Tim Allen posted an emotional farewell message for all of his fans as Last Man Standing shoots its final episode


Leftist elites in Hollywood are finally rejoicing as Last Man Standing is planned to air its final episode.

For years, Tim Allen has ruled the primetime airwaves with family shows that shared our values.

But Tim Allen posted an emotional farewell message for all of his fans as Last Man Standing shoots its final episode.

After nine amazing seasons, Last Man Standing is scheduled to air its last episode next month.

The show has been a staple for good family entertainment in a time where family shows were so hard to find.

Hollywood seems to just enjoy airing sitcoms that fit their leftist narrative.

But as each of their sitcoms came and fell to the wayside, Last Man Standing stood the test of time due to its dedicated fan base.

Though it certainly had its own case of setbacks.

Last Man Standing used to be a cornerstone show for ABC before the network unexpectedly canceled it for what looked like political reasons after Trump’s election.

Tim Allen isn’t afraid to show his conservatives viewpoints while in front of the cameras.

And his character on Last Man Standing, being nothing more than a hardworking American trying to guide his family through the craziness of life, just rubbed the Hollywood elite the wrong way.

Thankfully, the show got picked up from ABC by Fox for the past four years.

But sadly the conservative show must come to an end and the last episode for Last Man Standing was just shot.

And Tim Allen has a special message for his fans as his beloved show comes to an end.

In a series of tweets, Tim Allen shared his thoughts on the last episode coming up and special behind-the-scenes shots of Last Man Standing.

Allen started the tweets with a picture of the set with the caption “Table read tomorrow for our last show of nine grateful seasons. Thanks to all who watch our work.”

The next series of tweets were shots of the set as they filmed the last episode.

Allen continued the Twitter thread by tweeting out a picture of the set’s front door.

Tim Allen will truly be missed from primetime television.

He is one of the last of a dying breed of conservatives in Hollywood.

Hopefully someone else can fill into Allen’s shoes as a voice for middle America.