Tim Allen is sharing great news that is making liberals so angry with him they are losing their minds


Tim Allen is quickly becoming one of the Hollywood elite’s most despised actors because of how open he is as a conservative and Christian.

And now he’s giving them a reason to hate him even more.

Tim Allen is sharing great news that will make every Trump supporter happy, but is making liberals rage with anger.

Most people know Tim Allen from his biggest roles on Toy Story and Home Improvement.

But his most recent TV show, Last Man Standing has gained tremendous popularity among viewers on Fox.

Originally the show aired on ABC and became the network’s second highest rated show.

All of a sudden, in 2016, the show was cancelled without any good reason.

Many suspected the show was cancelled because Tim Allen’s character and family in the show openly express conservative ideas, make fun of liberals and social justice warriors, and even praise God.

Fortunately, the show was picked up by FOX and they have officially renewed the show for a 9th season.

Naturally, liberals are furious hearing this news and wish Tim Allen’s career and Last Man Standing would die.

Nearly every other show and TV network airs exclusively rabidly left-wing content from actors and actresses known for their liberal leanings.

These networks are attempting to push their sick agenda into every piece of programming while making money.

Tim Allen has proven conservatives can be successful in Hollywood as well and the Left doesn’t want people to know this.

In fact, FOX reports the show is their most viewed programming with over 8 million viewers.

Last Man Standing is not the only TV show that has demonstrated viewers have an appetite for conservative media content.

Duck Dynasty has also surged in popularity among conservatives and Trump supporters and they are even more open about their politics and faith than Tim Allen.

Allen should be applauded for having his show renewed for a 9th season and not being afraid to express his opinions even if they are unpopular among Hollywood’s elite.

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  2. Why are liberals so intolerant of people that don’t agree with them?
    Why does conservativism and Christianity offend liberals so much?

  3. Fluffy…they don’t really know. They were brainwashed into believing all the left BS due to lack of common sense.

  4. Last Man is one of the funniest comedy shows I have ever watched! The writers and actors create and deliver their lines so perfectly and innocently. it such a great series. I watch as many reruns and new shows as possible. Often times the youngest daughter is the funniest of all! Absolutely the greatest show ever.

    Must be plain to see I’m a Michigander from Muskegon.

  5. I did not vote for Trump or Hillary as a registered independent, but I have become a big fan of Last Man Standing because it brings balance to a media that is 90% left driven, besides it is well written, well acted and fun….expecting all of us to spend night after night of being brainwashed by lunatics on both sides of the aisle has become boring and smart producers at Fox have cashed in on bring back good entertainment…I look forward to more of Tim Allen and what he is serving up…there is only so much the mind can tolerate from CNN and MSN’s talking heads…

  6. Thank you.
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    The truth will flee. God will flee.
    Thank you for listening.

  7. That is really great news. I’ve watched “Home Improvement” from the start when it first came on till it’s last show and I’ll be doing the same with ” Last Man Standing”.

  8. Always loved Tim Allen especially his Santa Clause movies and now even more so. I will watch his show of Last Man Standing because it is a breath of fresh air compared to all the Liberal hate mongers and Anti-Trump celebs who are mostly washed up has beens looking for some kind of attention

  9. Last Man Standing is still the Best funny family sitcom on TV and Tim had to overcome alot from the lost of two great actress, I love the show.

  10. The only thing that God gave us was a mind capable of understanding and acknowledging our inner self the Spirt He gave us with a free will and the ability to reason. “Be true to thine self”. my mother told me “two wrongs do not make a right”, this was to teach me to believe all things with an faith anchored in my duty to God, family and country, also there are times MY COUNTRY comes even with God for the sake of the peoples who inhabit this planet good or bad they all need to be Judged on who and what they are and what they have done for humankind!

  11. CONGRATS to Tim and the gang at Last Man. Recently retired from Hollywood, I know many networks are missing the boat in their programming choices. There is a huge conservative audience out there to be had just by suppying them with programming that they want to see. Advertisers need to take a page out of Fox’s book and start minning those hills for right-leaning folks with money to spend. Rush, Sean Hannity and others have been doing it for years on radio and the stiff-necks sitting in the prgramming chairs at the four major nets, need to figure it out.

  12. Fluffy liberals don’t want religion because it gives them someone to believe in. Without it people would suffer disparity. Liberals think they are God and it make their ego take a hit. They want people to give up hope for control.

