This World Series-winning player won’t visit the White House for a ridiculous reason


After the election of Donald Trump, the far-Left lost their minds.

They’re determined to make every facet of American life political.

And now this World Series-winning player says he won’t visit the White House for an absurd reason.

The Washington Nationals brought a World Series championship to D.C. for the first time in 95 years.

One of the key players in the Nationals’ improbable playoff run was relief pitcher Sean Doolittle.

But shortly after the World Series win, Doolittle made headlines by saying he would not visit the White House if invited by Donald Trump.

The Daily Wire reports:

As has been the trend among liberal athletes, a Washington Nationals relief pitcher won’t visit the White House with his teammates because of his disdain for President Donald Trump.

Sean Doolittle had previously remained silent on whether he would visit the White House upon winning the World Series when the prospect was merely a hypothetical. But now that the Nationals have won the title, Doolittle told The Washington Post that he would not visit the president of the United States.
. . .
Doolittle also criticized Trump for mocking a reporter who was disabled, saying he has an autistic family member.

“I have a brother-in-law who has autism, and [Trump] is a guy that mocked a disabled reporter. How would I explain that to him that I hung out with somebody who mocked the way that he talked, or the way that he moves his hands? I can’t get past that stuff.”

Doolittle rattled off a list of grievances that come from a mix of lies and mischaracterizations by the Fake News Media.

For example, Trump never mocked disabled reporter Serge Kovalevsky for his disability.

Trump has made the exact same awkward hand motions to deride his critics for years.

It appears Doolittle lives within a Left-wing bubble that forcefeeds him nonsense.

It’s a shame that an innocuous tradition like visiting the White House after a championship has become so polarizing because of radical Left politics.

Should players respect the office and go to the White House?

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  2. Keep an eye on the racist white folk on the media and in the gov. They cannot be trusted. You can’t make America great again ’cause it was never great. America has always been controlled by the white racists that came here from Europe. They slaughtered Indians and made slaves of colored people. And still today they keep coloreds in poverty on the gov plantation. If they don’t keep voting for whitey then they lose all the free handouts and might even die from global warming ahahahahahahaha

  3. Who cares if he goes or doesn’t go to the Whitehouse? He’s a petty individual who’s just taking an opportunity to display his hatred.
    Those who can’t be great players do virtue signaling, just ask Colin.

  4. Why should he go to the White House?? He is a hate-filled fool and best that Pres. Trump doesn’t have to see him.

  5. The question asked of us, ” Should players show respect for the office and go to the White House?” Of course they should. But the Demon party has made it their mission to show as much disrespect as they can to our sitting president. So anybody that is a supporter of this party are coming out of the woodwork to act like ignorant, mindless children. They” think” they are making a political statement by their disgusting conduct. But they are just showing the rest of us what disrespectful fools they are. True fully, I hated Obama the whole 8 years he was in office. But NEVER did anyone disrespect him , especially publicly, because he was our president. I guess Doolittle wasn’t the big man on the field, being a relief pitcher. So now he’s just looking for his 5 minutes of fame now.
    Good stay home Doolittle. By next year nobody will remember your name anyway….

  6. I was glad to see the ret of the TEAM visited. Going to there WH is not about the President 0 it’s rally about being honored. Was he the “comic relief” in the visit ? He needs to understand that he is entitled to his opinions and so am I ! If he was sincere then fine, If he didn’t see the politics of doing what he did and how that reflected on the TEAM – then he was just thinking about himself and shows that he holds a grudge ap-
    patently for life ! Hate kills you within, but exhibiting love makes you a better person overall>

  7. His name says everything ‘Do Little’. Cause that’s what he did. People are getting so tired of these athletes thinking we care what they think. Ask colin & lebron.

  8. The ridiculous reason this Nationals’ pitcher chose not to go to the White House and meet Trump is that he was exercising his right to Free Speech/Free Expression, not to mention his Right to Dissent, things Trump doesn’t believe in unless you happen to be agreeing with.

    Thank God, if there one, Trump will be gone a year from now, either by impeachment or defeat. Either one will do and the sooner the better.

    Vote early, vote often and vote Democratic. Your life depends on it.

