Virginia’s racist governor could tear down historical statues over something insane


Radical Leftists want to destroy every piece of American history they can get their hands on.

They believe that America’s past is racist, and therefore should be completely forgotten.

And now, Virginia’s racist Governor could tear down historic statues over something insane.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam got smacked with the biggest political scandal of his career earlier this year.

The Democrat Governor was exposed having pictures of himself either in blackface, or wearing Ku Klux Klan robes in his medical school yearbook.

Since the release of the picture, he has refused to resign and continues to struggle with admitting if he is actually in the picture that appears on his yearbook page.

But now, he is trying to prove he isn’t racist, and radical Leftists are trying to capitalize on that to remove Confederate statues in the state’s capital of Richmond.

Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, and holds a lot of historical significance.

So it understandably holds statues honoring Confederate leaders and those who were killed or fought in the War Between the States.

That’s why a group of Left-wing protesters rallied to call for the removal of the statues over the weekend.

CBS 6 News reports:

A group of racial justice advocates held a rally on Monument Avenue Saturday in protest of Richmond’s Confederate monuments.

The organizers called on Gov. Ralph Northam to remove the statues because they say the monuments, especially the statue of Robert E. Lee, are magnets for who they call “white supremacists.”

The rally ran counter to scheduled another rally organized by the Tennessee-based New Confederate States of America, which comes to Richmond from time to time to support the statues.

They are calling on Governor Northam to act because he is desperate to prove he isn’t racist.

Protesters are telling him that the only way to do that is to remove monuments of American history.

Right now they are targeting Confederate monuments, but will certainly move on to any historical figure that they disagree with.

Do you think monuments to American history should remain in place?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. DAMN! This insanity must end!!
    When are we the people going to make a stand against these lunatic liberals?

  3. When did the US start honoring people who lost a war or came in second place? I dont see statues of Hitler. Then why are their statues of men who lost a war? Put them in museums if you want to teach history. But don’t put them in public places as if we are honoring their losses.

  4. Until the libtards can have all of the statues replaced with LGBTQ activists they will never stop and never be happy. These people have no conscious about norms and standards fundamental to western society. They want a bizarre culture that fits their ungodly purpose.

  5. Unfortunately what you say is true. I am kinda happy I didn’t have any children that will have to deal with these hateful lunatic libs after I pass on.

  6. I’m sorry, I must have missed that part where liberals wants to replace the statues of men who lost a war, came in second place with statues of LGBTQ activists. Where does it say that?

  7. Kaci, you seem to be reasonable, at least you are not rude like others have been. Perhaps that particular issue has not come up yet, but the meaning of that post is that the lunatic liberals would be open to things like that just to try to destroy what conservatives try to MAGA. Of corse I base this opinion on what they have done & tried to do already.

  8. I am not here to be rude to people and it is never my intention to do so, but I am here to learn and hopefully teach. As one of those lunatic liberals you speak of, please give me an example where liberals have torn down a statue of a soldier who lost a war and replaced it with an LGBTQ activist or tried to do since I must have missed a meeting or two where those things were discussed.

  9. Ugh, my apologies to all who read my comment up above. I have to remember to not write replies on my phone when I first wake up (I work third shift) and to always proofread. I assure you, I do know the difference between their and there and my face is red with embarrassment of my error.

  10. ☺ I have proofread & still manage to mangle up my posts (LOL)
    Kaci, I already stated that that particular issue has not been bantered about yet, the purpose of the post was just an example on the lengths libs (I will refrain from saying lunatic libs this time????) will go to go against the grain of the conservatives. My apologies if I offended by the “lunatic liberals” remark. You do indeed not fit that category.

  11. LOL I realized as an opinionated liberal democrat, feminist and an atheist, I am going to offend someone somewhere. I learned to have thick skin and try to stay on topic versus getting into a name-calling match with someone that won’t solve anything. Case in point, you and I are speaking civilly to each other and trying to see each other’s point of view. That is a great accomplishment in my book.

    As a liberal, I can honestly say that I am not trying to go against anyone. Liberals strive for equality for everyone and when we see an injustice, we do try to get it corrected. The way that I see these statues, as a liberal (I am not talking for all liberals), is these statues were not put up so much to honor these soldiers who lost the war, but as a reminder to blacks of the hatred felt towards them. 62% of the black population and 53% of the white population are offended by the statues and believe they should be removed to be placed in museums instead. This is more than half of the population in America. So what would you do? Do you continue to alienate half of the population or try to come to a compromise?

    Just food for thought.

    Peace. 🙂

  12. Pretty much the same as the Al-Qaeda Terrorist did to historical statues through out the middle East.
    I say we do to these modern terrorist Mostly Democrats just as the slave owners were Democrats in slavery times) and as has been done to Al-Qaeda.

  13. A statue never done anything to anyone and we’re placed in areas where people came to enjoy the beauty of them no matter if they agreed or not and still managed to somehow get along with each other’s view. So what happened to the Americans sense of pride and being able to just get along with each other.

  14. Historic statues belong in museums with all the other statues, not on display in public places as though we were honoring the soldiers that lost a war. We don’t give honor to second place people.

  15. When will someone smack the hell out of these “Lilly Livered Politicians” and put a stop to this PC CRAP??

  16. You are proud that you lost the war? You are proud that you had your butts kicked? You are proud that you came in second place? If you want to have pride in America, then put up statues of people who won the war. Put up statues of people who came in first.

  17. so well said! i agree with you completely! the left in america is still incensed they lost the election and that every effort to remove donald trump from presidency has failed. we cannot allow them to create an america that is unrecognizable!

  18. I notice that when half the people are offended by something the liberals think it should go their way. What about the other half that see the statues as a reminder of how divided the nation was and maybe we cam stop secession from happening again. I say if we are going to tear down statues lets take them all down. MLK Abe Lincoln everyone should come down.

  19. The phrase you were trying to use is “Lily Livered Politicians” and to be “lily-livered” meant you were a coward. I am not seeing how liberals wanting to take a stand against racism is being a coward, but that just might be me. It takes courage to stand for something. Putting losing-the-war soldier statues in public places for all the world to see how you got your butts kicked hardly seems like the point you would want to make. I don’t see statues of Hilter all over the US. Just saying.

  20. It’s not about being proud of losing, it’s about being proud that they served for what they thought was right.
    And to use the slavery excuse in this day and age is redundant, you would have to be a hundred years old to have known a slave or to have been related to one.
    It’s a moot point.

  21. Shut the he’ll up you disgusting piece of trash. You don’t know American history. Put you some place so I don’t have to read stupidity.

  22. Martin Luther King, Jr and Abe Lincoln didn’t lose any wars. Why are you so bent on displaying your defeat in public? Do you like being humiliated like that?

  23. Those Confederate statues are a part of our history, and those generals, etc, were Americans, also. History should never be obliterated. I agree with Jimmie, above. Do we erase novels and documentaries about the Civil War? Do we stop teaching about the Civil War? Shall we burn all videos of Gone With The Wind? Those times existed; those people lived, loved and fought. Many died. Allow history to remain. We were and will again be a nation that stands together. The current chaos is beneath us.

  24. This is totally ridiculous. Those statues have been a part of our history for years and should not offend any American. There were two sides and each side had leaders, which those statues simply represent. If you do not like them, stay away from them. They are works of art. If the democrats want to change our country into something it never has been, let them move to another country that suits them and leave America and its history alone. We who are patriotic Americans like it that way.

