Unhinged Leftists Attacked NFL Star Drew Brees For One Insane Reason


It’s no secret Christians are under attack from crazed liberals.

They won’t stop until they’ve completely stamped out Christianity from American life.

And now, liberals are going after future NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Drew Brees for an unbelievable reason.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has shattered countless NFL records and led his team to a Super Bowl title, the first in franchise history.

Brees is also a devout Christian who engages in many charitable activities along with his wife.

Recently, Brees appeared in a video for the Christian group, Focus on the Family, to promote “Bring Your Bible to School” Day.

In the spirit of 2 Corinthians 5:7, Brees encouraged youth to bring their Bibles to school and share God’s love with their friends:

The radical Left was instantly triggered.

Perhaps Brees was unaware how hostile the Left is toward Christianity, but he got a quick lesson.

From Christian Headlines:

Newsweek wrote an article titled: “Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Records Video Produced by Anti-Gay Group Focus on the Family.”

Out Magazine published one titled, “NFL Quarterback Appears in Commercial for Anti-Gay Extremists,” and Big Easy Magazine wrote, “Drew Brees Records Video for Anti-LGBT Religious Organization.”

“Focus on the Family supports and promotes the practice of ‘conversion therapy,’ which uses a combination of shaming, emotionally manipulative and traumatic stimuli, and physically painful stimuli in order to ‘cure’ LGBTQ+ people of their sexual orientation,” Jenn Bentley of Big Easy Magazine wrote.

Big Easy Magazine also tweeted about the video, encouraging followers to use the hashtag “SaintsDontHate” to raise awareness of the quarterback’s involvement with the group.

The over-the-top slander and backlash from the Left was so severe, he had to address the matter in a press conference.

Leftists won’t be satisfied until Christianity is entirely stamped out of the classroom, the locker room, and even small businesses.

Leftists widely adhere to secularism, which has a terrible track record once it begins to supersede Judeo-Christian beliefs within a country.

It’s important to push back against the Left’s war on Christianity, because faith in God is the bedrock of our society.

Do you think Brees was out-of-line to promote Bring Your Bible to School Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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  2. The hypocrisy of the PC ridden left is unreal! Drew Brees simply gave his opinion and he is getting simply blasted by the PC left because he dares to affiliate himself with Focus on the Family, who, according to the left is a homophobic and bigoted hate group… They are completely unhinged!

  3. I support Drew Brees right to express his beliefs just as I believe that the other side has their rights to their beliefs. I also am a Christian and know that God is in control and that His will always wins out. I just read Psalm 103 and it was a great comfort in this time of anti-Christian behavior by those who do not fear the Lord. God bless you Drew and all you and your wife do to show God’s love to the world.

  4. Oh my gosh, I got here before Vasu began his continuation of never-ending drivel!! Well anyway, I salute Mr. Brees for standing up for his Christian beliefs and wanting to spread the word.. Too much media coverage has been given to promoting the alphabet people and their agenda. Which is an abomination. And demonizing Christians. This story is correct when it stated ” because faith in GOD is the bedrock of our society”. We Christians will not be silenced or be put into oblivion… GOD bless Mr. Brees. He does not stand alone….

  5. We don’t have enough of people like Drew Brees out there anymore. Thanks Drew for standing up for what’s right. The low life thugs on the left doesn’t care one bit about freedom do they?

  6. Drew and his wife are strong Christians. He does not spend any time judging others, just loving Christ and others. The Brees family have a foundation that gives away school supplies for all needy children in New Orleans. He recruits other NFL stars to help him hand out the book bags and supplies.

    He has made wise investments and has such income from these that he does not need his Saints salary but he really enjoys playing and working toward another Lombardi.

    Leftism is a mental and spiritual derangement. Leftists cannot think rationally. The call good as evil and evil as good.

  7. Ever since The Saints took-out Fran Tarkenton during a play-off game, I do not have any respect for that football Team. Despite my feelings for the New Orleans Saints, I fully support Drew Brees and his wife in their support for the “Bring Your Bible” campaign. Your commitment to the bible and Jesus Christ is of the greatest quality any person can have! Go Vikings…

  8. Thank You, Drew Brees, for your courage, and your convictions. We were always told the caliber of a persons mind and heart could be largely determined by what came our of their mouth, and you have certainly made it clear, as have many who think differently. Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many of us who agree completely with your beliefs.