  9. redman how can you be so misinformed? global warming? You believe in that crap? go back, finish high school, then come back and write a cogent post. You think only blacks were slaves? The most brutal of all slaveowners was BLACK. Whites enslaved whites all over the world, Pick up a book, put the beer and the crack pipe down. You are so full of hate you can’t learn. The free handouts come from the dems, the same dems that started the kkk. Blacks sold the slaves to European plantation owners. 500,00 white men died to free them.

  10. At the end of the day, who really cares if he visited the White House or not? People will only remember him as a naysayer. In a few weeks, baseball fans will forget him for what he said, but remember that he is a malcontent who might not get a pitching job at another club when Washington lets him go.

  11. Doolittle needs to be educated as to the facts of what Trump said. If he continues to feel as he does, he needs to be reminded he can be replaced. Fire him! I suspect he is a Democrat who never liked the president.

  12. You certainly espouse the Democratic Party on voting. Like the Chicago woman who voted for Obama NINE times and AG Eric Holder refused to prosecute . Keep America Great. Vote for President Trump and the Republican ticket and never, ever, give the Dems a chance to ruin the Country again

  13. There is no I in team. This is not about an individual achievement. The team won the world series. The team decides what they want to do. If you can’t support your team you don’t belong on it. The coach should enforce this rule as well as the owner. Suck it up Buttercup. We need to stop accepting cop-outs, not every day is a perfect day. Every team member must represent the team in a responsible way.

  14. I just watched a fabulous get together at the White House with President and Mrs. Trump. Players and management were there and spoke. Great day in Washington. Congratulations to the Nats. Shaun Doolittle not there and no one missed him. They had a parade, music, and lots of fun and laughs, family and friends. The only loser here was Doolittle.

  15. Are you red , black, yellow or
    Are you just a liberal left wing idiot!Trump has done more for the” COLORED” you said it,than ANY president has. The problem is you, you have not taken advantage of your God given freedom this country has and preferred to wallow in the past BOO HOOOOOOO!! IDIOT!

  16. Ken,

    Exactly how many participation trophies do you have? This is about the pinnacle in team achievement, not about a relief pitchers relative. You are on the team or not. Do you have a job Ken? Do you provide for your family Ken. Do you have a family Ken? Barry was a farce and so are you. The country is headed in the right direction, you can either get on the train or let it run you over. An invitation to the White House is a tremendous opportunity, not to be squandered. It would be interesting to see how all these people with principles actually live their lives, and the level of RESPONSIBILITY they deal with on a daily basis. The vote often comment is a good one you cheater. The Chicago woman should be in jail with Eric, and probably you too. Do you support Antifa-the new democratic KKK? It’s just my opinion but, YOU ARE A LOSER!

  17. His loss, not President Trump’s. Glad to hear Nationals team members showed their support for our president. I wonder how many snowflakes melted on Monday.

  18. The Democrats and people like Doolittle are the problem in America. They are so full of slander, hate, and lies they are unable to function like a normal person.

  19. Mr Sloan
    What do you mean by “Vote often”? I thought we vote once every four years for President. I saw the instance of ” mocking” and was troubled at first until I realized Mr Tump does that exact same behavior to lots of people. I am fairly confident that ALL of us do and say unfortunate things. I did not vote for Mr Obama BUT I never wished Ill will on him nor his family. I hoped he would lead America and help ALL of us . I thought the same about Mr Trump and so far, in spite of so many people “hating” on him (even before he had taken office) he has done things that have helped more people, in more ways in this country. What matters most a popular personality with hidden desires (Obama) OR an open book who’s personality is harsh but who’s actions help many(Mr Trump).

  20. Keep an eye on us Christians. My Bible teaches that unless we can forgive, we cannot be forgiven. Read the Lord’s prayer, “Forgive us our trespasses, (as we forgive others)” And since it was Jesus who taught us to pray that way, it must have been important. If we hold all of our grudges against President Trump, then God holds all of them towards us.

