Twitter suspended this conservative journalist for a terrifying reason


Big Tech is becoming an Orwellian nightmare.

Tech companies are subverting social norms with a leftist bent.

And Twitter just suspended this conservative journalist for a terrifying reason.

Project Veritas is an investigative journalism outfit that tackles the stories Big Media absolutely refuses to cover.

Project Veritas is hated by the Left for two reasons:  the organization’s founder is a conservative, and the organization is highly effective.

Project Veritas first came on the map when its founder, James O’Keefe, exposed the community organizing racket ACORN as nothing more than a corrupt government-funded institution.

Lately, Project Veritas is exposing violent, radical communist staff employed by Democrat candidates, Big Media bias, and corrupt Deep State actors.

Mostly recently, Project Veritas recorded multiple Bernie Sanders staffers showing their true colors as revolutionary communists who say the gulags weren’t so bad, and that Republicans need to be “reeducated.”

This should serve as a wakeup call to just how radical Sanders and his supporters are.

But what’s even more eye-opening is the reaction to the Project Veritas leaks.

While the so-called mainstream media ignored the videos, Twitter actually suspended Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

O’Keefe was suspended from the platform for requesting a retraction and correction from journalist Dave Weigel, for printing erroneous information Project Veritas’ reporting.

Twitter justified the suspension by saying, “You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission.”

This is essentially a policy against doxxing, but O’Keefe did not give out any private information.

All of it is publicly available.

The truth doesn’t even matter to Big Tech.

O’Keefe is a threat and they’ll suspend him, or outright ban him, even with the flimsiest of evidence.”

This will be the Left’s strategy for 2020.

Donald Trump played the media better than any candidate in 2016 and turned his Twitter account into a vehicle for free advertising.

Establishment Democrats are leaning on Big Tech to censor those who support the president and conservative principles.

Leftists have proven that they fundamentally don’t care about upholding any principles, they simply believe in power dynamics.

Well, Big Tech platforms like Twitter have a lot of power, and they’re willing to use it in hypocritical ways.

If Twitter can suspend someone as well-known as O’Keefe for posting publicly available information relevant to his investigation, imagine what they will do to you.

Legitimate accounts with fewer followers have actually been suspended or shut down for false being labeled as Russian bots.

This type of censorship is nothing short of an Orwellian nightmare.

Will more high-profile conservatives get harassed by the higher-ups at Tech Giants?

Share your thoughts about Big Tech’s censorship with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. I personally don’t twitter, nor do I have a Facebook page. But in my opinion, this Conservative journalist has had his Constitutional rights violated and has a very good legal case against the CEO of Twitter. No matter how the demon party tries to stifle and block the truth from being brought forth, we will not be silenced. We learn the real truth from websites like Culture watch and other avenues. And now that this farce of an impeachment proceedings are over, perhaps President Trump will be able to get rid of the Leftists traitors in our government and our Constitutional rights will be upheld. GOD bless the USA and President Trump!

  3. Good for twitter now if they would ban tRUMP we would be in better shape. As far as removing Democrats be careful what you ask for Linda because at some point turn about is fair play and when we regain power we will do the same thing to you Christian/Fascist. We will try and deprogram all of you but most of you are to brainwashed and you can’t fix stupid.

  4. Jack: I always love it when you center me out to post your ignorant and hateful remarks. And you’d better be real careful who you call stupid, my friend. REAL careful. When you call us Christian/Fascist, I wear it as a badge of honor. Do you want to know why? Because satan( your parties god) hates anyone that loves our one true GOD and it’s almost pouring holy water on your souls, when we stand with HIM and not go to the dark side, like your party has. And please stop reading the book 1984. NOBODY ,especially the demon party, will deprogram me. Even though that’s what YOUR party wants. TOTAL control of every aspect of our lives. There are way too many TRUE patriots in this country that will not let THAT happen….

