Tim Tebow was slammed by Leftists for saying this one truth about college sports


Tim Tebow is a constant target for Leftists.

They can’t stand the fact that he’s unabashedly Christian.

Now, Leftists are ripping him for what he said about collegiate sports.

For years, a debate has raged on as to whether or not college athletes should get paid for playing in their respective sport.

Those sympathetic to the pay-for-play argument believe players should be given the option to capitalize off marketing and advertising opportunities.

However, people on the other side of the debate point out the Pandora’s box that will be opened if college players are paid.

Tim Tebow passionately pointed out the problems, highlighting how it enforces our pervasive “me first” culture.

This predictably angered liberals, many of whom never liked Tebow.

His comments were called out-of-touch, and he was branded with one of the Left’s most serious labels: “privileged.”

USA Today reports:

If we could turn the calendar back to 2008 and tell Tim Tebow that winning the Heisman Trophy would give him the opportunity to put $2 million in his bank account as a spokesman for Nike, McDonald’s and American Express, he apparently not only would have turned it all down but would have considered it an affront to the college experience that he remembers as so pure and innocent.


Give Tebow credit for this: He can sell college athletics’ schmaltz with the best of them, no matter how hollow the sentiment really is.

Look, it’s is easy to understand how someone like Tebow — whose popularity has endured well beyond his relevance as an athlete and who has been privileged in ways most of the people he played football with never were — sees college football as a citadel of chastity in a materialistic world.

What people like this “reporter” don’t understand is that college athletics isn’t solely about money.

Tebow talked about the tradition and pageantry that makes the game special.

Beyond that, many college players are already getting paid with free tuition and room and board, which is nothing to sneeze at, as evidenced by the rising student debt crisis.

College athletes also have access to the best training facilities, doctors, and nutritional programs.

On top of all that, they get the chance to essentially build a résumé for the pros and establish connections that will last them beyond college.

For speaking these truths, liberals dismiss Tebow as “privileged.”

What do you think?

Does Tim Tebow have a point about selfish culture poisoning sports?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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  2. I think, we should recognize that College football is really the net pool for entering the NFL, and should give the athletes some pay, but Tebow does give some negatives to my argument. Maybe we can do both, if you don’t go to the NFL, and you didn’t learn enough to get or attain a good job, maybe the colleges should add a couple of years of free education, so that you are at the level in education to attain that job. Maybe you could have the players choose the education that qualifies for a great paying job, or pay.

  3. I agree with Tim not everything is about money. They have the potential to play for the pro’s. Earn that right and stop thinking you can have your cake and eat it do. Growth comes from sacrifice. Money can be a great tool yet a horrible and evil master.

  4. Bottom Line – The left cant stand it because he Is a christian and they are not gonna agree with him over any thing for that reason.

  5. Liberals whine about everything. I don’t listen to liberals, they have no morals or values. Need to keep their pie hole shut. They can disagree with you but your not to disagree with them. Grow up losers. Most don’t work . They can’t even make change from a one dollar bill. They only eat fast food but tell us it’s bad.

  6. If college athletic and academic scholarships covered the true cost of attending and matriculating at a college/university then the need for stipends would be reduced or eliminated. While college presidents are often taking million$ along with other administrators, and the tuition is going through the roof, many schools refuse to offer fair market scholarships.

  7. I am with Tim Tebow. Sports in school are training tools, yes, to hopefully get to the big leagues. But like everything else, only the best make the team. It is the prize you are striving for. It is college ball people, you are not getting a participation trophy. You tried, you did not make it, time for plan B. And that should not be the college paying for it.

  8. If they start paying college athletes, do they still have to attend class, and if they do, will they still have to meet a scholastic standard for grades, or can they simply pay the professor to give them the grade that they’ll need in order to collect their pay check on every pay day?

    But if they don’t meet the scholastic standard, and don’t get paid, but did the work at all the practices, can they then sue the school for their pay check, since they did the work required by the athletic department in getting ready to play their sport for the college?

    What will be the next step in the future for disgruntled athletes that play for pay in colleges, can they start their own unions and go on strike?

    Some colleges charge $50,000.00 a year to attend their schools for 9 months out of the year, is this not enough remuneration for athletes to play their sport for the college they choose to attend?

  9. Tell it Brother, today’s society wouldn’t know the truth if it was dropped on them. We have been lied to for so long by people who are supposed to be the models to follow. The models are now immoral hollywood tramps, and pigs, crooked politicians, broken religious leaders, and the list goes on. Not mush has changed since the times of old. The sad part is technology has added to the lies and deception. Read John 8:44 It speaks to the devil, partial “When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and father of lies”.

