Transgender activists just got hit with a lawsuit that could destroy them for good


The transgender lobby will do anything to force their agenda on the American people.

They don’t just want you to tolerate them, they want to force you to accept their lifestyle.

But their plan just hit a roadblock after they got hit with a lawsuit that could destroy them for good.

The biggest fight for transgender people today is about their “pronouns.”

They want people to refer to them as a gender different than they were born, and if they accidently say the wrong one, that they should be punished.

That’s what happened to a teacher in Virginia who was fired after refusing to use the “preferred” pronouns of a student.

But now he’s fighting back, and has filed a lawsuit against the school district, demanding his job back, as well as damages paid.

The Christian Post reports:

A Virginia teacher who was fired for not agreeing to use the preferred pronouns of a trans-identified student has filed a complaint against the school board that dismissed him.

Peter Vlaming, a former French teacher at West Point High School in Williamsburg, filed the complaint in the Circuit Court for the County of King William on Monday.

The lawsuit argued that the school board violated “Vlaming’s constitutional, statutory, and contractual rights” when they decided to fire him last year.

Vlaming is seeking a permanent injunction that allows him to be reinstated, a permanent injunction preventing the school board from punishing staff for their views on gender identity, $500,000 in damages for lost wages and benefits, and $500,000 in damages for “loss of reputation, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative law firm that specializes in religious liberty cases, is helping to represent Vlaming.

ADF Legal Counsel Caleb Dalton said in a statement released Monday that he believes Vlaming’s firing was “a crusade to compel conformity.”

Transgender activists are going beyond minor infringements on your First Amendment rights.

They don’t just want to tell you what you can and can’t say, they want to tell you what you have to say, or risk losing your job.

In Canada it is even worse, with people risking jail time if they “mis-gender” somebody.

Do you think the teacher in Virginia should get his job back?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The faggots what special treatment cause they claim they been abused like the black-man hahahahahaha

  3. I am really sick of this PC nonsense!! I hope this teacher wins his case , BIG time!! Enough is enough with these people…… And GOD bless the ADF……

  4. Chromosomes do NOT change because someone wants to to believe they are someone else, that is a mental problem not a physical problem. You were created at conception with a particular sex. Your brain can get confused but NOTHING can change those chromosomes.

  5. This pc culture has become ludicrous! I live in a small country town, well now mid sized thanks to these pc morons from California. I will not conform not will I back down.

  6. There is no such thing as a “transgender” human being. It is just a made up word that a lot of confused people and the unprincipled Doctors that profit from their confusion created to justify the profits they make off these poor, GOD created people. What ever happened to “GOD created a man and a women”?

  7. This BS must be stopped. Minority does not rule. Majority rules. A vote of the people not a board or council is required for decisions like this.

  8. As a gay man I don’t accept the transgender thing, especially when a man decides to become a woman and still prefers to sleep with women. So now it’s a lesbian? Mental disorder big time.

  9. I pray for this teacher’s victory in this case. it’s important that he wins for us all. People can call themselves whatever pronoun they want to but don’t force that on everyone else when sound science says differently.
    My 10 year old grandson, who apparently is being influenced by this misinformation already, asked me how he knows if he’s a boy or a girl. Simple answer, look in your pants. Oh, he said. That’s it? Yup, I said. It’s as simple as that. Don’t confuse the obvious. God made it real simple.

  10. Years ago there were those who believed that their mentality didn’t match their genatalia. Some chose hormonal changes at the appropriate age and, sometimes, sex change surgery. That was their prerogative. They didn’t impose on the rest of us, and we didn’t interfere with them.

    These days that is no longer enough. And our institutions seem to demand much too much with regard to how much we have to embrace with regard to transgendered people.

    We, too, the citizens with no confusion about our gender, deserve the same courtesy that we had offered back when being sexually confused wasn’t openly embraced. Live and let live; do not impose demands as to address of transgender nor placing a person of, for example, the male sex, in a womens restroom.

    It’s about time that our government and our institutions treat us with respect, understanding that we deserve the respect and consideration that is being offered to those who seem to want much more than simply being allowed to change their sexuality. They demand that we change ourselves to conform with their beliefs. This isn’t going to happen because it’s a 1984 mentality, not a 2019 or 2020 mentality. Doublethink, then doublespeak…no thank you.