  21. Baseball was the great national past time not all that long ago. If there was a vacant lot nearby and more then a few kids around you could bet there would be a baseball game every Saturday at that vacant lot. Everybody had a good time and the worst that could happen was a window broken by a substitute Sadly you don’t see that anymore. Vacant lots are used to sell drugs or hide body’s these days. Why do you think that happened? My personal thoughts on the subject cover many different reasons society has, pardon the expression, gone to Hell in a basket. One of the chief reasons is kids have nobody but scum to look up to. We used to provide real Hero’s for kids to look up to and want to be like when they grew up. When is the last time you watched a TV series that featured a real hero standing up to evil, protecting the weak and saving the day? There was a time sports figures tried to be the good guys, the guys who helped city’s and towns provide a place for youngsters to learn to get along with each other and to learn teamwork and such things. Seems like now all you hear about in the news is bad news about the people that could easily be hero’s for the young if they just thought about it or gave a tinkers damn. Maybe these guys are part of one of the first generations to grow up without hero’s, I don’t know. But I do know that everything begins when you are young and impressionable. I hate to use them as examples but even out enemies in WW2 knew to start teaching as early as possible whatever you want people to know and how you want them to turn out. It worked for them, too. The Japanese and the Nazis had armies of fanatical young people ready to die for the cause. We could do the same thing except substitute decency and morals for Hitler and Japans emperor. I know, I can hear folks screaming about who gets to define what is moral and I understand the delima. But I think if great care, open and fair deliberations and honesty above and about everything, if these things were used as guides, we should do OK. If politics were ignored we could find the things our young should be taught, I think.
    Anyway, my point is that if this nimrod relief pitcher had grown up with real hero’s to look up to he wouldn’t be the dork he is today. That’s my thoughts and I’m standing by them, subject to revision.

  22. You know Sir, I really do not care what or why you decided to act like the jerk you are and not support your team or your country. Or maybe this is NOT your country and you would rather be somewhere else. That is fine. Just move there. As children there are things we do not wish to do but our parents (or at least in days gone by) made us do them. Not because they agreed with everything that was happening but because it simply was the right thing to do. Generally after we got over our little tizzy fit, we were grateful that our parents made us do it and gradually came to see their wisdom in why we should have done it. You Dear Sir, need to grow up, accept responsibility, and look past yourself and your petty issues and realize that being invited to the White House, regardless of who is holding the office of President, was and is a great honor and that by being there you and your team mates present an united front. By not accepting the invitation all you have done is provide fuel for the fire of hatred and division in this country that the MSM loves to report on 24/7. May the Lord have mercy.

  23. The Lie is still out there and believed by a lot of ignorant people. I have an autistic grandson with Aspergers and I understand the spectrum more than most people and that is no excuse to slander the President again. Somebody give this little brat the video of the actual event but he still wouldn’t be able to grasp the reality!

  24. Yes, he should go to the White House, if for no other reason than supporting his Team Mates and accepting the Honor given to the Team (of which he is a part).

    Politics should be kept out of SPORTS. Hate is a very strong word and like the person above we are taught to forgive. Dis-like and Hate are two very different words. I am 76 years old and have dis-liked many people over the years, but cannot think of one person I HATE. I hate stupidity and laziness only.

    When someone is in power there is always someone, or some group that wants to see them FAIL. They have no confidence in themselves and want to bring others down to their level.

  25. How sad. I grew up in a Project that went mostly black. The girls I played jump rope with, and basketball and volley ball and walked to school with were never black in my mind. They were my friends. Even today I don’t see black and white, I see people.

    There are many blacks who do not like white and vice versa. We must start seeing PEOPLE not COLOR.

  26. OH, I forgot to tell you it was a black person who stole for 76 year old mother’s pocket book, but I did not go around hating all black people. Black, White, pin, purple, red, yellow, you are all individuals.

  27. Even though the redman is an idiot he does have a valid point that its racist white people that keep blacks in perpetual poverty dependent on government in exchange for votes, and it hasn’t helped them at all. Why do blacks keep voting for white racist democrats?

  28. I believe Doolittle was right on the fact that President Trump was Wrong to mock a developmentally disabled person.Yet I dis agree with Doolittle in the fact that he sides with the Liberal left being they have been in favor of Aborting Babies that have problems such as Downs syndrome.Which is worse.I know which I feel is worse.I do feel everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.So if Doolittle is truly angry about President Trumps remarks then he shouldn’t go to the White House.

