Tim Allen couldn’t hide his smirk after what this famous actress just said


Tim Allen has been a target of the Left for years.

And recently, Disney made sure he paid the price for his conservative beliefs.

But he couldn’t hide his smirk after what this famous actress just said.

Let’s face it.

Hollywood hates Conservatives.

They hate anyone who believes in the same American moral values as you do.

That’s why Tim Allen became a target of the Hollywood elites.

Shows in Hollywood usually only get canceled if main characters leave the series or if their ratings suck on the show.

As long as the show or movie is making money it will continue with another season or sequel.

But that same standard doesn’t apply to Tim Allen.

Tim’s most recent hit show, Last Man Standing, was on the top of the charts every year but still got cut by Hollywood elites.

She’s right.

And unsurprisingly, Disney’s new Buzz Lightyear movie is tanking in theaters.

As for Allen, he knows fans love him.

And some networks still recognize it.

In fact, the History Channel has a new series hitting in just a couple of weeks called More Power that will feature Tim Allen along with his past co-star from Home Improvement Richard Karn.

The show will deep dive into the tools that build the world as we know it.

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