Trump is reversing one Obama college policy that has Leftists furious


Barack Obama did considerable damage to the country during his eight years in office.

Despite activist judges and Deep State actors, Donald Trump is doing his best to undo Obama’s most harmful actions.

And Trump is closer to reversing one Obama-era college policy that has Leftists furious.

In 2017, when Donald Trump was putting together a cabinet, Democrats in the Senate made the process as frustrating and prolonged as possible.

Despite the bluster, Trump’s appointees mainly got through with ease . . . except for one.

The sole Trump cabinet appointee that was opposed with the fury of 1,000 suns was Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

DeVos is a big proponent of school choice, which threatens the Democrats’ main power bloc, the teachers’ union.

Now the Left is mad at DeVos all over again because she’s about to reverse the fallout of Barack Obama’s “Dear Colleague” letter, which turned universities into kangaroo courts.

In a speech to the Independent Women’s Forum, DeVos said:

So, we are working to dismantle the government social engineering in education, including the previous administration’s staggering overreach on Title IX.

Justice demands humility, prudence, and truth. And the truth is: the so-called “guidance” by the prior administration [the “Dear Colleague” letters] failed too many students.


Too many cases involve students and faculty who faced investigation and punishment for only speaking their minds or teaching their classes.

Any perceived offense can become a full-blown Title IX investigation. But if everything is harassment, then nothing is.

Punishing speech protected by the First Amendment trivializes actual harassment. Harassment codes which trample freedom of speech derail the primary mission of a school—of learning… [sic] that is, to pursue truth.

As a result of this ridiculous policy, there was no due process of law in the matter of sexual assault or harassment claims.

Students have been expelled and had their reputations ruined over “drunk hook-ups,” and the set-up of these administrative kangaroo courts have sometimes barred both sides of a complaint from seeking legal representation or introducing evidence or calling witnesses.

The policy was a complete disaster on multiple levels, but it appears to be on the way out.

Do you think universities should be handling criminal allegations instead of local police?

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  2. Good for Pres. Trump. The more of Obama’s evil he does away with the better we are. It was Obama’s goal to bring down this country. Thank God he did not succeed

  3. Handpicked by Soros because of his leftist leanings, his youthful looks, his status
    as an at-least part black, and his speaking ability (only with a teleprompter of course),
    Obama cruised along, wrecking every American value he could and enriching himself
    more than any previous President.
    The more President Trump can undo the serious damage the leftist Muslim anti-America
    (and probably Kenyan) ex-President did, the better off our Country will be.

  4. You can thank the US Congress of 2008 and 2012 for ignoring US Constitutional law and allowing a fraud to take the oath of office of US President . The hole Trump/Russian collusion BS and now the Ukraine BS is all about protecting the fraud and usurper barack husssien obama . Saul Alinsky ….. Never try to defend your position stay on. the attack !

  5. “… and enriching himself more than any previous President.”

    The Obamas own three multi million dollar mansions, including a 50 million dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. I didn’t realize that being a community organizer paid so much.

  6. The fact that Trump won proves that God is not done with America! Soros delights in destroying countries, but even with satan on his side, God overran him and his minion, Obama the muslum! Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD! Praise GOD! After 2020, when GOD shows mighty power over these traitors, maybe we wont have to hear these dreadful names ever again! GO TRUMP! I PRAY FOR YOU EVERY MORNING THAT GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND VP PENCE AND YOUR PRECIOUS FAMILIES!!

  7. It has been stated; “People will do strange things for money; and, larger the amount of money is, stranger are the things done.”

  8. Oh, heck yeah. We should continue on a national basis to make all decisions in Beria Style political kangaroo courts. Yessir, we must be certain to insure that only the Remote Leftist side comes out on top. Yep, demand that Communism must rule – or else. (sarc) (as if you couldn’t tell)

    When are we ALL going to start calling the conduct of the Democrat Party and what they stand for what it is? IT’S COMMUNISM. This is how Communists rule. They decide, you obey. Period.

    Obama IS a COMMUNIST. His followers were and ARE Communists whether the ignorant sots know it or not.

    And by the way, I’ve had posts to that effect deleted repeatedly on so-called “Conservative” sites. Is anyone sure anymore about who is on their side? I’m not.

