Vice President Mike Pence found himself targeted as anti-Christian attacks are on the rise


The last few years have seen a marked increase in anti-Christian bigotry and attacks in America.

And while it’s not to the point of Christians being killed, they are being mocked, derided, ridiculed, and slandered.

Now the anti-Christian bigots and thugs are launching vicious attacks on the Vice President of the United States.

Around the world anti-Christian terrorists are rounding up, torturing, and killing Christians who refuse to renounce their faith.

Churches are being bombed and set on fire, missionaries tortured and raped, and Christians beheaded all in the name of “tolerance.”

While we have seen very little of that violence here in the U.S. there is no doubt attacks against Christians are on the rise.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry ridicule, slander, and attack the Christian faith in movies, music, and on Broadway.

The media has ramped up its hit pieces on any group that professes a Christian belief.

And in politics, we have seen attacks launched by Democrats, socialists, Antifa thugs, and even elected officials recently.

It now seems any time there is a call to prayer the leftists pounce and attack prayer itself.

And now these so-called “tolerant” leftists, science deniers, and Muslim fanatics have launched attacks on Vice President Mike Pence and his call to prayer over the coronavirus.

Of course, these aren’t the first such attacks against Vice President Pence.

The intolerant left ridiculed him unmercifully for his belief that a man should not be alone with a woman other than his wife (maybe Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Weinstein, George Clooney, Anthony Weiner, and other leftists should have taken that advice).

Now, as Americans grapple with the very real fear of the coronavirus, we are reminded also just how fragile human beings are.

As the virus begins to spread and joins with an almost historically bad flu season health is threatened, lives are threatened, and the very fabric of our society appears in the balance.

While the media inflates all such threats to “sell newspapers” there is no doubt this virus poses a real threat to American society.

Already there has been talk of massive school and event cancelations, forced testing, and even martial law.

And the cost economically is likely to be in the hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars. Already the airline industry, cruise ship business, and tourism industry are being devastated.

So, for most Christians and Jews, as well as Muslims, and anyone else who believes in prayer, asking God’s help in this battle should in no way be controversial.

And, being both the Vice President and a devout Christian, that’s exactly what Vice President Mike Pence decided to do.

An official White House photo from February 26 showed Pence and the “Coronavirus Task Force” opening their meeting in prayer.

The attacks were swift and brutal. They started with the typical unleashing a tidal wave of “prayer shaming” (a term used to attack those who offer “thoughts and prayers” in times of tragedies).

But it soon got worse.

One of the most viral tweets of this photo was captioned: “Mike Pence and his coronavirus emergency team praying for a solution. We are so F$%*&’d.”

A website ran the photo with a headline that read:  “Symbolic of the moral and intellectual decay at the White House, a photo shows Vice President Mike Pence and his team trying to pray away the coronavirus.” Pence prays because he’s a “religious extremist,” the site continued.

Another take said:  “It’s not a joke when people say these Republicans are trying to stop a virus with prayer. What else did anyone expect? Science? Reason? Something sensible?”

Prayer, it seems, has become politically unacceptable, anti- science, bad governing, a joke, or even worse worthy of scorn and threats of violence.

As this kind of cultural anti-Christian bias continues, it is time for Christians to stand up and fight back.

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  2. Pray for everything in life and God will bring you peace! In the end those who mock God and prayers offered to him will find out, “There is a God.” He will be their judge.

  3. As many times as anyone has tried to eliminate Christians and our beliefs, they have failed. And why? Because our almighty GOD will not have us SILENCED, that’s why!! And GOD will not be mocked. And to show the rest of the world just how petty, sick and vile the Democratic party has become, they are now criticizing VP Pence for praying to our GOD for help and guidance! And what are the Leftists doing to help our situation and this country? NOTHING!! They lurk in shadows and blame our sitting president and his vice president for anything and everything that is wrong in this country and the world. When THEY have tried to block everything Trump has tried to do to benefit our great country and it’s people!!!
    I stand with my GOD and Vice President Pence and anyone that shuns GOD WILL reap what they sow….