  25. I am adamantly opposed to what I see as these attempts to rewrite history. Let the statues stand. They are not there to honor warriors who lost, but to honor warriors who fought the good fight, albeit in the service of a bad cause. As an American of slave descent, I feel not one whit diminished by the existence of these statues. And those who say that the statues honor men who lost, they should reconsider whether we should honor any of our soldiers who have died in combat, and who, individually, can be said to have lost big time, in that they are dead.

  26. The statues are not honoring a lost war they are honoring the men who fought for what they believed in. Should we tale down the wall of Vietnam veterans just because we lost that war. Im not against liberals but once again i see a one track mind. I have some relatives who are liberals and they are like talking to a jackass with blinders on. Y’all believe you are right on everything and no matter how it is explained to you, you only look straight ahead.

  27. Does all these thoughts as stated mean that the Vietnam Actions were lost by us and therefore there should be no memorials to losers? I was never ‘In” Vietnam but I am a Vietnam Era Veteran {1956 to 1962 USAF SAC}. I got to Guam because that was the farthest from the USA that my job was sent to!! If you asked back then, I would say I was a cook.

  28. Uh, no, Danko, you would not have to be a hundred years old to have been related to a slave. I am 16 years shy of a hundred, but my great-grandmother on my father’s side, to whom I am perforce related, was a slave, and most of the people whom you would identify as being “black: or “colored” are likewise related to slaves. Think before you write.

  29. So by your logic then we should have statues for Hilter, Stalin and Pol Pot. They all fought wars for what they thought was right.

  30. No one ever said to destroy them. We merely want to remove them from places of honor and place them in museums where they belong.

  31. Uh, no, Danko, you would not have to be a hundred years old to have been related to a slave. I am 16 years shy of a hundred, but my great-grandmother on my father’s side, to whom I am perforce related, was a slave, and most of the people whom you would identify as being “black: or “colored” are likewise related to slaves. Think before you write.

  32. Perhaps the governor should ask for pointers from ISIS members who were so successful in blowing up historical monuments that obviously couldn’t be expected to follow their radical version of Islam.

  33. Dear God.
    I bow my head and ask if it be Thy will,
    please save our land from those who seek
    to destroy it. Amen

  34. Ok, you may have a point about statues should be in museums. But I don’t think k anyone intended for the statues to be a reminder of what was an awful action taken against a race. Yes I am happy to (finally) be able to have a conversation with a liberal that does not resort to name calling/cussing/unfounded accusations. True we are all individuals & have our own opinions. I respect that. The thing I can’t wrap my arms around is the accusations made against President Trump, who in my opinion is the best President I have ever had the pleasure to support. If people don’t like him for whatever reason they don’t like him, that’s fine. But if he is guilty of any of these crimes he is accused of, all I ask is show me the proof. You may be surprised if you knew who I am that I am a Trump supporter. In fact I am quite an anomaly. I welcome anyone to have a civilized conversation with me. Whatever you believe (or not believe) is not my business & I can’t & won’t pass judgements on anyone for their beliefs. Or how they live their lives. I deal in truth I am sure many others won’t like me or my opinions & that’s ok. I have really wanted to be able to speak with a liberal & maybe be able to understand their point of view. But I won’t wallow in untruths & false accusations. As I said, just show me proof. So thank you Kaci for conversation with me civilly.

  35. You are literally honoring men who lost a war. That isn’t patriotic. I thought you only liked winning and only honor soldiers who won wars.

  36. Yes Kacy, that is a really bad comment! You see, Liberals want to deny America’s History and they have so many groups of victims that almost every person is a victim of something. That is becoming meaningless and if you don’t know or teach your history you are destined to repeat the past mistakes. Make no mistake, America’s Founding and it’s Constitution is the Best in the entire World and it brought me to America some 53 years ago. Why do we want to tear down the statues that we erected to honor these people who fought for this Country to make it better?? We don’t have statues for war criminals, terrorists, traitors or despots so why is this happening? Gov Northam is a weak and unprincipled human being if he thinks he can placate the Radical Left by being agreeable with their insane demands!!

  37. The trouble with your call for compromise is that liberals define compromise as permission to agree with them.

  38. kaci…… The civil war wasn’t fought over slavery.. It was fought over the right to succeed from the union…. West Virginia did and won.. That’s why to this day we have W. Virginia.. And these monuments that are being torn down are on the national registry of historical places.. Blacks had slaves also..

  39. You are talking apples and oranges. The Vietnam Vet wall is not statues of men, but merely the names of all the soldiers who died in that war. Not the same thing as making life-like statues for soldiers who lost a war. Honoring the dead is one thing, putting someone up on a pedestal in honor for someone who didn’t win a war is just silly.

  40. If they want to do this, begin with statues, pictures, paintings, etc of all blacks. After all, Black’s did buy fellow blacks, just as still done. They weren’t the only race that were slaves, they just the only who hate themselves & each other & to stupid & lazy to do anything. As usual, pointing the finger. Zebras ie blacks only race doing that

  41. Memorials for the dead soldiers are not the same as statues of soldiers who lost a war. Put them in a museum and remember them all you want for losing that war. Just stop acting like they won a war.

  42. Liberals are not for equality for everyone. Apparently equality only for those who vote for them and believe as they do. Liberals are mostly LYING PILES OF PIG CRAP!

  43. Colleen, I had little doubt that you were/are a Trump supporter. True, maybe I just assumed it and I really hate to assume things, but I will just move forward on that. I honestly do not want to get into a heated debate about Trump, but I do have a question for you. Have you read the Mueller report? I will just post this one sentence from the report and then I will stop talking about him.

    “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime,” Mueller said, “we would have said so.”

    It has been a pleasure, Colleen. Thank you.

  44. So I guess KACI STAHL wants to also do away with statues of my brothers in arms who died in Viet Nam that are in many National Graveyards! You really are a DUMB-ASS KACI!

  45. History belongs in museums. No one wants to deny history. We just don’t think placing life-like statues of soldiers who lost a civil war in honoring is very patriotic. Do you see the north placing lifelike statues of the soldiers who actually won the civil war all over the cities? No, you don’t. Want to know why not? Because it is in bad taste. We don’t need to be reminded of the war that split our country in two. If we want history, we go to museums. We don’t rub the south’s nose in our victory and the south shouldn’t want a reminder of their defeat at every statue.

  46. Both sides suffered losses in the Civil War. This was a brother against brother, state against state, family against family on our soil. Slavery, states rights, defending one’s home…. The whole war was a very sad happening, with heroes and villains on both sides. There were those who fought for the South not because of slavery, but because the felt they were protecting their homes. The Civil War is part of our history. We do not remove our history just because we don’t like it. We learn from it. I don’t believe the black population thinks the statutes in the southern parks as pro slavery. In fact more of the yelling is done by the very white radical side. There are statues all over the world of men and women who had slaves and/or enslaved people (Kings, Queens, Dictators, Conquerors, Knights, etc.) Should we tear down every statue in the world? There is slavery even now in women, children, men of all colors. What we should do NOW is work on eliminating the slavery that is going on now, not yell about things in the pass that none of us living now were involved in. The true slave masters right now are the drug cartels who enslave people on drugs, in their sex traffic, violence and vile lifestyle of death and no hope for their slaves.

