Virginia’s racist governor will regret this anti-Christian attack after what William Barr did


Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s reputation has never been the same since his racist yearbook photo went public.

In order to save face with Democrats, he has shifted radically to the Left.

But he will regret going too far with his latest anti-Christian attack after what William Barr did.

It has been over a year since Ralph Northam’s yearbook photo, showing a picture of himself either in blackface or Ku Klux Klan robes were revealed to the world.

That one photo nearly destroyed his entire political career, and will forever haunt him in future elections.

To try to make up for it, he has been doing everything he can to prove himself with the wackiest of the far-Left.

He has been pushing to remove all pieces of American history they deem to be racist, and has been pushing his anti-Christian agenda into overdrive.

His latest anti-Christian move comes in response to the Chinese coronavirus.

Northam has placed some of the most draconian restrictions on activities he deems “non-essential.”

Unsurprisingly, one of those activities is religion, with churches not being considered essential.

He is threatening those who attend church with jailtime in a shocking attack on religious liberty.

In response, Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Virginia is suing the state after their pastor, Kevin Wilson, was cited by police following an April 5th Palm Sunday service, which was attended by 16 people.

This very same gathering would be legal if the people happened to be in a liquor store, which is considered “essential” under the same order that criminalizes church services.

For that reason, the Justice Department led by Attorney General William Barr just filed a “Statement of Interest” in their case.

In a statement, the DOJ blasted Northam’s order.

“For many people of faith, exercising religion is essential, especially during a crisis,” Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband wrote. “The Commonwealth of Virginia has offered no good reason for refusing to trust congregants who promise to use care in worship in the same way it trusts accountants, lawyers, and other workers to do the same.”

In the statement, the DOJ states that the pastor maintained “rigorous social-distancing and personal-hygiene protocols” during the service.

U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider said this case highlights the need for “states to remember that we do not abandon all of our freedom in times of emergency.”

Do you think church service should be considered essential?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Let the parishioners choose to attend the service or not. Power is an evil thing. Hopefully it will come to bite the politicians that using it to hurt their constituents.

  3. Attending Church is essential. We are not just physical human beings. We have the most important Part of us, our Soul, a Portion of God, that needs to be nourished.

  4. Well, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and the virus is easily transmitted in large crowds, like sporting events. Americans United for Separation of Church and State merely points out the ban on events like these should apply to religious as well as secular events. You’d think religious leaders would comply!

  5. Vasu you got your diaper on your head to tight. It’s cutting off your blood flow and your thinking like an IDIOT again. Alright Barr, you go man. Shove it up those dumb-o-rats ass.

  6. The racist governor of Virginia Ralph Northam again showed his face in black and in the clothes of the Ku Klux Klan,threatening those who attend church with imprisonment in a shocking attack on religious freedom. A racist, he is always a racist, even if he is a governor.

  7. vasu, you prove yourself to be a fool every time you comment. If you are so afraid, hide in your closet and stay there. Christians do not live in fear as you do. We know that God will always be with us. And there is no such thing as separation of church and state. Our founders did not separate the two and a state without the church cannot stand

  8. Worshipping God is essential, always. Those who put God first and follow His teachings will be with Him for eternity. All who reject Him will join satan. satan can’t stand it that He will lose. He hates God and will take as many of us with him as he can. The dems are willing followers

  9. These people love to flatter themselves as if taking on religious – we all know TOO well nobody’s perfect – “They’re GUILTY too but geniuses at hiding behind GOD”

  10. The problem is not with the democrat politicians.
    The problem is with the useful idiot voters.
    Once democrats enact the “Mail In Voter Fraud” law they won’t need the useful idiot voters anymore.
    They will just steal every election, and we will become a one party communist country forever.

  11. We must remember the U. S. Constitution was deliberately designed to protect our “God Given Rights.” Also, equal rules for all. I think the equal here is missing.

  12. We in Virginia have to tolerate this governor, a racist, baby-killer and Naziesque 2nd amendment felon (remember that Adolph took the guns once he took over Germany).
    He is drunk on his power, Soros invested his money well with this smiling corn-pone simpleton.

  13. KKK Northam learned nothing from almost being thrown out. He should keep his nasty behavior and thoughts about Christian worship to himself. All Americans have the right to worship.

  14. This Governor needs to be removed from office. He is an evil despicable racist Anti-Christian Anti-America person (certainly can’t call him a man) Who has NO place being in Virginia nor the USA.