  13. Television used to be written and crafted by people with traditional Western values and mores. Now, it’s almost entirely the province of nihilistic leftists. The tv shows they used to decry as immoral…such as the old 80’s nighttime soap operas…seem like bastions of decency by today’s standards.

  14. God bless Tim Allen and the folks from Duck Dynasty . I watch last man standing every night on Fox Tv and duck Dynasty when I can catch it .I am an independent voter with strong leanings toward the Republican party . I was raised to vote for the candidate that I felt would best represent my beliefs in the American way of life and my Christian faith . It is not always easy to do because our political system is being so corrupted by lifetime politicians in it to line their own pockets and need for power . Old saying truer today than ever .”Power corrupts ,absolute power corrupts absolutely “. God bless all those people out there with integrity to say what they mean and mean what they say . I would add Mike Rowe to this list of men of integrity .

  15. Love Last Man Standing!!! Have watched from beginning! Was upset when canceled. I am an independent!! I have voted for Trump and will again. I believe he is God sent!!!

  16. Liberals aren’t interested in anything but ruining this great country.they wouldn’t know a good tv show if it slapped them in the mouth.

  17. With out a doubt the best show, and I mean show, not just comedy, on tv today. Love the old shows in reruns, they are the best, the two younger girls were great along with Kyle.

  18. Tool Time was great but Last Man Standing is the best (eve needs to come home more often. GOD BLESS Tim Allen, Jay Leno, Patricia Heaton DUCK Dynasty and all the great, God Loving conservatives. THANK YOU all.
    C. Wayne Cook

  19. Love my brother Tim from another mother and I look forward to meeting you on the other side. A man of integrity and belief in Christ. Thank you so much for your keen and quick wit and comedy. Love Home Improvements, Santa Clause, to the best, “Last Man Standing.” Makes me laugh through the day!
    Tim Allen, Bless you for standing Tall in Him!!!

  20. Yes it takes a strong person who backs their beliefs instead of bowing down to the nasty Hollywood bullies. Hope more will do so. Thanks to those that do.

  21. It shows that you can have a wonderful show without being a flaming liberal. I was so disappointed when Murphy Brown and …oh oh, I’m drawing a blank…the show with the gay guys and straight women…one is Karen, she made the show. Anyway, I could not make it through the first episode of either. They ruined 2 great shows by being political and ugly. So happy Tim is on local Fox. Even when he skirts political issues he keeps it light. We need MORE like him!

  22. Congratulation Mr. Allen for your show being pick up by the FOX network. Most of all thank you for standing tall in your belifes. I sand with you. GOD BLESS!

  23. Democrats and liberals hate the idea that others have different opinions – and that they are losing.

  24. Nancy Travis is “the best”! Eve and Mandy are fantastic! Kyle plays his part perfectly! And Tim brings everything together. What a great team! 👏

  25. I love Tim Allen and every movie he has made and have watched reruns of Home Improvement and Last Man Standing every day. He is a funny comedian and an all around great guy. I love that he has the guts to say what he stands for on his show. I know he has many many fans.

  26. Love “Last Man Standing” – good different from most shows these years – “Blue Bloods” being the exception.

  27. Good news! I really like the show and Tim’s character is a man who I can relate with. I agree with him 99% of the time

  28. If you really want to laugh, Go to Last man Standing Bloopers on u-tube, I’m amazed they actually finish a show before “Show time.” Very funny stuff.

  29. The show even has something for the liberals – Ed with his several wives, Chris with her out-of-wedlock child and Mandy who thinks like them (doesn’t know how to think). Well balanced show.

  30. Marvin, it’s not that we don’t care what they think. It’s that what they think is very dangerous to our freedom

  31. My California friends who support President Trump are afraid to show it. They don’t fly Trump flags, or have Trump stickers on their cars. Fear is so unhealthy. Why can’t we just agree to disagree? It’s because the left is so nasty and filled with anger and hate. That is a sign of deep mental illness. They should all see therapists.

