Tim Tebow made a surprise visit to this prison and you’ll never guess what happened next


Ever since Tim Tebow praised Jesus on the football field for all of the country to see, the Left and mainstream media have ruthlessly attacked him.

But rather than caving to their pressure, Tebow has doubled-down and publicly shares his faith to spread the Gospel.

And recently Tebow made a surprise visit to a prison to share the word of Jesus with inmates and you’ll never guess what happened next.

When the former football player made his faith known on the national stage, everyone predicted his career would go up in flames.

Since then, Tebow has played for several big name football and baseball teams and is now a highly-paid football analyst on ESPN.

Not only is his career soaring, he continues to share his faith with others despite how much the media and the Left attack him for it.

This time, Tebow decided to speak with 2,000 inmates at the Alfred Hughes maximum-security prison, and what happened will make you laugh.

After sharing the Gospel, an inmate challenged him to a push-up contest and narrowly beat him 84-71!

The Christian Post reports:

ESPN football analyst Tim Tebow was in Waco, Texas, where he made a surprise visit to the Alfred D. Hughes maximum-security prison on Thursday.

“So encouraged by what God is doing at Alfred Hughes prison and grateful for the time spent with my new brothers in Christ today!” the outspoken Christian wrote on Instagram.

Alfred D. Hughes maximum-security prison holds over 2,000 inmates and Tebow met with a group of them there where he shared the Gospel and even took part in a pushups contest that he lost. TMZ reported that he was defeated 84-71 in the pushup competition.

“Excited to see how they will use their lives for the Kingdom as they grow closer to God and encourage others to live in faith,” he shared.

The Florida Gators Heisman Trophy winner thanked the warden and the entire staff for opening their doors to him.

Tebow accepted his defeat graciously and continued to talk with the inmates about their faith.

It is extremely rare for such a public figure to be so open about his or her Christian faith.

The Left has done everything in their power to demonize Christians and remove them from the mainstream.

Fortunately, brave men such as Tim Tebow continue to spread the message.

What do you think?

Should more Christian celebrities speak up about their faith like Tim Tebow does?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. We are missing a generation of people that act out of conviction. Most today act and react out of a desire to be popular

  3. Thank you Mr. Tebow for staying true to your faith and wanting to share your love of GOD and Jesus with others. You have been blessed and will continue to be blessed for your courage in these troubling times for Christians. We need more like yourself in the public eye to help others that have lost their way or need to find the way to GOD…

  4. Thankful that Tim Tebow stays true to God and his faith!! Wish more would do the same thing. So many young people look up to these celebrities!! It would be a great thing to see more of them giving God the glory for their lives!!

  5. Tim Tebow is a man of great faith and it shows in his many ministries. He is a good role model for young people and old alike. God bless you Tim Tebow.

  6. We are living in the same cultural climate as the first Christians. They lived the Gospel and changed the world. We can too.

  7. Linda M. Yes AMEN! You are so correct in pointing out we DO need more like Tebow to publicly come forward to share their Christian faith. Especially now….

  8. Through smiles or tears please repeat throughout the day: Psalm 16: 8
    “I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me.”

  9. No better example of an exemplary young man, who through his faith and belief in Jesus, continues to succeed in whatever endeavor he pursues. And helping his fellow man is a top priority.
    Too bad the sports world that black balled him, because he and his Mother made a Pro-Life commercial,
    just before he started his NFL career succeeded in having Tim ousted. All sports announcer parroted their coordinated talking points to diminish Tim’s skills over and over.
    Best of luck to Tim and may he continue to be a stellar example Christianity and Humanity.

  10. Mr. Tim Tebow is a class act. They raised cane when Tebow kneeled on the field, but when the others kneeled against the flag and veterans they praised them. They could learn a lot from MR. TIM TEBOW.
    I personally stand for the flag and kneel for my JESUS and my LORD.

  11. Thank God for men and women whose values, beliefs and practices are positive.
    It was very heartwarming to read this after the most disgusting read about a number of members of congress replacing the MIA-POW flags in their offices with transgender celebration flags. Don’t get me wrong! I am offended anytime and every time that anyone disgraces the memory of patriotic men and women who have sacrificed life and limb for this country and her people to make a political statement via some display for shock value. When one fails to stand for the national anthem or replaces a flag that honors patriotic men and women who gave all, they are out and out cowards and traitors to this country and what it stands for and not worthy of holding any public office or celebrity accolades. There are social issues and social justice problems that need attention and correction but they need to be published and addressed in manners that do not disgrace our country and those who gave all to help make it the greatest nation of all time.