  15. So much hate in the world brought on by the spirit of the NWO. Obviously a bad thing. No wonder no one wants it, therefore they have to try and shove it down humanity’s throat. But,It will crumble around their ears and is already becoming unstable.And wait till you get your prize. Darkness surrounds them and will be their undoing.Just think,you coulda been a doing something worthwhile instead of wasting everyone’s time causing so much damage in the world. Prepare yourself for all eternity alone in a very dark place.


  17. Yes, church service is an essential part of a person’s life especially during crisis like we have been having. Some churches were able to put their services on on line where we could it on our IPads and computers. But not all churches have the type of church or the money to have these features put into their churches for their congregation to be able to be at home and watch the minister give the service to an empty church. So I believe if they were sitting six feet away from each other and using other means to protect themselves they should not have wrong. BUT going to church ESPECIALLY on Palm Sunday was essential for them and many many other people maybe just not someone who is not a Christian.

  18. When will nonbelievers realize man may make all the plans man thinks possible and God laughs. Religion whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’i is essential for every man, woman, child who chooses to practice it for spiritual, mental, physical reasons to deal with stresses, depression, belief that one’s life does matter regardless of culture, race, economic standing. Do not infringe on my right to worship if proper measures are taken to stop the spread of coronavirus.

  19. Every church and synagogue in Virginia needs to join this suit and make it a fat class action. Make Blackface’s head spin.

  20. When is the investigation going to begin against the Lt. Gov. who was accused by 2 women of sexual assault?

  21. I live in Virginia and this state is notorious for having state of the art dumb ass governors. They are one term wonders with aspiration to Federal level political positions. Our current two senators were governors so I’m sure this guy will go for one of the representative jobs perhaps in northern Virginia. The governors are uniquely concerned about the welfare of the people only to the extent that it benefits their political career. If there is no benefit there’s no concern. So determining the needs of the citizens their immoral needs serve their position better than their spiritual needs. Its better they be dumb and drunk than seek spiritual reassurance.

  22. Yes, he is a handsome man. That is probably what got him elected.
    But when the time comes, he will have to answer to the Almighty. I don’t think that he will have the right answers.

  23. Denominational Freedom was one of the main reasons the original European Settlers came here. Religious Freedom is the foundation of our Bill of Rights. Faith is a strong factor in getting through any crisis and what better refuge in time of crisis, but the Church. This evil tyrannical twit is just that pure unadulterated evil. He with his fellow Demontards and their minions in the Fake News D.N.C. Politburo Propaganda Machine have literally scared the living day lights out of millions upon millions of people literally scaring many into sheer uncontrollable panic to such an extent they would actually physically attack anyone who came too close to them. And on top of all this Demontard head games they deny Good Christian and Jewish People the God Given Right to enter their House of GOD for a brief period of solace. This is the actions of a Communist Tyrant. Communism is evil and sadistic and that describes the actions of the vile Demotards. After this how can a true member of the Christian Faith or the Jewish Faith vote for such an evil tyrannical group.

  24. The problem here is that the People did not give this power to the government. They are asserting a power they do not have. Even worse than that, the primary sworn duty of government is to PROTECT AND DEFEND the God-given freedoms and liberties described in our Constitution. That’s what it means to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States. The discussion of compliance is a strawman. In point of fact, more than 99.9% of churches are complying.

  25. Folks, I am a Virginia resident who did NOT vote for Northam: he is a fascist that willingly tramples all over the U.S. Constitution and moral decency, with deep roots to the Clintons. Ralph Northam is an outspoken advocate of abolishing the Second Amendment; wants to allow Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly (1st Amendment) only when it suits him; and advocates for “abortion” right up to the moment of birth (i.e. murder). He also supports allowing a newborns that survived the abortion to die anyway. The list of his Left Wing lunacies goes on from there.
    Oh, and for the record, that church which the 16 people showed up to has a seating capacity of almost 300, so they were well spread out.

  26. You in Virginia seem to dislike your choices of governors, so why not recall this one? Him and too many other dem governors have become dictators, using the pandemic to inflict violations of our Constitution. It may be time for civil disobedience.

  27. Northam is a pile of human increment. He belongs to Califeces or New Yuck but Virginians voted for him so suffer! Despite of the fact that his blackface and kkk picture that came out, his outrageous comment about infanticide, Virginians still voted for Democrats, so suffer!