  47. Yes, but was there any proof that President (then canadate) Trump DID commit any crimes? I personally Mueller is deep in CYA mode.
    Peace Kaci

  48. If we remove all things from our history because it offends someone we will all forget the history of how this Great Nation came to be. Our Nation is not perfect by any means but the reminders of what made is may keep us from repeating some if our mistakes. Myself I sometimes wonder if we may not be better off with the CSA still around. Liberals on one side. Conservatives on the other. At least we would have all the energy and not have to worry about the green new deal. We would be proud to display our statues of great men in our history.

  49. Most historical places have plaques with places history written on it. Only the south do you have soldiers who lost a civil war displayed all over their cities. Almost like you wanted to remind some people that you fought against freeing the slaves.

  50. In a way they did , the south managed 2 shake the cursed slave mongering power hungry democrats. Look @ where most of reside now. IE: NYC/BOS/PHIL/BALCHI.. Now the black population amongst others r on an asphalt plantation.

  51. You people are just to stupid for words hope you get just what you deserve.
    Stupid is as stupid does !!!!

  52. Excuse me, did you just call black people lazy and stupid? I am betting that you didn’t know that almost all of the “slaves” that blacks owned were actually their own family members that they bought so they could be free. But ignore that little detail because it sounds better if you just say that blacks owned black slaves and that they were too stupid and lazy to do anything about it.

  53. Yes, liberals are for equality for everyone, even things they are against. Case in point, it is a known fact that liberals HATE the KKK, but did you know that we will defend their right to free speech to the death? The way we see it is, if you take someone else’s rights away, you are really hurting your own rights. If we stop the KKK from free speech, then people like yourself could try to stop liberals from their free speech. So I would be careful about spewing false information about a group of people that you really don’t know at all.

  54. When did I say that? Please do not put words in my mouth to accommodate your own fallacies. And putting life-like statues of soldiers in graveyards is hardly the same thing as planting statues all around your cities in honor of men who lost a civil war, fighting our own country.

  55. Everything to do with the Confederacy is treasonous. If the North had been smart, they would have shot every single confederate soldier and sympathizer who didn’t abjectly and immediately apologize for their actions against the United States of America. Basically, the South should have been treated like ISIS. And to this day the loser flag should be banned, and every example, outside of certain museums, should be burned.

  56. That is what the House is trying to figure out. There are multiple investigations regarding multiple charges from multiple areas. I guess we will all know when this is all over.

    Peace. 🙂

  57. Removing statues is taking a stand against racism? How courageous is that?
    While Confederate soldiers were on the losing side of history, it took courage to fight for their beliefs and put their lives in danger.

  58. Kick that piece of crap out force him out. They fire Hard working people for making one remark. Fire him

  59. Well golee! You think we should build a museum around the statue of liberty to make what you say true. Only liberals make such stupid statements.

  60. Maybe the South should keep all our oil,gas and food from the north and see who would be in the worst bind. Oh wait you probably believe you get your food from super markets. It’s not grown in a warehouse and the gas you get comes from oilfields mainly in the South. The north couldn’t survive another secession the South would prevail effortlessly

  61. FYI:
    The Statue of Liberty is not a replica of a real person or of a soldier. The Statue of Liberty also has nothing to do with the civil war. Also, unless I am mistaken, the Statue of Liberty didn’t lose any wars.

  62. Let’s see we would get our food from the west. Our oil from overseas and from the west would be sufficient. The north would keep all their manufactured goods from the south. We keep our steel. Keep our technology.

    I am betting the south would do worse than the north would.

  63. Kaci. Are you dumb? I have to ask because everything you tried to say is 100% stupid. Step away from the computer and get a life. May God have mercy on your soul.

  64. Well, you do have me there. However, you do have free speech as long as it doesn’t incite violence or hurt others. So there is a very thin line there.

  65. Kaci. All the oil that comes fro overseas enters the US at the Gulf Of Mexico. The liberals would still have the steel mills shut down if not for Trump. But we are getting away from the subject at hand. We dont come from the South and try to change things that people from the North preserve in their history. All we ask is for y’all not try to change the South’s history and the things that we cherish. The Civil War was the worst time in America unless you are Native American and then the worst time was when the Pilgrims landed and everything since then.

  66. I believe what you meant to say is that everything I say goes against your beliefs and you have trouble grasping the concept that I actually might have a point or two. But to just strike everything down I said and then call me names isn’t the way to make friends and influence people. I would work on your approach to interacting with other people. Just a suggestion.

  67. I suppose we need to destroy the mountain carving of Crazy Horse in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Indians never won a war, but we honor many of them. And not only that, but we support them for the rest of their lives.

  68. If you agree that the civil war was the worst of times in the United States, why does the south hold on to it so tightly? Why do they want to relive it over and over again? Why do you want to put on display your defeats and failures?

  69. According to your logic:
    Historic statues belong in museums
    The Statue of Liberty is an historical statue
    Therefore, it belongs in a museum.

  70. When did anyone EVER say that other statues that have nothing to do with the civil war must be destroyed? Please stay on subject.

  71. Yes, you do have me there. I misspoke. I meant to say all historical statues from the civil war.

  72. Its to remind us how much better off we would be if the South had won the war. We still believe that God exists. You claim to be an atheist well I’ve seen lots of your kind start hunting for Jesus when they are facing death. If me believing turns out to be wrong oh well. If you not believing turns out to be wrong OH HELL!!

  73. Kaci how stupid can you be racist had nothing to do with the Civil War it was over cotton gins and the sorry government putting tariffs on them and the South only please would you stupid libs study the facts about the Civil War and stop saying slavery was the cause of the war had NOTHING to do with it PLEASE study your history

  74. The statues, plaques and all the other memorabilia about the Civil War is a constant reminder to all that the nation was once a slave nation. We should never forget that. The memories that those symbols bring to the surface are a constant reminder of that history to those who want to cover it up. I suggest to our citizens of color that you should be in the forefront of blocking the destruction of these reminders. If a thing is out of mind and out of sight it is more easily forgotten. I repeat, we should never forget. Instead of destroying the remnants of our unpleasant history, use those symbols as teaching opportunities for our youth.

  75. It’s obvious that Democrats would not believe anyone who said Trump did nothing substantially wrong that would rise to an impeachable offense. Therefore, they must do all that they can to drag this out to 2020 so they can have a cloud hanging over him. Dems can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost.

  76. Excellent comment Kaci. I just want history to be taught correctly. Everyone associates slavery just to the south. There were plenty slave owners in the north as well. I have never been prejudice in my life and never once thought people should be owned and sold like merchandise. I just want people to know that the Civil War was not fought about slavery alone. This will be my last comment on the matter. God bless America????????????

  77. Sorry Sambo. I gave Kaci credit for your comment. I thought it was right on and hopefully with people thinking like you our nation can heal and learn to get along together.

  78. Let’s take all these statues and move them to a new, national, museum dedicated to preserving America’s pre Civil War history. Then, those who wish to explore this difficult time in American history can do so. As others have commented, we should not try to hide our past. Doing so is analogous to the Third Reich burning books! Those who refuse to acknowledge history are destined to repeat it.

  79. Madam (I presume!), You seem to misunderstand what a statue is. Just to refresh (or provide new information to you), a statue is placed to remind people of courage, honor, and valor, not necessarily to salute their political viewpoints. Gen Lee resigned from the US Army (where was regard as one of the most innovative generals of his era ) to serve his home state of Virginia since the Union, at that time, still held the opinion the several states could form their own country and secede from the Union. Have you considered the “Black Laws” of the northern states which held the “Free Negros” in virtual slave conditions, effectively providing the outline for the “Jim Crow” laws following the Civil War. But the one thing to always remember is that History will repeat itself if it is ignored; hence, the need to leave the statues where they are . The only effective result in removing history is building resentment from a large portion of the citizenry. History is a record of the past, no amount of trying to re-write it will change it, so leave it alone and use it to remember the right (i.e good or proper) and the wrong, and the results and harm done by the different paths.