    America was the land of individual rights; free speech. Are those rights in the process of change? If so, there are many questionable people in positions of power, and also in our voting communities.

  11. I paid doctors to teach me about reproduction and genetics. Not once were trannies brought up as fact. Let’s talk about proven mental illness and work on a cure rather than celebrating mental illnesses and blaming the masses for not accepting their sickness.

  12. Your freedom ends where mine begins. I have an EQUAL RIGHT to my belief that you do, therefore, my opinion has equal value. It is interesting that they believe in equal rights as long as you agree with them.

  13. I will use the correct terms and not all of this twisted bunch of “preferred pronoun” junk. Don’t tell me what to say, what to think or where to stand!!
    These human males that want to be females and so on can just be offended!!
    This teacher should be vindicated.

  14. Totally agree. There are only two sexes-male and female and your sex is determined at conception. Transgenders need mental help!

  15. What these sadly-confused people refuse to understand is that transgender is a scientific impossibility. There is no way to change the genetic structure of the 23 sets of chromosomes in each of the over 35 trillion cells in the average human body.

  16. No medical person, doctor, psychologist can EVER prescibe a treatment that makes all of society part of said treatment. We are not obliged in ANY WAY to use particular made up pronouns. In addition, we have biologically DESIGNATED facilities, including bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, showers, bedrooms for school away events , women’s shelters and female sports in which NO one of the opposite sex may invade. Many more lawsuits needed to put down this insanity.

  17. It is ludicrous to legally force any person to accept and conform to a non reality. There was an old folk tale about a king who wanted new clothes. A tailor worked and worked and finally had the new clothes ready. The king was convinced he was wearing beautiful new clothes and went out into his kingdom. The tailor had conned the king into believing he was wearing new clothes but in reality the king was naked. Sorry, the king’s subjects were not fooled. They saw what was truth. The king was naked.
    A transgender may believe they are a sex other than their biological sex but in reality they are the sex they were born as.
    For goodness sake! What comes next? Will people who believe they are a dog or a horse expect me to accept and conform to that idea as well?

  18. I believe his rights were infringed upon, he did the right thing by taking it through the courts, these transgender people are taking this to far, be who you want to be, but stop trying to force people to believe your narrative, your DNA tells the story never forget that!!

  19. There was a time when I felt sorry for a person suffering from gender dysphoria. No longer.

    The LGBTPPFS&MPQ…agenda is to first require adults to believe what they know are lies and teach their children the lies with the punishment for not complying a financial penalty (NYC levies $250,000 fine!), re-education classes, loss of employment, even jail time (Canada) for the adults, and, school suspensions for the children!
    This agenda is blasphemy against religion, boldfaced denial of biology, frightening censured speech!

    The LGBTPPFS&MPQ lobby today exposes children as young as two years of age to their “loving community.” America’s Association of Libraries recently embraced the agenda by using cross-dressers to read to children at story hour (Google: Hartford, CT report of cross-dresser reading at story time to children, adults!)

    This agenda is evil!

  20. This is stupidity on the part of their school system for trying to make everyone bow to the ridiculous whims of a few mentally anguished people confused about their gender. This teacher deserves everything he can et for this misfortune and the school district needs to replace their board with people not monsters!

  21. Omg, is that true? Thought it was just a rumor! Go for it!
    And, I believe we have the right to think what we want about ourselves; but may not force their opinion on everyone. Go buy an island and begin a commune, if you feel infringed upon. Do not think you can punish me for not behaving the way YOU think I should! Political correctness is a plight on society; removing one people’s rights for another. It needs to stop here and now!!!

  22. I believe all of the above statements they cover my thoughts perfectly. I feel sorry they are so mentally ill but they have no right to push it on others. Leave our children alone.

  23. I am beginning to think that the smartest move ALL teachers that are being forced into the transgender idiocy should just up and quit their jobs and make the schools suffer teacher shortage for a while, at least until the teacher’s rights are restored. Plain and simple. We all need to start fighting back or be lost forever.

  24. Just because they are confused doesn’t mean they have the right to demand the rest of us become confused. Stop this now before we will be sued for forgetting someone’s name and saying Hi Bob instead of Hi Tom.

  25. My thoughts are with the teacher. I hope he wins. As for the trannies, well someone needs to put them in their place. They’re a tiny percentage of the population and a mentally ill one at that. See all this mess? We can thank the worst President, Oblunder, for this stupidity. His husband Michael put him up to this, no doubt about that. Lol


  27. You are which ever of two genders that you are born. These “people” need to crawl under whatever hole they crawled out of.