  10. This came up a few years ago. If they pay athletes, then they would have to take away schlarships. The athlete would have to pay taxes, as would the college. Workers comp would be involved. The athletes never know how far they will get entering College. They find out by their Junior or Senior year, and then only a few get drafted in the first round and make the big bucks. If it becomes Law in California, I do hope the NCAA holds it’s ground and prohibits California colleges to play the rest of the nations teams.

  11. If they are going to get paid, then all scholarships will be cancelled, they will have to pay for their classes, tutors, rooms, and meals, and all medical attention they need. They will be required to maintain all their debts of be removed from the team. This is a scam, aimed at getting the greedy agents into college to warp the young athletics minds.
    I say hell no. Also, once you get paid you are a professional and no longer allowed to play college sports period.

  12. College is where you should be learning to live in the real world. If an athlete cannot make the grades to graduate then they have not applied themselves to the real purpose of being there, which was/is education. They are provided with all the best in training equipment and personnel, plus tutors to help them with their education. Many top rate athletes have successfully graduated with majors in more than just “play ground” because they applied themselves. Too many athletes are looking for the big dollars and then act the fool when they get them which is way over the top of what they deserve. College athletes are still amateurs. Tebow is 100% correct.

  13. TimTebow is the type of All American man we grew up honoring in the ‘50’s
    and ‘60’s. Athletic, well spoken, driven, humble, and willing to share his principles. Had the opportunity to hear him speak at a Christian school fund raiser, banquet. He spoke for an hour without notes or a TelePrompTer. He embraced the students and shared his experiences growing up, especially the times he went on missionary trips to under achieving countries. He is what makes America great and he is not afraid to share his thoughts and feelings..

  14. The truth is NOT IN THE LEFT. Tim Tebow is the best of those who want to keep college athletics pure of the taint of moeny!

  15. Would you play a game that could mess up permanently. And play for FREE. When everyone else gets paid for doing the same job. Yea team!

  16. The left is looking at taxing everyone retirement and lifetime saving through Wall Street to payoff all these spoiled college graduates college loans. If colleges football is making so much money Instead of paying athletes and going after everyone savings why not use the money to lower tuitions and pay off college loans?

  17. In college, pride in your school and putting up a good fight in any sport was the motto of the day when I went to college in the 1970’s. Now it is all about individuals and how much money they should be paid even though they get a full ride for school, room and board, training and access to great medical resources and coaches.
    I’m sure the unions are drooling over the thought of college athletes getting paid so they can ram-rod their thugs into getting these young kids to sign up…..

  18. Tim Tebow is a True Zadok, or a Very Righteous Person! He emphasizes that the U.S Culture is predicated upon “Political Correctness” and “Moral Relativism” which are both based upon the Foundation of Falsehoods and Moral Improvisation brought to us by the “Progressive Marxists” including the Democratic Party!

    The Most Rewarding emphasis should be upon the “TRUTH”, promised by our Leadership in our Government! Jesus said in Revelations, “That the TRUTH will set you FREE”!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!

  19. I agree with Tim why pay kids to play a kids game. That’s what football baseball hockey tennis all those other out door sports were to keep kids out of trouble not get paid for playing what amounts to kiddies games I know I will get in trouble don’t care but Tim is right we don’t need anymore spoiled brats running around Bad enough y’all got your own kids calling pro sports folks Hero’s well they ARE NOT HEROS they are over paid idiots

  20. Maybe I am missing something. The only student athletes who can not “earn” money based on their own efforts in whatever form that might take are basketball and football. The student on any other scholarship can generate income from that talent (music, science, journalism, and so on. No football or hoopster in Div. 1 can do that. But they can thru jersey sales or likenesses etc. The NCAA opposes this because it would take money out of their pocket. But they would suspend a player for getting help with a plane or bus ticket to get home because of a sick parent. And I have no issues with Tebow’s Christian beliefs, maybe we’d have better with more believers.

  21. Funny, I always thought college was about education and not getting money. These kids have a choice-to play a sport or prepare themselves to earn a living.

  22. Tim Tebow was privileged with all the blessings in Christ Jesus
    just like the rest of us. Eph. 1:3, he was just smart enough to take advantage of those blessings.

  23. 1 year after they are recruited into Professional sports those idiots are sinfully spoiled consider themselves above the law, suffer from an intensely psychotic form of god complex, Mr. Tebow is absolutely correct in stating you are accelerating the poisoning the minds of future Professional athletes by paying them for playing games in college.