  9. As an American I totally support Drew Bees’s opinion & his 2 cents worth. It seems the left is going too far left & wants to destroy anyone who they don’t see as tolerant. Hello! Tolerance goes both ways! Maybe the far left should say we’ll be tolerant of you if your tolerant of us. Also I once heard on TV someone once say you’re not doing your job if you don’t have critics. Jesus did preach peace and love, forgiveness etc. but he also said things like woe to you when everyone speaks well of you An example of that is giving in bcuz your view on something isn’t politically correct etc. Jesus also said woe to you when you call good evil and evil good.

  10. Go Rams and Chargers. Here am I, no actress, no politician just a private citizen and of course I respect this man and his bringing the Bible to school Great idea! Let the looney left blow in the wind. They just can’t take “free speech” and they started the “free speech” movement too. Everyone who is a Christian could bring their Bible to school and maybe even read out loud from that Good Book. Strange people in schools and colleges are just full of it. I believe when I attended college no one cared what books I carried and even in grade school and high school no one would have cared at all if I brought a Bible to school. Yes, public/government school. What has happened to this our wonderful free country? Go Brees family and Dad. And while we are at it, bring back the hand over heart as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and put the 10 Commandments in every classroom in the United States of America. Pray at invocations as well. Get over this leftist loonies. I think that many know that supposedly they force the Koran on some school children in my state here on the West Coast. Sick, sick, sick.

  11. The Bible is here to STAY!! The devil has always had his children causing problems and trying to get Gods word thrown out of this world.Nothing new!!! he and his people (democrats and libs) will loose this battle and victory is ours (Christians). Its already won!!!!!

  12. All of GODS children should be ready. For in the “LAST DAYS” his children will be persecuted and killed for their belief. Good for DREW BREE and his wife. Children, take your BIBLE to school and share the love of GOD.

  13. I too support Drew Brees and ask that God protect him and his wife and family and to give them STRENGTH to endure the radical left. Our kids need real role models and Mr. Brees is exactly that. May God richly bless him and keep him safe for standing on what he believes!!

  14. Everyone in America, including Drew, has a right to express his opinion an practice his religion as he sees fit! Our Constitution protects that. It also protects those that criticize. Do I agree with the critics? Nope! Do I think they need to back off? Yes they do! If society is supposed to accept LGBTQ people then they should accept that there are people that do not share their view.

  15. I think he started with good biblical intentions and I respected him for that. After watching his milk-toast interview I was appalled. I guess he doesn’t have the Spaulding’s like Tim Tebow to stand firm in his faith. Very disappointing interview showed no Christian Character. Pocket Book over Ministry in my opinion. At least he isn’t a kneeler! Wish him well in his battles to come. He does not stand alone! We will all have to choose in this world of reprobates.

  16. The Bible says, “There is a way that seemeth to be right, and ends in death.” The ungodly leftists seem to be right in their own minds. Millions of people are in Hell today because they seemed to be right. Jesus did not seem to be right. He was, is, and will be right for all eternity!

  17. Drew is a good person and just like these stupid ignorant liberals he has the right to free speech and he has the right to be a Christian and his beliefs. You just cannot accept that there are people who don’t agree with you r your way of thinking but I assure you all that Drew will be the winner because he gas God on his side. God bless Drew Brees and his family.

  18. Democrats, leave Drew Brees alone. He is a good man and gives of his time and money to help people. I am ashamed of you for attacking him. May God soften your hearts and leave Drew alone. You people need God in your lives. Have a blessed day if you are able.

  19. The leftist sociopathic anti American,terrorism like rhetoric has been their dog and pony show for some years now, no surprise,it’s who they are.

  20. Drew – my brother in Christ. My family and I, our church applaud you and your family. Stand firm and strong wearing that armor of God and HE will direct your paths. We intercede on your behalf that our God would put a hedgerow of protection around you and your family and that all you say and do will continue to glorify God. Be blessed my Brother. Caddyman

  21. I happen to be gay and Christian too. I see nothing wrong with anything Drew Brees says or advocates. America is going to pay a terrifying price for having pushed God out of the classroom and the beginning of that is becoming all to apparent every day. Religion is is the basis of morality and we need more dedication to moral principles being taught in our schools. Without a moral basis our culture and civilization will collapse. We are well on the road to that now.

  22. I pray that Drew Brees and other Christian celebrities keep sharing God’s love and His word at every opportunity. We need all Christians to talk up His word, but many people seem to listen more closely to a celebrity. Thank you for the people who are willing to speak out for all us us. And may God bless them and organizations like Focus On The Family who share God’s love with anyone needing His blessings.

