Tim Allen sent leftists into complete meltdown with this major announcement


Most Americans love Tim Allen because he is one of the only A-list conservative entertainers in America unafraid to speak his mind.

The star of classic family TV comedies Last Man Standing and Home Improvement has major news.

And leftists just went into a complete meltdown after this major show announcement from America’s toolman.

Tim Allen has been missing from your TV screen lately.

But fans can get excited as Tim Allen is coming back from his absence caused by his political beliefs.

Tim Allen is starring in a brand new TV series that you won’t want to miss.

There are few actor comedians who will ever come close to the list of accomplishments Tim Allen has achieved during his acting career.

Just think about the movies he has been a star actor in.

You have over six classic movies between his work in The Santa Clause series and Toy Story movies.

But all of Tim Allen’s fans can’t get enough of his TV sitcoms that he has blessed us all with since the early 1990s.

Between Home Improvement and Last Man Standing, Tim Allen is one of the most successful sitcom actors in TV history.

And one of the things his fans have liked the most about his sitcoms is just how down to earth and centered around family values his sitcoms were.

Not to mention, Tim Allen was one of the only actors in Hollywood who was willing to play a conservative character and put them in good light.

But his family and conservative values is what ultimately ended up canceling Last Man Standing while it was still one of the top-rated primetime shows.

Well now Tim’s fans have something new to look forward to.

A new series hitting the History Channel in just a couple of weeks called More Power will feature Tim Allen along with his past co-star from Home Improvement Richard Karn.

More Power is to deep dive into the tools that build the world as we know it.

Now this show is going to be worth a watch!