  24. Far be it from me to correct you Ronnie but the writings of John the Deciple, The Divine, of Patmos were not written by John until long after the crucifixion of Jesus, he was an old man living out his remaining days in exile.

  25. Kaepernack isn’t mind hauling in $4444 from Nike.
    He didn’t get picked up, after being a successful quarterback a couple years.
    Most QB’s don”t last long in NFL

  26. I am a Democrat who is also Christian! I am Catholic. And what Tim Tebow had to say about the “me first” attitude and selfishness…well, those are good Capitalist Republican virtues! Some college athletes are exploited, so if some money falls their way, good for them! I certainly don’t feel oppressed as a Christian. Where is all this hate and oppression that the American Protestants say is prevalent? I never see or hear any of it, and definitely not aimed at me personally.

  27. On, they are getting paid already, but Perhaps they should be allowed to make enough Moneyin order for them to be ableto buy, Soap, and stuff in order to wash their clothes, and Perhaps some new Clothes. Many Colleges require the kids to Wear Dress clothes.Kids on Scholarship can not get a Job . So, something has got to give. And there is this exception. A player gets eriously Hurt, and can never play again. Just what do you do for them??

  28. How can you be a Democrat Christian if their platform is abortion at ANY month and even AFTER BIRTH abortion (in other words, MURDER!) Not very Christian to praise killing children……

  29. So, belonging to one party or the other means that we have to adopt the entire platform of that party? Laws aren’t going to ban abortion. Getting Roe-v-Wade overturned will. An amendment to ban it will. I support worker rights, labor unions, social spending, and taxes don’t frighten me. The GOP hates the working class. I hate trickle-down economics. So therefore, I vote Democrat.

  30. Unhunh…..I guess that’s why so many companies are turning down so many pseudo-college educated children nowadays. They’re “educated” but don’t know anything. A fact that’s already bee reported.

  31. Yes….well said. More of the “me too” movement. Many are getting paid with football scholarships. That’s enough. If you want to try put for the pros after graduation, I hope you do well. If you can’t tolerate playing without pay, don’t play in college. Your choice.

  32. I don’t know where you’re from BUT my two grand kids did very well on scholarships and worked through it all too….and players in the past have been injured and never played again….even had to drop out of school but they did well. The reason is because they had a good work ethic unlike the children who are too lazy to work while going to school and run up a huge debt while going and then want to whine about said debt.

  33. You said all I need to know with unions and social spending. I grew up blue collar Dem and watched as the infusion of the communist party bastardized into the parasitic power mongers they are today, and left it. Just more poorly raised children of the “me too” movement who think the world owes them something. AND, as a Christian, I remember the line of “those who don’t work, do not eat”. We support those who truly need help but not the parasitic who could but refuse. Welfare, which was meant as such, has become a lifestyle for many who DON’T deserve it because they haven’t the discipline to act like adults.

  34. I do not believe that you are a Roman Catholic and a Democrat, that position is a complete oxymoron Any Roman Catholic who supports the party of Abortion on demand, 65 million plus and still counting, Holy Innocents have been sacrificed on the altar of liberalism, is on my humble opinion, not a true Roman Catholic

  35. Joe, you are being oppressed as a Christian:

    – public and charter schools are instituting LGBTFQ…sex education in K-12 classes in addition to what is called standard education. Parents can opt-out of standard but cannot opt-out of LGBTFQ…for religious reasons! bottom line: unless you can afford to home school or send your child to Catholic school your child will be re-educated to believe LGBTFQ…including there are at least 3 genders!

    – LGBTFQ….is being incorporated throughout the entire curricula.

    – American Library Assoc. recently announced their support for cross-dressers reading to pre-K children. A recent article reported that these small children were seen rolling around on top of the cross-dresser and squeezing his “breasts!”

    – Teachers must affirm transgenderism in their students and use LGBTFQ…pronouns.

  36. Without their tutors, a lot of these folks would not even pass a 6th or 7th grade class. So those 2 years of additional tuition would not do anything.

  37. In a perfect world, colleges would require that these football players also qualify for good grades in academic subjects that will be useful in their future. They should not be graduating players who have no skills other than on the field of play. There are a lot of high performing college and university students who would be very happy to have free tuition and room and board. What makes a future NFL prospect deserve more?

  38. I have friends and relatives who are gay. I love them all. Who they invite into their bedrooms is not my concern. No laws should EVER infringe upon their rights.

  39. joe: obama hated the working class because he put a lot of them on welfare after he sent jobs overseas. obama put so many regulations on business they had to shut down and move to another country to be successful. so in reality the democratic party don’t give a crap about working people. about unions they are greedy and out dated,unions want to get workers 50.00 dollars an hour while working men and women make 10.00 dollars but have to pay the same price for goods as union workers. furthermore you can’t fire a useless union worker that is why public schools are filled with sorry teachers.

