Two transgenders went on national TV and attacked Trump in this despicable way


The Obama administration used the military more for social experiments than to defend America.

Once Trump got into office, he swiftly put an end to that.

Now two transgenders went on national TV and you won’t believe what they said about our Commander-In-Chief.

During the Obama administration, providing sex change operations for trans military members was given the green light.

Obama even directed the military to cater to any and all needs for their “gender reassignments.”

That’s all about to end.

Trump has reinstated a ban on transgenders in the military in order to ensure our troops are battle ready.

But the Left is furious, and they’re taking to the national media’s airwaves to attack Trump.

The View brought on two transgender former military members to call Trump ignorant.

Newsbusters reports:

The View hosted two trans women military members on Wednesday in order to get their personal accounts on President Trump’s impending trans military “ban.” The segment obviously was sympathetic to the pair, felt the U.S. armed forces should cater to their gender reassignment needs, but like most View segments, it turned into another attack on the president’s shocking “textbook definition of ignorance,” that amounts to “baseless discrimination.”

Both Staff Sgt. Patricia King and Capt. Jennifer Peace had undergone transitional procedures to become females during their respective 20- and 15-year stints in the military (King was famously the first transgender woman to have undergone surgery while in active service). They were there to argue that the social experiment of introducing mentally unstable individuals into the armed forces is the same fight as blacks had in joining almost a century ago, and women a short time later.

The Left is demanding taxpayer-funded sex change operations, therapy sessions, and so-called “tolerance trainings.”

None of these items have anything to do with our national security.

The truth is, the Left does not care about what is good or bad policy for our armed forces or national defense.

All they want is to use the military as a public battleground for their radical LGBT agenda.

Do you agree with President Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. As a retired military person served 26 years I agree with president trump in excluding transgenders from the military service it is very disruptive and costly and the military is no place for social experiments

  3. First, they are crazy. Why in the world would we give a gun to a crazy person? Obama has to hate the US, to even start this.

  4. Yes I believe they should be banned. Our military is busy training people for certain jobs or preparing them for war. They definitely do not have time to babysit these freaks and counsel with them.

  5. If people want to fight to protect the country, that’s fine. However, the military should not be used as a way for people to get taxpayer plastic surgery. If someone wants to change their sex, they need to do that on their own. So, President Trump is right to end this nonsense.

  6. The military has a giant task keeping different people to get on and stay on the same page. They did an excellent job of that when I was in. No one was treated special or differently. Trans people have to be treated differently. That’s the agenda. Taxpayer funded elective surgery is only a small part of the special treatment needed. I could go on. Ridiculous.

  7. So called President Trump isn’t done destroying America. He hasn’t yet destroyed our free press or had himself declared President for Life. But with his conservative supporters, he is trying to.

    MAGA. Make America GOOD Again. Get the Trump crime family out of there.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with our president on this matter and with most of the decisions he makes for our country. He ran to try to save America from many terrible decisions that were made by the previous administration.

  9. No mention is made of sexually confused individuals that join the military to get FREE sex change operations. When they falsify their enlistments and make no mention of their desire to change their sex they should be excluded. Military doctors exist to tend the wounds of service members, NOT to perform any kind of “elective” surgery.

  10. When will Americans start paying for their own mistakes, confusion and bad choices.

  11. This garbage has to stop and that includes our official quit trying to force decent people to accept this disgrace behavior all know it is not acceptable behavior by Natural Law much less GODS Law and it is never been allowed here for over 2 Hundred years and that is the way it needs to stay we are Not Europe we Don’t want to be Europe that is what are Forefathers Fought for not to be like Europe if that’s how you want to live then move to Europe We have a Constitution as Written does Not say we must allow perverted disgusting people special rights, and it sure does say Our Freedoms Rights, Religion, Guns, Free Speech, and the pursuit of Happiness, So quit trying to Infringe on Our Rights by Our Constitution as Written, nobody goes out and tell how they live and they want this they want that so shut up don’t like America LEAVE

  12. Poor, poor put upon Eric! Which deranged asshat will you vote for, #METOO Qamala Harris, Spartacus, “Grey Beaver” Warren, Beatoff O’ Pork?

  13. I stand with President Trump on the Transgender ban in the Military and I am a retired Army member. I think transgenders have mental issues and I say they are Mental Deficient. I would not trust any of them in a fight or battle

  14. I have nothing but pity for those individuals who will later regret their decision to destroy God’s perfect product. I strongly recommend that those who wish to become more informed on this subject goggle: http://www.too far: 8-year-old girls now given testosterone through government funded research.
    This conference was hosted by the Heritage Foundation. A lady discusses her daughters transition, two M.D. discuss the mental/physical effects of transitioning. And Walt Heyer who speaks of his life leading up to transition to a female and the devastating effects. He has a web site: and councils individuals who wish to de-transition. And, as taxpayers, we are funding this idiocy by NIH granting one Dr. 5.7M for treatment of hormones. Shame on our Government for promoting and financing this evil.