  4. Those who attack and murder Christians will join their master satan in Hell. They will lose for eternity and we will never have anything to fear from them again. All who belong to Jesus will have freedom from all evil

  5. These sick perverted people will face Jesus as their judge. They cannot win and they cannot prevent prayer. That is impossible. Prayer is how we communicate with God and we can pray to Him anytime and anywhere

  6. We all need to pray for Mr. Pence, Mr. Trump and all our leaders.

    Pray that those who believe will have the strength to keep believing and honor the Will of God.

    Pray that those who don’t believe will have their hearts opened.

    It might not seem like enough but it it our most powerful weapon against the bigotry of the uninformed.

  7. I bet in the case of a nuclear attack on the U.S.(GOD forbid), these non believing people will be the first to call upon GOD to save them. Hypocrites they are, about everything decent and moral.

  8. EVEN “IF” YOU do not believe in GOD? Have you ever noticed the people who do are really “NICE” clean good citizens? What harm are they doing to YOU? The answer is simple. They are doing ZERO harm. I would much rather have a person living next to me that has a strong belief in GOD. Than a person that is On DRUGS? Or a person who STEALS? or a person that BEATS THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS? … Why pick on folks that PRAY? It is really a “BULLY MOVE” for anyone that would pick on these people. IN AMERICA! We need to make sure these GOOD, CLEAN, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS are PROTECTED. And YOU and I need to be sure their RIGHT TO PRAY! Is permitted and Encouraged. … Mocking folks for any reason? Is such a School-Yard Bullying tactic? AMERICA, “UNITED WE STAND” … Behind the RIGHT TO WORSHIP. … WHY NOT?

  9. The pilgrims and many others journeyed from Europe to the ‘New Land’ in search of freedom of religion; or freedom from the Church of England and the inflicted persecution. Should we conclude that these liberal ‘progressives’ are poorly educated and ignorant of their own history?

  10. I learned many many years ago that
    It is written,” blessed are those who are persecuted for my sake “.
    Those of you who don’t understand this is more lost than I figured.

  11. Karl Marx said all religion was evil and had to be banned from any good communist society. It was banned in the Soviet Union from1917 until the Berlin wall fell and then Russian Orthodox became the official religion. Now it’s Bernie bros, that bastion of radical left wing communists trying to start a communist revolution in the US. When they are put down, it will be with extreme prejudice.

  12. Fredo, you should know that the left does not teach history. They indoctrinate. The truth is unknown to them

  13. As Christians we need to pray for the lost. Judgement Day will come and God have mercy on their soul. As Christians we need to get out and vote in November. We need to throw the Liberals out of Congressional seats and Senate. This is the best way after pray to take back this country!rc

  14. I for one, would put my trust in God through prayer, good sanitation and evaluation than fall for the panic ridden propaganda of those who declared apples and eggs will kill you, or we will be out of oil in ten years when we are now world producers in oil.

  15. Mike Pence believes he can “pray away” coronavirus. He’s also the same guy that believes he can “pray away” the gay and promotes “conversion therapy”. Well, you can pray all you want, and you can worship whomever you wish; it’s your right. But, if you actually believe that will eliminate coronavirus or gay people, then you’re mentally deranged and so is Mike Pence. I promise you’ll have more luck getting rid of the virus if you go out and buy a bottle of the snake oil that televangelist Jim Bakker is peddling for only $125. Give it a shot, your prayers will be answered. I hear it also makes gay people straight. Try holding your breath too, I’m sure that will work as well.
    PS: “Love thy neighbor as thyself. ” I guarantee that works a lot better than the Mike Pence technique.

  16. Iow, your just concluded deranged rant did NOT contribute one constructive suggestion to the terrible situation the entire planet faces !

  17. Richard, you can deny God and the truth but the moment you die you WILL know that He is there. And, YES, God DOES answer the prayers of those who belong to Him. You have the same choice as everyone else to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. You have clearly chosen satan, and he has you very decieved

  18. Richard, no one is born homosexual, as God forbids it. YES, homosexuals can and do change and accept Jesus as their Savior. satan has many people brainwashed, including you, but God wins. ALL who come to Him will be saved

  19. I keep seeing how the demoncrats, Antichrists, the unborn children killers, and probably AIDS virus spreaders, are unable to accept that they are nothing but vessels of Satan and will be worthily rewarded with all the things that they despise. Lord have mercy on us all. God loves you, I don’t, but I’m trying.

