Wait until you see what Alyssa Milano is leading the charge to get movie studios to stop doing


The former child star turned leftist agitator joined with Rosie O’Donnell and other Hollywood has-beens on a new quest.

Their goal has many in Hollywood shaking their head.

But you won’t believe what Alyssa Milano, Rosie O’Donnell and other former Hollywood stars are demanding movie studios stop doing.

She was once the cute kid on Who’s the Boss, and then a “sexy” witch in Charmed.

Now, she has become a shrill, screaming leftist activist hoping her radical behavior will help land her some acting jobs.

That’s why Alyssa Milano joined with Rosie O’Donnell, Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore, and more than 100 actors, producers, and industry creative-types demanding motion picture executives stop donating to any candidate backed by the NRA.

But it goes even further.  According to Fox News, these Hollywood activists have signed an open letter not only demanding studio executives stop donating to any NRA supported candidates, but also urging them to actively lobby for so-called “gun reform.”

Of course, Americans who believe in the Constitution know that is code for destroying the Second Amendment and taking guns away from law-abiding citizens through unconstitutional legislation.

In the letter to studio executives, the group said it is “concerned about the epidemic of gun violence sweeping our country and are joining forces to do everything we can to help build safer communities for us all.”

Unsurprisingly nowhere in the letter does it ask those executives to curb the use of gun violence in films and TV shows.  Nor does it explain how Americans will be able to protect themselves from the criminal who will still have guns.

The letter, released on January 30, was put together by the group “Guns Down America” one of the many organizations founded to take away Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans in a misguided effort to “stop violence.”

In addition to Milano, O’Donnell, Schumer, and Moore, the letter is a who’s who of former A-list actors like Matthew Modine and Daryl Hannah as well as vile radical activists like Chelsea Handler.

The letter states, in part: “From 2016 to 2020, the political action committees associated with the studios behind this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees donated a combined total of $4.2 million to NRA-backed lawmakers. These lawmakers’ opposition to gun reform is literally putting our audiences in danger and we are urging you to consider a politician’s position on gun reform when political contributions in the future.”

Again, no mention of the violence in Hollywood productions and how that might be contributing to the violence, especially among teenage shooters.

Rather than hold themselves accountable they would rather strip Constitutional rights from everyday Americans.

It’s been well-known for years that many in Hollywood have wanted to restrict gun rights and support strict gun-control laws. Many of them even favor the full repeal of the Second Amendment.

And following an unfortunate series of mass shootings in recent years, numerous Hollywood celebrities have stepped up their efforts to get lawmakers to stop accepting donations from the NRA.

Interestingly, they seem to only go after the NRA which is actually the compromise organization on the Second Amendment, since they have been willing to work to restrict gun rights many times in the past.

The letter continued, “Since the federal government has failed to pass reforms that raise the standard for gun ownership in America, our industry has a responsibility to act. We hope that you do.”

As usual, these Hollywood elites are so out of touch with America they don’t even understand what they are asking for, and many of them, when asked privately will admit they just sign on when asked, even if they don’t understand the issue.

What do you think about Milano’s new crusade?

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  2. Alyssa Milano is not a spokesperson for the American People! There will be immediate Civil War the second they try to take away the Second Amendment! My advice to the Radical Communist liberal left is , do not even think about it!

  3. I find it almost laughable these has-been actor/actresses are making demands to the movie studios( they hire them) regarding gun control. But you see, the United States of America still has(no thanks to the evil Leftists) the Constitution in tact and our sitting president honors the Constitution and the citizens of this wonderful country of ours .So they can demand whatever they want to happen, because the true patriots of our country will not just roll over and give up their rights for these nut cases. And besides, they can close down every movie studio and never make another movie again and it won’t bother me one little bit!! But these delusional fools that make their living making movies will be the only ones that will suffer. So who cares? Total idiots for sure…..

  4. Remember when the democrats kept saying “Islam is a religion of peace”? Everyone knew it was a lie.
    But an even bigger lie is when democrats claim they are tolerant. There is no room for tolerance on the left.
    If you don’t agree with them then they will find some way to punish you, and force you to do what they want.

  5. I couldn’t care less what AM or any other godless idiot in Holly wants. They certainly do not speak for me. I follow Jesus, whom they have rejected at their own peril

  6. Notice the names, all has been or never will in milanos case. When your body guards and security give up theirs see how life is, but we still won’t give ours up. I laugh every time one of these idiots comments from their tower.

  7. I hear the words FORMER CHILD star! . . . I guess she isn’t a star NOW. This is what happens when someone goes down the LEFTIST path to destruction. These ELITES (?!?) are so out of touch with REALITY and America because they have BLIND hatred towards ANYTHING good, whole and pure. They have NO idea what REALITY is. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. They are as sick as any hollyweird freaks can be. And I would not take advice from freaks if they were the only people left on the planet

  9. That ex-little girl, ex-witch is an imbecile with a foghorn. But the fog is dissipating and everyone can see the cheap hate.
    Little girl, your cage has been cleaned, you can crawl back in.

  10. Some of these “ people” should be careful, they may end up on the business end of someone’s 2nd Amendment right. I wonder if any of them have a gun or bodyguard for protection.
    And does anyone really care what these people think? Sorry, but my life isn’t controlled by some has been , or any other so called celebrity.

  11. The last time I’ve seen Milano in anything was a episode of Castle and as for O’Donnell I haven’t seen her in anything since a League of their own. Most of the others they mentioned are definitely B list actors who’s 15 minutes of fame have come and gone.

  12. If you don’t like freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom to assemble and freedom to protest then repeal the Right to Bear Arms. All of the Amendments stand because the Second Amendment protects them against a tyranical government.