  15. It *isses me off that these loud mouth, sickening, demanding weirdos would join our proud military services ONLY to get a free sex change that we DAMN SURE shouldn’t have to pay for. Our military’s lives should not be put in danger because of them, how safe would you feel with your life possibly in their hands? HELL NO WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! I understand though why obummer was for it… look at wife Michael.

  16. It seems that every and any policy imposed by Obama was intended to weaken this country. This military experiment is no exception.

  17. I agree with the president. If they are already in uniform they should be given a choice of not having it done or discharge. Also it should be made known that the military will not do these operations prier to enlistment. The requiters should make this known when talking to prospective enlistees.

  18. I agree. As far as I am concerned being a veteran I think these people are sick and peverted. And if they want all these things they can pay for it themselves. I am a veteran without health insurance and I struggle to get the VA to pay for a bill if I have to go to the ER. And I live an hour away from the nearest VA hospital. I have over $8000.00 in ER expenses that the VA is refusing to pay and these perverts want free sex change operations.

  19. Trump is Great ! If you support the sick lifestyle of trannies you must be sick ! God created us all and No one has the right to mess with that !

  20. I have read a lot of stupid stuff on the net but you are very close to the top. I was not a big Trump supporter to start but with all his gains I have become a huge supporter. Trump will go down as one of the greatest presidents every, I mean George Washington great. So Bill, if you are so dumb you can’t see the improvements in our country you must be an AOC supporter.

  21. If that’s what they want to be that’s fine BUT NOT ON MY DOLLAR, not to mention how disruptive it is . I fully agree with the President.


  23. Well after all it is still questionable who Michelle/Michael is.. Transgender???
    Some would join military just for the sake of government paying for their surgeries. Tax payers SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR SUCH SURGERIES. PERIOD. That is selective cosmetic surgery.. Pay for it yourself. If someone is in a mental state they don’t know who they are then they shouldn’t be in military. Get help and figure out your life.. If that is what you choose fine just don’t expect us the taxpayers to pay for it.

  24. If you want your boobs and or your junk worked on do it on your own time and money. The Military is not a Hospital that you can check into, to have your pleasures addressed

  25. Agree with Trump,transgender and gays have no place in Military;but serve from mental condition.
    Poses too much of a risk to the Majority of our Military. I personally do not think Muslims should be allowed to serve. If they follow their Proffitt pose a danger to other members.

  26. Transgenders have no place in the military strategy of defending this nation militarily! If individuals are mentally confused or troubled with the gender they were born with they should not be in the service! It is too much pressure on the other service members who have pledged their lives to our defense! If any Democrats don’t like that tell them to go suck eggs!

  27. Eric,

    Obviously you are not in the military, nor have you ever served. If you are/ were, you would know what you can and can’t say according to military regulations. Those service members that are publicly voicing their hatred for POTUS over a single policy they disagree with should be discharged ASAP.

  28. I support the military for many reasons. I also support a lot of tit suckers and other ridiculous agendas by having paid into the tax system for 40+ years. But of all the ridiculous agendas I have ever heard of, paying for someone to have a sex change on my dime takes the cake!

  29. Transgenderism has been studied by 25 prominent Canadian psychiatrists for over 10 years. The psychiatrists have concluded that transgenderism is extreme mental illness, generally brought on by sexual trauma or severe sexual trauma between the ages of 2 and 8. Their base recommendations are, 2 years of psychiatric inpatient therapy, drug therapy to deal with these issues. BTW, if transgenderism by the studies is severe mental illness brought on by sexual trauma between ages 2 and 8, why aren’t parents taking some responsibility in dealing with this issue and their children ?

  30. At birth, there is no option. You are either born male or female. There is no mix up there. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.
    After a person becomes conscious (most at puberty) they start experimenting with their sexuality and that is when the individual at best start making the decision as which side to chose or what they like the most. It is all build around how you see yourself and how satisfied you are with the sex given by birth. And of course a slim witted person sees the opportunity to make money of a misinformed individual with a weak mind or character and them that are easily talked into the nonsense of how great transgender surgery is. Some fall for it and some don’t. So again it becomes a preference of choice and a preference of how much you like to spend on surgeries often filled with trauma and regret. The ones that are on TV of course are for it. because it makes them and their medical team money. And around money the world turns. That is just how I see it.

