Tim Allen just went on an epic rant against political correctness


Leftists in Hollywood and their pals in the media can’t stand the success Tim Allen has experienced in “Last Man Standing.”

Fortunately, all of their attempts to sabotage the show – including ABC’s cancellation – and Tim Allen’s career have failed.

Now, Tim Allen is going on an epic rant against political correctness and you’ll never guess what he said on ABC’s The View.

Allen is well-known for being a conservative.

He is also well-known for being an outstanding comedian and has made an impressive career for himself in comedy and in acting.

But his comedy act would most likely never be accepted in today’s political climate.

Which is why when Tim Allen talked with Joy Behar on The View, he gave an epic rant how today’s political correctness is ruining the comedy world.

The Washington Times reports:

Tim Allen is right.

Political correctness has taken over the entertainment industry.

Some comedians, like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, have stated that they will never perform at a college because the audience is too sensitive.

The Left is determining what kind of material can be considered humorous and silencing talented comedians.

TV networks have also succumbed to monitoring the kind jokes that are used in order to avoid any and all controversy.

What do you think?

Is the Left hurting the comedy world?


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  2. The left is destroying everything!!! We have nothing but a bunch of overly sensitive cry babies, they think that everyone owes them and they shouldn’t have to work for anything. Mr. Allen is a great actor, comedian, and Hot Rodder. There’s a lot you can fix, but you can’t fix STUPID !

  3. The leftists are ruining EVERYONE’S life so why should comedian’s world be any different! This PC bs has gotten way out of hand. Just today as I was shopping, a gentleman wished me a Merry Christmas and the customer behind me almost had a stroke. She tried to correct him by saying, “the correct term today is to say Happy Holidays.” We both just looked at her and then we wished each other a Merry Christmas again!
    I admire Mr. Allen for being a Conservative and remaining strong. The Leftists may have thrown out GOD. But surprise! HE is still here and HE is not going any where!!! And try as they will, the Leftists will not control my life……

  4. Too bad Sam Kinison isn’t still alive. He would have a field day with the pc crowd. Poor guy is probably rolling over in his grave.

  5. Comedy is being politically incorrect.
    You can’t have comedy without being politically incorrect. That’s what makes people laugh.
    Leftism is the endeavor to normalize mental illness and suppress natural expression.

  6. Linda, I would have wished her a Merry Christmas, too. The leftists cannot take away the reason we celebrate CHRISTmas. I pity them. They have no concept of who Jesus is or why He came

  7. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year! May God bless – and forgive – all those in our country who have gone astray and are now being misled.

  8. Several weeks ago I discovered I’ve been locked out of every site monitored by Discus. My “crime” seems to have been my use of God’s Word to counter the Left’s LGBTQ and the rest of their alphabet agenda. I emailed the Federalist (one of my favorite sites) co-founder, Sean Davis, to ask if he could help. To date, no response.
    Do any of you posting at Culture Watch (Ironic!) have a suggestion?

    I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  9. Leftism is about removing anything that’s enjoyable from people’s lives turning us all into drones to do the master’s (government’s) bidding without question or delay. Those who practice this religion (government worship) need to be either educated (an improbability) or just eliminated.

  10. The left is a bunch of humorless idiots. “Is the Left hurting the comedy world?” No, it’s not hurting it, it’s destroying it. Don Rickles would not be able to use his kind of dry wit no matter where he was today. It’s a lousy rotten shame that these people are trying to take laughter out of the world.


  12. Tim, I agree with you ????%! The leftists are on the wrong train!!!
    The media has been sabotage d with opposing beliefs in Patriotism and what America stands for on all sides!!
    It makes me angry that the leftists are standing up for a the wrong reasons!
    There is a mighty force of evil that is coloring and deceiviy minds!!
    God have mercy on us!!There is ONE thing that is certain-GOD! True , Patriotic American s are praying and GOD answers prayer!!
    We are with you, Tim!!

  13. I Am a Messianic Jew and have been following many Rabbis such as Rabbi Jonathon Cahn who has stated that Political Correctness and Moral Reciprocity are both “Falsehoods”! And if you concentrate on the meaning of each phrase you will come to the same conclusion! The Culture that exists in America has been systematically destroyed by the Progressive Political Left and the Teachings that are coming out of our Legal Colleges which have had a decimating negative effect on our way of living and thinking day to day! This is all being orchestrated by the left so that we will be indoctrinated into a “One World Government”, and these are the words of our previous POTUS by the Name of Obama, who was and still is running a Secret Government with the use of a 28 Room Home in D.C., and the use of the 43 Czars that he had during his eight year tenure! It is time to Wake-up and see the Light!

