Virginia’s Governor is fuming after a judge shut down his plan to prove he’s not racist


Since being exposed as a racist, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been doing everything to appease the radical Left.

He has pushed all of their insane agenda items to desperately prove he isn’t racist.

But now he is fuming after a judge shut down his plan to prove he’s not racist.

Northam’s career will never be the same after his Medical School yearbook photos were released, showing him either wearing blackface, or Ku Klux Klan robes.

Many thought it would be the end of his political career, and it may force him out of office for good when his term is up.

That’s why Northam is desperately trying to score points with the radical Left.

To do that, he has launched a crusade against Confederate monuments around Virginia.

Perhaps the most significant of these is the statue to Robert E. Lee in Richmond, which has been in place since the late 1800s.

While many statues have been ripped down, this one’s massive size has made it difficult for rioters, considering the statue itself weighs in at 12-tons and sits on a 50-foot base.

It has been ordered to be removed.

But in a shocking twist, just before it was to be removed, a Judge a stay on Northam’s order for at least 10-days so a lawsuit can be heard.

Concerned citizen William C. Gregory filed the suit against the government.

His lawyer Joseph E. Blackburn Jr., argued in a court filing that the state “guaranteed” to “hold said statue and pedestal and circle of ground perpetually sacred to the monumental purpose” and “faithfully guard it and affectionately protect it.”

This will give his lawsuit the chance to possibly protect the statue forever.

The Left is furious at the news, and are continuing attempts to remove the statue claiming that it is racist.

In reality, neither side of the Civil War was without their faults.

And it was a war between brothers that caused massive bloodshed on both sides that ideally would have never happened.

But removing statues relating to the major historical event does nothing but cause division, which is being proven time and time again.

Thankfully, this judge seemingly agrees, and is at least delaying its removal.

These ten days could be used to craft further plans to shut down this despicable act of historical destruction.

Do you oppose removing Confederate monuments?

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  2. I think the woke left is using George Orwell’s 1984 as a field manual.
    Step #1: Erase history.

  3. Joe Biden has made some racist remarks over his long political career but the democrats are still going to vote for him. Apparently REAL racism has to take a back seat to the main objective, which is gain power at all costs.

  4. Both sides of my family wasn’t here until after the civil war, but I don’t believe in erasing history to please the blacks, their the races pointing the finger at us don’t by their bull sh_t they want to turn everything black and breed us out and, it’s looking that way right now there’s a lot more and more wantabe blacks everyday, wake the hell up!!!!!


  6. Folks. Removing statues, Any Statues, is a crime against American History. If those who want this part of history erased, they must be made aware that history can repeat itself.

  7. I heard these leftists defaced a black union soldiers statue up north, probably thought it was Columbus or Robert E. Lee, this crap needs to stop.

  8. At last, someone somewhere has an onc3e of sanity left in Virginia. I knew it wasn’t going to be Northam.

  9. I do not believe in any attempt to “ERASE” HISTORY….How ridiculous..History is something that HAS HAPPENED, not presently happening. If history is erased, we will have NO records of what NOT to repeat as there will be NO memory of it’s happening!

  10. Ask anyone what the civil war was really about and they will get it wrong almost every time. They will say it was about slavery and that is wrong. If it was really about slavery, then why was the emancipation proclamation not the first thing that was done at the start of the war??
    The war was really about economic growth of the south versus the level of the north. The south had the agricultural and the north had the industrial means. On a list of 50 things of the cause of the war, slavery would be near the bottom of the list.

  11. “In reality, neither side of the Civil War was without their faults.”

    Really? Once the war began, probably, but the initial insurrection against the United States was 100%
    Southern States.

    And it was a war between brothers that caused massive bloodshed on both sides that ideally would have never happened.

    In some cases, but few have been documented except some of the Border States, and much of that was between local individuals with past scores to settle, on both sides.

    But removing statues relating to the major historical event does nothing but cause division, which is being proven time and time again. ”

    Removing statues of individuals who waged a treasonous war against the United States of America will eventually, and slowly heal the divisions.

