Tim Tebow did something incredible for the special needs community. You will never imagine how he impacted their lives


Tim Tebow is one of the few celebrities that is willing to share his faith and actually gives back to people and causes worth supporting.

But his recent act of generosity will leave you shocked.

Tebow did something incredible for the special needs community.  You will never imagine how he impacted their lives.

The former NFL player has been famously attacked by the mainstream media, politicians, and fellow athletes for sharing his faith and standing up for his beliefs.

At one point, he nearly lost his entire career due to sharing his faith and refusing to back down.

Fortunately, he’s gone on to find a successful career as both an athlete and sports commentator, and still openly shares his faith and does good works.

But the work he does with the special needs community will leave you stunned.

Each year, Tim Tebow’s foundation hosts “Night to Shine,” where the Tim Tebow Foundation hosts hundreds of prom nights across the United States for girls and boys ages 14 and up with special needs.

Many children and young adults never have the opportunity to attend their high school’s prom night and often feel left out or as if they are not accepted amongst their peers.

Tebow is committed to making each “Night to Shine” event a massive success each year.

“We have decided to go out of our way to make the biggest, the most special night of the year for people with special needs because they’re worth it and they’re special,” Tebow told Fox News.

This year, Tim Tebow’s wife, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, also attended and helped girls with their makeup and hair.

The Tebow family continues to demonstrate the positive impact a celebrity can have on society if they choose to use their fame for the glory of God or the good of others.

Unfortunately, most celebrities are concerned with telling their followers on social media how “woke” they are.

Do you think Tim Tebow is a great role model for a celebrity?

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  2. Tim Tebow is a great role model and a God-loving man. He will prosper when others fail because he honors God. May the God of love continue to bless Tebow, and his family for their dedication, love, and willingness to stand up for Godly morals in a now ungodly country. Keep reminding us Tebow of how great our God is and in honoring Him we too will be blessed.

  3. As a parent of a special needs child. I appreciate everything done for the people that have not had the advantages of others. They are so appreciative of being thought of. With cuts in Medicare and provisions this is a wonderful gift. Maybe next year it will be provided for them. He is in a group home in Vinita under the umbrella of Home of Hope . They have many group homes over the area of Oklahoma. Thank you Tim and your beautiful wife. Dalline Roberts

  4. Tim your a shining light in the dark world of a lot of celebrities, both in sports and entertainment. God bless you and your wife.

  5. I think he is one of best celebrities out there because 1. he is not afraid to share his FAITH 2. That he loves his HEAVENLY FATHER in all things that he does. 3. Him and his family are always trying to help others so they can have BETTER LIFE. AMEN AND GOD BLESS TIM YEBOW AND HIS FAMILY FOR ALL THOSE WHO TRUELY LOVE GOD AND WHAT HE CAN DO. It is also nice to see someone respects and cherish the MORALS THAT GOD HAS LAID UPON US. HE IS A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING!

  6. My great niece was one of the recipients of his kindness at the Prom in Naples Florida.
    She was so beautiful and happy!
    Thank you Tim

  7. What a wonderful story…..Tebow is doing ‘good’. But you spoil the story by bringing up the ‘hate full’ media’….on and on with HATE. Why can'[t just report this wonderful story without all the ‘hate crap’?????

  8. Wow that would even be nice for some Deaf child that is going to
    Hearing school alone
    Times have change there but more is in need

  9. Correction please: Culture watch is not allowing my full comments to go through. I meant to type, in this one, all the wonderful people POSTING before me..Thank you

  10. God Bless Tim Tebow and his wife and family, What a wonderful example of what can be done for others in Jesus name with the Love of the Lord in your heart. So many young people have been blessed because of the work that you are doing with their special Prom Night. I know a young man who recently attend one of your special nights and he was so thrilled to be there with his parents. What a wonderful evening they all shared because of you. Please continue to do what your are doing and keep your “light” shining for all to see and shared. I am so proud of you.

  11. Tebow is a man if God. Period. He never thinks about himself, always others. And now his beautiful wife is by his side, also helping. What a wonderful couple. A true power to God couple. Keep up your inspiring work.. God bless

  12. Like that shining light on the hill, Tim is certainly evidence of God’s grace and love. Sad how people treat anyone who has the integrity to un-apologetically proclaim their belief’s and in action and words tell the world what God will do for anyone who believes. Then there is the other side that continually speak evil of others who believe and are not afraid to tell the world.

  13. No words are required of Tim! His actions far exceed my words of him. A “True” Christian, caring more for others. Thank You Tim from an Ole Miss Alumni ????????????????????

  14. My grandson was chosen by his church to be one of the escorts/workers/friend for “The Night to Shine”. He said it was one of the best nights and he had a blast with all of his friends and the Ladies they had at the table they served and entertained. He said it was an awesome experience and he was so thankful he got to do it. Tim Tebow and his family are passing on the wonderful gift to every young person that participated, not just the Ladies. God Bless him and his family.

  15. God bless Tim Tebow & his family what a beautiful thing in God’s name to do. Tank you for posting the article.

  16. God Bless Tim Tebow and his beautiful wife!!! My brother in law just attended his 4th Night To Shine event and he loves them!! He loves to get dressed up and go to the prom!! He dances to every dance and has a wonderful time!! He looks forward to this all year!!! I can’t say enough about Tim and all he does for the special needs!!! Thanks for sharing your faith even though there are those who have tried to stop you!!!

  17. It’s a shame that today’s children don’t have more people like Tim Tebow as role models!!!Thank you for being the great person God made you to be!

  18. AWESOME! AWESOME!! Awesome!!! May you continue to sore with the wind beneath your wings like an eagle! Your faith is truly an inspiration to us all. I pray that we all follow your example and reach out to others at what ever level we can. May God continue to Bless You and Your beautiful Bride!!!

  19. Thank you very much, Mr. Tebow to you and your wife for all that you do for these children. My grand daughter attended her prom on 2/8/20 and she had a grand time. Members of our city police also attended and danced with and interacted with the children. The whole event was first rate and very classy, all thanks to The Tim Tebow Foundation. It’s refreshing to see someone who never compromised his faith, values, and Christian beliefs for fame and fortune, and has managed to achieve all of that and more.

  20. I think Tim Tebow is a wonderful person. It doesn’t bother him how other people feel about him. If more people were as outgoing with their beliefs as Tim this would be a better world. I praise him and his new wife for all the things are doing and helping people that need help. God bless you and your wife for what you are doing.

  21. This should be expected from all celebrities. Most celebrity philanthropy is the equivalent of a typical person giving away nickels and expecting to be worshiped.

  22. I know his faith is strong, but had no idea He took it to another level.
    It’s amazing how one person can have a positive impact.
    This makes me more of a believer in Tim Tebow.
    If only he could convince the none-believers that there is a way.


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