Tim Tebow did something that brought everyone to their feet


Tim Tebow is still pursuing his dream of playing Major League Baseball.

His journey through the minor leagues has been met with a huge amount of skepticism and scorn from the media.

But Tebow did something that brought everyone to their feet.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for Tim Tebow.

He recently married former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, and his pursuit of the majors could be reaching a turning point.

Tebow turns 33 in August, which means the clock is ticking on a professional baseball career.

Three years ago when he first announced he was going to play baseball, the backlash was severe.

Tebow won the Heisman trophy and had a brief stint in the NFL.

Baseball seemed like a pipedream.

But Tebow gradually developed into a credible minor league player, even making a minor league all-star game on merit.

And his 2020 spring training with the Mets is off to a good start.

Tebow is showing more plate discipline by drawing walks, and he recently hit a monstrous homerun that got the crowd fired up.


Having not played competitive baseball since high school, Tebow got off to a very rocky start, striking out at a high rate.

But various managers have credited him for his hard work and determination.

New York Mets manager Luis Rojas talked about how he’s put in the work to improve his swing and his comfort in the outfield.

“I am trying to get him as many at-bats as we can in the spring, also time in left field and he’s looked good,” said Rojas. “He’s been developing since I saw him in 2018, so he’s a hard worker and things are going to pay off for him.”

Many thought Tebow’s minor league endeavor would be short-lived, especially after Sandy Alderson, the general manager who gave him a shot, left the Mets for health reasons.

It also looked bleak when an injury ended the opportunity for Tebow to get a late season call-up to the majors.

But general manager Brodie Van Wagenen, Alderson’s replacement, also seems committed to giving Tebow a fair shake.

As arguably the most famous Christian athlete in the country, Tebow receives an unbelievable amount of scrutiny in everything he does, but he continues to persist in the pursuit of his dream of playing Major League Baseball.

Could Tebow get a call-up to the majors this year?

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  2. Since Mr. Tebow serves and honors GOD and Jesus EVERYDAY, and gives so much of himself to help others, I truly hope his dream of becoming a professional ball payer comes true!! He really deserves it!!! I’ll be praying for you, sir!!!

  3. It’s simple if the team(coaches) think he is good enough to play then ABSOLUTELY he deserves it.

  4. If he continues to work at it, he is an athlete and he has the attitude and potential to succeed. Nothing is bad about trying. I also hope the marriage is a blessing from the Lord for him. He is one of the great ones as a human and athlete! May God continue to bless him!

  5. As I’m supposed to be neutral as a sportswriter, I’ve always looked favorably at Tim Tebow and pulled for him. But at 33, age is not his real friend. He is a real Christian guy; perseveres, which is one of God’s gifts. As a Christian, I’m sure he’s well aware that while we are given choices, we’re also supposed to abide by God’s will, listen for his voice; so being an athlete at this stage of life might not be God’s will. There might be something better that He wants Tim to do. In my own life, I’ve discovered that this is a fact. If God wants you to go in a different direction, he can lead you into a blank wall. My mother, God rest her soul, told me that many years ago. And she was right.

  6. tebow needs to hang up his cleats and become a politician i think he would make a great one. we need to get honest people in washington since corruption is running rampart and most of it on the democratic side.

  7. I think the people who don’t like him because of this faith, are being very two faced. We see the football players kneeling in the end zone pointing up to GOD and they are still there. It is a shame that he didn’t get his chance in NFL. He is a very good player. God bless you Tim.

  8. Since the media pushes left leaning ideas, Tim is difficult for them to understand. He is way
    too wholesome a person to compare to anyone on the left. Before the Democrats made it a
    bad thing to be a Christian, Tebow would have been an idol for all American sports fans and
    average citizen. I have no doubt he will be successful as a baseball player because of his determination and Faith. And when he does, the media and the left will say he is naturally
    gifted, but was slow to succeed. Those of you who are aware of prayer, give one up for Tim.


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