  28. Unfortunately, transgenders cannot help themselves. The problem is that transgenders have a brain disorder and there is nothing that can be done medically at this time. In the 1960’s pregnant women were given a drug (cannot remember the spelling telitimide ?) that caused thousands of babies to be born with missing limbs. We don’t know what the mothers of transgenders ate or drank or possibly given or taken drugs when they were pregnant.
    Therefore, they should not be abused, but by the same token they should not be allowed to dictate policies for normal people.

  29. If this is what it takes then bury the transgender crowd in lawsuits. I for one will never sacrifice my constitutional right to free speech and I hereby condemn the political correctness in this country.

  30. These demands are totally ridiculous. They want to encrouch on the rights of others and this is to just support their demented ideas. Why should the regular population be punished for being normal. The LGBT community supports abnormality


  32. these sicko maggots should be eliminated since when did being a pervert gain protected status, we need some new serial killers to target these freaks!

  33. They are doing that now. In a insurance commercial they are calling a horse a dog. I think I am not buying insurance from them.

  34. Drug was thalidomide. You were very close.

    You could also very well be right on what happened during pregnancy. I had to take a medication at high dose that gave me the jitters throughout the second half of my second pregnancy. I am convinced that it affected my child’s nervous system in a critical state of development and we went through hell on wheels during his childhood and adolescence. He’s much better now, but still having issues off and on.

  35. I agree 100% with the teacher. Everyone can do and believe whatever they want, but can’t force on others to accept or say what they impose. I was born a woman, feel like a woman, look like a woman, love being a woman, but I have a strong voice and as I get older it gets stronger, I am very often treated as a man via telephone conversation because of my strong voice, and the common sense tells me people are not guessers to know that I am a woman. By common sense I have more rights to object that but by the same common sense I don’t. So why they do it! Because they have mental problems; it’s the only explanation. Anybody with common sense and not a fanatic of either side have to agree that the teacher is right; doesn’t take a genius to realize that.

  36. Transgender is a mental illness and they should get help instead of trying to drag the rest of us down into accepting their sickness.

  37. Did you read about the one that did a strip routine in front of the children they were supposed to be reading to? Where the bleep are the parents of these poor kids and why isn’t CPS stepping in? Oh, I forgot, telling your children that these people are abnormal is the abuse. It’s a system that needs to be completely overhauled.

  38. This whole transgender thing has got to stop. They are weaponizing it and are infecting elementary school children because this is where the formative years begin. They are also destroying the natural order of things by preventing people of giving birth because they have been sexually altered. It needs to be stopped now. The case of a seven year old boy who is at the stage where he likes to wear girlie things, reinforced by his mother who wants him castrated and go through the transgender surgery. The husband is fighting it so now it will go to court. Also a transgender person is not legally entitled to being treated like their new sex unless the birth certificate is changed, period. The laws do not cover wannabes like they think. The whole thing is disgusting.

  39. Not true. Nothing like that has been proven. I have a “Transgender” son. If he knew God, he wouldn’t be like this. His father raised him, so I don’t know what went on in his life. Usually something happened to cause this. The numbers of Transgenders has risen dramatically since they were given all these freedoms. Now they preach to the kids at an early age. Because they are still going through growing up processes, they are easily swayed into becoming one of them. They are not born like this, and some, after years, want to return to their birth gender. Of course, by then, they are already mutilated. Sad.

  40. Go to the video store (or find it online), a 1960s movie called 1000,000 BC. After watching that little boys will know they are boys–while I never felt any other attraction that’s what made me positively want girls. Raquel Welch spoke her lines so eloquently and wore such a beautiful outfit.

  41. JESUS came to earth to defeat the destroyer satan. Repent, and be born again in the name of JESUS. is the only way to see the father. Only the unrepentant will be sent into everlasting darkness. All of GODS children are redeemable while they are still alive. Pray that all sinners find Jesus before it’s too late for them. Hate is not the answer,love is.

  42. The Only Rights should be with Heterosexual couples.Not Any other form of couples.No Gay marriage.No LGBTQ+ rights.Let them live their lives of outside Normal.STOP trying to make Our Citizens think it’s OK to be Deviant !!!!!

