Operation Christmas Child is under attack by radical atheists


Radical atheists look for the worst in anyone and anything.

They want to eradicate Christianity from the world.

But when you see how they’re attacking Operation Christmas Child, you’ll be furious.

Operation Christmas Child is a popular event from Samaritan’s Purse that collects shoe boxes full of toys and necessities and delivers them to poor children all across the world.

You would think giving gifts to children in need would be something everyone could get on board with.

But a group of “Humanists” want to shut down Operation Christmas Child because it’s not “inclusive.”

They also take issue with the fact that the people packing the boxes may be Trump supporters.

Humanists UK also claims Operation Christmas Child is “anti-muslim.”

Christian Headlines writes:

Writing in The Guardian, Polly Toynbee expressed her displeasure with the popular ministry. Toynbee, who serves as a Vice President for Humanists UK, said the shoeboxes “are used for anti-Muslim proselytizing.” She said that because of Graham’s leadership, people who pack a shoebox may be “backing a pro-Trump, anti-gay message.”

She quotes Humanists UK’s spokesman Richy Thompson, who says that, “Those who donate to the scheme are well-intentioned and want to make an altruistic contribution, but donors in the UK should be aware of the nature of Operation Christmas Child’s activities and instead find a reputable and inclusive charity that has no ulterior motives and only has children’s best interests at heart.”

Samaritan’s Purse in Canada offers answers to the objections about the evangelistic aspect of Operation Christmas Child on their website. Answering the question, “Do you use the shoeboxes to coerce children and their families into Christianity,” they answer that they make no secret of their evangelistic endeavor and labor to meet spiritual needs and physical needs.

They say that there have been examples of providing the shoeboxes to areas where they were denied “the opportunity to share the Gospel.” They further explained, “We provide aid regardless of whether it results in opportunities to share our faith. And like the Good Samaritan, we bring hope and help to hurting people regardless of their religion or race.”

The main website for Operation Christmas Child also addresses a similar question and explains that “Boys and girls do not have to do or say anything to receive their gifts.”

Humanists UK openly admits that they have an issue with the Christians filling the boxes, and the idea that Samaritan’s Purse will share the Gospel if allowed.

Sadly, this comes as no surprise.

Once again, these radical so-called “progressives” are doing everything they can to oppose anything remotely related to the Christian faith.

They would rather Samaritan’s Purse stop Operation Christmas Child altogether, and forget the 146 million shoeboxes that have been donated since 1993, and millions more to come.

This rhetoric is not unique to the UK, however.

In the United States, the left wants to completely eradicate Christ from Christmas and replace it with their morally void radical atheism.

Do you think Operation Christmas Child is a noble cause? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Why are we allowing these atheists to degrade this good Samaritan cause? Gifts are given to all children regardless of race, religion and gender. These progressives need to get a better grip on reality and stop all this nonsense.

  3. Because it’s politically correct. And that’s killing this country. We’re going to let the 3% dictate to us what to think, what to say, what to believe. Tell them all to go to hell!

  4. A young friend has worked since her early years of grade school to encourage friends and families to fill thousands of these boxes, bringing joy and the knowledge that others care for them to children all over the world. And you would put a stop to this because there is material in there YOU find objectionable? I might find some items You put into a charitable gift objectionable, too. But would that give me the right to demand you stop doing what you are doing? I don’t believe you could give any example of that having been done as you pursue your beliefs. Freedom to express beliefs (which includes writing them out) is guaranteed by the Constitution for all of us.

  5. Satan is working hard to stop anything GOOD. We can’t allow him to win! We must continue the work set before us and fight the good fight. Operation Christmas child goes all around the world and helps people in some of the poorest areas. Children look forward to the boxes and are blessed by the love that is sent their way. We must pray that God continue to be with this wonderful ministry.
    Our church is involved and are so blessed to be able to give. May the Good Lord continue to Bless each one involved. We should pray for the enemies of Christ that they may open their eyes to His saving Love and Grace.

  6. We’ve been doing shoeboxes for 20 years or so. It’s an act of love and it taught our kids to be grateful for what they have as that small box full of tiny things like a small toy, toothpaste, socks, etc… was all some kids would get. It’s a great ministry and has made a huge difference to millions of kids around the world. Samaritans Purse doesn’t hide that they’re a Christian organization, but they spread love to kids regardless to their race, religion, or ethnic background. These haters just need to go away.

  7. They will know and Belive in Jesus and him being Born .I pray to him every day and he hears . If they don’t belive in Jesus SHUT UP and let every one that does and knows he is Alive and died for us on the cross .He loved us so .

  8. Amen! Atheists’ abject ignorance of Christianity must be addressed by people who are in the know-how in a polite and respectful manner. Kudos to Chuck!

  9. I say let’s file a counter-suit to them. By not allowing us to proclaim a Christian message they are propagating atheism. In effect by restricting other religions from doing altruistic things they are forcing atheism upon those children and also denying us and the children the right to freedom of worship.

  10. I have given to Samaritans purse and have never regretted it. They are trying to take all our freedoms away but God sees it all see 2 Timothy 3: 1 — This is our country today

  11. Chuck you are so right…. they need to find God …. if they don’t believe in God, why are they so upset… They are afraid of the word of God and the Christian People …. and what God can do!!!