  23. You have to stop and ask yourself who is doing more harm to our society and our people. Is Mr. Bree’s harming our children with the expression of his beliefs and is our society damaged by what he has done? On the other hand do the public accusations of terrible things Mr. Bree’s has allegedly done and loud cries of pain and suffering inflicted on poor, innocent lgbtwhatevers caused confusion and dismay on our young impressionable people. We are supposed to be raising and guiding our young into the proper ways if our society, you know. I believe Mr. Bree’s is doing a better job then those who say he isn’t, but that’s just my thoughts. I may not be as enlightened or educated as some of these lgbth’s. Kind if sounds like a government agency, don’t it.

  24. David A.Estes
    If the liberals have a right to complain about Christianity, the rest of us have a right to destroy their idiocy and stupidity. The Constitution says each of us has a right to believe as we wish. Their belief is they don’t know what they believe, unless it contributes to the destruction of our country and the crucifixion of the best president we ever had. There is a place for people like them who don’t believe in God and Country.
    I don’t plan to be there when they arrive..
    You’re welcome.

  25. I am going to guess that Drew’s 99.5% of his New Orleans fans think exactly like he does about his Christian faith. He could probably care less about the left leaning liberals think of him. He is big enough to take any blows from the Godless left and anything they want to dish out. If he can help young people focus their values on Christian living in the school or anywhere else, he has done more for this world than anyone from the left.

  26. C.Meredith; I must say I am a little perplexed by your posting. Mr. Bree is not accused of anything alarming. Or doing terrible things. All he is supporting is bring your bible to school day. He is very proud of being a Christian. Prayer should never been removed from our schools in the first place. When I went to school, If you were not a Christian, and the prayer was being said, all the students were told do is, you do not not have to participate. Just be silent and show respect. Because, and this is my personal opinion, once prayer was removed from the school , I saw a big decline in morals. What I do find offensive is children as young as 5 years old is being taught, in the classroom, that the gay life style is normal. These children are far too young to grasp what this “lifestyle” really is. And I know personally, this is causing confusion in some parent’s home’s. This subject does not belong in schools.

  27. If the deaf and liberal traitors have a right to destroy Christianity, the rest of us have a right to destroy them and whatever it is they’re trying to push down our throats, including their idiocy and stupidity. The Constitution gives each of us the right to worship as we wish, and believe what we wish. They have nothing to believe in, except their evil efforts to destroy the greatest nation on earth, and to crucify the best president we ever had.
    There is a place for people like them who don’t believe in God and Country.
    The won’t find cocktails or cold water there.
    You’re welcome.

  28. Rick B; I truly believe, by all the signs, we are in the end times right now. But only GOD knows the exact day when Jesus will return. You are correct by saying all of GOD’s children should be ready….

  29. If the deaf and blind liberal traitors have the right to destroy Christianity, the rest of us have the right to destroy them and their stupid, idiotic dream of collapsing the greatest country in the world and the crucifixion best president we ever had. The Constitution says we have the right worship and believe what our hearts tell us. Their problem is they have nothing to believe in, except for the load of hate of which they won’t be free until their evil plan is successful. And they’re to dumb to realize they will be in a place where all evil goes, wishing for a wet finger to cool their parching lips.

  30. Drew stand up for what you believe we are going to be persecuted no matter what Satan owns these people and only they can break free from him! We should all pray they find Jesus before it’s to late!❤️????????

  31. The unhinged leftists don’t care about freedom because they themselves are not free. They’re roped-in by their own carnal minds, and they’re the only ones who can solve their own problem. Scripture repeatedly cautions us NOT to get caught-up with the carnal mind – also known as the arm of flesh. This is a reference to the undisciplined mental world. One must discipline the mental body. The hallmark of the gifted person is the ability to tell the mental world to back off; most especially when fully focusing on the Good Lord.

  32. In 1995, a joint statement of current law regarding religion in public schools was published by a variety of religious and civil liberties organizations.

    This statement served as the basis for U.S. Department of Education guidelines intended to alleviate concerns about constitutional religious activities in schools.

    Here are general rules concerning what school personnel and students may do:

    Students have the right to pray or to discuss their religious views with their peers so long as they are not disruptive.

    The history of religion and comparative religion are permissible school subjects so long as the approach is objective and serves a legitimate educational purpose.

    Students may study the role of religion in the history of the United States.

    Schools may discuss various religious groups‚ beliefs about the origin of life on Earth in comparative religion or social studies classes.

    Students may express their religious beliefs in the forms of reports, homework and artwork so long as such expression meets the other criteria of the assignment.

    Religious or anti-religious remarks made in the ordinary course of classroom discussion or student presentations and that are germane are permissible, but students do not have the right to give sermons to a captive audience.

