Tom Hanks just attacked everyone who isn’t wearing a mask with one sick word


The CDC has already admitted that asymptomatic carriers almost never spread coronavirus.

Despite this, the Left is demanding everybody wear a mask all the time.

And Tom Hanks just attacked everyone who isn’t wearing a mask with one sick word.

If there is one thing Hollywood celebrities love to do more than anything, it is to shame everyday American citizens. 

From their ivory towers, these Hollywood elites spend their days lecturing Americans living in experiences they have never known. 

So it’s no surprise that Tom Hanks took time to attack Americans who aren’t wearing masks in response to coronavirus. 

And at the end, he said that you are a “pussy” if you don’t wear a mask. 

“Those things are so simple, so easy, if anybody cannot find it in themselves to practice those three very basic things — I just think shame on you,” Hanks said. “Don’t be a pussy, get on with it, do your part. It’s very basic. If you’re driving a car, you don’t go too fast, you use your turn signal and you avoid hitting pedestrians. My Lord, it’s common sense.”

“There’s really only three things we can do in order to get to tomorrow: Wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands,” Hanks continued. 

This is a trend among celebrities at the moment. 

They are all putting out videos shaming Americans about masks. 

This is because it is the current trend. 

Before this, the trend was putting out videos to shame white people, in support of Black Lives Matter.

Naturally, Hanks hops onto all these trends.

It has long been known that Hanks is a liberal. 

He is good friends with Michelle Obama, and sits on the board of her voter registration group, “When We All Vote,” and regularly holds voter registration events with Obama.

The goal of that organization is to turn out more left-wing voters so they can defeat President Trump. 

Hanks has hated Trump for many years.

Before the 2016 election, he declared that Americans would never elect “a simplistic, self-involved gasbag” like Trump.

Hanks is far from the only liberal in Hollywood. 

Joe Biden recently attended a virtual Hollywood fundraiser where he raised $6 million for his campaign. 

The fundraiser was reportedly based entirely around bashing President Trump, with Joe Biden saying very little about what he believes in.

Do you think Hollywood is too liberal?

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  2. I don’t take my cues from Hollyweird elitist! They’ve proven time and again who and what they owe their allegiance to and it sure isn’t the people who keep them in business! So Tom Hanks and the rest of the windbags on the left can stuff it wherever they want to put it! I’ll wear a mask IF I want to or feel like it and I won’t if I don’t feel like it!! It’s none of their business either way!!!

  3. Hanks can wear a mask, take a knee or whatever makes him feel good, but please don’t tell us what to do. He is one of the Hollywood’s biggest hypocrites.

  4. I think Hanks must be talking about the BLM rioters because everyone else I see is wearing a mask.
    Maybe Hanks is calling the BLM terrorists “pussies”, which I do agree with. The BLM thugs do appear to be very cowardly attacking old people that cannot fight back.

  5. Dr. J.D. – spot on. An excellent point made.

    Mr. Hanks and any/all other hollyweird dickweeds, call me anything you please, one, your opinion doesn’t matter and two, I don’t care. Just be sure as you are expounding all your sage advise that you do so from a safe distance, say greater then eight thousand yards.
    And have a wonderful day.

  6. And he earned a medical degree where? Tom Hanks should just concentrate on living his pretend life and mind his own business.

  7. I am shocked, I thought Tom Hanks was an AMERICAN, I did not know that he was an “Obummer” supporter. What the hell is this country comming to. Next it will be BUGS BUNNYS turn to become a TRAITOR. IF YOU SUPPORT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY YOU ARE A TRAITOR OF MY COUNTRY AND YOU WILL PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE, SO HELP ME!

  8. I do not listen to people who pretend to be someone else for a living. They are not the Know it all’s they think they are. In fact everything Dr. Fauci is telling me to do I am doing the opposite. When a liberal from Hollywood speaks politics I just want to tell them to shut up and do the job we pay to see them do. Entertain us

  9. What I think is that the Hollywood hypocrites are not essential…lol. We don’t need all of the overpaid actors and actresses or overpaid athletes.

  10. Isn’t it rich being called a name by the same guy who donated $25,000 years ago to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund when he got caught going after the exact word Hank’s called non mask wearing people. You’ve got to give the hypocrite a small chuckle.

  11. If it makes the Hollyweird crowd happy to call me names, so be it. I’ve been called worse things from better people they’ll ever be.. Many forget it’s our money giving them their very lavish lifestyles. Thankfully, I haven’t contributed to any of them for a good many years and have no desire to start now.

  12. Hey Tom is that a ankle bracelet you are wearing. Your abusing children is over. Take you mask and shove it. Dr.Fauci is a disgrace to America. A liar just like you. Please stay in your house . Your useless for freedoms and rights of America. What a loser. Please quit playing military men in movies. You hate the military. But love that money. Stain on America.

  13. All these liberals aren’t worth the time for a comment! All they want is more publicity and for everyone to say how wonderful they are! What a shallow life! Angelshot you are right about Dr. Fauci – he speaks out of both sides of his mouth as well! President Trump has done more in his short term in office than the past 4-5 presidents. Instead of being grateful to be in a country that is trying to help Americans, all the Dems want to do is sell us out some more to China!

  14. I’m not much interested in what any Hollywood fool has to say. They all play make-believe anyway.

  15. So, “Dr” Hanks, no need for you to call out the general public because you want us to cow tow to you phony elites. All of you has been keep up with the liberal democrats and wear your mask at all times.