  12. Why stop with statues and military base names lets wipe out all existence of racism from this country’s past. Lets start with George Washington a slave owner. Let’s wipe his name from our history books and tear down Monticello home to Jefferson. We can refer to these people as “founding leaders” while striking their names from all historical annals. Lets blast clean Washington’s figure from Mount Rushmore. Lets remove his image from the dollar bill. These individuals will be referred to as “Our glorious founding fathers”, a kind of Marxist tone to it. Then lets move on to cultural inferences. Like nobody will be able to serve fried chicken with watermelon, biscuits and gravy will be struck from all menus and remove all inner city basketball courts. Then lets move on to individual identities such as names and label all individuals with a number. We can go on and on and on to completely wipe clean our culture and past so as to facilitate those few who feel offended and use our past as an excuse to fail.
    What happened in Minneapolis was not race related. It was a result of our own fault every one who doesn’t vote or hold the politicians accountable. Our government has given these select few we call law enforcement life and death over us all. Our government along with unelected judges have wipe away our individual freedoms. That piece of paper our supposed Constitution in DC is nothing more than a tourist attraction the words no longer apply. So, don’t stop with just statues lets wipe every thing clean and let the law enforcement continue to stomp us into the ground.

  13. Leave the damn monuments alone. They represent a critical turning point in our country’s history and how far we’ve come as a society since. For those who think the statue could be moved into a museum, let me know how you plan to move a 12-ton statue on a 50 ft. base and what facility you would move it to.

  14. If that is true that the land was ceded with that premise and accepted by the State of Virginia then Northam better keep his dirty hands off that statue. Consider how many people have never questioned the legitimacy of these statues all these years. They are more famous than the state. Northam is a two faced pig and should keep his mouth shut and try to do some good for his state instead of causing disenchantment among all Virginians. As for the little darlings trying to tear down famous and public statues..they are criminals and should be punished for their actions. Look likes one of them already got his head whacked..he should not have been there! Where were the police? If Northam or the mayor withheld police intervention they should be brought up on charges for contributing o destruction of public property

  15. What a matter you won’t post my comments. Afraid of the real truth about this coward governor and black criminals of this country.

  16. Alfred I understand what you are saying. I still fly the great STARS AND BARS BATTLE flag. Has well as a rebel flag and my truck and my Harley. It is time to stand together and save the history we so deadly hold in our hearts.

  17. Let those damn statues alone you liberal sch!t/F!!! Confederate or not, it’s part of our great nation’s history. All of you weren’t even born at the time. So, are you going to burn history books? remove history class from your curriculum? replace the great American flag with a negro fist and a sickle? You must be itching for a civil war idiots because that’s what’s going to happen if you keep pushing. If that’s what you want then let it be. I’m ready. Great hunting for feral hogs.

  18. This stupid idea to remove statues is another step against this country and its history. The Civil war was a great lesson to this country. It not only was fought with much, much bloodshed for emancipation, but was a war over state’s rights. I am so tired of the ignorance of so many. This was a war of ideas and ideals. Truth will always out. Removing statues is gross ignorance and a destructive attitude.

  19. To think that history can be “erased” is an asinine idea. That Northam wants to try as a way to appease the Left just shows his weakness of character. Why he was ever elected governor in the first place and allowed to remain as such after his racist stunt, I’ll never know. If anything, Northam should be relegated to Virginia’s past. I greatly despise those trying to erase our country’s history. I think that in the end “erasing” history will reveal who the racists really are.

  20. As a descendant of a Union Army Veteran I am appalled at all the attacks on Confederate memorials. If the CSA was so horrible we should memorialize it to remind people.
    Dachau concentration camp was preserved to remind us of the horror. The first thing you see is a small memorial containing the ashes of victims with the message in four languages: “Nie Wieder”, “Never Again”.
    And when you enter the museum you see Santayana’s statement: He who fails to learn from History is doomed to repeat it (not exact quote). Trump was vilified by fake news for paraphrasing that statement. I guess Libs haven’t learned.

  21. Isis removed all religious relics that they could find. We have our own Isis here in the United States who are removing the statues that have been here for many years. Its disgusting that they are trying to take over our country and erase all of our history. Cant even imagine what our history books are looking like in the schools today. Communist leaders said they will take over our country from within and they are doing it.

  22. A bigger issue than whether the monument represents a person or ideal that shouldn’t be honored is whether one group should be permitted to dictate whether it stays or goes. That decision should be made by the majority, and not by a group of destructive anarchists. If we are to continue as a nation of laws we must stand up to anarchy, and not pander to it in a desperate attempt to retain power. The governor is supposed to use his office to benefit the people of VA and not his own political career.