  14. Opinions are FREE and Everyone has one!!! The problem with this new ‘Political Correctness’ or ‘Changing Culture’ as they like to call it, is that the Left seems to think that their Opinion is the Only One that Counts!!!

  15. The Democrat/Communists are simply running the Alinsky play book. Comedy to them is making “jokes” about the horrible things they would do to their political opposition, or two trannies walk into a gay bar, or how to divide up and use baby parts. They trash every American institution they get their bloody hands on. Humor is simply one of them.

    Their ideas about comedy might come straight out of The Little Red Book of the Thoughts of Mao. Don’t try telling them that though. They’ll just call you a racist and insult/threaten you. That’s funny to them.

    Joy Blowhard a comedienne? Really? When was she ever funny in that sense?

  16. wow ! guess we need to watch this site too..I just got “bounced” for a comment about “shipping the crazy leftists off to Venezuela…So A very merry CHRISTMAS to you all ( including the misguided fool who “bounced me “..

  17. Point ? We are becoming like the radical islamic groups. What’s their problem ? No sense of humor ! When you kill our right to laugh – you kill your culture. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves and at others in a
    gentle ribbing. It started with a few people who were offended by Polish Jokes. Heck I GOT MOST OF MINE FROM PEOPLE WHO WERE POLISH ! When I was a kid we told jokes about those in neighboring states and they did the same thing. They were all essentially the same jokes whether they were blond, idiots, or what
    ever. We are becoming afraid tis ay anything because there will be one from the group who will be offended.
    Well – if they are – then they can leave the room and let the MAJORITY Laugh. When you can’t laugh you go nuts and that is what is happening these days. Laughter is a release that is human. Cram these people with
    no sense of humor. If they want to be miserable – let ’em. I’ve never told any joke with the intention of hurting anyone and we should all be able to poke a bit of fun at those who take themselves too seriously.

  18. There are still some sane folks in Hollywood that are able to share their views and withstand the onslaught of garbage that come from the PC police…Tim Allen is one. Clint Eastwood another, My hope is that the pendulem will begin swinging back to the right again…

  19. Thanks Tim Allen. I refuse to purchase items made in New York, California,and other liberal states. Why reward these state’s financially.I am probably spitting into the wind but it’s a start.

  20. ” Political Correctness in the most pernicious doctrine to threaten the world since Communism and Fascism.” –
    The great Scottish author George MacDonald Fraser

  21. Joseph C. Moore ( USN Ret) You know sir, I didn’t even think to say that to her. But quite honestly, she really looked as if she was going to have a stroke right there in the aisle and I didn’t have the time to wait for the paramedics to be called. I can’t believe how out of control this PC nonsense has gotten! But since the Liberals have thrown out GOD, I suppose they expect all of us to do the same. I have lived too long for anyone to change how I celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and I’m not going to stop saying Merry Christmas to anyone ! If they take offence, oh well….
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  22. I agree 100%. I am glad I am the age I am because I fear what this world is coming to.I feel very sorry for the younger people and what they will have to deal with

  23. I so agree with you. I’m happy to hear someone in entertainment realizes and speaks out regarding the BS that is political correctness. I ignore it also and say what I want. Language IS culture and what is being done with our language these days i altering our culture negatively. As it is, today’s students, from grades 1 through Ph.D are miss-educated by the left and we MUST put a stop to it. Attempts are being made…homeschooling, for example.

  24. It boils down to that tyranny over the mind in opposition to which T. Jefferson swore eternal hostility. The better response is to fling it right back into the face of the PC purveyors with deliberate panache, as notably done by Linda M, above.

  25. Jerry Weiser; I also agree with you sir. Especially all the BS they are indoctrinating our young people with in schools now. We can only pray there will be an end to all this madness soon….

  26. Linda: That encounter from the leftist you had was waaay over the top. The fact that she was interrupting a conversation that did not include her is bad enough.
    Manners do not mean a thing to them. Tempers tend to fray a tad this time of year so she was pushing her luck. Carol Burnett’s classic, through gritted teeth, “bring it on old lady” comes to mind.

  27. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  28. joan, I was kicked off from FOX, so I can relate. I tried using my other e-mail account and it worked for awhile, but they figured it out. So I have no suggestions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!!

