Tucker Carlson obliterated a CNN analyst after he said something sick about abortion


The left-wing losers at CNN hate Tucker Carlson.

He gets over three times their viewership every night, all while attacking them for their lies.

And Tucker Carlson obliterated a CNN analyst after he said something sick about abortion.

Democrats are losing their minds over Texas’ new pro-life law, which bans abortion after six weeks.

They claim that it is an attack on women, while ignoring the fact that half of abortions, on average, kill unborn girls in the womb.

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin took that argument to the extreme during a recent appearance on the network.

But Tucker Carlson destroyed Toobin’s argument, pointing out a skeleton in Toobin’s own closet to do so.

“To assess yesterday’s court decision on abortion, CNN found a man with personal experience,” Carlson began. “That would be Jeffrey Toobin. Now, Toobin is most famous for masturbating on Zoom. That will define his obit, unfortunately.”

“There may not be room for a much more relevant fact which is Jeffrey Toobin once impregnated a co-worker’s daughter and then pressured her to get an abortion. He knows this topic cold. Now, she refused, but in the process of pushing her to get an abortion unsuccessfully, Jeffrey Toobin learned what a lot of crappy men have learned over the years, which is, this is a great option if you’re a married guy who doesn’t want to pay for more kids with random women.”

Carlson then said: “So Jeffrey Toobin means it when he tells you it’s bad to ban it.”

To left-wingers like Jeffrey Toobin, abortion is seen as a convenience, and in his own case, a move to advance his career.

When he got a co-worker’s daughter pregnant, as Carlson points out, he saw abortion as a way to keep his career going while skirting responsibility for his disgusting actions.

He was willing to call for the murder of his own child, all to help him in his own career.

And these are the sort of people who the left relies on for spin to advance their pro-abortion agenda.

But more and more Americans are realizing just how horrific abortion is.

Polling continues to show that America is becoming more pro-life.

It isn’t inconceivable that abortion could be outlawed at some point in the not-so-distant future.

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