  12. Most people who are Christian celebrities can’t speak out to the non-believers is the 5 letter dirty word GREED, they need them $$$$$ to continue living the celebrity lifestyle period. Mr. Tebow put all his faith in god and look at him succeed without compromising his faith period.

  13. Hey Tim. Thanx for your courage in doing all you can to point the world to Jesus especially when you are in the public eye. Kinda reminds me of Chris Pratt after he has become a Christian and talks about Jesus when he can….very cool

  14. Geezer Guy; Thank you for your posting ! It is a total disgrace and totally disrespectful for anyone to replace the MIA-POW flags with the transgender/gays flags. The brave men and women that scarified their lives in defense of our great nation deserve to be honored and always remembered. What have the gays/ transgenders have done, other than DEMAND their lifestyle be accepted and DEMAND special treatment ? Nothing. So why fly their flags?? Just another ploy of the Leftists to force their agendas on us. Which is to make the USA part of the NWO..
    Thank you again for your spot on comment!

  15. Christians have been given a mandate by God to share the Gospel. That does not mean that we speak to everyone that is around us in a loud and arrogant way but we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit Who gives us the direction we need. Every day we come into contact with people that God has sent our way that needs to hear the Gospel in a loving and effective manner. Those people are prepared to listen. Those people are ready to respond. We are His mouthpiece of the world and unless we speak, God will not be found through His Son Jesus Christ. Tim Tebow is a great example. He isn’t arrogant or condescending but humble and always ready to share.

  16. Tim Tebow, we love you and always will! We remember when you became a Bronco and we were riding so high and we cried when they got rid of you! You are the real deal as a strong and principled male and we would love to have someone like you as a grandson! Keep up the good works and you will be blessed for the rest of your days!

  17. Just like with another young football player just recently, Demario Davis #56 who wore a headband that said “Man of God”…The Football League Fined him $7,000 and IF he wore it again the fine would double! But on the other side of the coin, another young man Still making lots of Fame and Fortune for taking the other road in life (a pitiful football player) but the public still want to see him back on the field….We definitely need more young men and women to Stand Strong for their Faith, our young people Need Better Examples in their lives.

  18. I “fell in love with“ Tim Tebow when he was in college playing for the University of Florida and after each game would get players from both teams in the corner of the field and kneel and pray, calling his group the “fellowship of Christian athletes“. From that moment on I was impressed and have followed him through his professional endeavors. For the sake of comparison look at the difference between Tebo’s kneeling for God and The bushy haired ex quarterback who refuses to stand for his countries anthem. There’s certainly more difference between the two then just color/race. Thank God for Tim Tebow and any other celebrities who put themselves in jeopardy to spread the word of God among those of us who need it every day

  19. I think what Tim Tebow is doing is wonderful and heart warming. Your actions show your beliefs and deeds in life. He is not there to criticize or condemn, he is there to share with others the joy he holds in his life! Good work and keep it up Tim Tebow 🙂

  20. Tim, you were one of the best college football players I ever saw. I saw you leading your Florida Gaters football team beat my alma mater one season and the next we beat you. It was one of the best played games I ever saw. Thank you for growing in the LORD and living out your faith every day. You provide a practical example to all of us. Thank you.

  21. If I would know where to donate I would so he could wear his head band every week. Maybe the NFL would take notice if enough of us stood up. Colin Kap. has really destroyed their attendance. If we show their attendance may drop more they will pay attention. GOD bless Tim Tebow

  22. As Christians and evangelists, our mission and calling is to spread the Word of the Gospel to those who have never heard the Good News and by doing so bring them to Christ. It is the millions of lost souls in our society that we, as Christians, should be concerned with as well as maintaining our own faith in the one God who created everything.
    Well done Mr. Tebow and may our Lord and Savior smile upon you forever.

  23. This is a wonderful article. This kind of love and courage comes from the Holy Spirit and the eternal victor, not the eternal looser. I have eight grandsons and to have sports hero’s like this is so important to them and will help them grow in their faith. Thank you for this article and God Bless Tim Tebow and may more like him come forward.

