Tucker Carlson called out Pete Buttigieg for this crazy excuse and then Twitter jumped in with responses you have to see


Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary got ripped into by the Fox News host for going AWOL.

Buttigieg has an excuse he can pedal though.

Tucker Carlson called out Pete Buttigieg and then Twitter jumped in with responses you have to see.

While parents across the nation struggle with securing the basics, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg tries to put a positive spin on being AWOL during a crisis.

He’s suddenly loud and proud about parenthood, but a former Trump staffer says, “not so fast!”

But in the process, he’s showing a huge disconnect between what he can get away with in a sweet cabinet position and reality for most American parents.

After he was called out by Tucker Carlson for being nowhere to be found during a major supply chain crisis, Buttigieg has been trying to spin it as a positive for parents saying on The View, “It’s helped us have a conversation about parental leave.”

He added, “Culturally, we do have to get across the idea that [caring for new children] is work.”

Pretty sure something like a million parents in the United States know exactly how much work caring for a newborn is.

And there are plenty of people unimpressed with a politician appointed to a critical post taking weeks off while families across the nation struggle to find diapers, wipes, and food on store shelves.

Abigail Marone, Donald Trump’s “Rapid Response Specialist” called him out on Twitter.

“The issues is not paternity leave here.” She tweeted, “The issue is Buttigieg taking 2 months of leave during a supply chain crisis without telling Americans he would be gone. He suddenly became “proud” of the paternity leave & started promoting it after everyone was like ‘where are you’???”

She added in a comment, “Democrats know they will lose the debate on Buttigieg & the Admin’s handling of the supply chain crisis so they’re trying to make it about something else entirely. Don’t let them get away with it.”

Randy Scroggins chimed in saying, “He also knew when he took the job just a few months before that he would be taking leave. Seems deceptive to take a job knowing you would take a couple months off before you even know what you are doing in the job.”

Of course, several commenters shared their doubts that he’ll ever know what he’s doing in the position.

Kevin Shanley added his two cents saying, “IMO, if you take a position that can affect millions, your plan should be to show up to work every day unless you are so sick that you can’t. And if you can’t for more than a week, you should step down. Leaving the world on auto pilot doesn’t fly.”

Another Twitter user pointed out that the private sector family leave doesn’t apply to key employees in the private sector.

Twitter user DSol1, pointed out that Buttigieg couldn’t get away with something like this in corporate America.

“Agree with you 100%.” He tweeted, “Worked in tech for 32 years and never saw this. Leaders took time off but never during a crisis. Maybe a day here and a day there but were on top of issues and were present. Gave people confidence we could work through any crisis. Pete failed.”

This latest Biden Administration failure is only one of many that has to be eroding the confidence of even the most dedicated Democrats—even if they’d never dream of admitting it.

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