibly go wrong there?? Liberal progressive lunacy!!

  23. Who ever supervises these board members should be taken out and given a quick trial, I’ll be the judge, then hung the next morning from a lamp post with a new rope…. These people are sick and they cannot be fixed…. so, hanging is the best way to fix their sickness of praying on youngsters….and using others to do their dirty work….

  24. Sadly lazy parents and Christian leaders are allowing Satan to expand his kingdom with ignorant politicians on school boards and on the city council. God only made two sexes male and female. One person can make a million citizens support their sinful behavior, or one citizen or non-citizens can get a teacher fired because he refuses to stand for the Pledge Allegiance. And it is not just so-called Liberal thinkers, also conservative thinkers who are allowing these stupid and ignorant policies and decisions.

  25. Sue and fire the whole school board in that district for putting both individuals in a vulnerable compromised position and revoke the teaching licenses of the teachers that gave the order to this teacher to do this.

  26. This is just really sad. So many young boys starting to feel raging hormones, so they get thrown a naked girl in their shower? I think these boys should never be put in this situation! And it is certainly NOT helping the girl that thinks she’s a boy! She needs some good psychiatrist help.

  27. After the teacher ends up complying with the administrators demands, then the student decides (10years later) that she no longer wants to be a male, and files a law suite for him violating the sex of a minor by observing her in the shower. (SMART MOVE SCHOOL BOARD!)

  28. Now is the time for the parents to step in & force the Administration to either change this unsafe & ridiculous policy or demand the county exec get rid of these bogus Administrators who seem to be pushing an agenda for pedophiles & sexual predators. I find it very hard to believe that the LBGT community would go for this since their children could also be physically & or psychologically harmed from this policy. Now is the time Good People to rise up & stop this Degenerate Administration before all our children are harmed!

  29. I would be screaming from high heaven and bring a law suit against the school board and these administrators responsible for this situation. In fact, every parent cant pull their children out of P.E. P.E. is not needed in school and most children are in sports activities after school anyway, so why have PE? There’s more than one way to skin a cat…. my child isn’t doing PE with LGBT….. Period..


  31. You have misspelled LGBTQIA. And for heaven’s sake, just leave god out of it. He or she has nothing to do with this. god is simply a made-up name people down through the ages have created!! No such animal!!

  32. Stupidity knows no bounds. If I were the parents of the boys I would sue to keep this child out of the locker room and bathroom. It is abnormal behavior to thrust such a policy on children.

  33. queers are what they are QUEERS, they are an abomination to God which means they are satans children. what you came out at at birth is what you are, the rest that make it with same sex or THINK they are something they are not, ARE SATANS CHILDREN, and the parents that support
    them are satans feeders.

  34. All male teachers should demand that they can shower with all female teachers and there female student and be call a woman even if they have a dick


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