Trump just got what he needs to drive the final stake into the heart of Roe v. Wade


For decades, Roe v. Wade has allowed the legal murder of millions of unborn babies.

With President Trump in office, pro-lifers have been hopeful that it will finally be reversed.

And Trump just got what he needs to drive the final stake in the heart of Roe v. Wade.

States continue to try to pass laws that prevent the grizzly act of abortion.

But many of these laws end up getting blocked due to the Roe v. Wade ruling that gives women the right to abortions.

In order to reverse that decision, a case needs to come before the court.

And an Alabama law may be able to give them that case.

The law made waves because it outright bans almost all abortions.

But a federal judge just ruled it unconstitutional, with Roe v. Wade being the core reason why.

United Press International reports:

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked an Alabama law that would have imposed a near-total ban on abortion, beginning next month.

The law was set to take effect on Nov. 15, and aims to bar abortions at any stage of pregnancy. It does not exempt the procedure in cases of rape or incest.

The state’s Human Life Protection Act would have caused “serious and irreparable harm,” judge Myron H. Thompson said in his decision.

The injunction prevents the law from entering force while legal challenges move through the courts.

“A new total ban imposes substantial costs on women, including those who are unable to obtain an abortion and those ‘desperately seek to exercise their ability to decide whether to have a child’ and thus ‘would take unsafe measures to end their pregnancies,” Thompson added, citing a related 2014 lawsuit.

Planned Parenthood Southeast President Staci Fox said the ruling is a temporary victory.

“We said it from the start: this ban is blatantly unconstitutional and we will fight it every step of the way,” she said.

While this is bad news for pro-life Americans, this may have been the plan from the beginning.

This decision can now be challenged, and potentially make its way up the Supreme Court, which will give Roe v. Wade a chance at reversal.

Do you hope the Supreme Court repeals Roe v. Wade?

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