  43. I think that the lawsuit was the RIGHT thing to do . . . And DNA testing would prove the PROPER gender, no matter WHAT the PERVERTS are saying. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  44. And don’t forget Rock to give them credit for all the diseases they pass around like it’s a candy store.

  45. You bought the big lie Hep Granny, hook, line and sinker big time. They choose that lifestyle. God created two sexes, male and female, plain and simple. Regardless of what sick minded perverts say, they choose that lifestyle and that is because they want that lifestyle.

  46. Sad, sad times we are living in, for what ever happened to the days when men were men and women were women?? The funny thing is the more people become educated, the more stupid they become!!

  47. If we grant anyone special rights then we have to give everyone special rights. Such as if a person thinks he is a rich person in a poor mans body then we would have to give him money and make him rich. If someone thinks they are a cat in a humans body then what do we do? SMDH It does not matter what you think you are you a man or a woman period. The chromosomes have determined that. That is nature only 2 sexes. No one is born that way no one needs special rights. The Constitution already gives Citizens their rights. We do not need special rights for anyone.

  48. Although the article does say that the teacher “refused to use” or didn’t “agree to use” the preferred pronouns, I always wonder how a high school teacher, who may see 150 or more new students each semester, is supposed to remember all the “preferred” pronouns for all of them.
    I also don’t know the details of the Canadian law, but how is the average person supposed to avoid “misgendering” someone that person doesn’t know? I know there have been times I have mistaken a guy with long hair for a woman from behind, and children and teens are often judged by clothing and hair, especially when they haven’t yet fully developed secondary sexual characteristics. And if an adult male or female wants to identify as the opposite sex – or especially a “nonbinary” sex, how am I to know that when he still looks like a male or she looks like a female?
    Whatever happened to common sense, and how did everyone come to demand laws to avoid even accidentally being “offended”?

  49. There is a DIFFERENCE between wanting acceptance and forcing people to do things they would prefer not to. You are what you are regardless of what you think. You can FEEL like what you want day to day, but since you are making a choice (that can change day to day), don’t expect everyone else to have to know what you’re feeling that day. You don’t get, nor deserve, special benefits that others don’t get because of your choice.

  50. I hope this teacher Wins & Wins BIG!! I am so freaking Sick & Tired of this PC Culture we now live in!! These Radicals that think there are 67 Genders are completely Bonkers $hit Crazy!! And now they are confusing our Younger Generation of KIDS about their own identities!! It’s actually Child Abuse if you ask me. Hell, since they think you can just become Anything you “Want”, then I want to be Bank of America!! The only problem is that BOA won’t work with me because my bank account totals still haven’t changed. Lol

  51. CAN NOT DESTROY ALONE, PERIOD !!!! Ok Homo’s as AL BUNDY WOULD SAY “LETS ROCK’!!! Law Suit # 2 You are to ” CEASE & DESIST ” in using any form of the RAINBOW, and its COLORS, due to the “LEGAL FACT” it has been an “BIBLICAL “copy-write” CHRISTIAN SYMBOL” of OUR GOD’S COVENANT to CHRISTAINS, ” for the LAST 5 K {thousands years of BIBLICAL HISTORY — PERIOD!!
    Where re the RICH CHRISTAINS atty’s????????? CA ordered ALL SCHOOLS the GREATNESS of the HOMO life STYLE and if not TAUGHT WITH TAX PAYERS DOLLARS the TEACHER BE FIRED -NPERIOD!!!!
    Hey ca the SCJOUSA in 75 ish RULED that ^^^SATANISM^^^ is an “SANCTION RELIGION – PERIOD!!!!! QUESTION ELECTED, BOARD,JUDGES COURTS, atty’s::: How can one SANCTION RELIGION be TAUGHT over all others!!!
    The HOMO’s used this “REASON” to kick GOD OUT OF SCHOOLS in 55 and were are PAYING THE PRICE!!!! SUE, SUE, SUE, SUE, SUE!!!! GET THOSE TAX DOLLARS!
    SO judges, att’s, teachers, media passing this around on TAX DOLLARS is “””” TREASONOUS “””” PERIOD !!!!

  52. I thought they we’re just making fun of liberals and young people with that commercial, as of how stupid they really are.

  53. According to the “transgenders”, we are ‘cisgender heteronormative fascists’ simply for being comfortable in our own skin. Their real aim is not acceptance, as some say, but to make everyone else on the planet as confused and miserable as they are.