  31. I fell sorry for humans that are not sure were they are MALE or Female to have Taxes pay for there change

  32. Why should our tax money go to pay for any transitional procedures on our military personal. If any one believes thy need to change what sex they are. They need to be discharged from the military because of mental disorder. No money should wasted on transitional procedures especially when so many departments needs money for our defense. And when we have planes in our Air Force that need parts.

  33. Who wants to look at that product of mishap. Only Obummer wants too as he sits next to him all the time..

  34. We all have physical and medical problems and we go to certain physicians for advice or treatment.. A lot of people live on emotional responses and feelings combined to deal with all situations,…and sometimes to extremes hate, anger and depression and the list goes on…With all they know of all their lives consist of dealing of how to fit in to society. I believe they have failed to accept and learn how to live their lives of right reason and truth about life on life’s terms and of what God’s plan for each of us is.(Or do they know better than God?)….Transgenders and anyone in that category of sexual orientation male or female I believe, like a lot of other people have a lot of trouble living life in a Godly way or just even what we have been given …..This way of thinking is that they think they know better and what the cure or treatment should be….Actually they have become their OWN DOCTOR’S !!…Sad,…that they have developed this way of thinking and the lack of knowledge and understanding in developing coping skills that unfortunately failed to develop in their growing years and carried over into adult life….a sickness of the mind is like anything else,..that needs to be addressed as a disease or problem of the mind…. but will NOT!accept the possibility that they might be WRONG !! about making such a drastic changes of their physical orientation or life style….and will HAVE to accept the outcome of the changes no matter what….a lot of suicides have developed in a lot cases of these people……Just my opinion.

  35. Diana: See my post. I encourage you to listen to the Heritage Foundation Conference on Transgenderism.
    http://www.too far: 8-year-old girls now given testosterone through government funded research.
    I have sent my contacts this information asking them to share with theirs…hopefully, it will catch on and go viral. I rather doubt that the general public is aware of this “cancer’s” size and wide spread growth.
    I have also shared with President Trump via the ‘Contact The White House’ web site…and a congressman on the House Oversight Committee. There is now a pending bill in Congress labeled the ‘Equality Act.’
    Its intent is to move Transgender into a Civil Rights ‘protected class’; e.g., like LGBTs and others. Goggle: equality act if you wish more detail

  36. There is no such thing as “transgender” as DNA cannot be modified to the other sex, no matter the mutilation of the body or “therapy” of feelings embracing the other sex.

  37. Why must you waste your readers’ time and your space talking about sub-culture human trash? There are so many more important things going on that affect the majority. How about dealing with them?

  38. Bernie says that nose jobs will be paid by whatever insurance companies are left and not the government.

  39. We don’t need transgenders joining the military’s ranks to have their genders altered to suit them. The military is to protect the United States, not to change gender identity !!!

  40. I stand with the President, military is no place for gender reassignment. don’t care if you want to change sex but do it on your own dime

  41. Look at it this way … Obama was and forever will ever be a Fudge Packer or Packee … and as Barry the Chicago Bath House Fairy he or it was giving jobs to Old Men for favors and money for drugs . I feel the Lying Kenyan was and is still so screwed up he was trying to please the LBG Community and transgenders to the max ! Any thing he did or touched was only done to screw up our Military, which he absolutely hated !
    The Military of the USA was never to be an experiment … they are there to protect and defend our Country .
    If I am wrong well that’s too damn bad … but that is what I believe !

  42. If a person wants to have a sex change operation, then they should have to pay for it themselves. Why should taxpayers be forced (practically at gun point) to have to pay for it. Most of us who are over 65 and still do pay taxes every month can hardly afford our own needed surgeries. These sex change surgeries are all elective not mandatory. If I have to pay for my must have surgery, I sure do not want to be forced to pay for someone else’s elective surgery.

  43. I agree, the military should not have to cater to anyone’s “chosen” lifestyle. Transgenderism is still considered a mental illness. I am not judging. I could care less who wants to change their biological identity. I don’t wish them harm or think they should not be hirable as a human being. I just do not believe ANYBODY else should be held responsible for their medical care. Becoming a transgender is a CHOICE. Not a necessity. Pay for it YOURSELF.

  44. Eric, if you believe it’s OK for us to pay for their elective cosmetic surgery; then why don’t you agree to pay for my elective cosmetic surgery if I should choose to have one. While you’re at it, you get down in the fox hole with some of these transgenders that struggle mentally in a war. I hope that they have your back. Some jobs such as the military do not need their mental instability.

  45. If youy want to go against God and change your physiclal sex that’s your business. But you DON’T belong in the military, taxpayers should NOT be paying for it and you need to keep it to yourselves. If you want it done, pay for it of your own pockets. We need military people who are battle ready not ones that have to sit out a battle to get their hormones, surgeries and other treatments. Being in the military is a job not romper room. You are there to work not sit on the sidelines.

