Twitter’s plan to ban this pro-life account just backfired in a terrible way


Twitter has come under fire for silencing conservatives on their platform.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, was even forced to admit that he has left-wing bias.

However, Twitter’s plan to ban this high profile pro-life account just backfired in a big way.

This week, Twitter attempted to escalate their efforts against conservatives.

Twitter banned the account for the pro-life movie, “Unplanned.”

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Many users reported they attempted to “follow” the Unplanned account but were deleted after refreshing the page.

This is more than just a slip up from some Silicon Valley tech engineer.

This is another way of shadow-banning content so that this pro-life account’s posts never show up in the feeds of users who thought they signed up to see their alerts.

Breitbart reports:

Conservative figures reacted with outrage earlier today as Twitter suspended the official account of Unplanned during the pro-life movie’s week of release. The account was restored shortly after its suspension, which Twitter said was related to the ban of a different account.

Unplanned, directed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon and starring Ashley Bratcher, tells the true-life story of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood director who becomes a pro-life activist after witnessing a fetus struggling for life during an abortion at thirteen weeks gestation.

The film was released in U.S. theaters yesterday with a R-rating, which drew accusations of political bias against the MPAA, which assigns movie age ratings.

Twitter suspended Unplanned‘s official account, @UnplannedMovie earlier today. The social media platform has been widely criticized for alleged discrimination against conservatives, right-wingers.

Conservatives quickly created an uproar and Twitter backed off their censorship.

It’s no secret that Twitter despises the pro-life movement.

And this pro-life movie has sparked a great deal of controversy.

It was given an outrageous “R” rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in order to reduce how many people will see the movie.

K-LOVE, one of the largest Christian music radio stations, is refusing to run ads for the film.

Now Twitter’s attempt to censor “Unplanned” is backfiring as more pro-lifers are following the account than ever would have without the ban.

The pro-life movement has achieved many victories under the Trump administration.

The left realizes this fact and is doing everything they can to rollback the pro-life movement.

This won’t be the last attack we see from Twitter or other social media giants against the pro-life movement.

Do you think Twitter purposely censored the pro-life movie “Unplanned” account?

Vote “Yes” or “No” in the comments section!


    • I got my account closed on twitter with no appeal. A co-worker gotom my computer when the account was open and said some things they didn’t like about transexuals. So they closed it. I tried to get it back but they just have canned responses that since it was deemed hate speech I would never get it back. I just contacted my Senators office.

      • Why bother. Why would you want to get back on twitter when it does this to you. What needs to be done is for some conservative billionaires to start a conservative social network. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Same thing happened to me. I commented that parents should be charged with child abuse for entering their 5 year old in Transgender Beauty Contest. I hope that Jack Dorsey goes bankrupt. Better yet, all of the Social Media Sites should be controlled by the government for this simple reason.

  1. Anyone else tired of their childish 3 year old like excuses why conservative events always seem to disappear ??? These PsOS are so pathetic, they are supposed to be adults running a business and they are more like 3 year olds still pouting over 2016.

  2. the only way the abortion industry can thrive is to tell the lie begun by Margaret Sanger who wanted to destroy all minorities and inferior folks
    Most PP places are in the lower income areas
    if abortions were free and if people saw ultra sounds of their unborn babies
    then Unplanned would be the best arguement against it

  3. I’m old!! Who would ever have thought that EVEN DEMON RATS would make LIVE BIRTH ABORTION a platform and WORSE people would VOTE telling every one against it were the IMMORAL ONES???

    • Keith, the DNC took God out of their platform in 2012 and now support abortion of a baby at birth, and into life, itself! I can’t believe people of ANY jurisdictions can accept this; this is, so late in a pregnancy, outright MURDER!! Who’s next, I wonder, approval of euthanasia?