  54. Excellent response. I will add that most of the people, years ago, saw that LGBT were not treated with their rights under the Law; we fought for those people to be treated like any other citizen, no discrimination in employment, educational opportunities, etc. They did gain their rightfully theirs rights. Soon after that and once the LGBT Lobby became organized, low and behold, no one could make a comment that was not 100% approval or what so many of us consider immoral, sickening, depravity and actual degeneration of the human race. But we were willing to let them live their lives to whatever obtuse preferences they wanted to exhibit. As long as they could understand that, like the rest of us, they are not beyond criticism — I am not talking hate talk, to kill them, hurt them in any way or shape whatsoever — Today, one cannot show disapproval of the LGBT agenda in any manner whatsoever: just three examples (there are tens of thousands like these). 1) When Pope Benedict indicated that the Catholic Church was not in agreement with same sex marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism and other “unorthodox” behaviors, they came down in mass to really insult the Pope, some of the comments wanted his resignation, others wanted him killed; when he went to Madrid, Spain, thousands of these individuals place themselves where the Pope was going to travel; upon the Pope approaching, many of them started fondling, french kissing and just about anything short of actual copulation; 2) The owner of Barilla Pasta indicated that he believed that marriage was exclusively between a man and a woman (no further comment, just this, plain and simple). The LGBT begun a campaign demanding everyone to boycott Barilla Pasta, many of them posted themselves by the entrance of several warehouses that distributed Barilla Pasta; the LGBT actually wanted Barilla Pasta to be forbidden from importing its products into the US; 3) The owner of Chic-fil-A indicated the same like Barilla Pasta; the result identical, throng of LGBT thugs almost blocking the entrance to Chi-fil-A restaurants in many places, the police had to intervene. In sum: LGBT Lobby wants to shove their depravity down our throats, they are not happy with the gains in rights that they had achieved; now they want their status to be viewed like something exceptional and meritorious of exclusive, honored treatment; no deviations allowed. I sad before and will say it again. They should be glad of their achievement but, whereas the normal population is willing to ignore your behavior, as long as it doesn’t turn in public like animals in the mating season, to let you live. But don’t try to shove your garbage down our throats, you will eventually get hurt badly — I am not threatening but if we look at the past, it has happened. There are many more normal people that those of you. Either learn to respect the right of others, just like you expect others to respect your rights; otherwise you will be trampled upon. I know I am ready for the deluge of mail wishing me every ill under the sun. That is ok.

  55. Well, now , now. You want to be genocidal? are you trying to reduce yourself to the level of the LGBT Lobby; they are the ones who want anyone who disagrees with them to be ostracized, hated, insulted, if owner of a business, they want everyone to boycott and actually drive the business bankrupt. You do not to do that; what we need is people, like many of the respondents here, to let LGBT know that we firmly believe they are sick people, we will respect their rights, but they must STOP IMMEDIATELY threatening people who disagree with their perversity. If they continue this behavior, other steps will need to be taken.

  56. They are mutations from the toxins in our environment. They need medical help to rid their bodies of these mutagens. They need to be aware that their predicament is not natural and they can be helped. For state and local governments to buy into the LGBTQ ideas is to prolong their agony and despair especially when they get older and their real sex starts to take over and they realize what a mistake they’ve made. That’s the cause of so many gender dysphoria suicides.

  57. The exposure to the feminizing toxins in plastics happens gradually. It varies according to the amount of exposures.

  58. I was a tomboy growing up. I chose to play with the boys in my neighborhood in the dirt with all of their Tonka trucks. I chose to play cow “BOYS” and Indians, cops and robbers. I climbed trees, but I never once thought to myself if I should have been a boy. The far left liberals and also Holly-weird have warped our youth and their parents into letting our children decide what they should be instead of sitting them down and teaching them the facts and the truth, but I do not wonder why the world has become so deviant and corrupt. The Word of God has all of these prophecies in it and the majority of the population has turned their back on God. His time of wrath is approaching and I will prolly get ridiculed for my stance on FAITH, but you know what? I do not care and I do not fear, for sadly, the “joke” will be on all of them when the “Time” Comes, but they WILL NOT find themselves laughing about it.
    May God have Mercy on all of them, for they are captives of the ENEMY, of all mankind.