  46. Eric. Eric. Eric!!! You have a HUGE HUGE problem and President Trump is not IT. God Bless the USA and our AWESOME President!!!

  47. UPON ENLISTMENT, any enlistee with a condition of ” TRANSGENDERISM” SHOULD report their condition to the Physicians performing both the PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMS. Noting this, the Physicians should refer the Enlistee to a “Transgender Division” of the Medical Unit designated, to further process the enlistee. In that Unit, it should be determined if the Enlistee would be ” QUALIFIED” and Medically fit to perform all duties of a Military Recruit “Without having SURGICAL or other Medical procedures at the expence of the US Government” to correct any GENDER ABNORMALITIES. The Enlistee at that point will be notified as to his acceptance or denial of ENLISTMENT into the MILITARY SERVICE.

    Many Patriotic American Citizens Enlist in the MILITARY every day. but are rejected for various reasons that are NOT acceptable to Military Standards. Fortunately there are other Branches of GOVERNMENTAL Services that require LESS STRINGENT EXAMS and would still qualied the Citizen for Government Service.

  48. Let me p reface this with two things. I have gays and trans in my family. But there’s the thing. If a trans wants to have his or her surgery; then he or she should not expect the military to foot the bill. It should not and must not be their responsibility. this is not a medical issue. It’s a matter of personal desire. Have your surgery before active service and enter as your alter self.

  49. As a retired NCO I would tell all these LGBTQ personnel to go and find somewhere to have their junk worked on and pay the price for their wants and needs and let the real Men and Women of the Military to do the job they enlisted for. LGBTQ is not conducive to the job in the Military. GO ELSEWHERE !!!

  50. I fully agree with President Trump. I seem to remember a military regulation concerning a person intentionally causing harm to his or her body. The case I am thinking of had to do with getting severe sunburn and having to miss work. Someone else had to work in this person’s place until he was released by the doctor to return to duty. This happened in the 1970s. The commander gave the person an article 15 for willful destruction of government property by knowingly lying out in the sun for several hours. That was back when things were so much easier. Transgenders often have post surgical problems including depression, hormonal imbalances, and obvious personality issues. Since 9-11 the number of personal deployments have increased from one or two to as many as eight or ten in a career! The stress has caused a tremendous increase in the number of soldier suicides. Will the transgender soldier have his or her life squared away to deploy? What about multiple deployments? One last comment: God created us with either xx or xy chromosomes. We are either female or male no matter how many surgeries we might have to change sex.

  51. President Trump’s ban on trans-a*sholes is nothing more than common sense. and the ban should be extended to weed out homosexuals. lesbians, and women in combat. Enough is enough. and why is it that all these bent POS are first and foremost democrats ? Everyone of them joins the military not because they give a crap for out country, but because it offers them a free ride to further their own sick agendas.

  52. Transgender and other LGBTQ people have no place in the military. I agree with Pres. Trump on the ban. If they want a sex change, they should pay for it themselves and should be discharged from the military. The military’s job is to depend the country, not babysit all these weirdos.

  53. ERIC trump is not destroying America he is fixing Obama’s mess from 8 years of his time in office I agree with. Trump transgender people don’t belong in the military. Us taxpayers are going to pay for medical proseure there trand for war not sex changes

  54. If you went in as a man, you agreed to give the United States Military your rights, they own you…You agreed to that, when you got sworn in, so stop trying to use the military. In addition they expect you to be competent to do the job you are assigned. So why should mental health issues that are not disclosed be rewarded with mutilation surgery paid for by our Military. When you go in you, are at 100%, if you get wounded you get compensated…You become a Veteran whom receives disability benefits. So now the crazees expect compensation for their own thoughts and feelings.

  55. When I served in the service I don’t think I could have slept at night knowing there were queers in the racks next to me, possibly waiting to molest me in my sleep! (I know of cases that has happened). How could I possibly put up with one in my foxhole that I needed to count on to watch my back. Also, If they can’t figure which restroom to use, how do they know who to shoot in combat? With their mental problems I really don’t think they belong in the service. The world would be a better place if they would only accept the gender that god decided they should have, and pray for gods’ help with the mental problem, instead of pushing it onto the public. We have enough problems of our own!

  56. No LGBTQ in military or in any government position. Period. Leftist culture commies want a gay president & that is because it will end America.

  57. With all due respect, you should be judging!!!!!

    The left has made us so afraid to call wrong, wrong!

    These people are Batschidtt crazy. There is no call for it in the military. It shouldn’t even be allowed in the general public. This all started in Europe in the 1950’s where doctors wanted to play Frankenstein. It was hubris and it was disgusting.