  80. When asked about the Confederate flag in the Republican presidential debates in 2000, George W. Bush said he’d let the states decide.

    Among the Trump voters polled in South Carolina in 2016:

    Nearly 75 percent think the Confederate flag should be flying over the State Capitol.

    38 percent wish the South had won the Civil War.

    80 percent support banning Muslims from entering the United States.

    62 percent support a national database of Muslim in the United States.

    33 percent believe Islam should be illegal in the United States.

    31 percent support banning LGBT people from entering the United States.

    Donald Trump was given four opportunities to disavow David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, but was reluctant to do so. At one point he claimed he didn’t know who David Duke was, even though years earlier he said in a video he left the Reform Party since it was being taken over by David Duke and others.

    Removing Confederate relics would be a way for Governor Northam to prove he’s not racist!

  81. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal Muslim demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  82. So you think that having slaves would make your life better?

    I am an ex Sunday school teacher. I will take my chances with what comes afterward, but thanks.

  83. The root cause of the American Civil War is perhaps the most controversial topic in American history. Even before the war was over, scholars in the North and South began to analyze and interpret the reasons behind the bloodshed.

    The scholars immediately disagreed over the causes of the war and disagreement persists today. Many maintain that the primary cause of the war was the Southern states’ desire to preserve the institution of slavery. Others minimize slavery and point to other factors, such as taxation or the principle of States’ Rights.

    In 2011, at the outset of the sesquicentennial, a Pew Research Center poll found that Americans were significantly divided on the issue, with 48% saying the war was “mainly about states’ rights,” 38% saying the war was “mainly about slavery,” with the remainder answering “both equally” or “neither/don’t know.”

    One method by which to analyze this historical conflict is to focus on primary sources. Every state in the Confederacy issued an “Article of Secession” declaring their break from the Union. Four states went further. Texas, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina all issued additional documents, usually referred to as the “Declarations of Causes,” which explain their decision to leave the Union. The documents can be found in their entirety here.

    Two major themes emerge in these documents: slavery and states’ rights. All four states strongly defend slavery while making varying claims related to states’ rights. Other grievances, such as economic exploitation and the role of the military, receive limited attention in some of the documents.

  84. No, they should not be destroyed, I agree with you there. But they also should be placed in a museum and not on public property.

  85. It was a war between Americans and the Confederacy was fighting for its rights as well. The North managed to win mainly from manufacturing strength! The war originally was not about slavery..Lincoln made it so so he would not lose control. As far as Northam is concerned he should remember that he is in Virginia and those fallen soldiers were Virginians too. Be careful how you through BS around!

  86. Once you tear down reminders of our history, you tear down the country. Memory of the past becomes unimportant. Those who love America must protest against this kind of behavior.

  87. What need to happen is all these monuments need to be pulled in under the national monument program and protected as historic land marks

  88. Unfortunately, Virginia is no longer populated by Virginians. It is controlled by the liberal Federal government workers that live in the Washington, DC suburbs. The real Virginians must quickly realize what is being done to their state and vote heavily to oust these carpetbaggers. I wonder if they have the will to do so, or if they will continue to give in to the liberal destroyers of their state.

  89. Looking to join in the excitement, since I born in Richmond and lived there for many years. Waiting to see what shows up before chiming in.

  90. My mom was from Virginia, and I grew up there. My parents took me frequently to historic places to learn about the history there. I have many sweet memories of being there and learning about my roots in that state. Yes, Virginians have lost control of their state due to the northern liberals. This governor is a poor excuse for a leader of anything. Very sad he has the ability to destroy what many Virginians value. He is certainly no Virginian.

  91. not In the USA KACI! Why the hell would America put statues up of Hitler? Let Germany put one up of him if they want! Hitler was an evil disgusting mind controlling freak with his propaganda like the Fake news MSM, libs and dems are! By time Germany finally WOKE UP it was too late! And if people don’t wake up and realize what dems, liberals(left) are trying to do which is hypnotize everyone to do and think like they think to do the evil they want to inflict on everyone and destroy everything American to usher in NWO, then unfortunately the asleep people will wake up and say “What the hell happened”! Will be to late! Hitler killed thousands of Jew in the holocaust! Just because they were Jews! Why honour a man like that, Especially in the USA?!

  92. Really, Kaci, you don’t get it. It’s not about these protestors having the fortitude to come forward. It’s about them wanting to impose their will.

  93. Arguing with Kaci is apparently the same as trying to teach a pig to sing, the pig cannot understand the concept and you are wasting your time!

  94. You really think that these statues were erected to assure blacks of hate felt towards them? These monuments were erected to honor men of a particular state. At that time, loyalty was to a state before it was to the country. The vast majority of southern troops didn’t own slaves nor felt any animosity towards blacks. A lot of that crap is/was fictionalized by the movies and liberal history tellers. Truth be known, any hatred wasn’t conceptualized until after the war, because of a economy in chaos in the South. It helps to read beyond the nonsense in high school history books.

  95. Do you mean like the Republicans are imposing their will on women to make abortions illegal?

  96. Fact #8: The North won the Civil War. After four years of conflict, the last major Confederate armies surrendered to the United States in April of 1865

  97. Should we also remove any history related to the Native American struggles in the 1800’s? They lost their battles. Then we can eradicate all history of the Roman Empire.

  98. No Kasi. You can block me but it proves that you are a weak little know nothing dumb kid. Go back to coloring in your book and leave the conversation to the adults.

  99. Since I can’t reply directly to Kaci, I will reply here.
    Kaci, abortion is a STATE issue, not a federal issue. Rights and obligations not specifically delegated in the Constitution for the United States to the federal government are reserved to the States and the Citizens of those States. I find absolutely NOTHING in the Constitution delegating abortion to the federal government, therefore it is NOT a federal issue. Each State should decide whether to allow abortion within their legal boundaries. If we don’t like the laws of our STATE, we are advised to change them in a legal manner or MOVE to a different State.

  100. Kaci appears to not understand that it was not a CIVIL WAR. The South had no desire to take over Washington, DC, nor the Northern States. The desire of one part of a country to take over another and its territories makes something a ‘civil war’. It was a LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL war for Southern independence, just as less than 100 years before the 13 colonies threw off English taxation tyranny.

  101. Maybe I am explaining myself wrong. I am not for getting rid of history. History is very important. History is good. What is bad is placing statues of life-like soldiers who lost a war all over cities. Replace them with plaques telling the history and put the statues in museums.

  102. I’m sorry to hear that you are not educated enough to debate with someone civilly without name calling.

  103. I am glad I have children and grandchildren who were taught to resist tyranny. I agree with Persian poet Khalil Gibran in his poem ‘On Children’
    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
    which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them,
    but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

    You are the bows from which your children
    as living arrows are sent forth.
    The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
    and He bends you with His might
    that His arrows may go swift and far.
    Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
    For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
    so He loves also the bow that is stable.

  104. Why would I block you? I have nothing to hide. I am very capable of debating with people in a civil manner without name calling.

  105. Abortions are protected under the 3rd, 4th 5th, 9th and 14th Amendment of the Constitution. That sounds pretty federal to me.