  13. How about Hollywood immediately blacklist all lunatic leftist protestors from all acting jobs? I am now refusing to watch movies with some of the worst of these idiots in them.

  14. If she despises freedom so terribly, she has plenty of nations from which to choose her new home. She is not obligated to live here. But one way or the other, we’re KEEPING our guns.

  15. Well, “if” there is a civil war these will be the first 100 that we will take out, and then the war will be over ! Should not take too long!

  16. Bravo for them for doing this ! The NRA is a criminal organization with blood on its hands . For decades, it has relentlessly blocked absolutely necessary laws regulating guns for public safety, and unchecked gun violence has led to the senseless slaughter of who knows how any innocent Americans, including children and teenagers .
    And the NRA’s craven paid stooges in the republican party are equally to blame for this senseless slaughter of innocent people . Gun control is NOT “gun confiscation “. Lunatics should not be able to purchase deadly weapons as easily a people get food from a supermarket . Something has to be done about this madness .
    The second amendment has nothing to do with individual gun ownership and it does not prohibit the government regulating dangerous weapons for safety , and this regulation will not result in confiscation of guns from law-abiding Americans .
    The second amendment has to do with MILITIAS , which have been obsolete in America for over 200 years . It does not say anyone can purchase any dangerous firearm . In the founder’s day, there weren’t dangerous lunatics with guns going around shooting innocent people en masse . There was no need for laws regulating guns for safety.. But today such laws are absolutely imperative !

  17. If they are so much against guns they should stop producing any shows or movies that have any weapons or any type of violence whatsoever. You can’t object about one type of violence and say another is okay at the same time. Violence is violence. Of course they would then be out of jobs because every film has some type of violence in them. They would also have to stop promoting violence against Trump and his supporter. No they will continue with their hypocritical ways with their armed bodyguards telling us we can’t protect ourselves.

  18. Surely Hollywood can broom this cadre of has beens without even the slightest notice of their audience. Maybe it’s time for the makers to exert some control over the takers. Don’t take the path of the NFL in letting the lunatics run the asylum. You do so at your own peril.

  19. Think Adolph, Josef, Mao, Pol etc.. What do these guys have in common??? They were able to exterminate tens of millions of their “constituents” because they were unable to defend themselves. Weapons do NOT kill people…people kill people and the people who kill people are able to kill more UNARMED people.

  20. Robert Berger:No NRA, no America. It has come to that, thanks to your kind. But if you really want our guns, you are more than welcome to come and take them.

  21. You can feel it in the air around the nation.

    There are two types of people in America, those filled with hate toward President Trump and those filled with optimism over the state of our Union.

    Optimism is winning!

  22. Why do ex-acting people think anyone wants to hear their opinions? We wanted them to entertain us like the trained monkeys they are. Get out their little symbols and clang them together. Beyond that we dont not want to hear from them

    In this case you have an ex-cute little acting whore desperately speaking out to get attention trying to convince her managers and the producers to hire her into some big time role becuase she needs work.

    I wish conservatives would buy up all the studios just to watch these idiots point of view change overnight.

  23. make me a list of all these idiots and i will never go to a movie that they are in or connected with. i am sick of these egomaniacs

  24. There were two leaders of countries who followed Virginia and other states in gun control. It did not end well for them. They wereJosef Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

  25. These hollyweird libtards should stop getting press, but then what would the libtards in the press have to talk about?

  26. Without the NRA and the easy access to firearms Hollywood would actually have to work for a living.
    “Action” movies with lots of explosions and the fantasy use [actually their representation constitutes ~mis-use~] of firearms are easy to write, easy to film, and easy to sell.
    The hardest work most of these overpaid simpletons do is go work out in the gym so they are actually capable of portraying the “action heroes” [what their stunt doubles don’t do] on screen in their make believe world.
    I’d like to see any of today’s “stars” capable of keeping up with the offscreen work necessary for a Star of the Golden Age of The Studio System in order to do their onscreen work.
    I’m thinking in particular of the people who performed in Musicals who not only had to act but had to have superior chops in singing and dancing as well, skills that require constant practice to keep honed to a Star Quality Level.

  27. Just another Follywood bimbo who thinks she’s important and above the rest of the people, but that describes 99% of the pimps and hookers from that part of the country and one of the big reason for the stench from it.

  28. It doesn’t take a gun to put a stop to all of your BS. there so many more ways, cheaper, quieter, and easier ways to change your empty heads. All you no good think you can walk on water double talking fools just want to take our money so you can build your ivory palaces. your not worth wasting .50 for a bullet. If you don’t like it here PLEASE MOVE, the sooner the better.

  29. These Hollywood elites calling for the repel of the second amendment, are themselves protected by armed body guards. They are nothing but big hypocrites. They want to go after the law abiding citizens, while ignoring the criminal element of our society. They should rather go into Chicago on any weekend and demand the gangs and other criminals give up their guns first. When that element of society goes completely unarmed then the rest of us might think about it. But as long as the criminals have their guns, we the law abiding citizens will refuse to give up ours.

  30. We the People will always refuse to give up our 2nd Amendment rights no matter what! We have the Right to bear Arms to overthrow Corrupt Government! Not for Hunting like the Communist Liberal Left would have everybody believe . The Founding Fathers new all to well how Corrupt men are, and they new that in the future there may be a risk of Corrupt leadership infiltrating our Nation . So to protect the Citizens of the United States from this kind of threat they made sure that the Citizens would be able to protect their rights by having the Right to Bear Arms . Hitler for example could have never massacred 6 million armed Jews! Remember there are three rules in the Dictators playbook that they all follow, 1 Disarm the Citizens, 2 Remove Religious Freedom, and 3 Eliminate the opposition! So long as there are Corrupt men on this Earth, The Second Amendment will and must be defended at all cost!


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