Trump’s latest move has every Christian in America cheering


President Donald Trump has proven himself as a major champion for Christians in America.

After eight years of Barack Obama he truly is a welcomed break from the anti-Christian bullying of the Democrat Party.

And his latest move has every Christian in America cheering.

The annual March for Life took place in Washington, D.C. this week.

And despite it running for 47 years, no President ever spoke at the march in person.

But Trump just changed that when he spoke on stage during the main event this year.

“We are deeply honored to welcome President Trump to the 47th annual March for Life,” said Jeanne Mancini, March for Life president when the news broke he’d be attending. “He will be the first president in history to attend and we are so excited for him to experience in person how passionate our marchers are about life and protecting the unborn.”

Trump responded to the news, with a simple Tweet stating, “See you on Friday…Big Crowd!”

March for Life is the biggest pro-life rally in the country.

Last year’s event brought an estimated 75,000 people, and this year initial reports estimated attendance around 100,000 for the event.

Not only this, but Trump gave pro-life Americans another huge win by declaring January 22 ­– the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision – National Sanctity of Life Day.

Roe v. Wade is what ultimately made abortion considered a right.

Decades after the decision, Norma McCorvey, who was “Roe” in Supreme Court case, came out and declared that her role in the case was the biggest mistake of her life.

Despite that, liberals continue to tout the anniversary as a day of celebration.

That’s why Trump is taking it back, and reaffirming his support for the sanctity of life.

In his declaration, he stated:

“Every person — the born and unborn, the poor, the downcast, the disabled, the infirm, and the elderly — has inherent value. Although each journey is different, no life is without worth or is inconsequential; the rights of all people must be defended. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, our Nation proudly and strongly reaffirms our commitment to protect the precious gift of life at every stage, from conception to natural death.”

And Trump isn’t just pandering for support; he has been working to actually create the framework to reverse Roe v. Wade, which will make it possible for abortion to be made illegal in states across the country.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently hinted at the possibility of this, stating that the court should revisit “demonstrably erroneous decisions” while discussing an abortion-related case.

Do you think Roe v. Wade should be reversed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. President Trump is awesome!
    Abortion is just legalized murder… Murder of a helpless, innocent HUMAN being! No preborn or now newborn baby EVER gets a CHOICE!
    EVERY woman consenting to sex GETS A CHOICE! And it’s called BIRTH CONTROL!

    Democrats Support the murder of preborn & newborn babies! And abortion targets BLACK babies & Female babies. Margaret Sanger must to Proud! She’s finally realized her racist dream, reduce the number of Black babies. Which she considered inferior & a drain on society. Planned (un)Parenthood (Murder Incorporated), is the creation of Margaret Stanger!

    Way to go President Trump! So proud of MY President!

  3. So ashamed of the CULT of DOTARD PERSONALITY sycophants all of you will need to be deprogrammed after he is gone.

    You people are so brainwashed by your GOD/KING sad is the only thing to say about you deplorable folks.

  4. Jack,
    One of the most despicable acts a person can commit is to murder a child, born or unborn, and you call us deplorable…

  5. Thank you, Mr. President, for standing with pro-life Americans. We salute you, being the first sitting president to appear with the Pro-Life Rally. Way to go, Mr. Trump, you are simply awesome. When you are reelected in November, you will have more opportunities to join in the cause of life. You set the stage to bring this cause to a fruitful termination!

  6. I just returned to SW Pennsylvania from the March for Life in DC. We were humbled by what our GREAT President said ! The sea of humanity was even larger than last year. Contract your Congressman AND 2 Senators to STOP THIS MURDER OF THE BABIES !

  7. With EVERYTHING President Trump has to deal with daily, thanks to the demon party, he still takes time to be concerned about the killing of innocent babies, via abortions ! May GOD continue to bless him and our great country!!! THANK YOU MR.PRESIDENT!!!

  8. Feminists insist it ts “my body, my choice”. Yes it is! All women have the choice of protected sex or unprotected sex. I can support abortion if bringing a child to full term can be detrimental to the life of the mother and perhaps in the case of insist or rape otherwise, you get pregnant live with it. Don’t want or can’t afford the baby? There are plenty of places that will find foster care or adoptive parents.