  20. Joseph Callahan commented on the Huffington Post in 2015:

    “It is pretty hard now days to turn on the television or open a newspaper without hearing about ‘the war on Christianity’ and see devout believers lamenting on how horribly they are ‘persecuted’ in America today. With gay marriage, abortion and atheists removing God from every aspect of the government, it seems pretty obvious that we secular citizens are using separation of church and state as a new battlefield against religion. How horrible a life American Christians must be forced to live.

    “In Iran, Christians are being executed for their faith. In Myanmar, you can be thrown in prison just for owning a Bible. In North Korea, well, you face death just for believing any god exists. The 2015 report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) shows that thirteen million people have fled seven countries (Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Central African Republic (CAR), Eritrea, Burma, and Afghanistan). Many of those displaced are Christians, and mostly due to fear of violence and/or death.

    “The Bible, and distributing it, is restricted in over fifty countries worldwide, and spreading the gospel will land you in jail or executed in many of those. But none of this compares to the wholly American horror of (possibly) being forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding! How could we compare the American ‘war on Christianity’ to the Christians (and other religious beliefs) persecuted worldwide? I mean, our own little bubble, and our own discomforts in the first world are all that really matter. The rest of the world isn’t us, so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to them, right?

    “In America today, you can proudly say, ‘I’m a Christian’ and carry a Bible with you everywhere you go. You can go to any church you want to without being arrested. You can say anything you want! You can even proclaim that you worship the Giant Spaghetti Monster, and all the persecution you will receive is strange looks from some people.’

    “Yet, in this, one of the most religiously tolerant nations, Christians are screaming persecution just because our laws are changing to embrace everyone’s belief structure. By not allowing one faith to force their beliefs down our legal throats, the country has launched a ‘war’ on (one specific) faith.”

  21. Richard, I feel sorry for you. Why don’t you try prayer sometime to just see if you are WRONG. Of course, you would change things around to say that it didn’t work. I will tell you from my own experience, prayer can change things and has in my life. My only trouble is I want an answer right now, God doesn’t always give us what we want “right now”, but in “God’s time”. “God is Good, All the Time, God is Good”.

  22. The day is coming (perhaps sooner than most think) when everyone will become a believer in Jesus Christ our Lord. We’ll all have to stand alone before Him and those who have not turned their lives over to Him will be told, “Depart from Me you worker of iniquity I never knew you.” They will then be cast into outer darkness and there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth but it will be too late to do anything about it. If anyone thinks this is some kind of joke now, they sure won’t be thinking it then! Come to Jesus now. He loves you so much that He gave His life to provide salvation for your soul!

  23. Richard be assured one day the prayers of no more homosexuals will BE! They will spend ETERNITY( that’s forever if you don’t understand) without God and GOING THRU A TORMENT WHICH IS UNABLE TO BE PUT INTO WORDS. Those like you who deny God will see the payday one day. You and those like you need to quit hiding a Godless live style behind God’s Love.

  24. It is not only impossible to debate with you folks, it is virtually impossible to have what could be described as a reasonable discussion about anything that so much as questions, let alone dares to challenge one or more of your cherished, so-called, “beliefs”. You call yourselves “Christians” and therefore anything you think or say is absolute and MUST be accepted as truth by everyone else on planet earth. It is truth, absolute truth, and must be accepted in totality. YOU ALONE know everything about everything, including what god thinks and does. On top of that, you also claim that any and everyone who might dare to differ with your “beliefs” is persecuting you and has declared some imaginary war on your religion.
    ALL of that is patently absurd and utterly ridiculous. I PITY YOU, collectively.
    Best wishes. Y’all have a great day.

  25. Richard D. You sir were not trying to have a “discussion” about VP Pence praying. YOU were criticizing him and mocking him.. As you are doing with us. It is quite oblivious you are a Democrat and atheist, so why are you posting on this Conservative site??? I have seen your previous posts before and it’s the same old same old..
    By the way, we are not imagining being persecuting for being Christians . Haven’t you been paying attention to YOUR party’s agendas and what they support?? And how bias the media is? I suppose not. That is because YOU chose to ignore the real truth.
    If you chose not to believe in GOD that is your choice indeed. But unfortunately come Judgment day, you will see that we were correct and you will be lost forever. Please don’t pity us. WE pity you for your poor choices. Thank you.


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