  4. Agree with your comments Gerry. Twitter is another media to force their views onto the public. It is each individual that lives in this country to have their ‘own opinion’. Twitter and Facebook want their views to be the only ones the public should believe and live by. It is a way of controlling what we think and believe for ourselves that these big shots want to control. Who in the name of sanity doe they think they are!! I believe that they are paid by both foreign entities and liberals that want control of this country and life to be what these people want… opposition. Like Hitler that decided Jews were to be exterminated. This is an obvious attempt to diminish the population that will have their own opinion now and in the future generations. Again, and as I have tweeted and posted: “All these problems are in a big way our own fault. This is nothing new however the general public chose to ignore them. It is the NOW that we need to pick up our own swords and fight back against what the left wants to use to control us. We need to stand up for our way of life in all aspects of our lives and our American values that we honor.”

  5. Absolutely intentional. – The movie clearly shows Planned Parenthood’s lies and what abortion is – Murder physically, pyschologicallu , and emotionally to the unborn fetus who can and does feel pain, the biological mother carrying the child, and the biological father who wants the child. Planned Parenthood is not about counseling a woman in crisis but securing body parts for profit.

  6. Absolutely, it was on purpose. I reckon these platforms ought to be broken up on the grounds of antitrust laws, or remain intact and usurped as public utilities — which cannot discriminate.

  7. Twitter.. like Facebook, etc., etc., for some assinine reason work for the anti-American leftists and both will do everything they can to damage and even demolish the Republican Party

  8. YES

    I wonder if Kaci Stahl plans on seeing this movie and if so, if it will change her mind about what really happens to the baby when its mother elected to murder it. After all, she was a Sunday School teacher before satan took over her mind and she became an advocate for abortion (yay, shout your abortion).

  9. Twitter is no different than Facebook or Google. They are all headed by un-American libtards that are trying to smother any conservative thought.

  10. Most definitely censoring conservatives on Twitter, Facebook and Google! They have been censoring me for about 6 months! I called my state representative and senators! Then it stopped!

  11. Ban all three Google, FB, and twitter. All run by liberal asswipes who are immature twits. Defund PP and vote out these disgusting abortion loving libtards. Disgrace to our country.

  12. Twitter banned me because they didn’t like my comments about asshole Jim Carreys paintings. He paints obscene, vulgar pictures of Trump and makes comments about it. So apparently its okay to spew trash about the president but not say anything bad about an asshole actor/painter hasbeen.

  13. I would like to comment from time to time, but I think I got lost in the shuffle somewhere and got myself banned. I feel I have spent more than enough time in “time out” and would like to be reinstalled.

  14. I do believe that it was a, deliberate attempt to delete the TRUTH about the murder of our future generation of our Nation. The Evil one KNOWS that time is ending for the “dark side” of this world, and is frantically trying to keep a hold on his minions through the media, and destroying the TRUTH….but our God has a plan…..HE is gathering HIS warriors and FIGHTING back……Praise the Lord…..and thank God for our President…..Trump 20/20!!!!!!!

  15. Twitter and Facebook both should be regulated, and by a bipartisan committee. No monopoly that seeks to control free speech should be tolerated. Remember when the FCC had to step in when the phone monopoly Ma Bell was broken up? We now have multiple telephone companies and services. We have laws, but they are not being enforced.

  16. Day before yesterday after seeing the movie I attempted to post the “Unplanned” link using my Messenger app CHAP portion; when I attempted to send the post, the app closed and failed to allow it to be re-opened and a message stating that the post was ABUSIVE. The following day I again attempted to open Messenger, but when entering my information a page, not belonging to me popped up; the upsetting part was that my cell phone number existed in their personal information and some of my contacts and pictures appeared on their Messenger page and Facebook account.

  17. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  18. They most certainly did it purposely. The R rating was to keep it from getting too much advertising by having previews run at PG-13 movies. I just wish some of my smarter Democrat friends would listen to two sides of every subject, but I don’t think their minds are open anymore.

  19. Christian values are under attack all over the world. In many places it’s as bad as when we were afternoon snacks for lions in Rome. I’ve needed many things in life but never a know it all celebrity. We can only wish retroactive were real for these abortion advocates that call themselves human beings.


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