Triggered Black Lives Matter activists just smeared a pro-lifer in the worst way


Pro-lifers are always under attack for simply sharing the plain truth about abortion.

And the radical Social Justice Warriors will do anything to silence pro-lifers completely.

But these Black Lives Matter activists just crossed the line with their outrageous smear against a pro-life speaker.

At Wheaton College in Illinois, the college Republicans invited African American pro-life advocate Ryan Bomberger to speak at an even called “Black Lives Matter, In and Outside the Womb.”

Students then complained that he made them feel “unsafe” and “unheard.”

And the school administration also condemned his visit entirely.

CBN writes:

Students at Wheaton College allege that an African American pro-life activist made them feel “unsafe” and “unheard” as he addressed racial justice and abortion during a campus forum.

Ryan Bomberger was invited by Wheaton College Republicans to speak at a campus-event called “Black Lives Matter, In and Outside the Womb.”

During the 50-minute presentation, Bomberger spoke about the impact abortions have on the black community. … Afterwards there was a 30-minute Q&A where students had the opportunity to ask questions. Bomberger also stayed after to answer additional questions.

Six days after the forum, Bomberger was criticized in an open letter by Student Body President Lauren Rowley, Student Body Vice President Tyler Waaler and EVP of Community Diversity Sammie Shields. In the letter to the university, they denounced Bomberger’s visit saying:

“The speaker…made several comments at the event that deeply troubled members of our community. His comments, surrounding the topic of race, made many students, staff, and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented, and unsafe on our campus.”

They also said it was necessary to respond to the offensive rhetoric, but they didn’t quote any specific comments they disliked. And Bomberger points out the letter writers did not name the special interest group that invited him nor his racial background.

The unnamed students and the school administration could also be facing a legal battle as Bomberger has accused the students and the school of “defamation.”

Bomberger simply exposed the Left’s hypocrisy in failing to defend the African American community inside the womb just the same as outside.

He also pointed out that Planned Parenthood originated as a plot from Democrats in the early 20th century from racists like Margaret Sanger.

But of course, the Leftists won’t accept the truth.

It’s easier to smear pro-lifers as hateful, bigoted, sexist and racist than to have an honest debate because they know they can’t win.

Colleges and Universities are supposed to be on the frontlines of intellectual, fervent debate.

But those debates can’t happen when snowflake students and school administrators won’t tolerate any opinions outside of their radical leftist worldview.

Do you think Wheaton College should issue an apology to Bomberger? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Are snowflakes always this sensitive to opposition speeches that they have to hide in their safe spaces. It would be nice to see a little maturity here.

  3. If the administration can’t explain exactly what “made many students, staff, and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented, and unsafe on our campus” then they should apologize for such a stupid statement.

  4. Is Wheaton College no longer a Christian institution? If it still is, why isn’t it using the scriptures to guide its conscience, rather than the liberal?

  5. Why would anyone consider a group like Black Lives Matter, whose existence is based on a lie- “Hands up don’t shoot”- as legitimate and worthy of attention. These people are nothing more than bigots and troublemakers. Ignore them.

  6. Donald J. Trump the people of this great country will not be silent if the persecution of Publisher and Truth teller Julian Assange moves forward. Against the backdrop of #FakeNews Wikileaks has been instrumental in exposing the Clinton cabal and ensuring your victory against her. We are greatful for his help and we are demanding, not asking that you return that favor on behalf of the American people and issue a Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardon IMMEDIATLEY!!! #OperationFreeAssange

  7. Those snowflake students and snowflake administrators should melt into the earth and also should apology’s to the unborn children they murdered or caused to die before being born and they are as hateful , bigoted, sexist and racist as they say the pro-lifers are. At least the pro-lifers will not have to answer to God for their death.

  8. This demonstrate that many leftists have no souls. They need to wake up and read the bible, it’s right in the 10 commandments “Thou shalt NOT kill.”

  9. I imagine that these college students have forgotten several things like the school and its professors are there to EDUCATE THE STUDENTS, including demonstrating that Free Speech is a right of every American, which is why they bring in lecturers with opposing views. The students are there to learn and not to take part in teaching anything. “IF YOU GIVE A STUDENT AN INCH, THEY THINK THAT THEY ARE THE RULER”! Even animals teach their young how to cope with life and how to survive. These students are not much different, as they need to be taught by adults, how to cope with life and how to survive. In the wild, the young listen to their parents or get eaten. Right? There is a lesson here.

  10. Another college that is out of touch with right and wrong. And stands on the side of wrong much too pften. If only rheir mothers had aborted them we wouldn’t hear their misguided opinions.

  11. Obviously we don’t know enough of the details to create a cogent response. But taken at face value, though this is on culture watch so that is a stretch right there, you are correct that the Left on campus often is presented as sounding too thin skinned.