  59. Transgenders are mentally ill and a danger to our children and grandchildren, they should be institutionalized for their own good and the good of our country!

  60. The gay community represents roughly 4.5% of U.S. population and transgenders roughly .6%. The Hollywood liberals, however, portray gay or transgender relationships on well over that combined percentage in the movies, television shows, and commercials. I have no problem with them living their lives and being treated fairly but I am so tired of it’s acceptance being crammed down my throat and my views not being considered in the media and in Hollywood.

  61. I can’t help but know you are right on! And 1 more thing I can think of… they have become socially acceptable (in their space) by many rich homosexuals who buy their way into society. But one thing will always remain true. Its natural for a person to be born and grow to be married and have children. I see that as normal. The way life is intended to be.

  62. Scott, I agree with all you have said. and some times wish we could as a community, start a lawsuit against their so called community for infringing n our rights.

  63. Cowboy Bill…Yes, they have stolen God’s sacred symbol, the rainbow, and turned it into something evil. This will not go unpunished.

  64. Born Again…you are right on about Bible prophies and God’s wrath. And, like you, I was a tomboy and played with boys and boy toys and games. But I knew I was a girl. I was never confused.

  65. Amen to what you said, I agree fully!! Get those people some mental help instead of drugs and surgery!

  66. The Supreme Court identifies brain immaturity at aga 17 …that is why can’t send 17 year old to die even if they kill 20 people…so why and how can 10 year old choose to be transgender when brain is not mature

  67. I totally agree! And, if by some freak incident, the Muslims take over, the transgenders, & homosexuals will be the first to be gotten rid of. Then, the Jews, then the Christians. Then they’ll start getting rid of the traitors!

  68. No, Jesus WON’T destroy them. They will appear before the Great White throne, be judged guilty, then sent to hell to burn for eternity. I guess in a way that is destruction. Or if they participate in the troops at Armeggedon.

  69. When the Dimocrats kicked God out of their party back when Obama got reelected, satan was only too happy to move in, & take over. So that’s where all the hatred for Mr Trump comes from. Mr Trump isn’t perfect, neither are any of us, BUT he is the BEST president that we’ve had in MY lifetime, which is 70 years.

  70. I wouldn’t go around putting words into God’s mouth! He has and will speak for himself and we know nothing of the relationship between God and any Man/Woman/it. We cannot accept that type of lifestyle, we must fight it with everything we are, but we should be ready to help the lost find Salvation!

  71. You are just as sick “The Red Man” as the LGBTQ. The sinful agenda of the LGBTQ has Nothing to do with the injustices against Black Americans. Yes, many Black Americans Veterans are still sadly being abused.

  72. I hope the judges are rational, logical and have common sense, an especially uncommon virtue among judges. I hope they stick to the Constitution as written about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

  73. No that school he was fired from should be closed it is not a learning school it is a indoctrination center where they insist on teaching false doctrine as education

  74. How was Obama able to bring all this transgender gay thinking on this whole country with only eight years in power . Very strange evil changes in a short period of time . A very small minority forcing a very large majority to accept and agree with the most obvious lies . NOW THAT TOOK POWER REAL POWER A POWER WE SHOULD ALL BE VERY AFRAID OF

  75. Carolina van winkle: They can’t .It’s these deviant parents, or ones that want to seem SO PC, they dress up their children to promote this sick madness. Publicly!
    I remember a mother who posted on a similar story about her two young children. If I remember correctly, she said her son dressed up as batman and her daughter loved unicorns. So she stated should she demand her children BECOME what they were dressing up ( make believe) to be? It’s pure madness these transgenders keep forcing their sick lifestyle onto everyone else. Especially children…If they keep pushing and pushing, there will be serious consequences for their actions. Not a threat. But history will repeat itself. Mark my words…That’s why I am praying this teacher does win this lawsuit and will push them back a bit.

  76. If enough courageous people like Peter Vlaming stand up these sexual deviants, then perhaps one day they will get the message, live and let live.

  77. These same people that say homosexuality is genetic also believe in evolution.
    I want someone to explain how homosexuality survived evolution if that’s true?

  78. Under freedom one does not force people to accept things..that is fascism attitude…do or die
    Freedom means ones choice to be what they prefer not the other way around
    If people do not want to change then leave them alone
    Like forcing someone to eat poop saying it is good

  79. Of course he should get his job back. I hope his lawsuit goes through. And if he wins I think that anytime something like this comes up they will join as he did and sue.

