Tim Tebow was just thrown under the bus by this former minor league ballplayer


Tim Tebow is still pursuing his dream of playing professional baseball.

But his baseball journey has been met with a lot of skepticism and criticism.

And Tebow was just thrown under the bus by this former minor league ballplayer.

Andrew Church, a 2nd round draft pick of the New York Mets who bounced around the organization’s farm system, was recently cut.

And on his way out the door, Church had some harsh words for a certain player.

Church never mentions Tebow by name, but his words were a not-so-thinly-veiled shot at him.

In Church’s lengthy Instagram post, Church said, “The Mets made a mockery of our team by putting a celebrity on it to sell more tickets. I say players lose their jobs because of it.”

It’s quite obvious that Church is referencing Tebow here, seeing as now there was no other celebrity figure in the Mets’ farm system.

Church continued, “We weren’t playing to win, we were playing to make everyone else money. Not the players. We never saw a cut. Well, allegedly one player did.”

If what Church says is true, the increased revenue was due to Tebow’s presence.

People were not waiting to see the Mets’ Single-A and Double-A affiliates before Tebow came onto the season.

Also, former Mets general manager Sandy Alderson had already admitted that Tebow’s profile was the main reason he signed him.

Alderson said, “Look, we signed him because he is a good guy, partly because of his celebrity, partly because this is an entertainment business.”

While Tebow’s initial signing might have been for buzz, he made legitimate improvements to his game and was named to the Eastern League All-Star game in his second season.

Tebow’s chances of playing in the majors are slim; he turns 33 this year, which is ancient for a rookie.

However, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Tebow gets a late-season call-up (assuming the baseball season is even played).

Regardless of how Tebow’s baseball journey ends, he’s done a commendable job in taking the endeavor seriously.

His managers have praised his work ethic and his achievement of shrinking the holes in his game.

For example, Tebow turned himself into a reliable outfielder after making a host of errors in his first season.

Do you think Church was out of line for throwing Tebow under the bus?

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  2. I don’t know anything about tis guy “Church” complaining about Tim Tebow, but as a Christian, I sure do like his name, “Church”. However, Tim Tebow has really proven himself, whereas, I have never even heard of this guy named “Church”. It sounds like a lot of – nothing more – than professional jealousy – by an inferior player!

  3. Church should go to Church for his bickering and jealousy. Tim has improved his game, and yes people want to see him. Church is sounding more like the enraged female soccer players, what a SHAME.

  4. Thank you
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    The truth will flee. God will flee.
    You will think you know the truth but you don’t.
    Congrats for suffering for God.
    Thank you for listening.

  5. The dashed dreams of a ballplayer, who was released, led to this sour grapes tirade. I get it, and it’s a normal response. The problem is that sports are in the entertainment business. Of course Tebows’ celebrity had something to do with it – you get paid for playing a game and paid well if the money flows in. The value is that he is a honorable player – effort, working hard to improve and not being a prima donna. Get over your disappointment and wake up to the reality!

  6. Tim Tebow, pay no attention to this sore loser! You are an inspiration to so many people and wherever you show up makes it a success! God Bless you forevermore!

  7. Tim Tebo did nothing wrong. Church needs to humble himself. If Church is not good enough to play pro ball,
    then he needs to find himself another career. He could go work for Nancy Pelosi.

  8. Typical of, a every player gets a trophy, player of THAT era, that got drafted and then didn’t put in the work to prove himself and got beat out of a roster spot by a player that was ready and willing to do the EXTRA AND HARD WORK, to make himself a better player!

  9. Church is probably jealous that people don’t come to see him like they do for Tebow. But really, a second round pick couldn’t make it in the minor league?

  10. Church just jealous. It never fails to happen you show me someone who cain’t dance and they spend all their time complaining about someone who is a better dancer.Church you are very blessed Tim Tebow is more than likely praying for you. JGB

  11. Tebow’s a real pro. By most accounts he works hard to improve and supports his team. Church? Who is he and what has he done lately?

  12. That’s what’s called life in the fast lane. I understand the player’s feelings, but really he probably was helped, not hurt by Tebow’s presence. Furthermore, the average player in minor league baseball is lucky to be making the minimum wage. It was probably time for him to take up another career. Life is hard.

  13. Tebow has nothing to do with management. But, his persona is such that he is well worth the additional monies. Though Tebow received the outstanding Heisman, his athleticism has been improperly questioned throughout his career because of his vocal allegiance in God. His courage to proselytize his faith has attracted countless admirers. No sour grapes. Tebow earned his contract.

  14. Tim Tebow could be doing the will of God; works hard, glorifies God by setting an example of how life should be lived. Have never heard anything bad about him and have watched him from high school, through college and into professional sports. He has always excelled in two out of the three phases. My mother had great answers for me; maybe this one for Tim. I told her one day, I can’t believe God would run me into a blank wall. She said, “He would if He wanted you to go in another direction.”

  15. -Baseball is a business and like any other business you want to get the most for your investment. If the owner and coaches think Tebow is a better choice of course they are going to keep him. The league puts a cap on the number of players on a team so someone will always be cut. Also the article said that Church was tried in many positions but apparently just did not fit it so he got the ax.


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