Tim Allen just teased a show reboot that would shake up network television


It’s no secret the entertainment world despises conservative culture.

And ABC towed the liberal line when it cancelled “Last Man Standing” in 2016 despite its strong ratings.

But Tim Allen just teased a show reboot that would really shake up network television.

Tim Allen is a rarity in the entertainment industry.

He is a successful conservative Christian actor.

The mega-star is famous, among other things, for voicing Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.

But many remember him for his famous role as Tim Taylor in “Home Improvement.”

The show had a successful 8 year run as one of the most popular TV Shows in the 90s.

And now the A-list celebrity just teased out the plot line for a “Home Improvement” reboot.

Fox news reports:

“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen has revealed what the “Home Improvement” reboot would be about if the show were to make a comeback.

After “Last Man” was canceled on ABC in 2016, the actor began to think about bringing back his famous ’90s sitcom and his iconic Tim Taylor character.

“I never felt—and it’s come true—that this was done. It never felt right,” Allen told E! News that the reboot idea for “Home Improvement” was so close to being a done deal until he learned “Last Man Standing” would be revived by Fox. “In the time off, we got real close where we talked to everybody…It was an interesting idea.”

Allen said the plot for the “Home Improvement” revival would include the Taylor family boys, Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Mark (Taran Noah Smith), all working as property owners, pursuing real estate careers in Michigan. Jill, played by Patricia Richardson, and Allen would still be happily married but living in a brand-new house.

Allen’s character, Tim Taylor, still being in a happy marriage after all these years would certainly contrast with shows like ABC’s “Modern Family.”

Much to everyone’s surprise, ABC abruptly canceled his popular, long-running TV Show, “Last Man Standing,” after 6 seasons.

Critics argue it is because Tim Allen is a conservative.

ABC is a liberal, never-Trump network.

But Tim Allen got back at ABC by signing a contract with Fox to reboot “Last Man Standing” this year.

And no one anticipated just how successful the show would be on Fox.

The reboot’s pilot episode was the second highest viewed pilot in the show’s history.

Of the reboot’s success, Allen said, “It was quite startling, and actually overwhelming.”

This proves what conservatives were saying all along.

The entertainment industry is so opposed to conservative culture they’d even cancel a show that’s still in high demand.

Would you watch a reboot of “Home Improvement” with the original cast?

Sound off in the comments!


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  2. Home Improvement was a very funny show, and I would definitely watch a reboot. The fact that Tim Allen denies his faith daily by supporting the pariah currently squatting in the White House is unfortunate, but a separate, unrelated issue.

  3. Eric; Tim confirms his faith by supporting our President – who is, by the way, making America respected
    again. Trump is a religious man and puts Americans first – even you Eric, even though you obviously
    don’t deserve it.
    Every indicator; economic and otherwise, is higher now than in years. Maybe you spend too much time
    watching our hateful, lying media. You probably need to do a little independent research on the subject.

  4. Absolutely, we look forward to watching his new show and will encourage our conservative friends and
    families to do so, as well. We need to show the liberal networks that they will be the minority…..and
    hopefully, other entertainment providers will take FOX’s lead in bringing more conservative to the public…

  5. I thought the so called conservatives have no use for the Hollywood elite, especially ex coke dealing felons? I see, it is only okay when the celeb is on your side. LMAO!

  6. No No No, Please do not watch any show with Cinservative themes. You would surely injure you pea sized brain. There are way more Decent, True American Conservatives to keep the ratings up above the crap you ignorant libs want to force on us.
    No way, You are Too far GONE to ever understand a clean, decent, family show.
    Please, remain under your rick, drink the kool-aid and shut up already!

  7. Hey, Ignorant A$$hole. Been watchin too much of the alphabet channels there.
    Great, go crawl under your rock and shut up. No need to try to get “eduxated” about being a Good, Decent Christian. U have proven it’s not possible with u asinine loopy libs. U R all so STUPID!!!

  8. You bet I would! From a time when all American people could find humor in everyday situations. Honest laughs that lifted our spirits and weren’t aimed at damaging anyone.

  9. I would love it! Truly funny, wholesome comedy programs are few and far between these days! Go Tim Allen. (I hope The Connors flops!)

  10. Denies his faith?? Because he likes the president? Wow! We could have hillary Clinton for president instead. I believe she is having mental and physical issues. Not good for a president. I want my America to return. I’m tired of all the finger pointing and accusations from both parties. Sad to say dems are getting worse about that everyday.

  11. Amen to everything you just said. I used to be a dem, then they started to change so I became an independent voting for both parties at any given time, but what they’ve become in the past 2 decades, I lean heavily conservative. I can’t stand what the dems are doing to this country, and also to themselves.