  80. Very good comments. What is very sad that the Christian churches and parents are not speaking out against Satan’s sinful group. MY Bible says that there are only two sexes, male and female.

  81. The Only Rights in my opinion should be with Heterosexual couples that raise their children to be hetero sexual.Nothing else!!!! If you are Gay God bless you but you don’t deserve the same rights as heterosexuals.We are what started this world and will end this world.I don’t believe Gays should be persecuted or even be biased against for work etc.I don’t believe they should be considered Married,just a couple.The constitution was written in a time married couples were Male and female.This non gender,fluid etc Crap Made up to break up families is totally wrong!!!!! In God We Trust !!!!! Jesus Will save you,if you repent !!!!!

  82. This goes to show that the norms of society change with the times. When people were stoned or killed for being witches at that time was accepted. These new deviants are using our own laws to say that they are NORMAl and the rest us must roll over to accept this abomination. This stupid nonsense must stop before it continues any longer. Now right is wrong and vis versa the communists are taking control by confusing language. We must have some absolutes or we have NOTHING.

  83. MISS GENDER?? Ok atty’s QUESTION: ^^^ What is the legal **** DEFINITION **** of an TRANNY, PERIOD!!! Until then we as ***REAL USA TAX PAYING LEGAL MEN/WOMEN have an **** CONSTITUTIONAL ***RIGHT *** To “Know” what is the LEGAL BIOLOGICAL DEF is of an trannie – PERIOD!! Until then, as legal USA MALE Tax Payer a person with an SALUTE is MALE – PERIOD!!! A person with an ^^CAMEL HOOF^^^ is FEMALE — PERIOD !!! F U ELECTED PERIOD !!!! GOD MADE ADAM & EVE PERIOD! **** ANY CHALLENGES atty’s?? No!?!! Cowards, Punks, Traitors, Terrorist, DEMOCRAPS PERIOD!!!

  84. Be should get his job bak along with award göt damages. Lgbt agenda should receive injunction forcing them from usurping their agenda ulôn people ellen DeGeneres made the point clear. Be friends even though yôh dissagree

  85. The WA State Gov. and his AG are full supporters of Illegal aliens and LGBT due to their sexual orientation, just like the pervert Romans, Greeks and Sodom and Gomorrah, they insist their sexual orientation must be protected….. really, why they don’t protect the sexual orientation of PROSTITUTES, PIMPS and Muslim Human traffickers…? Lib Lying Hypocrites.

  86. Your DNA tells you what sex you are but cutting off your Johnson you don’t instantly get two X’s your DNA still says XY so how can they think they were born opposite of what the hell they are they have a mental disease it should be treated as such

  87. You nailed it. Less than 4% of the U.S. population is Lbqt…(whatever) and they are forcing their bully agenda on the rest of the 96%.

  88. Well, they do have the right to make their own choices. I’m not at all sure why they think I need to agree it’s a good one, or that it is okay. I don’t believe it. It’s tragic and makes me sad, but if they make the decision, they just have to live with the consequences.
    Oh wait! Taking responsibility for your own actions is’nt popular anymore!
    Bernie Sanders has said he will make it necessary for the taxpayers to pay for the sex change surgery and treatment. If that becomes the case, I insist that he make them pay for my tummy tuck and face lift!
    The teacher was wrongfully fired and should be reinstated, and the school should grovel too.

  89. I’ve been around for 87 years and can think of only ONE other in my lietime who POSSIBLY has been as effective. Can’t say for sure because old Harry Truman came along when I was just a kid – but he DID seem to try to keep politics honest. He was a political hack, also, so probably not as great as Trump but still gets my vote otherwise. And I’m a died in the woolsince age 15 “independent” Republican! LOL. (Even voted for LBJ LOL) Viva Trump, may he live long and efficiently!!! Has anyone else noticed how much actual work the man manages to get accomplished while the Dimms and the media are hyperventilating? Wonder if he’s getting them all riled up on putpose so he can get things done while they’re fussing about something silly???

  90. A man can cut off his tallywhacker and stuff himself with female hormones, but it still won’t change his gender to that of a woman. He’ll be a freakish, confused, and disfigured man.

  91. Parents don’t want their children to be freaks with mental disorders but if they want to have sex with the same sex or wear clothes from the other sex they’ll love them anyway.


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