  32. Tim Allen, i am one of your biggest fans
    i love the way that you speak your mind on your show,also where ever you my be. i think it;s a terrible that so may people don’t believe in God, also the left wing liberal libtards are so up set about the truth that Tim tell;s it like it is , but the libtards think that there way is the only and right way, but they are so wrong , as long as there are millions of people who think like TIM ALLEN, YOU LIBTARDS ARE ALL ALONE WITHOUT GOD ON YOUR SIDE, YOU SEE GOD IS ON OUR SIDE AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE ON OUR SIDE, AND THATS THE TRUTH,

  33. Tim Allen known formerly as Mr. Ridiculous is using his comedy to have fun and bring out the truth about the foolishness of the Leftist. He should be ready for major persecution and violence from the regressive left and the social justice warriors. Tim Allen is standing up for what is right and good even honor God. Those leftists hate God and are breaking bad each day more and more. Physical violence and assassinations will be the need modus operandi by the Social Justice Warriors and the far regressive left as we approach the November elections. Even girls as AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Priessley in Congress would also give approval to violence and murder if they don’t get their way.

  34. Not many shows are worth watching anymore. I refuse to watch the gay crap and trans crap hollywood tries shoveling out and saying it’s normal. Normal for Southern Calif maybe but not the rest of the planet. Tim’s show is refreshing and actually funny. One out of hundreds what a shame Hollyweird has been overrun by sick freaks. They will censor me and delete this but maybe a few might see it first. Screw the left and down with Satan.

  35. I have cable t.v. with a gazillion channels and yet there is little in the way of good comedies like there used to be. MASH, Carol Burnett ,All in the family these were real comedies like Last Man Standing. I watch T.V. to escape reality ,and to laugh so hard i cry. The left has made it hard to do comedy anymore unless you are politically correct. Comedians no longer perform in colleges because of their being silenced or threatened because of their views. Tim Allen please dont stop doing comedy ,you are a bright spot in a boring politically correct world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Tim Allen, I’m an avid watcher of your show, and me being 76 years old,you are the best in this time, to stand up for your beliefs, and I love it. I hate how the left is always trying to take our President down, and it’s so refreshing to see someone in Hollywood, like you, take a stand for our country, our freedom, and our President. You are a great man, and God knows it. Too bad we can’t get Pelosi and her bandits out of office. But if we Conservatives get together and bring ourselves and our friends and neighbors out to the polls in November we can turn the government RED and save our country and our freedom. We’ve got a hard row here in California, but with you and a few other Hollywood conservatives we might just flip California from Blue to RED. Hang in there Tim, we are behind you, your show and your great sense of humor..

  37. Last Man standing is one of the best if not the best sitcom ever on TV. And if it pisses off the liberals that makes it that much better.

  38. Last Man standing is one of the best if not the best sitcom ever on TV. And if it upsets liberals that makes it that much better.

  39. It’s like me. I dot like pizza, so I don’t eat it. I don’t care if anyone or everyone else likes it. I own guns, good for you if you don’t. You’ll call me if you have a prowler, anyway. A liberal is the opposite. You don’t like pizza, you try to get pizza parlors closed down. You hate guns so ban them all. Only problem is, if everyone ate the same things, many would starve. People would steal and kill, with knives, lol, guns are banned. Except some of us will never give up our protection.Someone has to protect the innocent and ignorant.

  40. Awwww poor baby liberal lying entertainers. Are you sad because not everybody feeds on the bottom like you do. Just to mention a few, baldwin never left like he said he would,lying swamp floater. The sow sarandon and robbins are still here feeding off their bottomed out careers, more lying entertainers. Now the one I consider the biggest liar, besides reiner, would be hanks. I was busy and I lost count after zero, so how many rockets did fly out of Hanks ass? Or did he lie to us also? Figures. Now wonder follywood has got a piece of schitf to represent 💩.

  41. I am thinking I went into a time warp backwards in time to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah!

  42. It’s getting more difficult by the day to watch TV with the self righteous left in Hollywood trying to jam their views down our throats. If I am sick, I go see a doctor. If I need legal advice, I go to a lawyer. If I want political opinions, I don’t go to people like Robert Deniro or Alec Baldwin. It is now to the point that I can’t even watch movies that I used to like because I don’t respect their loud mouth bias views. I have always liked Tim Allen. I respect his professionalism, his respect for religion, and the fact that he is a high level car guy! Mike Rowe too!

  43. Mr. Tim Allen, YOU are a HERO. Finally, a God loving family man — uncommonly rare. Thank you for your courageous actions and a role model for us all. God Trumps unGodliness.

  44. I always loved Tim Allen. I find HIM funny, not those so called comedians that think that swearing as much as they can, be rude and insulting, it’s funny. Sorry never found that funny. I’ll take Tim Allen’s jokes any day instead.

