Tim Allen finally breaks his silence on the cancellation of Last Man Standing


You can count all the family friendly conservative sitcoms on cable news over the past decade on one hand.

But the biggest one of them all, Last Man Standing, is being abruptly canceled after this year.

And Tim Allen finally broke his silence on the cancellation of Last Man Standing.

The good old days of quality family sitcoms are long gone.

The Left has taken complete control over Hollywood and runs nearly every conservative out of town.

Now, sitcoms on cable television simply inundate Americans with the Left’s agenda.

And many times the actors do their best to make fun of conservatives and Christians.

But that wasn’t the case for Fox’s Last Man Standing.  

Last Man Standing gave a breath of fresh air away from the Left’s propaganda filled shows and starred conservative Tim Allen.

However, after airing and being one of the top television shows for nearly 8 years, Fox has abruptly decided to cancel the show after this season.

And finally, Tim Allen has broken his silence on the cancelation of his beloved show. 

Tim Allen tweeted, “So hard to express how cool it’s been to be a part of this near decade long creation. Our final year…damn. You are going to love what we are planning! Shooting as I type.”

With Tim’s heartfelt Tweet many fans are still left wondering why the show is being cancelled.

Only time will tell if another show like it that promotes family values will ever make it one cable prime time again.

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