  58. No insurance covers ELECTIVE SURGERY. This is ELECTIVE SURGERY, and those who want it should PAY FOR IT>

  59. These transgender freaks are mentally unstable. Anyone who looks into a mirror and can’t tell what sex they are then they really do need counselling but not the type of counselling they are looking for for free. They need psychiatric counselling for their severe mental illness. All these delusional freaks are looking for is a free ride on the taxpayers dime. Ban them all and tell them to hit the road and pay for their perverted desires themselves. To hell with them all including the gays, lesbos, bi’s, and queers.

  60. If all Trans (whatever they call themselves today) were sent directly to Hell, I’d graciously acknowledge hearing that news, if they aren’t sent directly to Hell, I must openly admit I’d be more unhappy about having to hear that aspect of their reassignment location. In fact, since we all know, beyond any doubt whatsoever, these lunatics are without question both mentally and emotionally ill; which medically has earned them the title of being highly unstable group of people on planet earth, especially given the consideration they have on record the most highest suicidal rate of any known of individuals known at this time in our history. In fact, I will say, if one or more of them came to me begging my help to assist with their “passing on”, I’d gladly stir up their Cool-Aid myself, i.e., “Do you want Grape or Cherry?”; and I promise you faithfully I wouldn’t miss one second of sleep at night. In fact, I’m told that if we got rid of this whole bunch of fruits and nuts, by sending them to a lovely slaughter house for a nice long rest; not unlike like the Nazi used to use, and if we put an end to these detestable, dirty, stinking homosexuals I’m told that we’d all be much the better off! Am I really alright with that, yes I am perfectly fine with getting rid of undesirable deplorables, in fact if we could throw in a few hundred thousand democRats with their elimination that would also suit me just fine. I can’t seem to find anything wrong with wanting only reasonable, sane, clean, decent, respectable, God Loving people around me at all times, can’t you see that? 🙂

  61. If they think they were born with the wrong parts we sure don’t make them in the military making decisions

  62. I’d be happy to perform sex change surgery on any who want it for the low price $25.00 . When I finish, I guarantee they will be changed.

  63. CIA Director John Brennan, with some assistance from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, gathered foreign intelligence and fed it throughout our domestic Intelligence Community.
    The FBI became the handler of Brennan’s intelligence and engaged in the more practical elements of surveillance.
    The Department of Justice facilitated investigations by the FBI and legal maneuverings, while providing a crucial shield of nondisclosure.
    The Department of State became a mechanism of information dissemination and leaks.
    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee provided funding, support, and media collusion.
    Obama administration officials were complicit, and engaged in unmasking and intelligence gathering and dissemination.
    The media was the most corrosive element in many respects: None of these events could have transpired without their willing participation. Stories were pushed, facts were ignored, and narratives were promoted.

  64. I’m retired military. I do t believe in the policy Obama put in place. The military is no pkacec for a transgender (and I dont believe there is such a thing). Another thing I dont wsnt “transgender” in a foxhole with me. I want someone I can depend on and if someone thinks there not a guy or girl then nooe. The military is no place for them period. And I don’t care what anybody thinks. Most people that support “transgenders” never served.

  65. TWIT AND TWAT..Whose who? I can’t get Lasik eye surgery done because it is considered cosmetic..not covered! So I would think that a sex change operation is cosmetic.. if you want to serve GET IT DONE ON YOUR DIME.. NOT MINE and while your at it get some MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING because it is OBVIOUS that you have a loose screw in your head!!

  66. I don’t want to have to pay for someone’s sex change operation and the hormones and other drugs that go along with it. I don’t think that is an appropriate expense the military should have to endure. Also, this isn’t an entitlement that anyone should have to pay for through taxes. Make your own money and get it done outside the military or any other governmental agency, social services included.
    Disgusting surgery and immoral actions. God gave you male or female parts. He made you that way and IF you go to heaven you will be what God made you not what you made you!

  67. Another sad commentary on the present state of man’s condition! Even worse, the left is trying to stuff it down everyone’s throat and there are some people who have obviously been brainwashed into supporting them!

  68. Guess I don’t get it…
    I enlisted in the military realizing that I might get sent wherever needed and was.
    These freaks spent military time changing, or completing the change of their sex instead of performing their job ?
    You want to make yourself look like SHREK when you grow up, I couldn’t care less.
    – Just don’t do it with my tax dollars.
    We had a guy who couldn’t “leave himself alone”, and was discharged section 8.
    These freakish things can change THEIR SEX and it’s okay ?
    Just bizarre…

  69. If they want a sec change, pay for it yourselves. The only reason they joined was so they could lay this at the feet of tax payers. They knew Obama would pass this. Liberals want tax payers paying for abortions, sex changes, illegals, and dead beats. We work out as off, and the losers real the benefits. How about we just take more out of Liberals pay checks to pay for all these extras. OH that’s right. A Liberal pay check?

