Ultra-liberal “comedian” Sarah Silverman did something so racist that she was just fired from a big movie


Hollywood elitists are bent on demonstrating how “woke” they are by pretending to care about race, the LGBT movement, and by adopting a radically Leftist ideology.

But one of them just made a big mistake that could be the end of her career.

Sarah Silverman was just fired from a movie because of the terribly racist act she committed.

Silverman is a radical Leftist comedian whose fanbase is made up of social justice warriors, Black Lives Matter activists, and LGBT members.

Which is why, when this photo resurfaced, it blew up on social media.

Sarah Silverman was fired from her role in a new movie when the producers discovered a photo of her doing blackface in a comedy sketch.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing comedian and actress Sarah Silverman revealed last week that producers fired her from a movie she was set to co-star in after discovering a photo of her in blackface, which stemmed from a comedy sketch in 2007.

Silverman told The Bill Simmons Podcast last week that she lost a role in a movie — which she did not name — after producers discovered a photo of her donning blackface for a sketch on The Sarah Silverman Program. She did not dispute their decision but said she was disheartened because she has “devoted” her life to “making it right.”

“I recently was going to do a movie, a sweet part,” she said on the podcast. “Then, at 11 p.m. the night before, they fired me because they saw a picture of me in blackface from that episode.”

Sarah Silverman deserves to be fired for all of her poisonous liberal rhetoric and falsely accusing President Trump of being a racist.

She has built her comedy career around being a left-wing celebrity.

And now she’s been caught in a racist act that’s coming back to haunt her.

Sarah Silverman’s career could be over in no time.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.


      • David: actually, most ‘liberals’ are not racist. Illiberal leftists are. Even though the leftists have hijacked the word liberal so thoroughly that they even have conservatives going along with it, there is a very big difference.
        I refuse to call them liberal mainly because that is what they want us to think they are, rather call them what they are, illiberal, fascist, racist, lunatic fringe communistic leftists.

    • Let us never forget that fact. When Margaret Sanger started the eugenics movement and consequently “supported abortion” it was to keep the people of the black race from increasing in the US population at the time. Also, it was the democrat party in the south who fought to keep slavery alive and well in America by creating the KKK as the enforcement arm of the democrat party to keep blacks from voting. How much more “racist” can any political group be???? Too bad they have managed to lie and pervert the true history of the KKK.

    • i agree that she is a slime ball but when this site says or makes a claim about something they should show the proof otherwise they drop to the level of the liberal anti American main stream media.

  1. I think, perhaps, that we are all taking this way too far. We need to come back to center. Would anyone be upset if a black person put on whiteface? I doubt it. We are spinning out of control.

      • Den, we can thank Saul Alinsky. I am convinced all this tripe comes from his book “Rules for Radicals”. Hilary Clinton swore by it. Worth reading this eye opening book; gives one insight into what makes these nut jobs tick.

        • Gee I hope this comment “triggers” some of the so-called conservatives here (no conservatives here, only right wing reactionaries).

          So she is an “ultra-liberal” and did something racist and got fired for it,eh?

          Hmmm–well this episode exposes both the “Culture Watch” and the liberals and leftists at the same time. She got fired for this old nonsense that she did years ago, but she is not ostracized for her infamous comments (which you can see on YT) where she says that the Jews killed Jesus Christ (well she is basically right) and that we should do it again if we could!

          What “triggers” you right wing cretins-that she criticizes Trump for being a racist–but you can’t criticize her for her blasphemy because then you would be seen to criticize the Jews. And they are beyond criticism.

          Lost in Space-I guess that is America today.

          • Robert: pot-kettle. Most would prefer people getting behind a proud American rather than you party’s sacred Muslims and illegals.
            And you illiberal leftists are just unwitting tools of those that would have had their global Soviet Union in place by now had Hellary won.

          • That is what they were hoping for with Barry Oblowhard. And he did promise to “fundamentally change America”. However, despite the massive cultural damage he inflicted on America he was not successful. If he hadn’t hated America as he did and had not been a muslim and a communist like his father and grandfather he might have done something good for the black Americans. Instead he did nothing for them at all.