  5. If only Twitrer could get Jack to get some rehab for his dope problem, that would be something useful for someone totally useless. That idiot most likely still lives in his mommy’s basement as well.

  6. The bible says, “The fool, AKA Jack, has said in his heart, there is no God!” Jack just smokes to much, what we used to call Funny Tobacco. He may even add a little other illegal substances. He surely does his best to prove that his IQ can be counted on one hand.

  7. Kudos to Linda M., a courageous woman, keep up the good dialogue.

    Project Veritas and James O’Keefe have heroically investigated secret, potentially hazardous, issues to expose for transparency. Seeking truth should not be penalized. Twitter’s cancellation reveals its partisan prejudicial roots. Ugly and tacky.

    Hopefully, a new social media platform will now be developed to fill the void for independent expression of integrity, without fear of being silenced.

  8. Project Veritas has nothing to do with truth and is simply the Fuhrer’s, oops, I meant Trump’s, mouthpiece.

  9. HCB;Well here he comes once more, satan’s little helper, sharing his hate and distain for our great president. Like we are really impressed with your lack of intelligence and integrity. I think not. But you do give us pause just how many of you are really in need of mental help. But are still walking among us. And able to vote. It must be something that the demon party all have in common, isn’t it? Just look how sterling and respectful your speaker of the house conducted herself, during President’s Trump’s SOTU address. One of your hero’s no doubt. The demon party really hates, that no matter how they try , the real truth will surface and come forth through other avenues……You are really sad and pathetic….

  10. Best thing to do is to get off the site and allow the little children to ONLY wail among themselves. They’re nothing without you and there are plenty of other sites to visit.

  11. Don: I don’t who your comment was directed at , but IF you were defending HCB then PLEASE do find other sites to post your ignorant and unwelcome comments on. These people here are not children. But honest, good people speaking the truth. Something that is poison to your ears.. Just like a typical Leftist. Bitter, childish and really stupid…..BYE!!!

  12. Jim P Good for you! Yay, kudo’s that response you made was spot on! I wish there were more people like you. Keep getting of the sewage spies on these sites!

  13. jack it is YOU who has been brainwashed and has no concept of the truth. There is no such thing as a Christian fascist. It is not possible for a Christian to be a fascist. It is very obvious that you have no clue who Jesus is, but He forbids your sick hate and lies, which are of satan, your master.

  14. HCB, it is very clear that YOU know nothing of the truth. You blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders without question like the good little robot you are. Take your sick hate somewhere else. We do not need it

  15. HCB, your ignorance is showing. PV was around before Trump became president and he has nothing to do with it. You are a liar

  16. I hate government regulating but I think they should start regulating the discrimination.Free speech s being subverted by social media and it needs to be stopped.

  17. BJ you believe anything and tRUMP Republithiugs/Fascist does or say so who is the brainwashed one if DOTARD shoots someone you Republithugs would be fine with it.

  18. Jack-YOU do so well describing the Dem’s and yourself-all evil, lawbreaking and hateful. No one is perfect, but what the Democrats have done these last three years and are still doing is shameful and absolutely 5000% corrupt.

  19. Why is it if someone disagrees tRUMP they are a spawn of Satan. That folks is called being brainwashed or better put part of the CULT of tRUMP PERSONALITY.

  20. Jack; How Many times must it be spelled out for you so you can grasp why, me included,we refer to your party as the demon party? What have they done these past 3+ years but not work with our sitting president, report fake stories, want to dismantle the Constitution and cost the tax payers millions upon million of dollars on their constant witch hunts, which includes this impeachment farce?? And this is naming just a few of the abominations and treasonous acts YOUR party has committed!!!! They have done NOTHING for the benefit of our nation or it’s citizens. NOTHING!! Plus they have thrown out our GOD but want the Muslim belief to be accepted and followed. So you wonder why we refer to you people as the devil’s spawn?? I could go on and on, but talk about being brainwashed. SOME of you just can not or will not accept your party is very anti-American and we will not be a part of it. And by the way, this comment is being made by someone who is highly educated and has good old common sense. Not stupid….