  24. Yes, we need tons of men, women, and children to stand up for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen ????. Can you imagine what an AWESOME world we would live in.

  25. Should more Christian celebrities speak up about their faith? This begs the question, are there any more?
    Good for Tim Tebow.

  26. 2nd Timothy 1:7 God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. All you have to do is believe and God will help anyone who asks He will answer knock and the doors shall open, seek and you will find. God is wait for everyone His arms are open because He loves you. Try Him and see what happens?

  27. Thank You for continuing to share your love & Christian Faith !! You have the public fan base to reach so many and you use your status so well !! Please continue your wonderful work !!! God is Blessing You !!!

  28. Tim is a genuinely good man. There is nothing fake about him. I’m proud that he graduated from my Alma Mater, the University of Florida. His good deeds while at school went well beyond the football field. He made prison visits while there as well.

  29. Tim Tebow. You’re a great encouragement to Christians, and by God’s grace to others.
    You & other celebrities like you are a perfect role model for young & old alike; God continue to bless you as you obey The Word!!

  30. Tim Tebow is not doing anything different than the command we Christians find for us, which is located in The Old Testament of The HOLY BIBLE, The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 3:Verses 5&6, which state:

    5-“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your understanding, 6-but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Amen.

  31. Tim Tebow is a gift to everyone. He is a great example to young and old alike. I have the highest regard for him and wish only good things in his life. He is a true Christain man. This country should be so proud of him.

  32. Tim Tebow is unafraid of showing his Faith. He does not do it to ‘show-off!’ but he does it because God is with him and guides him and he ‘Believes’ in the Almighty God of Creation’ who listens and who guides him as he lives his life for his family, friends and those who he believes needs God in their life and through Tim, God listens… and through prayers, God will tend to others in his own way. God is with us! Be a believer and talk to God through your own prayers…ask God for guidance and if you are a believer, you will find you way to do what is right. Love those you love you and encourage those who need a bit of support to do what is right! Mr Teblow is a listener first and a soft gentle calming man who does not criticize someone but rather listens first and adds some insight to a conversation to be helpful. He is God’s gift to those who know him and honor his integrity as he does not criticize but instead listens first before adding his comments. What a ‘GUY’!

  33. Christians should speak out but only if what people see in their life matches what they are saying. They do more damage if their life doesn’t match.

  34. The people who came her came because they wanted freedom of religeon. It is your right to believe in what you beleive. It is not right to tell people they do not have that right. Our country will be no better then Hitler’s Germany if we give up this right.

  35. BWH.. This truth could not be Stated any more Clearly. Too many folks are >>Sunday Christians… But THEN , GO the OTHER..direction,,TOO often..The REST of the WEEK. Observing what Everyone Wishes to believe “”That the Sunday ‘worshipers’ Are ‘for Real “… AND THEN..to Observe what ‘comes Down..The Rest of The week…Is Exactly What Is the Biggest Disrupter , For those Wanting to BE counted in the Christian Believing group. When This Changes… And MORE Sunday Worshipers Start BEING ALL_WEEK -Believers..THAT would be THE Greatest Gift THEY Can possibly GIVE To the World Around them…( for they ARE Definitely Observing..AND”Taking NOTES “>

  36. Stand strong Tim…God has given you His blessing to open the eyes of the blinded in so many places. You are an inspiration and may God continue to open doors for your faithful witness.
    We love your sweet spirit! GOD BLESS YOU!

  37. And so, if Tim Tebow can share the love of Christ, what is our excuse if we profess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour? Jesus will ask, what did you do in my name?

  38. I always felt like Tebow didn’t get a fair shake in the NFL. He got his team into the playoff after the failing first QB was hurt and out for the season. Tim won 3 straight games for the Broncos, but because he lost a game in the playoffs he never got to play again. They said that he didn’t throw correctly..That he had some sort of hitch in his throw. Tell me how did he win the Heisman Trophy? Were all the people on the panel who picked him, wrong? I believe that they were prejudiced against his religion. In my book, he rates up there with the best of the best as decent human beings who care and will do for others.

  39. I believe that religion belongs in church and the home. The way you live…should show your faith. I do NOT like to see religion advertised…like a box of TIDE.


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