  40. Amen Barb T. How can you call yourself a democrat and Christian in the same breath. Pure evil. The democrats stand for hatred and destruction of America.

  41. Tim Tebow is not worried what others think. He is not of this world. He has it right. May our God be blessed. Those who do not yet know Him. You will. Please get to know Him before you die. The joy you see in Tim’s eyes, could be yours.

  42. I agree with Tim 100%. I love college football, I’m a female and I spend Saturdays watching college games from the time they come on until the last game is over. I love the zeal the players play, the crowds shouting the name of their team, I love everything about college football; on the other hand pro-football is a wash. In college football, I know the players on my schools’ team and love to watch them accomplish exciting plays. They are doing it for: (1) Sure, they are hoping NFL scouts like what they see, but (2) they have a team excitement and comradery that I don’t see in NFL. And, (3) They are in college for an education. Some day they want to be able to play in the NFL if they get there at all. They need their education first and foremost. If they paid football players, why not the basketball team? baseball team? band members? See where this is going? Tim has it right. Leave college football alone!

  43. Exactly what I was thinking about…he’s disengaged, as have apparently most of the former program greats (except that pesky athletic director and compensation trail sniffing predecessor)…but not forgotten…Champions League wetten

  44. Tim Tebow, we love you and agree with you! Never forgot when you came to the Denver Broncos as QB. The excitement you brought to the fan was through the roof and we respected you for being the decent and good Christian and we saw it in everything you did! The Left already smeared you back then and resented you for your success in life. You are not privileged like they claim but you fought for everything you have, working harder and longer than the next guy and staying true to yourself!!

  45. Tim Tebow is not worried what others think. He is not of this world. He has it right. May our God be blessed. Those who do not yet know Him. You will. Please get to know Him before you die. The joy you see in Tim’s eyes, could be yours.

  46. I don’t think Tebow got a fair shot in the NFL! He may not have been a world-beater, but he wasn’t as bad as his critics made him out to be! Payton Manning was an upgrade over Tim Tebow in 2012, even though Tebow did well in 2011, but Rex Ryan never gave him a chance in NY! he was definitely better than Greg McElroy!

  47. Fantastic tribute of sorts to Mr. Cosell. I admit to having a weird warm spot for this newcast giant from episodes of “Battle of the Network Stars” that I watch on occasion. He did laugh at himself, which is endearing. I also enjoy his battles with Ali. Anyway, this was a lot of fun to read as well as informative. Thank you.play soccer in your browser

  48. Sports wellness, rather than “work out” or “physical wellness,” nonetheless, includes building up an expertise or capacity. Sports wellness is an open door for self-improvement.Match Predictions

  49. Football and epistemology. I love it. The connection is so obvious you wonder there is not a whole literature on the subject. Further evidence of how the academy and the people who gather to watch the Super Bowl over chips and beer can lose track of one another. I say if we are serious about praxis — i.e., scholarship that stands a chance of helping the world become a little more reflective and honest — we need to pay more attention to things like instant replays and sports bloopers. Nice work, Harper.i99bet

  50. Great to hear! I don’t have one yet, but am expecting one to be under the Christmas tree. I need something keep me motivated, and I think this will work well. I am (overly) competitive, so something like earning badges appeals to me, even if they are meaningless!.Sinyorbet

  51. Saying that an activity is only a sport if there is “objective scoring” leaves too many athletic competitive activities out including some very popular sports out there, like gymnastics. I don’t like the possible problems created by “judging” but the fact that some sports are based on it does not make them any less of a sport.

    My definition of sports is much broader. It is not perfect and does leave some activities open to debate but I think it works for the most part. It is this: I think of a sport as an activity that involves a competition that requires athletic ability. How the winner is determined specifically is not that relevant; it can be by finishing faster, scoring more points or getting a better score from a judge. What matters is that the participants are competing against each other and trying to win, and that the activity is athletic in nature.

    By this definition, when I play golf by myself or with my buddies, I am not engaging in a sport – that is a passtime. But when Tiger Woods and the other pros play in a tournament, that is a sport. Also, by my definition, playing poker (even though it is on ESPN) is not a sport – because it does not involve an athletic activity. Gymnastics is a sport because it involves both competition and athleticism, strength, endurance, etc even though the performance is judged; but bodybuilding is not a sport because even though it is a competition the winner is not determined by according to the athletic ability of the participants but how they look.

    So… back to your original question, boxing is a sport.coded pushup board video

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