Tim Tebow just got the news he was waiting for


After leaving the NFL behind, Tebow made the switch to baseball.

And he’s been making a name for himself in the minor leagues ever since.

Now Tebow just got the news he was waiting for from the beginning.

The Mets new GM Brodie Van Wagenen is reportedly open to the idea of Tim Tebow making the MLB Opening Day roster.

This would be a significant promotion from their Triple-A team he is expected to start for in 2019.

MSN reports:

When the New York Mets open the 2019 season in March, it’s entirely possible that Tim Tebow will be on the Major League roster.

The expectation is that Tebow will open the year with Triple-A Syracuse. But speaking on the matter, new GM Brodie Van Wagenen said that Tebow might be with the Major League club.

Tebow did show vast improvements in Double-A during the 2018 season. Between Single-A and Advanced-A in 2017, he hit .226/.309/.347 with eight home runs over 430 at-bats in 126 games. In 2018, Tebow hit .273/.336/.399 with six home runs in only 271 at-bats over 84 games — all in Double-A.

Tebow has been making his rounds in the minor leagues jumping from Single-A to Advanced-A in 2017, and eventually to Double-A in 2018.

While experts say that it’s a longshot to see Tebow suiting up for the MLB Opening Day, rumor has it that several people in the Mets organization think it will happen.

As usual, he is sure to credit his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all the success he has in anything he does.

But his commitment to excellence unto Christ is something that is rare in the professional sports world, and it has certainly catapulted him to success.

And his focus on Christian beliefs, and family values is what is particularly inspiring in comparison to the antics of the NFL’s social justice warriors like Colin Kaepernick.

Do you think Tebow should be given the chance to make the 2019 Opening Day roster for the Mets? Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. Tim Tebow is the most maligned man in sports. They have kept Tim out of the NFL because of his faith but pay kneeling players millions. There are quarterbacks in the NFL that can’t hold a candle to Tim Tebow. If I were General Manager of the Mets Tim Tebow would be the FIRST man on my roster! Go get ’em Tim!!

  3. The Lord will take care of Tim Tebow and let him accomplish whatever he wants him to because Tim is a true servant and a great human being. I still remember his playing time with the Broncos and we were so excited to have him in Denver. When he left, it was a big letdown but we have followed his career and charitable actions. Wonderful human being who deserves everything good and decent!

  4. Tebow should be given the chance to make the 2019 Opening Day roster for the Mets? He has worked very hard – he deserves it….

  5. Yes put him on the roster. He is truly a man of God and gives Jesus all the Glory for his success. What a fine example he is as a Christian. May God Bless u Tim Tebow.

  6. If he meets the qualifications for the position & agrees to the specific demands the job requires then YES! He should be on the team as anyone else would, NOT because he is a good person & Christian, those are not necessarily requirements for the job! (But they are a BONUS for whoever is privileged to employ/sign him.)


  8. Absolutely, put him on. You couldn’t find a better drawing card than
    this fine, talented, dedicated Christian athlete. He is accomplished in
    more ways than athletics – and he will definitely draw crowds because
    he is a fantastic role model.

  9. To God the glory . Men like Tim are rare . We need more like him in the world . God will take care of Tim and give him back ten fold !

  10. Tim certainly sets a better example for young men and women to follow instead of the scumbags who kneel when the National Anthem is played. Suit him up coach!!!

  11. He is ready i hope the new manager will give him a chance to prove he’s built for and I believe the divine intervention will guide him through out. I’m Watching…

  12. Putting Tim on the team will increase profits by at least three percent. Your turn GM Brodie Van Wagenen!

  13. Any good Manager would Put Tim on the roster full time , especially if they cared about their fan base ,and the
    profit that double the fans attending would bring. The Mets would have a sold out stadium every game if
    Tim was a regular.

  14. Wealth, cars, fast girlfriends, enormous salary do not matter to Tim Tebow. He has a higher calling and purpose and should be cheerleaded for his beliefs. A truly outstanding and decent person.

  15. So enjoyed his playing with the Fireflies, the Mets team in Columbia, South Carolina! Wish him the finest on the field as he is a role model for us all, amateur or pro! Do hope he’s on the starting Mets roster in 2019!

  16. If the Mets want some true respect,then,bring him up as a regular everyday guy!! I bet you anything you will truly profit from the fans ,and get rid of some of bums that can’t play because they have a headache. GET REAL!!!!!!

  17. A MD in the Philippines advised Tim’s parents to have Tim aborted. Thank God that didn’t happen. Makes me wonder have many other great people have been aborted. MLB will benefit from having Tim as a player.

  18. Tim should be hired by the Miami Dolphins.
    He couldn’t do any worse than tannehill at quarterback.

    If not definately mlb give him a shot that he deserves.

    Thank you.

  19. Tim Tebow is a winner at everything he aspires, he is also a man who has earned respect for his lifestyle. Give yourself a break, put Tebow in the lineup.

  20. FINALLY, FINALLY, SOMEONE HAS THE CHUTPUH TO BRING HIM BACK WHERE HE BELONGS. NFL you all have no brass to welcome this fine gentleman onto your Club but the Mets will give him a shot. Hurrah, Hurrah for the Mets and that’s from a New Yorker. We judge people on their ability not their religious background. No one’s business – if he can deliver, bring him in.

  21. I just love that kid, he has a heart as big as the world and a smile to light it up with, a true wonderful human being.


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