  70. You all call yourselves American. But you are all hypocrites. You have the right if free speech and choose to use it putting anything and everything you don’t understand or don’t like down. This is obviously a site geared to praise the mentally challenged person currently in the White House who is drastically changing our once mighty country into a sandbox playground for a bunch of idiotic spoiled school-age bullies. This country right now is so busy fighting school age issues and bullies, that almost anyone could attack us and we wouldn’t even know it was coming or how to avoid it. Our people in Washington need to stop playing the “I’m better than you” game or “I can do this just because I want to” game any of the other childish brainless games being played by our people in Washington, and get back to work. When the government shutdown occurred, the idiots still got salaries, while hardworking military families got Nothing! There is no incentive for any of them to do their job. Hopefully they will all be voted out of office and some decent, socially dedicated people will be voted in! I have listened to as much stupid news reports, opinions, and commentaries – on All channels, even my own favorites – as I can handle. I have learned that many people, including patriotic Americans, are not as friendly, caring or selfless as they appear. For the first time in my entire life, I am afraid. I am afraid of who might be listening to my phone calls, my text messages. I’m afraid for people I care about. Not just because those in our government who are only out for themselves, because it’s obvious they’re not looking us or we wouldn’t have to pray that Social Security and Medicare and other socially necessary programs will be there for those people who worked all those years and earned the right to have them available to them. So you idiots continue to fight among yourselves, and your children will watch you become mean, vindictive, and unhappy. Then you can watch them become like you and you can watch them waste their lives like you are wasting yours. GOOD DAMN LUCK!

  71. We as a nation believe in God I do not believe in anybody that is not believing in God Have the democrats read the Bible I think not The Christians and Jews are the ones that should have health issues taken care of Not the ones that are evil

  72. TRANSGENDERS DO NOT BELONG IN UNITED STATES MILITARY! these people need to get their lives straight before they decide they want to join military! my husband was in US ARMY for 20 years so I know what military life is all about! if these people want to change their “sex” they should have to pay for it themselves! it’s ELECTIVE SURGERY & military doesn’t pay for ELECTIVE SURGERY!

  73. Just because you want to change your gender.. that is on YOU! You went in as a man, that is what you signed into as a man.. why should our government pay to have you have your gender changed, and attend psychology meetings? Go on your on your OWN time to work these things out. We should not have to pay for you to be more happy with yourself. as a woman. That was YOUR choice. Learn to live with it, and when you leave the service. do it on your own time and money.! God created you as a man, why not leave it up to what you were created with. GOD is the ultimate person who did what He did, learn to live with it.!

  74. Only one cure the the type of illness Transgenders suffer from, loaded gun, cock gun, muzzle up against roof of mouth, safety off, pull trigger.

    They are completely insane and the taxpayers should not be forced to feed their delusions.

  75. No one really cares about what they have to say.They make their own decisions so let them figure it all out! we don’t need to know it’s their life choices that define them.

  76. I agree as a disabled vet , I do not see where the people of the United States should be made to pay for the procedure. The active military is not a place to go and get everything you want done in life to your body. President Trump is doing the right thing. These transgenders should have to pay for there procedure’s , out of there own pocket. Does insurance cover this procedure for people , so why should the American tax payers have to pay for this. Our military is turning into a place where people go to get what they want out of life, and has nothing to do with protecting the American citizen.
    I am so glad we got a President in office to fix all the illegal stuff that the idiot obummer did why’ll he was in office.

  77. Nancy your so right , and Eric you need help, it sounds to me like you want to live in a broken country there are plenty out there just pick one , but don’t come back crying it is to hard for you to live there.

  78. I stand with President Trump, and thank God for someone leading our country in a moral direction and not giving in to this sick and twisted society! Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Totally agree as a vet! Also, the government should not be paying for their sex changes. This is a personal choice and like cosmetic surgery should be paid for by the person who feels that they need it not the taxpayers.

  80. We need component people in our Military not warped minded transgenders or for that matter any off center LGBTQ

  81. Eric…You attack Pres. Trump (YES, he is our president), who is NOT destroying this country but it is just fine with you that Obama came very close to destroying it. Your ignorance is prfound

  82. Amen Brother and thanks for your service to our Great Country. Their minds are twisted and they don’t belong in the military in any way. Man is man and woman is woman. Why should the American People be responsible for helping the mentally disturbed pay for an operation to cut their wanger off or to build one for them, what ever the case may be? That’s not the military’s responsibility, mine, or the American tax payers. Let the tranny’s pay for their own operation. I agree with President Trump. Don’t let them in the military.