  9. A. if you’re going to write a blog please learn how to spell. But as to the article I totally agree that colleges have no place in law enforcement other than to provide the 1st place assault victims can go.As to the whole Ukraine BS, “always accuse your enemies of that you do yourself” Goebbels


  11. Sometimes I think a lot of the students were already stupid before they entered a advanced studies.
    Anyone who can be fooled into believing that free speech can’t be practiced, no matter the content
    Has lost all reasoning.
    A history lesson should be included
    In this, and I hope obama trips over
    his 4,800 dollar coffee table.


  13. It will take us years to undo the harm the so called potus lil dee trump and his minority band of white supremacists has done to America, and indeed to the World.

  14. d.trump, That INSANE IDIOT, That Oval Office SICKO CRAP, has done More Damage To This Country Than B.Obama could do even in a 100 Years!

  15. Come 2020, Vote For Tossing Out A Pair Of trump TRASH, GOD Save America From Another 4 Years Of mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  16. Betty and you are what? Please enlighten us with your sexual and personal history! Where did your authorization to judge as such come from? Now think very hard and be very careful as to your answer to this question!

  17. Betty, please elaborate for all of us. We are simple minded, deplorable, dregs of society who live under rocks and we are having trouble discerning all of the damage President Trump has done to our country. Please be very specific as you detail each element. We assure you that we can provide a list of particulars for which your beloved Kenyan should be held accountable.

  18. Colleges used to be expected to protect our children. Parents entrusted them to the college or university. Colleges have long since abanded taking any responsibility for our children’s wellbeing and worse, they work against it.

    The vast number of universities are to be avoided. They have broken trust and no longer even acknowledge their shortcomings—much less take responsibility for them.

  19. Obama did “considerabe damage to America ” as president ? Like hell he did ! On the xcontrary , Trump has already doenmore damage to America than all th eprevious presidents combined ! Obama has done more GOOD for America than any president in US history with the possible expecting of FDR .
    And Trump’s idiot appointment to head education in America, the totally unqualified an unfit Betsy De Vos has done more damage America’s school system than any previous individual the same position .
    She has been illegally and unconstitutionally siphoning off massive amounts of government funds needed for our public schools to enable CHRISTIAN parents to send their children to private Christian schools, which means she belongs in prison, not a presidential administration .
    This moronic woman has absolutely no experience running schools , no degrees in education or educational administration, does not believe in public education , attended private schools and college because she was born wealthy, and has sent her own chlordane to private schools . Trump gave her this position not because of qualification but because she made a generous contribution to his presidential campaign .’
    Trump is an idiot who appoints idiots to key positions in his so-called “administration “. He claims to choose only “the best “, but his choices have mostly been the worst ! The few competent, experienced and qualified people working for him have either been fired or quit in disgust .
    Obama was the one who chose the best . Now our idiot-in chief is in the process of destroying all the enormous progress this country made under him .

  20. Dale Brown, this is what the leftist libs like Betty have resorted to.

    The leftist liberals like Betty have descended so low in the human chain that the only course of action is name calling and then violence is close behind.
    Their emotions rule which leaves no room for logical thinking or common sense, they certainly need some mental help and perhaps a bit of pity.

  21. Betty, you are so hateful and DEPLORABLE. How in the hell do you live with yourself? Anyone that carries that much HATE has a real problem and should seek medical help. Not everything should go your way. President Trump was legally elected my the majority and he has been an outstanding President & Melania a wonderful, caring & lovable 1st lady. That poor family has been through HELL because of you DEMORATS because you didn’t get your own way with HILLDABEAST. Thank God. I know God had a hand in the election.

  22. Criminal Complaints should only by certified police officers or their departments. Under no circumstances should school officials be allowed to investigate criminal matters, their investigation would be invalid in any
    court procedures that follow. Also, their investigation would always side with the school officials who they
    owe their faith to. Having the foxes count the chickens in the coup is a failed situation. The school officials in my state have messed up many investigations but nothing is done about it. Each state should pass a law
    concerning criminal investigations that specifically states “When any information or formal charge in a criminal matter is brought to any school official, it MUST be reported to the law enforcement agency controlling the district the school is in.

  23. Shut up , bitter betty. You probably had an altar where you worshipped the usurper who used the Whitehouse as his personal toilet.
    I’m so glad that whole lot is out of there. Now if only they would leave the country, Venezuela would be a perfect fit for them.

  24. Betty, You know NOTHING at all about God. God DID save America!!!! He gave us Pres. Trump who loves this country and has done a lot for you. God saved us from Hillary who would have finished Obama’s destruction. Your hatred is extremely sick. It is really going to suck to be you when Jesus returns to judge you. He forbids your sick hatred. satan is your master

  25. Patricia, you are right on. God has given us a second chance. He gave us Pres. Trump instead of extremely corrupt Hillary. There is so much evil in the dem party because they have thrown God out and satan has taken over.