  9. It appears to me that most pro lifers respect life so long as its in the womb — But when its
    outside the womb they generally support the death penalty!

  10. Joe Hanon; People on death row are there for many MANY years. Filing appeal after appeal. All the while being taken care of and even getting college degrees. So they have plenty of time , if they are truly innocent, to over turn their conviction(s).All the while the taxpayer’s are footing the bill. But an innocent baby that did not ask to be conceived is slaughtered needlessly because of two people’s laziness . So please don’t try to equate a similarity between the two…..

  11. When the hart beats
    That’s a life for sure
    What is it that you don’t understand about that?
    Do u want someone u don’t know stop yours from beating?
    Andrew I DON’T THINK SO
    Neither dos the unborn

  12. Not about Christianity, but God. Planned Parenthood, and similar affiliated clinics, seek to discount any religion believing in God, as unborn and infant abortions would fail to obtain government funding, e.g., tax exemptions and medical institution discounts, for organ harvesting, stem cell formulations, etc. Religion seeks to uphold life; atheism justifies abortions.

  13. Referencing Jack and Joe, I would bet the farm that if either of them put their ego’s behind and took all their Machismo to an abortion clinic and watched the video of an unborn child fighting for his/her life as the machine starts to rip them apart two things would happen. First they would become so violently ill and repulsed that they would not be able to contain any sense of composer and secondly would immediately become PRO-LIFE. No one has the right to take another’s life for the sole purpose of making their life, “Easier,” simply because they didn’t want to be bothered by a child.

  14. I will never understand a doctor who is sworn to protect life, why he or she will do a abortion procedure. It just all boils down to the love of money. Money is their God. Abortion is just plain and simple murder. Abortion does not make you not pregnant. It make you the mother of a murdered child. Those that have or preform abortion procedures should be prosecuted for premeditated murder.

  15. To Jack: I was pro life before I knew who Donald Trump was. I stand firm in that belief and thrilled that our president stand with prolifers

  16. To Jack: I was pro life before I knew who Donald Trump was. I stand firm in that belief and thrilled that our president stands with prolifers

  17. I said: With much Gratitude and Thanks, Mr. President, you are what our country needed to heal the damage that the demented dimwit obstructionist immoral demoncrats have done to our country. Restore the standards and values that we were raised by in the past. You have my vote in 2020 and in 2024, too! That should burn a few demoncrat ashes.

  18. “The dead… are happier than the living…but better than both is he who has not yet been, who has not seen the evil that is done under the sun. Eccl. 4:2,3
    “…and the day of death better than the day of birth.” Eccl. 7:1
    He (the Lord) struck down all the firstborn of Egypt,… Psalm 135:8, Psalm 136:10
    Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn. Benjamin Franklin.
    A woman who opts for an abortion is exceedingly courageous in this male-dominated, ruthless world.
    I am 89 years old and have been a born-again Christian for75 years.

  19. This is to Oscar Carlson: If you die and go to heaven. you are happier than the living. If you die and go to hell for killing a baby. then I would say you are not very happy. I wonder what kind of Christian you are.

  20. @Joe Hanon: Such an ignorant comment. Why don’t you explain the savages on death row and how they got there by NOT respecting others, Tinkerbell, while an innocent, helpless baby doesn’t have the chance to prove anything…..and many are killed because of irresponsible supposed adults. There are plenty of ways to prevent a pregnancy BEFORE there’s a baby. Also the BS story of “it’s my body” by feminists is just as bad. NO…….it isn’t their body that’s being ripped apart so grow up.

  21. Oscar…a woman who murders her baby is courageous?? Really?? You do know that God forbids murdering babies, right????

  22. jackass, it is you who is very sad. You have no concept at all of the truth. NOTHING you say is true. So why do you even come here? It is you who is very brainwashed by your lib leaders. You blindly believe their sick lies without question. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and NOT ONE of them considers him to be God or a king. NOT ONE of them is brainwashed. They all know that Hillary would have been far worse and that God gave us a second chance with Pres. Trump, who loves this country and has done nothing but good for us. Hillary would have continued Obama’s destruction. But you are blind to the truth. You just hate. You are a very sad creature.