  28. Sure, why don’t all you “Christians” defy the law and, more importantly, common sense, and attend church services by the thousands tightly packed together. The elimination of these BS anarchists who care not one whit about anyone or the rule of law that protects us all, would be a boost to humanity.

  29. Past record and decisions like this should be remembered on election day, make them pay where it really hurts, being out of office.

  30. Vasu, why don’t you wrap you and your family, a long with your house in bubble wrap. And go inside to cry and wait for the government to come and change your dippers. You commie!

  31. I care for those who are on strict quarantine wing in a nursing home, spiritual comfort would make all the difference in the world (they are retired nuns) the govt wants fearful Americans to run to them for comfort and security, they need to keep God out our our lives but it won’t work, if I found an open church I would be there in a heartbeat

  32. Hey Ralphy ! I have something essential for Ya….. Go play with a plastic bag ! If that doesn’t work….Go play in traffic. If all that fails…..Take a long walk on a short pier. Oh, and don’t forget the plastic bag over your head. BTW…dress up for the occasion, wear your KKK robes. Have fun douchebag !

  33. vasu – damn hadn’t seen you for awhile, was hoping the chinesse virus got you.guess not, but you were notspewing 2 or 3 pages of nonsense. say hi to corona, and god bless you bro. have a great Christian day friend.

  34. The Left has learned how to get it’s aims accomplished. Years ago they just wanted to have a warning on a pack of cigarettes , now look what they have done. In some cases you can’t smoke in your own home, least you be charged with causing harm to those who share that home with you. Next look at the LGBT groups. They only wanted to get the same rights as the non Gay people had. Well now if you don’t show them what they want you are a homophobe and they can charge you. Needless to say you have to pay a lawyer (lier) to defend your self. Who makes the money? These laws and rules are made by politcitictans who are lawyers. Wake up people. Get them out of politcs and stop pawing them pensions for life. thew passed the laws giving this to them.

  35. YES, BY ALL MEANS open the churches, require masks, hand sanitizers, and rigorous cleaning throughout….the author of the US Bill of Rights WAS a Virginian… As far as Northam is concerned, I would care less if I read in the paper he caught the coronavirus with a negative result, ALONG with his stupid minions, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Adam Schiff, etc.

  36. Vasu Murti interjects his usual off the wall ideas and comments. It makes no difference what the Americans United for Separation of Church and State pointed out, there is no right to attend “secular events” such as ball games, concerts, movies, dining in restaurants, etc. However, the right to exercise freedom of religion is enshrined in the Bill of Rights and makes no exceptions for pandemics or other emergencies. So, Vasu Wazzu, stay locked up in your mama’s basement, keep feeding your wackadoodle fantasies and stay far away from me.

  37. The longer we are led in a non attending church world, the stronger Satan becomes. I believe, many will not return. Satan wins again. I have become disgusted with 2 churches, I attended. Even though, our Arizona Attorney General, and Attorney General William Barr, both stated we have the Right to attend church and no one can prevent us from attending. To do so, is a violation of our Right’s and illegal. Well my 2 churches refuse to reopen and do not know when they might. Possibly when school reopens. I found out why there is no hurry to reopen God’s House….being closed, they may receive part of those huge funds being given to small businesses. Money, the root of all evil. It’s wrong. We the People, need to gather together, to worship in the Lord’s House. I may not return to church. I thought my Pastor was different. Sad…

  38. Abortthyself…I agree with you except you said that money is the root of all evil. NO, it is not!!! Money is a necessity. We can not get along without it and it is not evil. The correct expression is “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. Big difference

  39. When will the people say enough? Are our children to denied normal childhood things like playing in the park with their friends? I would like all people above the age of 25 to think of all the wonderful things THEY got to do and experience with their friends and family. Unfortunately a lot people think this will end shortly. Power is an interesting and so is fear. Will the media stop promoting panic, will the govs give up the power they’ve been allowed to have. Are we to stay 6 ft. apart from now on? We’re already being told this is the “new” norm. Interesting how the oldsters got to live their life with freedom but are willing to shut down that freedom for their grandchildren.

  40. Ok, I agree Northam is a flaming moron who should be hanged for treason. But, religious organizations who want to have group services at this time are taking stupidity to a whole new level. Either that or they are competing for the Darwin awards.

  41. Tom, so you don’t think that people should go to church and worship God. So you do not trust God to keep safe those who want to worship in His house?

  42. wfn….second-hand smoke is just as harmful. I know that firsthand. And smoking around children is child abuse, as it is harmful to them. But guess that is fine with you


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