  83. Eric, with all due respect, the “news” media has destroyed itself. So-called legitimate press agencies are printing stories based on the hearsay of someone who heard someone else talk about what someone else heard from someone who was thought to be involved in whatever the article is about. Even the National Enquirer cites better sources than that. Trump justs calls them out on it. As for banning transgender accommodation in the military, that is the only thing in the argument that is sane. Gender identity DISORDER is a mental illness, no one should cater to an insane person’s insanity.

  84. Sorry, but the US military is no place for a pack of screwed up sissies that can’t make up their minds as to just what the hell they are. I mean, what you gonna do, go out on the battle field & hit somebody with your damn purse ? Stop being silly & just be happy staying home & playing with your rubber dolly’s.

  85. MAGA send the 2 1/2 percent to syria for roof top flying lessons.. this is why it is a good thing that we did not get estrogen for president… have to think with an intellect not your genitals…

  86. unfortunately, these men trying to be women and vice versa hate anyone who is horrified by their choices. I am, but only when they are spewing their venom in public .Acting like that does them no good and certainly is rotten PR. So stay out of my military and suck your whiny thumbs somewhere else. Maybe move in with Hitlery or Bern.

  87. If a Transgender is neither a male or female then they are nothing. God only made male and female beings. God is the only power who can change a misguided person’s mind and heart. Satan delights in humans confusing their roles in this life and believing his lies. They have played right into his plans.. His plan is to destroy their lives and take them with him when he is destroyed.. Trump is a wise man. He is not swayed by the incompetence of silly people. We want a strong competent military. The military is not a place for people who outright reject the gender God made them. They have been brain washed. Only God can change them back.


  89. sir you are correct and as x navyand now a tax payer should i have to pay for your wants unless service connected .your physical beins your problem not mine.not on my dime

  90. We need a strong military.
    I can’t believe that this stuff even
    Exist in our armed forces.
    What the hell, is going on in America.
    It freaks me out knowing that a sex change occurred during active service.
    Thank god for President Trump

  91. The term “transgender” is a misnomer. When people can change their chromosomes, then they can change gender. Until then it is just a dress-up game. One may change clothes, mannerisms, physical details, but until one changes one’s DNA, one is the gender one is born with. Like it or not, end of story.

  92. Why is that this type of decisions are never discussed with the public and up for votes. After all we are the tax payer and we should vote and decide where our money is spent. I am sure 99.9% would vote a loud “No”. Only a small percent within a lot of power within the government is making this possible and we are not being made aware of this decisions. Obama became president and gave so much rights to homosexuals to violate the spiritual sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Since when politics and religion mixed. Since when a president has the right to violate and alter the word of God when it comes to who should get married. I had no problem with them getting the civil rights they were demanding even though I do not condone sin but for them to be allowed to marry and the government calling it discrimination and homophobia and hate speech and now our faith is on trial for being a Christian and hating the sin but not the sinner we know we are so close for the Lord’s coming. Those people in high places of government are just opening the way for the Antichrist that is supposed to come and abolish everything that pertains to God’s creation and the gospel. But we know that this is supposed to happen and we most defend the Word of God and not be afraid for doing so. We are promised eternal life because we stood firm and never denied the Lord and what He stands for. We should not tolerate sin and be complacent. We should speak the truth of the Word of God…sin is sin and only God can liberate and set those who practice sin free indeed. We are not judging the sinner only the sin and we are saying God did not create them this way… I know I was one of them who thought God created me that way. I was so wrong and spiritually blind and ignorant that I felt shame before the Lord for living this life of destruction and false love and false family unit. It is all a lied. I am one of those who the gospel mention as…and such were some of you…but you have been washed, you have been sanctified and justified. I praise the Lord today and forever because I am happy the way the Lord created me to be and He made of me a new creature just like he said in His word born again of the spirit. Homosexuals said the Bible only serves to make them commit suicide because it condemns them. That is not true the Bible only reveal that we are defiling our own bodies by going against nature and we feel the conscience telling us is wrong but refuse to turn to the truth that is why they said they wish to commit suicide because they can’t fight the sin only Jesus can fight the sin in us He removes the sin ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS SURRENDER TO HIM and ask him for help and repent of the sin. He will heal us instantly. He loved me so much he was always looking for ways for me to see Him and turn to Him. He always impressed my heart for me to turn to him but I was stubborn. He loved me even though I was in such an abominable lifestyle. All I know is that people who I knew were Christians were praying for me and those prayers and their love for me helped me see the light of the Word of God. The rest is history now for the Glory and honor and praise of my loving and merciful Jesus. He really does what He said in his Word He will do in us once we repent and surrender our life to Him and make Him our Lord and Savior for ever. He redeems us and transforms us and make us new. His Holy Spirit teaches us ALL things pertaining to the Lord and His Word. We are sooo filled with His love and peace and happiness it can’t be contained. This is my testimony and there are so many testimonies like mine out there of homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders who have surrendered their life to JesusChrist and have been transformed and now their lives have total meaning and direction. I know this is not the forum to talk about this but I believe strongly this is the only way to heal childhood wounds and so many other things that create so much hurt we become angry with God and run away from Him. He is not to blame! We are for lack of knowledge of His truth and for not seeking it. We need to seek the kingdom of God and everything else will come as a measure of it. I hope that if someone who is going through similar situation read this and seek the Lord with all thine heart. You will never be the same person again. God is listening and so near you but He will not impose in your heart unless you decide to let Him in by your own will and desire to receive from Him. Jesus is definitely the one and only Way, Truth and the Life that takes us to the Heavenly Father of lights. God bless you All.