  106. I don’t call it a civil war, history calls it that and so does the following sites.

    Wikipedia: The American Civil War (also known by other names) was a civil war fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865, between the North (Union) and the South (Confederacy).

    Battlefields. org: The Civil War is the central event in America’s historical consciousness. While the Revolution of 1776-1783 created the United States, the Civil War of 1861-1865 determined what kind of nation it would be.

    History .com: The Civil War in the United States began in 1861, after decades of simmering tensions between northern and southern states over slavery, states’ rights and westward expansion.

  107. Kaci,

    I’d say keep fighting the good fight, but some people are impenetrable to logic, or true historical facts. They only know the the stilted tales of heroism in a losing cause to maintain the right to enslave a people kidnapped from their native land.

    And now, thanks to the after-effect of that kidnapping, the descendants live here and are prevented by the societal racist beliefs of the descendants of the kidnappers from enjoying the same opportunities they inherited on the backs of the kidnapped.

    It’s a sad state when even education doesn’t inform them.

  108. Thank you, Paul, for the encouraging words. Sometimes I feel like I am in a den of lions when I am here, but a few people here extend an olive branch towards me and made me feel welcome. I appreciate that very much.

  109. Sir: You seem to have no understanding who worked for years doing bake sales, saving every penny that came their way and pooling that money with other mothers, wives, sisters, and friends who knew and loved the men who never came home. Men in graves unknow but to God. You call these heart broken women racist who only wanted to keep blacks in their place??? GET REAL!

  110. Sorry Kaci, you have a total lack of understanding. We have never honored men who lost a war. How can men be un-patriotic when they fight to defend their home and family against a un-declared war to destroy and kill all in the South. sir, we honor men who lost their lives. No more No Less!

  111. Not only was the south, who fought in the civil war, unpatriotic, they also committed acts of treason. They shouldn’t be honored, they should have been hung high in the trees for all to see.

  112. they are cowards because what they want to tear down is their historic record. the left demobats were the racists in america and they the libtards want that erased sio thye can get to work saying it was the right wing republican conservatives who were tghe racist and there wont be a trace left to argue th epoint…..COWARDS

  113. the Dem. Gov. of Virginia, you already tore your self down already, the wife is worse, statues are good history for America.

  114. For the hundredth time, no one wants to erase anyone’s history, we just want it in a museum. You do know that the south lost the war and the south planted these statues all over your cities to remind yourself of what? Your defeat? Your humiliation?

    Stop being so dramatic.

  115. First, now you’re a spellcheck for Culture Watch too? Child, monuments such as these have been used since time immortal so YOU and the whiners can stop being dramatic and childish.

  116. Hey if you want to flaunt your defeat, honoring treasonist soldiers and have the north remind you constantly that you lost the civil war, I guess who am I to want to put your history in a museum. I guess that’s just two more things for the rest of the world to laugh at southerners for. I sure hope you all have thick skin after all these years.

  117. ROFLMAO…..another child speaks. Slavery is still going on in Africa and the middle east and you two continue to whine about it here. The rest of your deflections is just a way to make excuses for your whining. As to you, Kaci, the civil war was fought over state’s rights which the federal government was trying and did usurp. While I don’t disagree with the federal government over the question of slavery, we were a representative republic at that time and the southern states felt the feds overstepped the authority of the states, thus the war. AND I’ll remind you that Dems were the ones who continued the folly until Repubs finally ended segregation. So YOU and the others can stop whining about the frivolous statues who harm no one. It’s called growing up.

  118. But we fought him and he lost the war. Two things that you southern people love to honor. It is only fitting then for you to have Hitlers statue as well. I mean you all keep saying that it is only history and that you are honoring soldiers who fought for things that they thought were right. So why not Hitler? He would fit right in with the rest of your “honored” soldiers.

  119. Cool, then I am sure you will love a statue of Hiltler, life-like, adding to your collection of losing soldiers and men who were traitors.

    History is fun.

  120. I believe the word you meant to write was “case”, as in “In your case we just can’t fix stupid”.

    It seems to me, that I just did fix stupid. You’re welcome.

  121. Kaci,
    You are ignoring the acts of treason committed by the Lincoln war department. They ordered the South destroyed, any way was ok, don’t tell me about it. Lincoln signed orders to devastate the agricultural regions. Union soldiers under the leadership of bad men, raped, murdered, burned, hung, everyone they found in some areas. The Shenandoah Valley, the March across Ga, the Louisiana, Mississippi and west Florida carnage from a general that even threatened to kill women if they even wore a corsage in honor of fallen family members. Evil people took back the south which had a right to secede in the US and state constitutions. Your rambling ignorance and hatred needs to stop. The South remembers because the South was disenfranchised before and after the war by the people that wanted to take over the entire country and yes, even murder all of the Indians. R.E. Lee was a patriot to the US, to the South, was respected by both sides and was a decent man who did not like slavery either. He and his wife decided to free their slaves on their own, before the South was invaded by Northern interests.
    No, I will never forget what happened to the Southern states. Slavery was wrong, and no one remembers the New England Shipbuilders that go rich building a fleet to bring them her and to South America. I grew up in Virginia, it is a shame that a racist left wing governor was elected. Stand up Virginians, for your state and your history.

  122. The difference between the North and the South is that the North doesn’t honor its flaws. The North may have made some mistakes (huge, giant blunders) but we fixed what was broke and tucked our shame away. We didn’t immortalize our treasonist, loser soldiers, into statues and placed all over our cities and then want to fight people, even murder them, to keep these reminders of defeat standing to rub it in the southern faces every time you see them. That is just pathetic.

  123. Doesn’t this statue tearing down thing remind us of something? How about the standoff in Tiananmen Suuare. The “Red” Chinese have successfully erased That from their history. But not the world’s. History will always be remembered.

  124. Apparently Kaci only wants statues of winners. Does that include Stalin, who helped defeat Hitler? I understand there are some statues/busts of Lenin in America. Should they remain? Maybe future statues should just be numbers, no names, no faces. Cement or brass blocks, #1, #1,795, etc.

  125. We should not mess with our history. I completely disagree with slavery, of any race, but they represent our history, civil war, post war, pre war. There is much history, with many people. Do no harm to our history.

  126. Kaci, you make me smile….but you are an atheist, and ex-Sunday school teacher…. maybe there’s hope you may one day be an ex-liberal????

  127. Hitler wasn’t a part of U.S. history. DUH!! And in your case we can’t fix stupid not even with duck tape!! The ones wanting to tear down the monuments of the Confederate soldiers, Robert E. Lee (my ancestor), and the Civil War monuments are the ones that are racist. They don’t want the truth to be known. The monuments maybe taken down but history can’t be erased. Yes Kaci, the South lost the war ONLY because they ran out of funds and food. You need to study up on the South’s history before you go running your yankee mouth. Boy some people just read bits and pieces instead of the whole thing and you are one of them.

  128. I totally agree with you, H B Edwards, Jr.; But General Lee resigned also because they were running out of food and funds to continue. An interesting bit about him is that on his birthday his Dad gave him some slaves and he turned around and set them free. He didn’t believe in slavery.

  129. The statues need to stay exactly where they are at. There are some people who can’t afford to go and pay the ridiculous entry prices to a museum. Leave the statues where they were erected they aren’t hurting a thing where they are at.