  12. Did you read the article? This gentlement only titled his talk on that. He was for PRO LIFE and he is a Black Man. These liberal students just didn’t get the irony or they did and, as usual would not agree with it.

  13. Again, I must state, the gentleman was there to speak for PRO Life, but he is a black man so everything was askew. So many people seem to have read this article and not really grasped it. This is a Christain College, so they, I assume are Pro Life. Obviously they have some liberal students and the liberal students are the ones protesting—-but they are protesting what? Nothing but air.

  14. I cannot believe how many of these comments are so . I cannot leave a message of insult. I can only say that so many of these comments are made after they MIS READ the article. This man is black. He is PRO LIFE. He was making a statement that all lives matter, even black lives. Most of the students understood, I believe, that is except the liberal ones who will NEVER get it. They are protesting not understanding anything. The liberal students and apparently some of the staff did not understand anything (so dumb) and now they want to sue this man who is on the same side as the Christain College. I know, Preposterous.

  15. I hope this gentleman wins his suit against Wheaton College. Since Wheaton College is a private institute, I may not have to pay for it.

  16. Perhaps the Black Lives Matter people should research the founder of Planned Parenthood. They would find some interesting reading.

  17. I am very disappointed in the so called “Christian” Wheaton College. They are a fraudulent Christian college by not defending the Right to Life of innocent unborn babies. Wheaton College should be protecting these innocent unborn babies not giving these snowflake liberals all the rights and not protecting the Christian values of their Christian college

  18. These guys should pay attention to the phrase that says, “empty cans make a lots of noise”. That is what they are good at noise not logical thinking!

  19. God, has a special plan, for Abortionists, of “any color”! Just because some “Attorneys”, on the supreme court said abortion is “OK”, doesn’t mean it really is! Murder, is dealt with Constitutionally, & by God……{ Believe that}

  20. Black Lives Matter’s is an Anti-Semitic Mob of KKK in the NAZI tan’s publicaly and politically supported by The Jewish. Hungarian George Soros.. AKA(Adolph Hitler) with his money. To go with him, Tom Styer, Michael Bloomberg, when did they become what they are now?

  21. At one time, Colleges did invite and allow hate speeches by people and organizations were not something that should have been permitted, but this is now worser insane. The answer to this sick innane problem, shut off the money and fire all the people who run the colleges and schools. Also, kick out all these student’s from the schools.

  22. AND, racial hatred, homosexuals, pedophiles, worshiping idols (Catholics), adultery, murder(Blacks killing Blacks and Police killing Blacks) Again BLM should maintain their agenda of police Killing Black and also Blacks Killing Blacks, and every BLM member and the supporters are registered voters and vote. Don’t let other organizations smother BLM with their issues. God Bless

  23. When I lived in Illinois many yrs ago (Iwas born there) Wheaton College was known for its Christian beliefs and was an upstanding and respected institution. What the hell happened?? I say blame goes entirely to the bigots running it.

  24. Yes, I m aware of what the article says and Mr. Bomberger’s intent in speaking, however when “Black Lives Matter Activists” are involved and at the forefront of an event, whatever it may be, by their very nature they should be discounted and discredited by all involved, no discussion.

  25. Unheard? They are the only ones heard. Underrepresented? They are the only ones represented. Afraid? There were no threats made, so any fear is only in their heads. Their whole logic is pure balony designed solely to control discussion. In other words, all intentional lies.

  26. It is a shame Wheaton has changed and is just another bigoted, anti-Christian school. It used to stand for something but now just another left wing school, of which we have plenty. Very disappointing they couldn’t maintain their standards.

  27. Boo Hoo Hoo, I feel unsafe because one of the snowflakes doesn’t like my speech. Can I have my puppy to hold, and a Teddy Bear to hug, and I need a private cry room on campus. I need a bid fluffy blanket and several days to get over the shock! What did they say, you asked? I don’t know, but it makes me feel so unsafe! Now take me to Planned Parenthood I feel like killing my baby!

  28. Sadly there are those who have managed to get the SCOTUS to overrule God’s laws. Many youngsters have no historical knowledge of Margaret Sanger sinful objectives that are now being pushed by Hillary Clinton. Abortions should not be used as a birth control method, especially when it is designed to keep the black population low. While White females can go to their white doctors and get a D&C. No man should tell a female what to do with her body, but Taxpayers should not pay for abortions. Clinics and medical facilities should be educating females about birth control methods to prevent getting pregnant and getting an STD. Females should NOT listen to the BS by Christian churches that are also against female preventing from getting pregnant by using a birth control method.

  29. Leftists are for diversity as long as everyone is just like them, and free speech as long as everything said agrees with their view.


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