  26. Robert, you are truly DERANGED!!!!! NOT ONE THING YOU SAID IS TRUE!!!! You obviously do not have a brain. Pres. Trump has done only GOOD for this country. Sorry you are much too ignorant to see that.
    And muslim traitor OBAMA lied his way into our White House. He was born in KENYA and was ineligible to be president. He hates this country and everything it stands for and his goal was to destroy it. He is MUSLIM. Islam is our ENEMY. But you have no concept of that. Obama hates whites and law enforcement and our Constitution. Obama DID NOT make ANY PROGRESS!!!! Unless you think his goal of having EVERYONE dependent on government for EVERYTHING progress. Either you have no concept at all of what this country is or you are totally brainwashed by the left. You are a FOOL

  27. When Jesus returns, He will do exactly that. ALL who follow satan…dems, atheists, communists, muslims, and all others who deny God will follow him to Hell. The rest of us will be ruled by Jesus and we will never have to see those who belong to satan again

  28. Betty, please tell us WHAT DAMAGE pres. Trump has done. You CAN’T!!!! He has done nothing wrong. And it is YOU, Betty who is truly insane. Jesus will send you right to Hell to join your master satan. Jesus forbids your sick hatred. Have fun with satan

  29. Eric, YOU are a LIAR!!!!! Pres. Trump has done NO HARM!!! It is OBAMA who tried to destroy this country. FACT!!! Pres. Trump is undoing all the damage the sick muslim traitor Obama did. An PLEASE PROVIDE PROOF that Pres. Trump is a white supremacist. YOU CAN’T!!!! Because he IS NOT!!!!! Take your sick hate and lies somewhere else!!!! This is a conservative Christian site and you know NOTHING at all about either. You know nothing of the great love that Jesus has for you. You are a very sad creature

  30. Eric, Obama tried his best to destroy this country and the freedom our founding fathers gave us. He is MUSLIM. There is NO FREEDOM in islam. You are a fool. Go live in a muslim country to see what islam is. It is evil, as is your master satan

  31. Eric, you are proof positive that satan is in control of the dem party. You are truly brainwashed and fell for all of his lies

  32. Chainlink, History is no longer taught. The dem party cannot stand our founding fathers or what they left us. They just make up their own sick stuff
    And thanks for the laugh!!! Let’s hope that he breaks his leg when he trips

  33. Robert, since you do not believe in the freedom that our founding fathers gave us, please LEAVE. You are free to move to the communist country of your choice where there is NO FREEDOM. We SHOULD have the freedom of school choice. Public schools no longer teach. They are just lib indoctrination centers and you are proof of that.

  34. Betty, Betty, Betty, you really need to open your eyes.

    Come 2020 Trump will win biggly with a large number of Dems coming over to our side and more minorities then your side can handle!

    Your side is on the decline and this yelling and whining is just the death throws of a long overdue demise.

  35. you need to see past the nose on your face. check the economy check the stock market, let the truth speak for itself not the main stream media lies

  36. Community organizers get paid well but not that well…. Everyone knows how Obama obtain so much money…. I believe it is called theft and quid pro quo.

  37. Betty You Are One Sick POS, Obama Was A Divisive Communist Muslim, That Effing Crack Head Tried To Destroy This Country, Trump Got Elected To Bring This Country Back To Greatness, But It Is Clear To Me That You Are Just As Bad As Kenya Obama The Illegal President That Tried To Take Down The Best Country On The Planet.. Yes You Are Satan’s Daughter..

  38. “expecting” of FDR? In your very first paragraph, you make such a stupid mistake, demonstrating your intelligence (lack of), that readers cannot take you seriously.

  39. Hell no! No due process & no freedom of speech? That’s why we have a justice system to protect against just this issue!

  40. I am waiting to see one demonkrat who would willingly step away from all their businesses, turning them over to children and not renewing most overseas contracts when it might show a conflict of interest. Next let’s take on donating all salary to charities – excepting the Clinton Foundation, lol during their four years in office. Strange but there’s only one name that is coming to mind as an excellent example for our children, unlike the greedy left and most on the right if we’re painfully honest. That covers POTUS so let’s discuss FLOTUS. Say what her detractors dare to say, IMHO FLOTUS is the most beautiful, elegant, graceful First Lady our WH has seen to date. This only covers her from the outside. She showed America true grit and integrity when she ignored the boos in Baltimore last week by walking to the podium and speaking as though she had just been introduced at a Trump rally. Amazingly, if one of these kids would have stood up begging for help with addiction I know for a fact she would have personally addressed this that day. She loves the children of this country more than most people can imagine. She also believes every child should have the opportunity for the best education possible. Not one week goes by without me learning something new she is doing. We are twice blessed by having this as our first couple.