  130. Northam is such a liar!! First he says that the picture in the album is of him and a friend, then he denies it, then he claims it, then denies it. Well did he forget that when a picture is put in a yearbook that the person has to approve the use it? And he claims that he doesn’t know how the picture got in there? Really?!? Give me a break!!

  131. Not looking 4 argument but the statue is of Lenin not Stalin.
    The statue came from Europe & was 2b auctioned, I believe the original owner passed. Seattle left statue on the street, supposedly until some1 buys the monstrosity. It now seems it has accumulated historical status. As 4 why the occupants of the city leave it there, just go 2 Lenins most notable words. “USEFUL IDIOTS”

  132. Knowing nothing about a statue of Stalin in Seattle, I did some research. I discovered that there is not a statue of Stalin, but a 7-ton, 16-foot statue of Vladimir Lenin, the first leader of the USSR and the government that took over Russia in 1917. After Lenin’s death, in 1924, Stalin took over.

    The statue was created in Slovakia by artist Emil Venkov between 1978 and 1988, when it was installed in the city of Poprad, not far from the Polish border. A year later, as the Soviet Union broke apart, the statue was taken down.

    It was discovered in a junkyard by Lewis Carpenter, an American visiting from Washington state, who was said to be so enamored with its artistry that he leveraged his mortgage to finance the purchase and ship it home to Issaquah, 20 miles east of the Seattle. It was moved to Fremont after Carpenter’s death in 1994 (Venkov died in June) and now occupies a small parcel maintained by the local business community.

    Carpenter’s family still owns the statue and, according to the Seattle Times, has been hoping to sell it for many years. The asking price is $250,000.

    Ultimately, because this memorial resides on private property, it would need to be removed by the owner, voluntarily. So Murray, Seattle’s mayor, has few options other than voicing his opinion.

    So to answer your question, Danko, I must first state that the “liberals” did not erect this statue. One man, Lewis E. Carpenter, brought it here from Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), in 1993, initial to preserve it for its historic and artistic merit. Later he intended to use it to attract customers for an ethnic Slovak restaurant he wanted to open in Issaquah, WA. He died in 1994 before he officially did anything with the statue. The statue is sitting on private property waiting to be sold and taking away. Its location is not permanent nor was it meant to be where it is sitting now. The statue wasn’t designed nor bought here to honor Stalin. The artist, Venkov, intended the statue to function as a critique of communist oppression and depict Lenin as a violent man, with abstract rifles and flames on the statue, in contrast to the traditional depiction of Lenin holding a book.

    So I failed to see how you can equate statues of Confederate soldiers that were erected to honor them and placed on city property all over the south to a statue of the first communist leader that wasn’t made to honor him and that is placed on private property awaiting to be sold and removed.

  133. There is a difference between tearing down history and wanting to remove statues from city property and placing them in museums where history can be learned and remembered.

  134. I want statues of American history’s honorable people on display on cities property. Influential men and women who’ve led their lives for the better of those around them.

  135. 🙂 Colleen, I truly doubt that. I am too passionate about civil rights, everyone’s rights to be equal, regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, gender, age, language, sexual orientation, religion, political or other opinion, national, social or geographical origin, disability, property, birth or other status as established by human rights standards. I would be thrown out of the Conservative Republican party so fast it would make my head spin.

  136. Counting the ways you are wrong.

    1. WWII is part of American history. Does the bombing of Pearl Harbor ring a bell with you? We fought in that war. Hence, Hitler is part of American history.

    2. Removing confederate statues and placing them into museums where we can learn of our history and remember it in a respectable manner. That isn’t erasing history.

    3. The south lost because it had fewer men, less capital, and less industrial capacity than the North. Simply put, the South lost because the North outmanned and outclassed it at almost every point, militarily.

    Looks like you need to demand a refund from your schools.

  137. I am guessing I am not the only one who’s comments are being censored. So much for freedom of speech in America!

  138. So here we are in 2019 fighting over statues that have been standing since before we were born when there are real issues that need to be addressed.

  139. We have an out of control federal budget and an invasion taking place at our border but this is what the dems and liberals choose to concentrate on.

  140. Rand Paul recently came up with a common sense plan to help balance the budget but not one single democrat voted yea on it.

  141. Many like the Senator from NJ (who compares himself to a greek hero), who was too busy spouting off his agenda to prospective voters, could not even be bothered to cast their vote.

  142. This statue issue, and the other issue the dems have been pursuing since this president was elected are just distractions to keep our attention away from the real issues.

  143. It wasn’t all Democrats that killed that bill. 25 Republicans vote no for Rand Paul’s bill as well. Only 22 Republicans vote for this bill.

  144. Kaci: You’re doing it again…PLEASE don’t bring up the word treason when YOUR Democratic party has several in our government now, who are committing treasonous acts. Do you think Omar, Tlaib and Cortez have our nation’s best interests at heart??No. They’re out to totally destroy everything our country stands for.And I’m not going to get in a spitting match about Trump either.No Democratic will ever agree he is TRYING to do his job, on any issue.Some are so blinded by hate because Clinton didn’t get voted in, they can’t see anything else.
    The South fought for what they believed in. Betty’s comments( who is from Virginia ) and others that have posted, do not see this statue as glorifying General Lee.And some posters try to equate this issue with Germany erecting statues to honor Hitler.BIG difference!!!
    Well anyway, I feel the people of Virginia should settle this issue.Let THEIR will be done….

  145. GolanTrevise8;You are so correct in your analogy in what the Dems. are doing.They are out to totally destroy Trump and don’t care HOW they accomplish it…..

  146. Apparently ALL media forums today only give lip-service to our Guaranteed Right of Freedom of speech … their twisted concept is to ignore, suppress, censor whichever participants in a discussion who happen to fall outside their predetermined agenda(s). In this discussion winners & losers is a deflectional ploy of irrelevance.

    The FACT is the statues were placed to honor loved ones who sacrificed EVERYTHING for what they believed.

    One of the left’s favorite games is to Trivialize matters of gargantuan significance anytime the mood strikes them. Freedom, Liberty, Independence, Honor, Justice, Founders Values, bravery … these are the core under incessant liberal attacks … Recognize it, then retain the flashbacks of massacres, death camps, and civilian casualties worldwide that began this exact same way. While they believe the “Resistance is Futile” Movie quote … THE real answer is in the very last scene of Braveheart “FREEDOM”

  147. Yes, but 22 is still more than the zero dems that voted yea, if they voted at all. Those republicans that did not will hopefully not be re-elected. The Senate and Congress are both filled with people who are not doing the jobs we elected them to do.

  148. Russ you are correct. It is very disturbing what is happening in America today. Big tech has taken on the role of big brother. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many others are no longer even trying to hide the fact that they are censoring conservatives. These elites have entirely too much power and are trying to force their values on the general population through tech and social media.

  149. Absolute nonsense! Any country that denies it’s history will end in chaos or disappear. Robert E. Lee may have been on the wrong side of the war, but he was only on that side by virtue of his birthplace. He was a brilliant military man, perhaps the greatest of his era. Further, most of his soldiers were not slave owners, but just guys who lived in the vicinity. They ultimately lost the war, but they were brave fighters, nonetheless, and they deserve to be remembered.

    It’s only a matter of time before our founding fathers are also kicked out of our consciousness. Accusing them of being slave owners and killing off native tribes ignores the fact that they built a great political system and left a lot of good works in their posterity.

    Why is it that you are so willing to overlook the overwhelming amount of good in people to concentrate on the small amount of their weaknesses?