  21. Michael I agree with your comment at the top I was watching 1984 and you are right the beginning looks just like a tRUMP rally.

  22. Jack, your TDS has progressed to the point of complete irrationality. What will you do next year when “OUR” great President is re-elected in a massive historic landslide?

  23. Michael I have four year then I retire and start looking for somewhere that is civilized to emigrate to probably our cousins to the north. There is going to be a blood letting at some point in this country and I want nothing to do with it. That is because there are to many guns in the hands of civilian’s in this country.

  24. No Michael Electoral College he may squeak by but he will never win the popular vote. Michael you must realize this is the last stand of the WASP’s. Go look up that term are you a WASP not if my memory serves me right you aren’t.

  25. Jackass, truth is truth. It is not our truth. Truth just is. And God tells us what is right and wrong. You can deny God, but that makes you a fool.

  26. jackass, the dem party threw God out and where God is banned satan moves in. The dem party is controlled by satan. Your sick hate and lies are proof. And you attack Trump but extremely vile corrupt Hillary and muslim traitor Obama are fine with you. And I am not a Republican.

  27. jackass, the dems are the fascists. Their goal is total control over our government and every aspect of our lives. No freedom. But you think that is good. You are very foolish

  28. Jack–if you don’t like our system of government then change it the right way. We Americans will NOT allow anarchy or our Republic to become a Socalist-Communist hell on Earth. Promise !

  29. jackass, good riddance when you leave. Since you hate this country so much and who our founding fathers were, and our freedom, you should leave now.

  30. Oh one more thing BJ don’t tell me about the founding fathers considering my family were Freedom Fighters/Terrorist against the British Empire. So yes I could join the sons of the Revolution if I wanted. I have all the historical documentation.

  31. jack you need a lot of help with your sick hatred. Please get it. You need Jesus. And I am independent. I answer to no party. Unlike you, I have a brain to think for myself. And Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus is all about love and forgiveness. You have the hate of satan in your heart

  32. jackass…I am programmed by God who created me. God is all about love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, truth, and helping others, NONE of which are in you. It is YOU who needs to be deprogrammed. It is very clear that satan is your master. Your sick hatred and lies are from him

  33. jackass, so what if you have the documentation to join the Sons of the Revolution. You are a total disgrace to them, so please don’t join

  34. jackass, Pres. Trump was acquitted because he did nothing wrong. But your sick hatred keeps on going and going and going…

  35. jackass, you are very confused. GOD is my master, not Pres. Trump. God gave us Pres. Trump because He knows how evil Hillary is. But since satan is your master, it is understandable that you are confused. That is what satan does to you

  36. Somebody…Jack has no clue what a conservative or a Christian is. He just comes here to spew his sick hate and ignorance, which he is very good at

  37. jackass, the $20 bill with the picture of the one who forced the Cherokee into the Trail of Tears? That one??? You are proud of that???

  38. BJ are you proud of what tRUMP has done to the Latino children you are ok locking them up in cages. I forgot you are just another REPUBLITHUGS/FASCIST. Ops I forgot you are not a REPUBLITHUG you are just a CULT of DOTARD PERSONALITY sycophant.

  39. Jack: Just stop it already!! President Trump IS NOT and I repeat IS NOT locking Latino children in cages, you twit. Your great Muslim leader Obama did that!! You really sound like the ignorant fool AOC when she visited there and the CAMERAS showed what she was claiming was totally false ! And you people have the unmitigated nerve to call US brainwashed??? What will it take for you to face the truth???

  40. Jack, I follow Jesus, whom you have denied. Your sick hate and lies are of satan, who is your master. You cannot win. You have the choice to come to Jesus and accept Him as your Savior and know the truth, but you have chosen satan instead. That is your misfortune for eternity. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus forgives all who come to Him, even you if you want to. He does not allow your sick hatred. You need to let go of it


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