    Students have the right to distribute religious literature to their classmates, subject to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.

    Students have the right to speak to, and attempt to persuade their peers about religious topics just as they do with regard to political topics.

    Student religious clubs in secondary schools must be permitted to meet and to have equal access to campus media to announce their meetings.

    Public schools may teach objectively about religious holidays and may celebrate the secular aspects of the holiday.

    Students may wear religious messages on clothing, just as they may wear religious attire, such as yarmulkes, crosses, crucifixes, and head scarves.

    Students may be released for religious instruction off school premises.

    Students may read the Bible or other religious literature during their free time at school.

    Faith groups that support the First Amendment and oppose government-sponsored prayer in public schools include:

    National Council of Churches; American Baptist Churches, USA; Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); The Episcopal Church; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Friends Committee on National Legislation; Mennonite Central Committee USA; Presbyterian Church (USA); General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists; United Church of Christ; United Methodist Church; Unitarian Universalist Association; American Jewish Congress; Anti-Defamation League; Central Conference of American Rabbis; National Council of Jewish Women; North American Council for Muslim Women; Soka Gakkai International USA.

    Most religious denominations, across the theological spectrum, have issued formal statements supporting the Supreme Court’s prayer and Bible-reading decisions. These people of faith value the hard-won freedom of conscience that belongs to all of us.

  33. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

    If we don’t stand for something, we can fall for anything. Well, guess what??? Drew Brees is one good man standing. Hang in there, Drew, this will not harm you. God will see to that. My favorite saying, “God’s got this.”

  34. It is about Christians get willing to stand up for GOD. Thanks to Drew and I bray he doesn’t cave to the left pressure.We Christians have a right to say our what our Faith stands for.

  35. How can you be ” Gay and Christian “?? That is against everything the Bible teaches. Read your Bible again and pray. NO Queer or Lesbian will ever be in Heaven. You sound just like Buttlick, who is running for President. It is wrong.

  36. True Christians need to hold together and stand firm. We shall crusade again and take out all LBQT’s demons and CHINO (Christian In Name Only). I do not care if they are friends or family. Thye do not deserve our country and life.

  37. Thomas, I don’t approve of your way of life, but I share your Christian faith. As many times as God has forgiven me, I’m sure there’s still plenty left for you. God bless you and keep you for your courage to speak out.

  38. Karma has a way of getting even with people who think nothing will happen. Just sit back and watch and out of no where some thing happens with no help from any of us. It just happens.

  39. We need to settle this Jesus or the devil thang once and for all. I thank we oughta have a good old fashioned camp tent meetin right cheer in N’orleans and have Jezus himsailf come right down hyar into ny’orleans and get alot of peepl saved and have Jaysus do a miracle of wawlking on water and feedin the whole crowd with just a handful of mullet. That oughta settle the hole thang onest and for all time.

  40. james, if you bother to read the Bible, you would know that God FORBIDS homosexuality. He calls it an abomination punishable by eternity in hell. ALL sin, including homosexuality, must be forgiven to enter into Heaven.

  41. ???? Jesus is there for all who will come to Him, even you. He already did those miracles. And He will come when God sends Him. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to hell. Choose wisely

  42. Oh, really?? Guess what libs…God is anti-gay, too, and HE will have the last word. All who reject His truth will join their master satan in hell

  43. Dems have thrown God out of their party and satan controls it. They have no morals, only hate and lies. Yes, they need God, but they have rejected Him. sad

  44. Drew Brees should NOT be allowed to retire after this season! If he retires after 2019, it would be after 19 years and that’s a Round Numbers Violation! He needs to play in 2020 whether he wants to or not to make it a clean 20 – which complies to the rules of Numerical Morality and fulfills a Numerical Mitzvah! Retiring after 19 years is an abomination and it’s an Avarah G’dolah!

  45. BitinDawg: Tell me Dawg, even though you most certainly have freedom of speech, why do you chose to mock GOD and Jesus on a story about a man honoring his faith?? Anyone that posts on these Conservative sites has seen your name before, and by your comments, has figured out you are a very unhappy, bitter person. Why?? Did you pray for something and didn’t get the answer YOU wanted? Well, GOD has a reason for everything HE does. HE knows what is best for us. Even though we may not see it, at the time. We all have had disappointment, pain ,loss and suffering. But true Christians still accept and love our GOD. NO where in the bible does it say Christians will have an easy life and have everything we want, on earth. Our reward will be an eternity of everlasting love and peace in the next and final life. This is what we truly hold sacred.
    And now I’m going to get a little snarky with you. But JESUS is not a trick pony. YOU can’t demand HIM to come down and perform what you consider miracles, just because you want him to. But every morning and I am given another day to see the beauty that still exists on Earth. By nature, animals and hearing the laughter of a child . Looking into the face of a new born, I am blessed. These are some of the miracles GOD has graced us with, everyday. If you continue to mock GOD and harden your heart against Jesus, you will never know peace. Or have everlasting life. Don’t blame GOD. Look within yourself…There lies your answers…..