  150. I wish you had an edit function. My comment was addressed to the first comment by Kaci, but it posted way down the list so when the reader gets to it, my first sentence isn’t clear as to what I mean. Her posting was absolute nonsense.

  151. Oh shut up about the Democrats and treason, Linda M. YOu have no idea what you are talking about. The Constitution says that “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them.” That is exactly what the Confederates did. They were U.S. citizens who took up arms against their government. These were individuals who killed American soldiers. Unless there has been another civil war or other U.S. citizens who took up arms against their government, the Democrats are not committing treason. Just because you don’t like their policies doesn’t make it treason.

    Now the South did commit treason and was actually charged for it but later charges were dropped and President Andrew Johnson pardoned the former Confederates from the crime of treason. You don’t pardon innocent people.

    Hillary Clinton not voted in as president is NOT the reason that intelligent people hate Trump. Just his mistreatment of women, his habitual lying (now well over 10,000 lies:, his tantrums and his bullying should be enough reasons for the hatred of the man-baby.

    Getting back to the point, the statues of Confederate soldiers should be in a museum, not on display in any type of honor on city property.

  152. To Kaci Stalh: How dare you to tell me to shut up and I don’t know what I’m talking about!!You pretend to be this big know it all with ALL your postings.And stop with all the incorrect propaganda.You keep believing all the garbage the Democratic party is spewing out. Are you keeping track of all the lies your party has told????
    I was never rude to you with all your other posts about abortions and with others attacking you , you chose me to attack??
    Let others have their opinions without YOU butting in every posting……..Let the people of Virginia decide…

  153. I wasn’t actually telling you to shut up. I said shut up ABOUT… I”m sorry that you took it to mean an attack on you personally. Was not my intention.

    A group of people telling a bunch of lies is different than just one person telling over 10,000 lies. Wouldn’t you agree?

    If you are so sure that I am posting incorrect propaganda, then correct me. Post your own proof with unbiased links. I never claim to be perfect and I have always accepted and admitted when I have been proven wrong. My apology posts have backed that up. Can you say that same?

    I lived in Virginia for over 15 years and still have family members who live there, so I believe I have a right to express my opinion along with everyone else. Also, this is a free country with free speech.

  154. Kaci Stahl: I never posted anything other my own personal opinions( which you keep spouted is my civil right to do so) or what other trusted news stations and newspapers have stated. YOU keep postings links to trying to back up your opinions.So I have nothing to apologize for.
    You know how rude you were starting off your post to me by telling me to shut up about…… I never , never was that rude to anyone. And there are plenty of you liberals posting on this website.Who are rude,mean and just crude, and I never showed them disrespect.No matter how incorrect their posting were.Or just plain stupid. But no matter. I have better things to do that have an open abate with you, once again.
    I also have relatives who also live in Virginia. But that does not give me the right to butt into this.The statue(s) should stay.That’s my opinion, as others as well.But how we feel does not count, now does it?
    Oh another fun fact for you Kaci; in the 1960’s I went down to Mississippi to march for the blacks civil rights.So I think I am also for civil rights.But not by words…..You keep posting and I will not respond unless you make a comment to me directly. But please don’t. I really THOUGHT you were a very kind, passionate person. But I don’t need you disrespecting me again….

  155. Sadly this is no longer true. Free speech in America today is quickly becoming an illusion thanks to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other liberal controlled tech and media outlets. Conservative people and organizations are being censored while dems, liberals and their supporters have free reign to say whatever they think with almost no fear of repercussions. CAIR, which was designated by the FBI as a terrorist supporting organization, still has active paypal and twitter accounts. On the other hand there is a long list of very popular conservatives being banned or censored. I was recently placed in Twitter jail for expressing my views on the incompatibility of islam with western values. I did not threaten anyone or post obscene images, I simply stated my opinion but that was enough to be blocked until I deleted my tweet. How are we supposed to come together to solve the problems in America today when we can’t even have open dialog or state our opinions? Just this week a comedian, at least by today’s standards he is, posted a pic on twitter of a driver speeding down a road straight towards a kid with stand selling hot chocolate with a sign saying the proceeds were to support Trumps wall. This is an obvious violation of the rules that Twitter would gladly apply to any conservative. Last I checked that tweet was still up.

  156. I am sorry this happened to you. But unfortunately most do not realize just how MUCH control the liberals have on tech and the media.They have an “agenda” and will not stop until Trump is out of office, and then I fear all Hell will break loose.

  157. So explain to me how forgiveness works in your religion. What forms of apologies will work for forgiveness from you?

  158. Kaci Stahl: I do not have to Try to explain anything further to you.Especially in dealing with my religious beliefs. YOU are so wrapped up in your own self-worth and projecting, on EVERY topic, how you supposedly are such an expert . So why do you care what my thoughts are? Because you will only go on and on about how I and anyone else is so wrong in our thinking, because we don’t agree with yours.
    I have always been very respectful to you as others that have posted on this website. Even though some did not deserve that kindness.And on a personal note, I never tried to belittle someone on their grammar mistakes like you and another poster has. That is so cheap and petty.
    Just leave me alone, alright? I told I would not interfere with your comments.As ludicrous as some are. My opinion.Be well and I wish you no ill will.

  159. The hostility in your words is apparent. One asks a simple, honest question and not only do you refuse to answer, but you go on about how I am trying to destroy your faith. I support people’s different religious perspective and have been respectful in my disagreement with them, but I will criticize anyone who doesn’t give me the same respect in my non-beliefs.

    I have never belittled anyone for bad grammar, but I have corrected it in a polite way. Since when is correcting someone bad? Isn’t that what your religion is all about, correcting one’s path?

    You seem to be agitated in one of my previous posts to you, which I have tried to apologize for, yet you just want to take it as a personal attack towards you, which is most definitely was not. So I will not try to fix this between us again. But at least I did try to offer an olive branch.

  160. Kaci Stahl: Yes, at this point I am feeling very hostile.And where did you read anywhere in my post I thought you were trying to destroy my faith?? I never made that reference. But on that topic, better people than you have tried and did not succeed.Correcting one’s grammar is not being polite(as you see yourself) its rude and annoying.Oh, and by you saying I wasn’t telling YOU to shut up, I was telling you to shut up about the democrats.There”s a difference? You are very good at twisting words aren’t you??
    If you don’t want a fight, don’t start one. But I truly believe this is something you live for…
    Now, I have to ask God(yes, your bigfoot or tooth fairy) to forgive me for me becoming angry at someone that treats others like they beneath her greatness and is condescending in her actions..
    Even though I told you to leave me alone, you just can’t can you? You can’t survive without getting the last word in….

  161. Then consider yourself ignored by me as long as my name stays out of your comments. Goodbye.

  162. Kaci Stahl:This Linda M’s son. I asked her to step away.My mom was right. You just had to have the last word, didn’t you?Why don’t you leave her the hell alone?She will post whatever she wants. We do still have freedom of speech.She already told you she will not directly post a comment to you. But if you make a comment that she doesn’t agree with, she has the right to dispute it.Alright?

  163. Kaci Stahl:Linda M’s son again.Just proved her point again, didn’t you? GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!
    I’ll save you the trouble:IGNORED….

  164. Unless you know what the liberals are really up to I can not understand how you can stick up for tearing down history. That is just one of their steps to controlling us all, even you. They are also trying to take away our weapons to try to control us all. They are for open borders to get more votes to stay in office to control us all. They go after the freedom of speech to control us all. It is all about control and I hope for all our sakes, people like you will wake up and help save America for what it was meant to be.