  41. January 20, 2021 is the best answer to “when”. We have to turn the left upside down starting a week from Monday but being well into the truth before November 3, 2020 first. By the next inauguration I figure this ship should be ready to hoist new sails by undoing all the PC and woke culture!

  42. The really sick sad reality of your writings is there are all these rich people who pay people to either do the classroom work for their children or they pay the colleges serious amounts of money to accept their kids who apparently aren’t smart enough to gain entry on a probationary status! What will this group of “college graduates” do? Pay someone to go to K – 1 for them? Wait, this is how Betty and Eric have gotten all their anti-Trump information! lol ????

  43. Amen……but the parasites or SNUPs (New acronym for llibs…Serve No Useful Purpose) can’t stand they stand for success and on their own.

  44. There is no evidence whatsoever that Barack Obama Junior was born anywhere other than Honolulu. There is no evidence that the State government of Hawaii habitually engages in fraud.

  45. It doesn’t matter if he was born in Hawaii, as Barack senior, the purported father, was NOT an American citizen, so jr was a citizen of the UK and illegally vetted for the office. Running for president (of the U. S.) requires that BOTH parents be United States Citizens.

  46. Might want to put that crack pipe down for a few days there Robert Berger. You are too fried to know that Trump has done more in 3 years than the muslim traitor coward did his entire 8 years of trying his hardest to destroy America.

  47. The idea that Barack Obama Junior is not a natural-born citizen of the United States does not imply he is was not born a citizen of the United States. Also, there is clarification neither in federal statute nor in federal case law that a natural-born citizen is a citizen whose mother and father were both citizens at the time of the citizen’s birth. Furthermore, if Obama was ineligible to serve as President of the United States, it would have been the responsibility of the appropriate federal agencies to block him from being inaugurated.

  48. If you believe that teaming up with neither Soros nor Putin is a viable option, then good on you. The trick is get them to go directly against each other instead of them using us like pawns.

  49. When looking at one of the email messages from “donotreply” at “”, click the “Unsubscribe” hyperlink found toward the bottom therein. There is also a link bearing the hypertext “Subscription Options”, which leads to a site where the subscription preferences for the corresponding email of yours can be managed.

  50. Any and all complaints should be made with the local police and the University Police should give assistance. Parties on both side should be in titled to legal representation

  51. My worst moment for Obama was when he said that I didn’t build my own business.
    I worked 30 years to build my tree service, by educating myself, by improving my client base and working with every customer with sincerity.
    And then one day, Obama told me that I did not build it, that the US government built it.
    I went around to all the businesses that I used in South Florida and told them what the Kenyan idiot said.
    Some of them almost punched me.
    For people who build their own companies, this is the greatest thing, that we ever do.
    To be told that we did not build our own businesses reveals that Obama had no idea what the free enterprise system is all about.
    Such a person should never have been President.

  52. No college or university Title IX inquiry has
    interfered with or impeded a law enforcement inquiry into an allegation of sexual assault. The Title IX Coordinator’s office conducts inquiries into violations of the institution’s sexual misconduct policy.
    If the reporting party wishes to report to a law enforcement agency they are free to do so. If they do not wish to seek assistance from law enforcement they are still entitled to the protections of the school as designated in the school’s policy. The property right/ contractural argument which the courts have entertained for aggrieved respondents also apply to the reporting party. Put simply all students have an expectation and right to the protections contained within an institution’s
    policies. Here is the rub, “equity”, the process needs to be equitable for all of the parties involved. Improving the laws and guidance which ensure equity is not a problem. However forcing a sexual assault victim to report to law enforcement or sacrifice the policy protection of a university is equally problematic.

  53. To put it bluntly; Obama screwed up everything he touched. He wanted to change the country and all for the worst. Once he is put in prison, I hope we never hear his name again.

  54. I’m afraid it’s going to take every last minute of his re-election and BOTH houses of Congress to correct/remove the damage inflicted by the previous administration, Nobama ! Ever again

  55. GOD did put Trump in office for a purpose. I am for school vouchers and i should be allowed to send my child to whatever school I decide. My child belongs to me not the government.


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