Tim Tebow is about to get a promotion that will change his life forever


Tim Tebow ditching the NFL for baseball was a change that nobody saw coming.

There are many who are predicting him to fail, but he continues to push on.

And he is about to get a massive promotion that will change his life forever.

Tim Tebow isn’t one to take no for an answer.

Even after moving from the NFL to Minor League Baseball with the goal of making it into the major leagues, when virtually the entire sports world was betting on his failure, he kept pushing forward.

And now his bet is paying off, with his batting coach saying he has a great chance on making it into the major leagues this season.

As reported by Breitbart:

When former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow announced that he intended to join the minor leagues in an attempt to make it as a professional baseball player, most scoffed.

However, since then, he has wowed even the harshest critics. Prompting his hitting coach to say that the former Florida Gator has a great shot at advancing to the majors this season. Former MLB outfielder Jay Gibbons signed on to help Tebow recover his college hitting abilities and hone them for a shot at Major League Baseball, and now Gibbons is telling the Athletic that he is bullish on Tebow’s chances of hitting the big time.

“You’re talking about a guy where what we’re trying to do is very difficult to do — nearly impossible,” Gibbons said. “For him to do what he’s done already, to me, is an amazing thing. I’m not the guy that’s going to doubt Tim Tebow, with his heart and his drive. I would never doubt that guy.”

This may be a surprise to the sports world, but to those who know Tebow and his heart, it shouldn’t be surprising.

Even at great risk to his career, he has long been a vocal Christian, and a positive inspiration to millions of people.

In a recent press conference, he made his commitment to God clear, stating that only God defines him, and that his detractors don’t matter to him.

Do you think Tebow will make it into the major leagues?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I sure hope so if that is his dream. He has God on his side and as long as Tebow is faithful he will make it. Tim Tebow is the kind od hero all kids should look up to and be insipred by. Tebow is a great role model.

  3. He has God behind him and a strong commitment to everything he does. Yes I believe he will make it to the major leagues!

  4. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  5. Mr. Tim Tebow is a Blessed Representation of how a Virile, Moral, & Christian Man should conduct himself in contrast to the Hypocritical, Immoral, & Debased Men/Women that have spoken contemptuously of him!!! Regardless of whether he makes it into the “Biggies”, he must be recognized for Who He Is and Who He Represents!!!

  6. I hope one of the truly good guys goes to the SHOW!! God blesses him because He isn’t gthrough with Tim yet!!!!

  7. You can do all things through Jesus who strengthens you! You are a special Divine ambassador to the youth of the nation and to the world of sports–and even in a strange sort of way to Hollywood! When people see and hear your name, they invariably have good feelings. Let your marriage now be an added dimension of blessing to the two of you and to all who look up to you–and the MANY new fans who are even now learning about you for the first time, going forward.

  8. Tim Tebow will, if he gets into Major League baseball, give God the credit pointing out that “Nothing is impossible for God.”

  9. Tim Tebow will thrive and survive because he has an honest faith in his belief in God, and in himself because of his greater belief. This may seem rare and even unusual in today’s society because as a nation we seem to have fewer people who truly believe in God and the hereafter, and therefore even have a strong belief in their own ability. But Tim is a sincere and dedicated young man who has a strong belief in his God and in himself. As long as he remains healthy, he will succeed. Chuck Adkins

  10. I and my entire family in fact , have been Tim Tebow fans since his days as a GATOR …..We have watched him play football and inspire his teammates all through his years as a GATOR ….Tim is truly blessed and he IS for certain a fantastic ambassador for Christ …..I wish him great success in the Major League Baseball gig ….GOD bless you Tim and “GODs SPEED”

  11. I will never feel ANY negative about any person pursuing a dream. Why not just shut up and wish him well. Being a professional athlete takes a lot of talent and effort. Tim Tebow is a serious, talented and committed person. For some reason, there seem to be many who hope he fails. Not me!

  12. Tim, you have been a BIG Blessing to me because of your life and commitment to our Lord! You put others before yourself and have been a BLESSING to millions…only the Lord knows just how many! Blessings to you and your future bride as you continue to Bless those that are not as fortunate as so many others.

  13. Tim always gives God all the glory. Yes, I believe God is in this and will give him the desires of his hear! Astro’s, keep your eyes and ears open!!!

  14. We love and always have Tim Tebow and wish him God Speed in all his endeavors! When he came to Denver, the excitement was so high, higher than Manning and another Super Bowl! He deserves the very Best because he is the very Best!!

  15. Right with you kids in America and the world need a role model like Tim who never did drugs and alcohol or had premarital sex. He’s not on the political correct bandwagon or NWO agenda for sure. Not saying he’s perfect it’s all Gods grace and mercy and I’m praying for him.

  16. You have to admire and praise his character, sports need him as a roll model…best wishes Tim.

  17. God Bless you Tim in all you do. You have been such a positive influance in all you do. Just know that you have so many wonderful people that are behind you in everything you do!

  18. Tim Tebow is an example of the type of person professional sports needs more of. Get Jesus back into professional sports and the results will be nothing but professional! God bless you Tim in your faithfulness to the Lord, with Jesus by your side all is possible! You’re proving it!


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