  23. The civil war was never a declared war. It was in in all actuality a mercenary war between rival corporations, one in the south and the other in the north, and yes the blacks who signed up were guaranteed their freedom.
    They never got it, instead they were given US citizenship, citizenship to the United States corporation with a Bill of civil rights, and like all US citizens they belong to a foreign government. It was illegal, rather, unlawful to give them State Citizenship which the corporations, whether calling itself the US, or the United States, these corporate entities are merely governmental service providers. They cannot give you a Birthright to The Constitution For The united States of America, the unincorporated Free Republic. One of which just went bankrupt. The municipal governmental service provider is defunct, their 90 days will be up on the 15th, they then have 10 days to finish up their business. All funds left available will be rolled over into the STATE OF STATE franchises. Hopefully some of the revenue will be given back to the True Government. Want to learn? Go to or understand better how the unincorporated body of america rolls and return from being lost at sea, return to the land jurisdiction, see ya Yahshub

  24. And why did the South revolt? Because the North was trying to impose their ways on the South. It was about State’s Rights and never about slavery itself. In case you don’t know it, it still exists and an example is now the CHAZ in Seattle. Many Whites served under the form of slavery known as indentured servants.

  25. I agree with D.A.N but it gets sicker yet. these want-a-be black white see these blacks ganging up on white guys hurting then bad and their still kissing their black fowl as_es, I see them as white traders taking sides against their own race/color, they are a total disgrace to are people, I wouldn’t help one if you paid me to WHITE TRASH……

  26. Anyone that is disappointed with the USA has the right to go to another country of there choice that is willing to except them. I have witnessed so much racism from the Blacks as I have witnessed from the whites.

  27. Seriously D.A.N.? States Rights? Read the Notice from South Carolina, their succession was totally about keeping their slaves, and the very Constitution of the Confederacy was about keeping and maintaining slavery. For a supposed Christian, your pretty dumb.

    And, indentured servants were different. In exchange for passage from Europe to America, and room and board, (granted not top shelf) the servant would work for a period of time, usually up to 7 years, and then be able to go on their own.

  28. Hey Rebelson be locked loaded standing right by your side. We need to remove the black crayon from the crayon box.

  29. The monuments should be moved to museums. All monuments should be moved to museums. We need to make room for the new; history keeps happening, but we don’t keep building new places for new monuments.

  30. Stop being a wimp! The monuments don’t need to be move to museums, Antifa & the other radical leftist needs to be pushed into the sea. I’m through w/ these know-it-all’s accusing me of things I never did or never dreamed of doing & they’re practicing their heinous acts everyday. No compromise. One act of questionable morals on the part of the person the statue represents doesn’t makeup the whole person. All of these status represent people who weren’t ‘bad’, not like Hitler, Stalin, Castro or Che Guevara.

  31. History cannot be edited and deleted and surrendered to political activists — similar to the Nazis who attempted to remove all traces of Jews and Hebrew history. The cultist “disease to please” is the surrender of independent thought to victimization of alleged political correctness and racism. Pathetic bullying. Stand for the Flag, kneel for God, go Trump.

  32. So what is the “end game” here? Remove all the statues of everybody that ever fought in the Civil War and then it never happened??! Make sure that all pictures,posters, statues, and names of anyone who ever owned or let a slave stay on their land are erased/removed and in this manner, in ten years or so, there will never have been such a thing as slavery. It will simply cease to exist . That’s awesome!! Then we can get rid of all this talk about white guilt, white supremacists, reparations, African-Americans, yada, yada,yada. We’ll all just be Americans, and there will never have been any slavery and life in our magical world can go on merrily as we all just get along and love one another. Oh yeah, and remember, Vote Democrat because they will do all of this for us!! Right after they get their solar powered airlines started up.

  33. WHIGGA Northam is worthless garbage…I would care less if I read in the paper the coronavirus paid the VA state capital and governor’s office a visit….Thank God there are citizens like Mr. Gregory who believe in HERITAGE….

    My prayers have been said. I would care less if I read in the paper that the coronavirus paid a visit to executive suites of Quaker, NASCAR, facebook, google, twitter, and other large history hating companies. Aunt Jemima syrup is a heritage brand, like Uncle Ben’s rice. With stupidity run amok in executive suites, the coronavirus would be doing everyone a big favor.


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