  93. Zaida, AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN! This, coming from someone who’s been there, is a fantastic example of Christ’s deliverance from the evils of homosexuality! God bless you, and keep up the great witness to those who are believing that they can’t change. You are living proof that YES YOU CAN by the GRACE OF GOD! Thank you for sharing!

  94. Tell me can these idiot trans inferior mentally stable person’s have children? “NO” until that happens you are born the sex at birth the rest is cosmetic and should not be paid for by the military or other insurances!!

  95. Reopen mental institutions, Democrats closed them years ago, will take care of gender confused along with a lot of homeless that need psychological help! If i’m human and decide i’m a tree are they going to make me a tree then?

  96. I need a tummy tuck. No matter how much I try to lose weight, that tummy is still their. That makes me feel like a failure and I go back to overeating. I have an idea! Why don’t I join the military. My insurance won’t pay for that operation, but maybe the military will. Just kidding, but maybe that’s next. Keep Transgender people out. Get real men and women.

  97. Studies have shown that many of these cases are caused by childhood incidences. With significant counseling, some of these people’s views were re-oriented to their correct sex.

  98. Men lopping off body parts and taking female hormones does not make them transgender nor does it make them female. It makes them a mutilated male. And, likewise for women. If they chop off their breasts, add a dildo, and take male hormones, they’re still mutilated women.

  99. This is what you get when the government steps in and does not allow you to discipline your children. They call it child abuse. This is the direct result of not disciplining children, and, parents having to be friends with their children. Society is in the toilet and keeps spiraling downwards. Until there is a family unit again, until parents have the courage to discipline and train their children, the toilet will keep swirling.

  100. “It’s ma’am” per Amazing Lucas. If you haven’t seen his Youtube video, please watch it. It’s hilarious!
    Seriously, I don’t want my tax dollars going to gender dysphoria soldiers. They should not be allowed to use the Military for their personal “reassignment” surgery, therapy. Spend my money on the regular soldiers that need help with PTSD, surgery for combat wounds, etc. I am with President Trump on this.

  101. At birth there is no option…you are either male or female as your birth certificate states. Later in life you make the choice of preference. Most of us think it is a strange or a sick preference but that is not to us the individual to judge. That is a personal choice you have to live with and disappoint your parents with. They might pretend to be alright with it, but in fact they are not but as parents they are stuck with you as a life sentence. To use the military as a way to have your gender change done is abhorrently wrong. Don’t join any service until you have done all your changing and afterwards counselling on your own dime. The battle field is not a joke but a serious matter. Transgender are more successful in the private sector to service there own kind so regular folks are not forced to go along with their way of life and against their will and or be sued.

  102. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  103. Whatever sexual organs you had when you joined the military must still be present when you’re discharged – otherwise it is off to prison you go – it’s that simple.

  104. Sorry, they can say they are normal,but face it they are Freaks of nature and have no place in our military.

  105. Obama was the experiment and it failed miserably! LGBT is a mental issue and the more they share their illness the more children are confused by these deviants. Most of the transgender operations don’t really work but you won’t hear them talk about that. The failures are really screwed up. No one wants that toting our military weapons around or making security issues for the military personnel while under fire. The Dems running for office that support this should be removed from office not voted in! Congress should be resolving problems not creating them.

  106. The whole idea of “transgenders” is vague and is being used in this case to sell the radical left to their tiny slice of the voters. As a successful combat company commander of airborne rangers in Vietnam, I saw how the bonds of soldiering work. Transgenderism, even if its proponents could define it, is disruptive of bonding.
    The Armed Forces have no spare funds for expensive surgeries and treatment of a gimmick nature. They are stressed as it is to return lots of miracle case battlefield wounded to their homes.

    Russell W Ramsey, Ph.D.
    Lt. Col. , Ret, US Army

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