  12. Wayne, we can tell them but they are headed there anyway. I say we continue no matter what the atheist say, they don’t have to accept any of the gift’s and who really cares if they are offended.

  13. You asked if it was a noble cause and I say emphatically “YES!” SOME atheists and Humanists can be downright radical – – just ignore them. But I MUST take issue with this AWFUL and slanderous statement made here: “In the United States, the left wants to completely eradicate Christ from Christmas and replace it with their morally void radical atheism”!!! What a HATEFUL, slanderous LIE to vilify the left in this way. Many on the left and in the Democratic party are EXCELLENT and strong Christian and moral people just like is true among conservatives. You are vilifying the left and trying to make yourself “Holier-than-thou” and morally superior – – which IF it WAS True, you would NEVER post a statement like that!

  14. Liberals like to call themselves progressives, so don’t do them the favor, as denying reality is not progressive. They see good as evil and evil as good. If “Humanists” want to shut down Operation Christmas Child because it’s not “inclusive”, They should shut themselves down because they exclude Christian works.

  15. A very noble cause. I am a Trump supporter, a Christian and I have packed boxes as long as I have known about Operation Christmas Child. I packed 15 boxes this year and Contributed items for our Youth to pack boxes. Some boxes go toMuslim countries. The children get usable gifts and have the opportunity to learn about Jesus. This is a choice they make. All people need the opportunity to hear about God And Jesus. Then they can choose. The smart ones choose a personal relationship with Jesus. I rather accept God and Jesus.

  16. Oh my, to attack Operation Christmas Child you really have to be filled with hate. To deny children toys, school supplies and basic hygiene items because you do not like who is providing them is so wrong. If muslim/islamic children are being denied access to Operation Christmas Child it is because of the muslim/islamic people group, NOT because those coordinating this program refuse to include them. The muslim/islamic people group are probably denying their children access to this program because it promotes the goodness of humanity, not the peace, love and beheadings of the islamic doctrine.

  17. I just can’t abide by those that attack me and my personal life simply because they disagree with my belief. Whatever happened to ‘live and let live,’ and ‘do unto others,’ etc? I can unconditionally prove to you that atheists are phony cowards. I say phony because they attack only those religious beliefs that won’t attack them back. Christianity is a religion of love and the atheists know don’t have to worry. But notice that they give a wide berth and are cautious to opposing the religion of Islam…. Because they could lose their heads, one at a time. Maybe we Christians could take a lesson from the Muslims.

  18. There is noone that will force me to stop giving and helping the homeless or whoever else needs it. Merry Christmas to all.

  19. What the Muslims and Atheists do is anti Christian. So you must all stop doing what you’re doing also. Listen guys, we all need to live in this world. We have a free will as long as what we do is not illegal or immoral. Helping kids have a wonderful surprise for Christmas hurts nobody. Hating people just because they are not Muslim or Atheist does.

  20. We’ve been doing this at our church for many years and they are inclusive to all religions , race or ethnic groups. If these atheists think that they can be more inclusive then they should do their own thing. But of course they may have to spend some of their money. I find these people repugnant.

  21. They are trying to stop something good, that has been supported by Christians all over the world. They are trying again to ruin the lives, of the most poorly people of the world. Why would any sane person do this? These are little children that are being affected by their greed and corruption. When are the real people who believe, going to stop the criminal behavior of these ignorant fools, who are going to die sad and alone, without anyone caring about them. The devil is going to dance on their graves, he will have won another soul for the greedy, reckless people who do not love anything but money. That money is not going to help them, in hell where they are bound to go, when it is all said and done.

  22. That is just where they will go unless they come to their senses and accept Jesus as their Savior. They are in satan’s army.

  23. Really??????? The left is proving itself to be in satan’s army. MOST have rejected God. And please tell me how you can call yourself a Christian and support a party that supports abortion and homosexuality, BOTH of which Jesus forbids. A Christian follows the teachings of Jesus, but libs have rejected His teachings.

  24. Most atheists, humanists, believe in nothing, stand for nothing, are good for nothing. But then what can you expect from the godless; they are empty and will do whatever it takes to destroy joy and good cheer.

  25. Christmas, like Hannukah have lights, songs, gifts of happiness. Liberals do not like this, then keep their oppinions to themselves.

  26. Samaritan Purse has brightened the lives of so many children over the years. What have the athiest done for children? Keep up the good work Samaritan Purse, God is on your side.

  27. Are any muslim groups sending good gifts to children anywhere? No they are not and will not. Therefore leave Samaritan’s Purse alone. Hopefully you’re not alone! If you are contact me and we will try to assist you showing the love of the God of the Universe through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  28. I packed and sent my first box to a child for Samaritans Purse this year. I enjoyed shopping for my little boy ,as I have no little ones to shop for. I want to bring joy to one little life , even if only briefly during the Christmas season. Giving is as to the Christchild. How could this be wrong, coming from a place of love? Those who are criticizing these small gifts and intentions;should get busy and contribute themselves to a worthy cause. It will make you feel better and less like being negative , and fingerprinting at others.


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