    • I believe it’s the democrats who have moved farther to the left of center, not the conservatives!
      Will the democrats move back closer to the center? I doubt it very seriously! Especially when the SQUAD is the face and future of the democrats.

    • Therein lies the rub. These liberals don’t want anything centered except around themselves & all the deranged masses they represent. Divide & Conquer is indeed their goal, which at the foundation is too destroy this country from the inside out. Thank God there are so many finally waking up & taking action against these brazen haters!

    • There was a movie in 2004 called White Chicks where 2 black fellows dressed as white girls directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. Shawn Wayans as Kevin Copeland/Brittany Wilson and Marlon Wayans as Marcus Anthony Copeland/Tiffany Wilson. No chatter about that movie and wearing the “white face”.
      It tells a similar story, in which two male musicians dress as women to hide from … Fade to Black and White: Interracial Images in Popular Culture. hmmmm???

      • Eddie Murphy in Coming to America too. He played the Jewish man in the barber shop. Don’t think they can do that today.
        But they were portraying a character in an acting part, not making fun of a race. Black face with huge white lips back in the day portrayed black folks as buffoons, always. That’s why it is so sensitive.

        • Peaceful: But portraying “white folks as buffoons , always” couldn’t be sensitive? All it takes is one whitey being offended, and thousands and thousands of whiteys will say: “grow a pair, numb-nuts, it’s just a freakin’ joke.” I’m wondering if you are suggesting FAntifa tactics and feigned outraged victimhood is better?

    • “We need to come back to center. Would anyone be upset if a black person put on whiteface?”
      This is exactly why we have to raise a ruckus about white face they can’t have it both ways.

  2. Obviously her true beliefs came out when she chose to do that. Lots of celebrities go along with the crowd because Hollywood is so ultra liberal they’re afraid that they won’t get jobs. For too long too many so-called comedians say whatever they choose to say and when they get any backlash they claim it’s their right to say it as a comedian. Yep they’re the ones that since you’re everywhere than anybody else’s. Can’t be a double standard and shouldn’t be. She got what she deserved.

  3. Once again, the people preaching to the rest of us about racism are the real racists. Nothing in their lives is without racial connotations. These people are mental cases in dire need of a brain implant.

  4. I think this is something the tRUMPkin MAHAs (that’s NOT a typo-they make NOTHING great, again or otherwise, they HATE ridiculously and relentlessly) have desperately grabbed onto in a very pathetic attempt to try to justify and validate their own very obvious racism. This is RIDICULOUS.

    • LOL! Another little ice cube projecting her own hate. Face it Klanswoman, 2020 will be a disaster for your P.C., racist little anti-Semite pukes. MAGA!!

    • The Nazi propagandist Goebbels once said to ‘blame the other side for that which you are guilty’. Die Fuhrer would be proud of you.

    • Deebo, your ignorance is showing. It is the DEMS who are racist and full of hate. And it is the DEMS who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK. It is the DEMS who opposed civil rights. Your racism is sick.

    • Yup! We know how depressing it is that your affirmative action hero, Obrokeback was a failed, racist incompetent and a farce. The desperation of you tykes is appalling. If you had better candidates than some hippy, “rainblows and unicorns” Kumbaya chick, a senile old groper, a “very happy” mayor, A ME#TOO refugee, an indigenous chieftain, a Sparticuss and a senior couch potato who never EARNED a dime in his life, you could all stop your pathetic whining, sobbing, blubbering…..

  5. For one thing it is a fact that those with pure Negroid hereditary traits are about as physically unattractive as any member of the human race could possibly be and the only difference between Silverman and them is that her skin pigmentation is not nearly as dark.

    I did not realize that women her age could have such an unappealing bosom until I had the misfortune of seeing hers in the movie I Smile Back, “yuck!”