  12. Amen to everything you just said. I used to be a dem, then they started to change so I became an independent voting for both parties at any given time, but what they’ve become in the past 2 decades, I lean heavily conservative. I can’t stand what the dems are doing to this country, and also to themselves.

  13. Yes, I would watch a reboot of “Home Improvement”! It’s ironic that most of the shows I watch currently, are on Cable channels, like USA, FX, Sci Fy, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, etc. Only 2 shows I watch on NBC, which is even more “liberal” than ABC, are “The Black List” & “Manifest”. I’m trying to remember if there are any shows that I watch regularly on ABC, at this time, and I’m coming up blank.

  14. My husband and I loved Home Improvement and we still watch the reruns. It was amazing to watch the boys grow up on that show. We’d definitely watch a reboot. 😀 All In The Family reboot would definitely make regressive heads explode.

  15. oh indeed we would love to see it aired again. we love flannel due to Al…lol
    really anything with Tim Allen is just fine with us. our entire family (kids are grown now but love him) would definitely watch. another show we liked was Wonder Years…they could have made a spin-off series from that show that I think would have had a good following.

  16. I would love to see Home Improvement come back. Last Man Standing is great and I am glad Fox had the good sense to pick it up.

  17. I sometimes watched All in the Family when it first came on. Unfortunately, I refuse to watch anything with no likeable characters…and AIF didn’t have any.

  18. I’m still watching the old Home Improvement episodes. It is so “liberating” to be able to watch a true comedian who is very funny without all the innuendos, snarkiness, and foul language. I can laugh freely without being on guard for something I don’t want to watch or hear. I love and admire Tim Allen and would watch anything he acts in!

  19. Edith was very likable. She had a good heart and tried to do right for her husband and family. Michael I positively loathed as he was a complete doucheknuckle. I never could understand what Gloria saw in Michael. Archie, underneath that tough exterior, adored Edith and she him. Life and marriage is like that. Sometimes there’s just no explaining it. Sanford and son was pretty good. So were The Jeffersons. Some of the stuff could be classed as “edgy” back then is mainstream now. How times have changed.

  20. That is what made those shows good. They presented things but did not try to preach. “Sanford and Son” was a good one also.

  21. Bravo for using your brain! Too many dems just go along and don’t think. The most important thing is to think! One will never agree with everything a party stands for but we must agree with the major things and America stands for the truth and honesty! People seem to be so P.C. it’s ridiculous. They need to think instead of follow. WE need to stop the brainwashing of our children.

  22. That is so ridiculous. It’s OK for liberals to do awful things, cheat on wives, rape, etc. But a Conservative can do something 25 or more years ago and wow, they are the worst? What a hypocrite you are! Such P.C. liberal rhetoric. Try thinking for yourself instead of FOLLOWING THE B.S. that the democrats spew.

  23. Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh yes for sure. There hasn’t been one show, program, or movie that Tim has been in that I didn’t like. Even as buzz.

  24. We have always watched anything with Tim Allen in it.We have recorded reruns of Last Man Standing and Tool Time. Really stupid on ABC’S part to cancel such popular shows because of his political views.We know longer watch anything on ABC.

  25. I would certainly watch a reboot of Home Improvement. I would actually love to see that happen. It was a very wholesome Christian show that you don’t mind children seeing. These days even early evening shows have to be censored by parents to protect young vulnerable children from the trash being shown on television now.

  26. Absolutely, it was a great show with redeeming social qualities unlike the hollywood shows with with absolutely no redeeming social values whatsoever.

  27. To eric, don’t you strange little Hillary-ites ever think before you speak? Have you ever considered what your own lot of sociopathic God-America-white people hating lunatics stand for before opening your ludicrous flapping pie hole and spewing out your insane hatred at someone for having a different opinion to your own…backed up by no examples or actual evidence of any kind? Just pure hatred, get help. Fast. And then join the long queue of people “Walking away.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51UGcghHZsk
    It is not Tim Allen that is confused, I would love to see you debate him on this “comment.”
    But back to the actual question, I would support this idea…and would bring Rossanne in as Tims neighbor or something along those lines.

  28. Your Pariah in the WhiteHouse get a grip you obviously have been brainwashed and it works. Example when she lost grown adults were given coloring books and hot chocolate to help their Greiving Process that’s mind control. Get off the main stream media your being poisoned Dude. This man is hated because he can’t be controlled by the Money Power Broker’s and they hate it. He once told a GM executive out loud, take your plants out of Michigan and Ohio I will put a 35% tariff on card brought in to USA gutsy never ever a president honestly cares about America and it’s People Do your Own Homework


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