Tim Tebow made a jaw-dropping announcement that will warm your heart


Tim Tebow is the radical left’s number one enemy.

He represents everything they hate: a Christian who is living life for God, succeeding in sports and TV, and sharing God’s blessings.

And Tebow just announced his latest move that will blow you away.

The Tim Tebow Foundation will host its fifth annual Night to Shine event on February 8, 2019.

The Night to Shine was created to give children with special needs the prom they deserve.

This year, events will be held at nearly 650 churches in 21 countries with over 90,000 children taking part.

The Foundation says, “Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older.”

In a news release obtained by WBNG, Tim Tebow said:

“I am blown away by how we are seeing God use the Church to step into this space as an advocate for people with special needs. It’s not about my foundation or the churches themselves, but about communities coming together to love and celebrate people with differences… Every town, every village, every state, every country needs a Night to Shine for their special needs community – a chance to be a part of something significant and life-changing…and to be blessed in the process.

Tim Tebow is constantly under attack from the mainstream media.

They’d rather push figures like national anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick to be role models for the younger generation.

But Tebow refuses to back down from his Christian faith and it is one of the reasons he is so beloved by many Americans.

You can see some of the lives changed at last year’s Night to Shine in the video below:


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  2. God will bless him for his love and selflessness. He should be an inspiration to all of us to do better. The world wants to honor people like Colin but in the end God knows who is deserving and will bless him without end. I wish the world could just get back to the way it was in the time I grew up when people cared about what was right and good. Oh well just a pipe dream I guess. One thing is for certain everyone whether they believe in God or not will meet him someday and there ain’t no do overs. Have a blessed day .

  3. Donald trump represents unity and strength james woods represents freedom of speech tim tebow represents kindness and fortitude people like these patriots make america great again

  4. God bless Tim Tebow!! Someone who is TRULY making a difference in this world, but he’s completely ignored because the Media only cares about illegal aliens, non-believers, satan worshippers, pedophiles and all the AWFUL people of the world. Good thing Mother Theresa isn’t here to see this ugly world!!!

  5. Tim is a perfect example of the type of person our political leaders should strive to be! We all will be judged in the end.

  6. We love you, Tim Tebow and God loves you! You are a truly inspirational person and too good for this World!

  7. It’s truly AMAZING to see ‘some’ people UPSET (or denying) with the humanitarian work being done by this young man. What is so bad about SUCCESS?

  8. I think God has already blessed him with his wonderful being. I will add my blessings to you Mr. Tebow.

  9. May God richly bless Tim Tebow. My daughter, who is deceased, would have loved “Night To Shine”. Many thanks for enriching their lives.

  10. I just watched the video and had never heard of Tim’s foundation before, however I admit this video brought tears to my eyes. It is pathetic that the media did not cover this, it was wonderful and I am sure the Lord Jesus will bless Tim and let us pray to Jesus for miracles in these peoples lives. We need exposure of this. may Jesus bless each reader in this New Year.

  11. Judjment is going to shock many of our brothers and sisters. Our democrat politicians are going to be first in line for not serving we the people and our Republicans will be second. We will all face judgment but some to seem to think it will not happen. ( Wake Up )

  12. I wish I could remember who said it from early America (just after the ratification of our constitution), but he had made an observation as he marveled at the American experiment in government and why it thrived. He said, “Americans genuinely love one another”, as Matthew 22:39 “….Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”, is being preached from her pulpits. We’re witnessing Americans beginning to hate the very people who practice this commandment. This is part of losing our first love in the futile attempt to achieve happiness by fulfilling self.

  13. Thank you Tim, you bring back hope for those who are so often pushed aside and you set a shining example that most in your field ignoe but who could make a big difference if they just came to realize where their blessings stem from.

  14. Thank you Tim for all the things you do. God bless you. A rich reward is waiting for you. Thank you for all you do in so many ways. What a blessing you are.

  15. He is a wonderful man and a very faithful Christian. Our church will be doing this Night to Shine and I feel as the church does that these Special Needs children should always be considered as people, they have feelings like all the rest of us. God Bless them all and God has blessed Tim Tebow.

  16. It’s about time we finally get some decent, positive input for our Christians instead of being force fed with anti Christian garbage. The natural laws of life are being trashed in order to confuse and erase the 10 commandments! They teach respect.

  17. I don’t understand why the LGBT can’t live their lifestyle peacefully without interfering and pushing their agenda down hetersexuals throats… If one wishes to live LGBT lifestyle so be it, but leave the rest of the world to live our lives as we see fit……


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