  23. It is no use to answer the above killing of baby reprobates. Do not engage them beyond one formal rebuke, but encourage one another to withstand the temptations and snares of this wicked age. They have been given up for the fires of hell.

  24. Food for thought for all you ‘rationalists’. If the 60,000,000 babies had NOT been murdered, what marvelous inventions & discoveries could have been made? Also, as the economy is roaring President Trump has explained there IS a massive shortage of workers here in America. Can you comprehend the aforementioned connections?

  25. It was huge ! Perhaps if it be the will of God we will have this awful awful sin overturned in the Supreme Court and we won’t have this event EVERY YEAR ! CONTACT our Congressman AND 2 SENATORS…KEEP THE PRESSURE ON AND ONLY VOTE PRO -LIFE ! AMEN..

  26. Jack, I know you are a leftist democrat & facts to you are like light to roaches but I’m going to give you a couple of facts anyways, who knows maybe a fact of how many babies are actually killed in a year will affect someone.
    In 2016, the most recent year I could get abortion data quickly, 48 of 52 reporting areas in the United States reported that there were 623,471 abortions in the U S. As I noted above, 4 reporting areas did not report their number of abortions for 2016. Of the number of abortions reported compared to live births, there are 186 abortions per 1,000 live births in the U S in 2016.
    If 623,471 Americans were killed by guns every year you leftists democrats would be losing your minds trying to ban every firearm & cap guns in the U S. But murdering 600,000 plus innocent babies every year is just a medical procedure according to you immoral idiots. You are killing a fairly large city every year by murdering all these innocent babies.
    What would make you stop abortion? Certainly no argument that’s been presented thus far. We all know how you leftists democrats will go into the deepest depths of the sewers for votes. Is that what it will take? Let’s give the women extra votes while she is pregnant. Maybe then you immoral murdering democrats will stop the abortions if you think you can get a few extra votes.

  27. Morons support abortion for any reason and now they want to be able to murder an infant that has successfully emerged alive.. the other murderers are happy about the cruel butchering of a third trimester infant that the mother has carried for sometime and now no longer wants that child.. of course one of the murder supporters wanted to slap conservatives for feeling that some worthless scummy enema bag on death row should be spared so that we can continue to be forced to pay for their food, shelter, free healthcare, and repeated trips to court.. must be heroes to the parasites..

  28. The National Trust for Historic Preservation just emailed me to help identify 1000 notable women for Women’s month. I told them NOT to forget –>> Margaret Sanger–who started the butchering of babies in America…

  29. If Christians are correct, all life was created by GOD. If Darwin is correct, all life evolved from single cell organisms. Either way, Life, as we know it, comes from previous life which was only created once. A live Father must provide Live Sperm to a Live Egg in a Live Mother to create a Live Cytoplast which forms a Live Fetus and eventually a Live Child. At no point in this biological process is Life ever Absent for Any amount of time. It is simply a continuation of Pre-Existing Life. The termination of Any Human Life is Murder no, matter how you look at it, Defined as “The Premeditated Killing of another Human Being”. If you Kill another Human on Purpose, you’ll have to explain yourself to GOD, If Christians are right. If Darwin is right, all sin is punished by other humans during your life and controlled by the society you live in. In some cannibalistic societies, Jeffery Dahmer would be revered as a god. Just saying….

  30. People on this site, who support abortion and say they are Christians are lying. No Real Christian would kill a baby.
    President Bush, was always saying he was, a Christian but he never spoke at this conference or said anything against Abortion.
    Obama was for killing babies and Christians.


  32. Thank you Pres. Trump for standing up for the lives of the most helpless innocent human beings. Life begins at conception and God forbids the murder of babies in or out of the womb. The dem party has thrown God out and has no morals. They are followers of satan

  33. Abortion is murder, the liberals know that is true but they do not care. If anything disturbs what they want in life, it is okay to use any means possible to remove it. Murder is just a tool, the liberals use to kill babies, if they get in the way.
    Anyone, who supports abortion, would probably supported Hitler.

  34. Killing the most innocent, most helpless, tiniest litttle human beings is the most heartless, the most brutal, the most deplorable, the most immoral act anyone can do. Just the thought of it is heartbreaking, too horrible to even imagine. How can anyone go on living knowing they have participated in such an unspeakable horror.


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