  46. Why is it those that fought for equal rights and recognition under the law and bore the burden of bigotry, oppression, violence, and hate then finally after generations attain tolerance and acceptance of their plight, turn the exact same rhetoric, bigotry, oppression, violence, and hate against those wishing to express their views?? Tolerance works both ways! Equality of expression means just that. If a community of believers wishes to celebrate their beliefs they must grant those with different beliefs to celebrate in the same manner. If not they are the oppressors, victimizing those that don’t agree with them and putting others into the same category that they were desperately trying overcome. Judge not lest ye shall be judged. I have never seen a statue erected to a critic, but those they criticize many statues have gone up!

  47. Why is it those that fought for equal rights and recognition under the law and bore the burden of bigotry, oppression, violence, and hate then finally after generations attain tolerance and acceptance of their plight, turn the exact same rhetoric, bigotry, oppression, violence, and hate against those wishing to express other views?? Tolerance works both ways! Equality of expression means just that. If a community of believers wishes to celebrate their beliefs they must grant those with different beliefs to celebrate in the same manner. If not they are the oppressors, victimizing those that don’t agree with them and putting others into the same category that they were desperately trying overcome. Judge not lest ye shall be judged. I have never seen a statue erected to a critic, but those they criticize many statues have gone up!

  48. I remember back in the late 1960’s when the gay population just wanted to be left alone and not picked on or made fun of. In other words, tell the bullies to leave us alone. Now, 50 years later, the “LGBTQ” folks have turned into the nastiest bullies in town. I saw it coming years ago when they took after Anita Bryant in a profoundly vicious attack.

  49. jim, They are nasty because they belong to satan. satan is very evil and will do all he can to create chaos and confusion. But he cannot win. When Jesus returns we will be free of satan and all who follow him.

  50. The dems deny our heritage, but our founding fathers were Christians who required Bibles in schools. They would be in total support of what Brees is doing. What passes for “history” in public schools is just lib propaganda. satan will lead all astray that he can and he is doing a very good job with the libs.

  51. Gos did not bless me the right, nor the wisdom, to judge. “Judge not lest you be judged.” I admire Thomas for speaking out, regardless of his way of life. I leave the judgement to the one who does it best, Great God Almighty. I’m sure you are well acquainted with Him.

  52. The whole left is getting out of order and for some dumb reason they seem to believe that the majority of the nation is with them. I guess they will find out how wrong they are in the next election. Good riddance.

  53. It is very interesting…whilst all these groups, especially the lg-whatever crowd wish to destroy conservatism ( an impossible task, as there are conservatives in every undertaking…even their groups) and Christianity notice their approach to the other ideology…I loved a meme that had a group of lg’s holding up a banner against “islamophobia”…with a sub caption…”Should we tell them” …

  54. I admire Drew for advocating reading the Bible. Drew and the evangelical Christians understand the Bible has the rules for living and also the consequences ahead for nonbelievers and the rewards for believers. All Christians should pray for nonbelievers that have ears and cannot hear and have eyes and cannot see.

  55. If you are anti ” JESUS CHRIST” I am not interested in what you believe YOU ARE THE ENEMY GOD TALKS ABOUT IN THE BIBLE. I am according to the bible to share Christ with you and if you are not interested and am to wipe the dust off my shoes turn my back and leave. That is what i i do with hollywood and a FEW sports figure!!! Go Drew we love you you are spot on!!

  56. God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
    Sadly, those who are running for office with hope of crucifying our president, and demolishing all things good in our great country don’t know God, and they are not close enough to Drew Brees to get acquainted.
    The war on Christianity is a war they cannot win. They might take from s material possessions, and ideas with which they don’t agree, but they cannot, AND WILL NOT take our God away.

  57. I appreciate what you and your wife are doing to promote children being able to take their Bibles to school and read them. It would be great to see professional sports promote kneeling before and after games to pray also. God is everywhere always and we should recognize that by praying to him every chance we get thanking him for his presence. He watches over us as no one else can, bless the Lord!


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