Trump made one bold move that has atheists’ heads exploding across America


If there is one group in America who hates President Donald Trump more than anybody, it is atheists. 

Trump isn’t afraid to stand up against them and take a stand for Christian values. 

And Trump just made one bold move that has atheists’ heads exploding across America. 

For months, Black Lives Matter has been tearing down monuments across America.

It began with statues to Confederate Generals, and has since moved on to U.S. Presidents and even abolitionists like Frederick Douglas. 

But while most of America knows that this is happening, there is a much more sinister move happening with some of the more radical aspects of Black Lives Matter.

It all began with a Tweet from Shaun King, who is perhaps the most prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement. 

He sent to his over one million followers a Tweet declaring that, “All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down,” adding, “They are a gross form white supremacy.”

Considering that most churches in America, including black churches, depict a white Jesus, it became an all-out declaration of war on Christianity that many Godless people were willing to take action on. 

And they have specifically targeted Catholic churches across America. 

Earlier this month, a man drove his car into a Florida Church and set it on fire while people were still inside. 

The man who tried to burn down the church told police he was on a “mission” and that what he did was “awesome.” 

And around the same time of that incident, a 249-year-old Catholic church in Los Angeles caught fire, with the inside being completely demolished. 

But that was far from the only attack on a Catholic church or monument on that day.

In Boston, a statue to the Virgin Mary was torched, and in New York, another statue of the Virgin Mary was vandalized. 

This is happening alongside other incidents, like one in St. Louis, MO where a gang of Black Lives Matter agitators attacked a Catholic prayer event in front of a historic statue of King Louis IX, a Catholic Saint, viciously attacking three Catholics. 

But thankfully, President Trump is taking action. 

Speaking to The Daily Caller, a senior White House official who wished to remain anonymous said, “The recent onslaught of violence against Catholic monuments like the Virgin Mary statue in Boston and the Jesus statue in Miami is absolutely appalling,” adding “President Trump joins the Catholic community in solidarity during this difficult time.”

Catholic website Church Militant confirmed the statement, and asked the White House about punishments for attacking Catholic monuments and churches, which they responded:

“It is the policy of the United States to prosecute to the fullest extent permitted under federal law, and as appropriate, any person or any entity that damages, defaces or destroys religious property including by attacking, removing or defacing depictions of Jesus or other religious figures or religious artwork.”

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