  29. Annabel: You made me smile with the Carol Burnett’s quote!! I loved all her shows and miss them!
    Manners and respect are not part of the Leftists vocabulary. But this rude woman did catch me in a rushed mood. I have , at times, had some rather vocal conversations with some rude, disrespectful people when they start trying to push their PC nonsense on me. I suppose she “thought” we would just apologize and say, Happy Holidays. Didn’t happen. I have several Jewish friends and out of respect for them, I do wish them a Happy Hanukkah. And they in turn wish me a Merry Christmas. This is respect.
    Let’s hope we all have a better New year. Especially President Trump. Thanks again Annabel for the smile! It’s been a LONG day and I needed it…

  30. Thank you Linda M. I’ve lived on this earth for 80 years and celebrated the birth of Christ every Christmas and I’m not going to stop now because of the PC police. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

  31. Kira: I’m not that far behind you, age wise, Kira and I thank GOD every day I was born when I was. I pity the young people of today that are having their heads filled with lies and making them literally incapable of handing life. Especially since so many of them do not believe in GOD. Or realizing that Jesus came to give us a eternal life of love and peace. So many of my greatest heartbreaks I got through because of my faith.. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours Kira!!

  32. Are they controlling the liberal comedians, too? I agree that Obama has set us up with the government intrusion, and is monitored by “George Soros Open Society” group. George Soros helped set the stage “by financing Adam Schiff into the congressional seat and awarded him “Toll Fellowship” by the Council of State government, a nonprofit and monitored federal government activities and (also) financed by Soros Open Society Foundation.” (reported by the Conservative Firing Line) That can be a bribe for puppets, as Obama was financed by a group, as I recall from research. Schiff’s new staff member in August, “Sean Misko, worked with a group funded by Burisma Ukraine Co. before joining them, as reported by Briebart and the Washington Examiner. We have a huge conflict of interest and bias in Congress, by protecting the Biden’s involvement with a firm and “bail out” funds sent to the Cayman Islands. Political correctness is a Nazi controlling strategy revived. We still have freedom to speak the truth without being profane and offensive.

  33. Leftists’ opinions are like bungholes, and someone needs to stick a cork in them. Leftists are loud an obnoxious, and have been out voluming the majority of America for far too long. We need to have a voice from the rest of America loud enough to be heard through the Leftists’ noise.

    Even back 40ish odd years ago as a child, I could see the PC thought police were starting us down a bad road. That road is now a 8 lane superhighway headed straight off a cliff. The destruction of America is their ultimate goal. They seek to stop free thought, let alone free speech. They want to disarm all of America except their body guards, and their thought police, so that we can not defend ourselves or America from them. The Left actively seek to destroy all the things that have made America a great and free country. The destruction of actual humorous comedy is just a small bump on the road to destruction we are currently on.

    I can not see how so many are fooled by these thought control dictator wannabe’s. Please people turn off your TV, Netflix, etc. for a few hours tonight and look at the laws being proposed by the Left in many states. Look at the absolutely unconstitutional laws proposed in VA for example, where leftist Democrats are proposing laws that will ban freedom wholesale. No freedom to assembly to speak about opposition to Leftist laws, no freedom to protest about these laws, no freedom to train in any form of self defense from firearms to Karate or even boxing, and the list goes on.

    It is time the American people woke up and returned to actively participating in their own control over the course of America. See what is being done in your name, by your elected officials, and when they go against your wishes let them know about it, call them, e-mail them, send them an actual letter, protest marches, etc. and most importantly vote them out of office. There are politicians who have no clue who the American public are, let alone what the American public want, some of which have been in office for 40+ years, some of which are not even Americans. Git rid of them, get someone in office who will listen. Get someone in office who will not sell us out, to the rich and powerful who don’t care about the average citizen in the slightest.

  34. When someone said to me Happy HOliday, I ask them which one are you talking about. Some dont answer and others just smile and say Christmas… I love it.

  35. The left feel free speech should only apply to them because if it applied to everyone, someone like Tim Allen might say something that would trigger them and that would be inexcusable and reason to riot, loot and burn cities to the ground. Civil war anyone?

  36. Free speech seems to be rapidly turning into a thing of the past. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy Tim Allen. I can’t get enough of his “Last Man Standing” reruns. His Obama comments are guaranteed to make me laugh. In a time when it is career ending for celebrities to admit that they are conservative I applaud Tim Allen. He makes me laugh and that’s all that matters to me.

    Kudos to all celebrities who aren’t afraid to stand up and admit to their conservative values.

  37. Oh how wrong you are fixing stupid is easy if you believe !!!! By who do your sons cast out demons ! ??????????????????????????? Mmmmmmmm

  38. With the exception of child sexual abuse and maybe a minuscule few other topics, an abstract joke about anything should not be considered offensive, even if it is not all that funny or wholly lacks technically accurate, and honestly nothing presented in words should be outright censored. Of course, we leave it to Trey Parker and Matt Stone to push it to the limit, and possibly Steven Crowder can be lumped in with them. Crowder has daringly gone so far as to produce a short skit containing a short segment about Muhammad’s hypothetical first date with Aisha.


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