  6. Just another piece of proof that liberals are the biggest hypocrites. They are always projecting their morality on us as though they are the most loving, tolerant, inclusive, non-racist group in the country when in fact that are nothing of the sort. Thank you Sara for revealing the true colors of the left once again.

  7. Posing naked did nothing for her “career” nor will her blackface routine. Eventually it might sink into her cement block head that her future depends on some sort of talent. Might I suggest the Bunny Club in Nevada

  8. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  9. All of these hollyweird types are hypocrites! Can any one of them say that they have never used the N word or called a white person a honky or cracker in the past ?
    I doubt it!!

  10. PC strikes again!! I actually thought Sliverman was gone years ago for NOT BEING FUNNY!! This sounds a lot like Kathy Griffin who was caught on TAPE saying her BEHEADING “skit” would ruin her career and now blames Trump because SHE DESTROYED HER OWN CAREER!!! I think ever body should be allowed to speak and do whatever they think they can LEGALLY GET AWAY WITH because whether you’re a moronic WHITE SUPREMACIST or a MORONIC BLM, Antifa fool you can hide in plain sight UNLESS you are ALLOWED to speak and SHOW EVERYBODY what an IDIOT you actually are!!!! LET THE CUT THEIR OWN THROATS!!!!

  11. It was a comedy sketch. Poor taste for these modern times, yes.
    I am just so tired of all the tags of racism that get pinned on almost anything.
    On a larger more important note: Actions or words taken out of context especially historical context, and Labeled racist – maybe, but if it is truth it should be revealed for that very reason.

  12. It was a comedy sketch. Poor taste for these modern times, yes.
    I am just so tired of all the tags of racism that get pinned on almost anything.
    On a larger more important note: Actions or words taken out of context especially historical context, and Labeled racist – maybe, but if it is truth it should be revealed for that very reason.

  13. Really folks aren’t we going a little nutty here? We have black comedians making ” white” jokes. No one spins out of control over it. We are ALL HUMAN , members of the same group whether black, white, red, yellow or a mix of any of these. It is well past time that we stop dividing ourselves bassed an 200+ years of geneaological locations of ancesters . If WE ALL LIVE HERE WE ARE ALL AMERICANS. Truth be known probably very few of us are 100% pure anything. All this whining about our color, our ethnic backgrounds should be unimportant. Face it folks we are ALL a part of the human condition , we all have our faults, our strengths, our weaknesses, and opinions ( not always good ones nor always bad ones) . What is important is making an effort to come together and give everyone the chance to be all they can be . This is the opinion of this, Irish,French, German, Scott, English, Italian,Latino, Middle Eastern , Native American . Whew hope I mentioned everyone but probably didn’t I’m only back 1056AD in my research.

    • Yes, thank you, Diane. Of all the comments on this page, yours is the only one that is thoughtful and more than just a knee jerk reaction. We are Americans! Why are we letting the PC rhetoric divide us? We should be trying to come together and improve this country for ourselves and those that come after us.

  14. RACIST!!!!!!!!We conservatives have known forever that they are, and always have been the racists. This little Jewish girl should shut her mouth or next the libs will be calling her a terrible Jewish name. I really think all of you “so called entertainers have run your course with most people. They don’t believe a damn thing you are spouting and I say, it’s about time.

  15. Ignorance of history abounds among these Liberal empty heads. I would bet 90% of them can’t tell you about the 13th, 14th or 15th Amendments, what the accomplished and how the Democrats voted ZERO for those amendments or Biden’s ugly racists and bigoted history and that the 1993 Biden Crime Bill put thousands of Black behind bars. Now the asshole jokes about “putting yu’ all in chains? These illiterates believe the dumb remark Biden made this week that Democrats believe in “Facts vs. Truth,” a stupid oxymoron by an old fart who can’t remember that the Parkland school shooting happened a year after he left office…It appears that a Virginia Assistant AG can rape a women and it barely makes the headlines or that the governor used ‘Black Face’ in college and no one gives a Rat’s Ass, but Trump is a “Racists” who created the El Paso massacre? But let’s not mention Ohio and 9 dead, Right? 2020 is going to get very ugly, but these morons would welcome it if it gets rid of Trump…like petulant children, temper tantrums are part of their sick agenda. They don’t need a “Time Out” they need to be thrown out of college as they borrow tons of money and spend more time on protest marching then attending class to learn something. Giving a diploma to these Village idiots is raping our system and their lenders, most of whom never get fully paid and are getting screwed!