  16. If I wa Tom Hanks I would be worried not about the masks but about being arrested for being on Epstein island cause Ghrislaine Maxwell. He’s nothing but a pedophile

  17. The only doctor that is telling us we need to wear masks in Dr Fauxi, but he initially said we don’t need to wear masks because they won’t do anything. Then he changed his mind. I’m very confused now. I need people like Tom Hanks tell me what I must do next.

  18. Well another name added to my LONG list of do not go to their movies, do not watch them on TV, and don’t watch or buy anything they are associated with. Who cares what these No bodies have to say. Stuff it. STFU

  19. And another thing. If anyone on here infected one of my family I would gut you like a fish!!!


  21. Sad to think there are so many foolish people around the world taking actual advice from actors who only pretend to be real people in imaginary movies. Next, they will believe they can be any “gender” they wish to be, giving money to politicians can change the climate or black lives matters isn’t a Marxist, terrorist, racist organization funded by George Soros, supposedly a Jew who ratted out fellow Jews to the Nazi SS during WWII to steal their property.


  23. Marvin…you are clearly the moron. Masks don’t help. But if it makes you feel good, wear one and leave everyone else alone. If you are so scared of getting the virus, stay home and hide in your closet

  24. We all know what we must do!
    All the people who are so called actors or high paid players are really people who need to worry and take care of themselves.
    Never care what they say !!!!!

  25. Tom Hanks does not tell me what to do. I follow Jesus, not that idiot. And he doesn’t even care about what he is telling others. Where’s his mask??

  26. For Marvin. Bring your little wimpy butt my way. I will be more than glad to show you what a God living, USA loving, US Marine will do with your filthy mouth. I will wear a mask only because I want to frequent a facility but all this false info has shown me that it serves no purpose. As for hanks the low life pretender, I refused to c anything that he pretends in since his movie back in 2010. He can take his low life liberal thoughts and stick in the sewer where he belongs.

  27. We should wear masks. They protect our privacy so that the Chinese can’t use their face recognition on us. For this, the cotton masks are perfect, even though they look and feel like underwear for the face: fully opaque, fully breathable, does nothing against viruses, but that’s not the point.

  28. I think we should all wear women’s underwear on our faces in defiance of the mask laws.
    Who’s up for it?

  29. I think that there should be more Liberals. I’ve been a Democrat all of my voting life and I hate the situation right now between the Republicans and the Democrats. I would like to vote Democrat but I’m not sure that Joe Biden can be a good President at his age and can he find someone intelligent enough with politics to stand behind him as Vice President and give him help along the way. I will not vote for President Trump. I feel that he is a business man and not a very good politician. It’s hard to even talk to my friends who are for him because I feel that he is constantly lying, cheating and making up things. Yes there are Democrats who are bad also, but that’s the world we live in. Nobody’s perfect and I wish President Trump would begin to realize that. He should absolutely start WEARING HIS MASK IN PUBLIC!!!

  30. That is a pretty dumb remark, comparing the masks to underwear. Get over it and start wearing them!!!

  31. i just went to pay my phone bill the girl said i could not come in the the store because i DID I did not have a mask on so after 15 year with this co and they talked to that way i will now go to a new co enough

  32. Just what was the really sick word that Tom Hanks used? He and his wife had the virus. they went through weeks of suffering. I think he has a right to remind people to wear their masks.

  33. mary, there is no reason to wear a mask, as they do not help. But just go ahead and wear one if it makes you feel better. You obviously believe all the lies the dems are telling you without question

  34. I WILL NOT wear a mask. All this has been hyped to hurt President Trump and enslave We the People. Leftists will find themselves in a bad way once they give satan the position he wants and they aren’t needed any more. Then when Jesus comes back to judge the world they will find out how hot hell is and how long eternity is.

  35. its time to STOP supporting Hollywood and their liberal un-american agenda, STOP watching their movies and all sport’s also, we did without it let’s continue.

  36. Ok, so you bj, say it’s not necessary to wear a mask. Have you been around so many people that have the virus that you simply can’t get it? You talk about the Dems telling all the lies, you listen a little closer to Trumps speeches. Seems like you’re missing a few items. You guys all idolize him too much. I swear that a lot of you guys consider him a god who can do no wrong.

  37. He just wants to stay in the news. The “left” want to keep this virus going to trash the economy/lower the population/usher in New World Order and blame it all on Trump for the election. He promotes masks because it is the symbol of the “left” almost now. Those afraid due to media scares where a mask which may be hurting them.

  38. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe the media was trying to scare anyone. They were just telling the news as they saw it and the virus was getting it’s start and we all should have been listening to the doctors and the men of science instead of the President and his ways of taking care of things. There probably would have been a lot less lives lost.

  39. Mary Schier, There are stats, on government sites, with real info. This is a mild flu, many less deaths than falsely reported. Eola. West nile, zika, diabetes. Aids, suicide. ALL claim more lives. If, your way, masks, disinfectants, distancing, and closing businesses, except liquor stores, wmart. PO, fast food, etc, deaths increase. IT ISN’T WORKING. Open America and stop this nonsense. It’s making people worse.

  40. Sheila it is no use talking to Mary don’t confuse her with facts, you see she is a Trump hater pure and simple. TDS is the virus she caught and there is no cure.

  41. I have a medical condition that impairs my breathing. If I wear a mask I cannot get enough oxygen. I’m not the only one with this condition, and I must go to the store from time to time. So, Mr. Big Shot Tom Hanks, stick that in your vagina!!!

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