VIRAL VIDEO: Disney employee dropped jaws with what he removed from a man’s hands


Disney used to be where kids would go to make their dreams come true.

But since they have gone woke, Disney is now a place where dreams go to die and get aborted.

And a Disney employee dropped jaws after what he removed from a man’s hands got caught on video.

A Disney employee lost it and yanked an engagement ring out of a man’s hands during a proposal.

American nostalgia always looks back at the old Disney.

Walt Disney’s cartoons and parks used to be a place where kids could dream.

Now Disney is just a place where kids are likely exposed to nothing but groomers.

The days of happiness and nostalgia at Disney World are long gone.

And here is another prime example that shows just how far down the toilet Disney has gone.

A video went viral earlier this week of a man proposing to his girlfriend at Disney.

Pretty common right?

Well one Disney employee was having none of it.

Right when the man got down on his knee and popped out the ring, the Disney employee ran by like Usain Bolt and snatched the ring out of the guy’s hand.

The employee then proceeded to berate the couple to come off of the platform while holding the ring in hand.

This video will just make you sick to your stomach.

The man proposing took it better than most and didn’t punch the employee right in the face.

If he was a 13 year old stripping in drag for a transgender she-male on that platform Disney might not just have let it go on – they might have made a tv series out of it.

Disney has descended into woke hell.