  16. this idiot is about as funny as a kid with two broken legs.. she has no common sense and absolutely no appeal of any kind ..pure human?garbage.

  17. Sarah is a brilliant comedian. The photo of her in black face was from 2007. I doubt she would do it today. It’s fine to disagree or dislike but not fine to demonize a person who works hard to find humor.

    • MKD, you have bracketed the problem. Libs will do something in poor taste and a year later say “I am so sorry.” And all is forgiven. If a conservative does something in poor taste, they will NEVER be forgiven. No matter what they do. They could commit hari-kari in atonement on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and still never be forgiven. Conservatives need to be like Libs. NEVER forgive!!! NEVER forget!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!! We must learn to say: “I don’t care what you do to make it right. You must die or your apology is meaningless.” ThIS is the LIB motto we conservatives must adopt:

  18. Sarah, do what you know how to do well, and do not stick your nose where it is dangerous to call black black and white call white.

  19. w
    What about Whoopi Goldberg who, while dating Ted Danson, let him dress up in blackface for some Hollywood event? Has everyone forgot about the two of them laughing about their stunt? what does that say about them?

    • It says that they’re hypocrites. They’re fine with Democrats doing so, they just make a little noise then let it go. It’s only when a Republican does it that he’s a racist worthy only of destruction by any means necessary.

  20. Sarah suk em silly Silverman is not a comedian. She needs to stick to what she’s good at. According to Jed kimmel she can suk a tennis ball thro 100 ft of garden hose

  21. These crazy ass….. Insanity is Gonna come back to bite them in the ass,It already is beginning to,This”Everythings RACIST” bull…. where EVERYTHING you say now is RACIST is Soo out of control now,It Has to go Full circle and and Bite the BitERS! Semper Fi

  22. BlackFaces came out in the 20’s,30’s and even 40’s and you people are so narrow minded that HollyRocks have to yell Racist.!!!!! LGBTQRST they are Racist because they don’t like people who won’t BEND over and Kiss their ASSES.!!!!!! It’s right it’s so Racist in HOLLYWOODDIE that we forget that Black people are scared to make a White face and go on stage with it. Democrates aren’t in the right frame of mind they want to screwup this country and never let the truth come out about all the IDIOTS in AOC and Whoopie and TED Danza doing the BLACK FACE years ago? Democrates are TWO FACED JACKASSES and need to taste their own medicine.!!!!!

  23. So, how does it feel to experience the bigotry and hate of the Left for yourself, Sarah…?

    Enjoy…! (it doesn’t get any better than when the Left eats it’s own)

  24. It is nice to see A Radical Left Liberal pay for being being Stupid! They very things they try to accuse the Conservative Right for doing , They themselves have done! Sarah Silverman is just getting what she truly deserves! ” Do not Judge , or you will be Judged! ” Matthew 7:1 . The Radical Liberal Left needs to know very surely that they will be Judged when they Judge others! It is God’s Law!

  25. I don’t think anyone should have their livelihood threatened because of a political opinion, taste in comedy, racial or religious affiliations or anything else where First Amendment issues are relevant. What comes around goes around, and in the next political cycle you may find yourself on the receiving end of ideological fanatics who hate people different from themselves. Comedy especially has been an area that has a long tradition of free-wheeling and outrageous dialogue. There are no so bigoted as those who profess opposition to bigotry, and that includes fanatics who want to purge the world of people who make them uncomfortable, right, left or center.

  26. It works both ways. If you are going to attack and ruin 1 person’s career over blackface or something that they did years ago, then the same rule applies to all. It should also apply to Nic Cannon, Eddie Murphy, and all the rest. I personally think it’s all over the top. Provide people grace


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