  45. Tim …you’re the man!!!!Don’t remember who wrote this “Political correctness can often lead to a paralysis where you don’t address reality… but this is where we are!!! Stupid in rampant, that is the reality today!!!

  46. Yay for Tim Allen, whom I admire..Now why can’t they bring Rosanne Barr’s show back on the same channel? W/o her, the show flopped, because She was the star & it was Her Baby. Who cares what She said about Valerie Jarrett, look what they say about Trump. Whatever they want & they get away with it. Where is the justice here? I vote to bring Roseanne back. VJ was just Hussein Obama’s advisor, but I think She gave the orders.

  47. Yay for Tim Allen, whom I admire..Now why can’t they bring Rosanne Barr’s show back on the same channel? W/o her, the show flopped, because She was the star & it was Her Baby. Who cares what She said about Valerie Jarrett, look what they say about Trump. Whatever they want & they get away with it. Where is the justice here? I vote to bring Roseanne back. VJ was just Hussein Obama’s advisor, but I think She gave the orders.

  48. I am so glad that a least one man in Hollywood has the guts and brains to stand up, and tell the truth, He does not let the Hollywood dummies tell him what to say, and how to think. They want to be the gods in this world, and make fun of the people who knows the truth. They are our path to destruction. Thank you Tim Allen for standing tall and speaking the truth.

  49. Love Tim Allen even more now. We need and pray for more Hollywooders to stand with him, take Hollywood back. Thanks to Fox may God protect and Bless.

  50. It’s all about the Lib agenda. If you don’t think the way they do you are wrong. But the real truth is they are the ones that are wrong and their loses continue to prove it. Hope they renew for many more seasons to come. Then the Libs can go and continue to suck rotten eggs.

  51. Not much more can be said that already been posted, Fox keep up the good work and bring other shows on board. Make television great again!

  52. Hey Tim, ……we all love you, your show and your guts to take a stand and follow your principals and not bowing to the insanity that is taking over our world.


  53. Freedom or communist that’s what it’s all about .obama had 8 yrs selling america to communists and the left got fat and rich .they zeem to want america to be a communist country where a group of dictator control us as china does with their people..its time to shut these people down and vote Trump and it’s going to take more than four yrs ..need to keep voting Republican ..Trump 2020

  54. The left is already trying to dictate our lives and tearing this country down with their fake news propaganda just trying to win in nov .and keep dictating our lives ..what little they know there will be a civilwar.

  55. The only way our children and all future generations will ever hear the truth from media is if someone like Tim Allen and President Trump speak the Truth as they do to all Americans.Amen. JGB

  56. Tim Allen formerly known as Mr. Ridiculous from Home Improvement is saying things so ridiculous to the regressive left that its harming and breaking down their defenses. Good for him. As long as his profession of Faith in action continues it will influence America to wake up and come to reason.

  57. I loved last man standing but it has gotten weak. Now that Trump is president there is no political banter

  58. Love Tim in all his shows/movies. As a fellow right wringer, I’m very proud he speaks his mind and doesn’t care what the otherside thinks. Also, the left can speak their minds…why can’t we?? God bless him and stay strong!

  59. Love the man, love his work! Tim Allen YOU are my hero! Keep the faith & keep telling it like it is! We’re behind you all the way! Yours are the only shows or movies I’ll watch anymore! The rest of Hollyweird can go hang!

  60. Leave it to FOX to pick up a right wing show starring a convicted felon. FOX supports these Trumpinazis.

  61. All I can say is “Go Buzz Lightyear!” I’ll have to start watching the show. The incessant laugh track turned me off to the commercials, but I’ll follow the star of GALAXY QUEST anywhere. Yes, Tim was in jail/prison for being a drug dealer, but I’m sure many of his critics should have paid for their crimes many times over, starting with most of the Democratic Party.

  62. I am so happy to know that there are so many people like me that applaud and appreciate Tim Allen and Fox for upholding our right to voice our opinions in this world where we are bombarded from every side by people pushing unhealthy lifestyles both physically and mentally. It saddens me to know there are so many people in Hollywood that deny God and probably don’t know the 10 Commandments. But they will know who He is on Judgement Day when they stand before Him asking for entrance to Heaven. The truth about Heaven and Hell will then be known to all.


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