  165. You really should do your own research instead of relying on biased news stations to do that for you.
    Let’s talk about what liberals really want.
    1. We want statues of Confederate soldiers in museums instead of on display in honor of their treason on city properties.
    2. We want control over guns, but not ban guns. We are tired of almost daily shootings of American people and to put some control over that. In case you are unaware, liberals own guns as well. We do not cut our nose to spite our own face.
    3. We want more secure borders, but not building a wall. Walls don’t work, just ask Israel/Palestine and East and West Berlin.
    4. Foreigners cannot vote, period. No one is trying to get undocumented immigrants the right to vote.
    5. We are for freedom of speech, HOWEVER, we are against any speech that threatens someone with violence, incites listeners to take illegal action, or is harmful in certain other ways. The Constitution of the United States says so as well as the Supreme Court.

    Please do not get me started on things conservatives have forced Americans to do. There is where your real control freaks are.

  166. Kaci, By your logic, the late Senator John McCain should not have been honored as a war hero. After his death, both Republicans and Democrats tried to change their tunes so that they wouldn’t be speaking ill of the dead. That is cowardice, hypocrisy, and a downright lie if you didn’t feel that way when he was alive. I dd not like what the President said about liking the guys that didn’t get caught and John McCain was a Prisoner of War, but he has never been a hypocrite about his feelings, I will give him that. The thing is, by your standards, Senator McCain is now being honored for being a “loser”, not simply a fighter who got caught. All who lost the fight in the Civil War, got caught in some way. Think about it a little more. I lost friends in the Vietnam “conflict” (never was a declared War), and I would always honor them, even though a decisive win was not there, just an end.

  167. As I said before, many times, I am only speaking about the civil war where Americans killed Americans. Where the South committed treasonist acts against the United States. Where the South had lost to the North but wants to act like they didn’t.

    John McCain is a war hero. He always was in my book, not just because he is dead now. For your president to speak ill of him was just terrible especially since the coward avoided the war.

  168. Any Brave Person, who decides to Protect Our National Statues From the Vandals in charge of Racial Justice Advocacy, will be Demonized. We saw this in the Liberal Stronghold of Charlottesville, Virginia, when young men, with Permission to March, were set upon by Local & National ANTIFA & then, Blamed for the actions of others. If General Lee Comes Down, So Should MLK.

  169. Which group killed someone? Which group were violent?

    Confederate soldiers who lost the war have nothing to do with Martin Luther King, Jr. But if you think so, your bigotry is showing.

  170. Have you heard the latest allegations about MLK from his biographer? There is always another side to every story. If these turn out to be true should his statues also be taken down regardless of any other good work he may have done during his life? How about we just leave ALL statues alone and let people use their own minds to decide what they think of them.

    This is from a Business Insider article:

    “Documents describing secret FBI recordings allege Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with 40 women and watched on as a pastor raped a woman in the 1960s, a new report said.

    According to London’s The Times, an article written by the King biographer David Garrow and set to be published in the June edition of the UK magazine Standpoint details newly released FBI memos that discuss the tapes.

    The tapes — sealed until 2027 in the US National Archives — hold recordings from bugs placed in hotel rooms King used in the 1960s, when they suspected his aide Stanley Levison was a Communist. “

  171. Are you really accusing the civil rights leader, without proof, without testimony, that he raped a woman? No woman has claimed this. All you have are transcripts of tapes, that are sealed until 2027, from a bureau that has been trying to discredit King for years. Seems a little thin.

  172. I am not accusing anyone of anything. I am just passing along a breaking story. Anyway my point is none of these statues have ever caused anyone physical harm. The same way that a gun sitting on a counter by itself has never caused physical harm. It takes people to do that. I myself enjoy looking at historical statues when I visit other places and I don’t want to have to go into a stuffy museum to enjoy them. Ever been to Gettysburg? You should go sometime. Gives you a greater appreciation of the sacrifices of the brave soldiers on BOTH sides.

  173. You are still missing the point. They LOST the civil war between Americans. They committed acts of TREASON. They KILLED Americans. There is no honor with them, none, zero. Place them in museums for history, but do not honor them.

  174. And now all of a sudden in 2019 it’s an issue for you? I still think we have much bigger issues to worry about in this country. Just my opinion, I don’t ever expect to change yours.

  175. No, it was always an issue with me. Especially after moving to the south for business reasons. These statues are a disgrace to the American public.

  176. Hitler wasn’t an American. Hitler was evil, a mass murderer. Robert E. Lee was an American and was certainly not evil. Your analogy of equating the two men is slightly silly.

  177. Americans fought Hilter in WW2. Hitler is part of American history. That is what the South is claiming the reason to keep the statues of Confederate soldiers because of history. Well, Hilter is American history as well, but I don’t see any statues of Hitler on display on public cities parks.

  178. You know that if we eliminate all of American History there won’t be an America or the United States. Lets teach some of these biggest and destroyers some history. First, Slavery became illegal in 1828, Second the importers (THE DUTCH) continued to break the law for some years. Third the CiVil War wasn’t about SLAVERY it was about States Rights. Everyone accepted the end of Slavery the fight was how the States were going to implement the release without retribution by former slaves.

  179. To the Radical Leftist Revisionist get over your stupid angst tearing down Robert E. Lee’s statue does not chang History it just shows how truly ignorant you are! History happened so get over it teach it warts and all, and remember teach it in the context of the time it occured.

  180. I believe history makes us who we are today. The statues that are in place confirm the stand that has provided history its stronghold. Going back to the early days of the United States or even the colonies, I bet we could dig up other raciest, poor decision making and other skeletons in their closets that would now days be looked at as ways to demean the person that formed our history. World wide, history has risen and dipped depending on the economy, the trials that were faced, and the people who were in control. Removing statues changes nothing except that future generations will not see the same history that our generation knew and the propaganda that certain facets want to present will be more easily ushered into our schools and beliefs.

  181. Its very poor when they know so very little about the war between the states. It did not start over slavery, damn learn something. How can you hate something you know so little or nothing at all about? Do the hate cotton? Do they hate tobacco? Without these they would not had slaves would they?

    How do you hate something you don’t believe in?

  182. This is not just history for many of us. There were many wrongs on both sides of the War of Northern Aggression, but my ancestors that were around at the time were all Southerners and according to their writings all believed firmly they were defending their home from Northern Invaders. These Progressive Social Justice Thugs cannot rewrite our history as long as it is written large in stone, which these monuments are. What is next are they going to to all the graveyards of Black Confederate Cavalrymen and desecrate their graves. Yes there were Black Confederates. And unlike their Northern Counter Parts they were paid the same as the whites and had Black Commissioned officers. If the Northerners had left the South alone eventually things would have come to the point where the slave system would evolve to share cropping and eventually partnerships. Many of these slave families had been on the same plots of land for generations. When it is a Black Woman that looks after you as a child and you grow up with black children and as you grow together you play and work together a bonding takes place and it develops into extended family type groups. This was happening in many places in the south, but the Northern Textile Plant owners wanted control of the Southern Cotton. It resulted in four of the bloodiest years in our history with anger that still exists to this day all under the guise of ending slavery.

  183. Anyone who tries to tear down our historical monuments should be shot dead on site. My ancestors fought in that war and I was born and raised a true confederate and will always be one till the day I die so it might even be myself that fires that fatal shot. You never know


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