  29. First championship and already a stain.
    Politics has no place in sports. Those who impose their beliefs on situations such as visiting the White House are nothing more than celebrity seekers. He missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  30. redman: reading your quote is like looking at the 3 stooges. you are right about one thing blacks are used by democrats to get a vote. they don’t give a fart about the black community and only try to favor them to stay in power. also in the dem party you have the black dems that use you to stay in power and get rich and preachers like jesse jackson and al sharpton that steals your money. the whites and blacks in the dem party hand you a few bread crumbs (welfare check and food card) to make you think they love you when in essence they have pity for you,don’t offer you an escape from poverty and use you to get your vote and then push you aside. trump has created job for blacks and you will see a majority of them voting for republicans,after all blacks want to be independent to and not wanting a handout from dems.

  31. Like other athletes before Doolittle who all seem to have a problem with President Trump for something he supposedly said or did, He missed a grand opportunity to meet the President and ask him about it. An opportunity the average person does not get. Instead of hiding behind the headlines they create, they could actually get a first hand personal account of the man. After that, your feelings would be genuine and not derived from hearsay!

  32. America has become a place where sports people and actors seem to think their opinion matters – it doesn’t.

  33. Well, I can honestly say that if I had been in a position to be invited to The White House while BHO was president, I would have been busy that day washing my hair, so . . . . . .. .

  34. Trump never mocked a disabled person. There are many videos of him making the same arm movements with other people. The dishonest mainstream media only shows you one side to make you think a certain way.
    Same stunt they pulled with the fake picture of children in cages.

  35. Keep voting democrat you doped headed nut case and you will never get off of the “plantation”. By the way brillo head, it was all democrats that started the KKK and they were all members of the democrat party. You know as much about history as I know about living in space.

  36. If he doesn’t want to go to the White House as an honoree, that’s his choice. He’s leaving himself out of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We used to call that cutting off your nose to spite your face. However, if he feels that strongly about it, Trump and friends probably don’t want him there anyway.

  37. Mr. Doolittle. you are one dumb athlete. A visit with the President would give you an opportunity to talk to him about the problems that autistic people face, including the hurtful remarks that he has made. Don’t argue with him, bring your brother with you and make the President look him in the face. Get the support of your fellow teammates.
    Not talking to a leader doesn’t serve anyone You or Him. Don’t run away.

  38. j.r.Yes, and Trump also holds grudges. The same needs to apply to Trump. So, therefore, God will holds those grudges against Trump. You know, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  39. The right wing did not want to respect Obama. The left wing does not want to respect Trump. There is nothing more to it. This is America. People respect whatever they damn well please. Politics is in everything, and that is not exactly new. Also, we’re borderline at war. What do you expect?

  40. Whatever. Why would I care?

    It’s a free country, under the law. I didn’t know him. I didn’t watch him. I don’t care about him.

  41. You are absolutely correct. There is no place in sports for politics. Like it or not, the World Series Champs represent the United States of America, not the Democrats or Republicans. President Trump is not a saint. He’s just a guy like every other guy, including those who have served in the White House. Like him or not, he is the President of the United States and should be respected as such. I didn’t care for Obama’s policies and actions, but I would have been proud to be invited to his White House in recognition of something I had accomplished. This Doolittle guy is a fool.

  42. Trump is a self admitted serial sexual assaulter, a scam artist with over 1000 lawsuits lost, and now a traitor, he is pals with Putin and now all his team have expressed Trump’s stupidity in trying to get information, true or untrue, from a foreign country. He also had a corrupt campaign with over 270 contacts with the Russians, and EVERY person lied about it originally, Sessions, Flynn, Trump, Trump Jr, Kushner and many others. He is a criminal and you people elected him as America’s leader, the shame is on him and you and unfortunately our country as he has ruined alliances while palling around with Putin and kissing other’s dictators’ butts, like the Saudi prince. He pulled out of various accords and has had nothing to replace our commitment. N Korea has been shooting rockets off regularly and Iran has just moved up to the next step of nuclear weapons.

  43. Justice for Trump; Hello Rick! I see you still are the little bundle of joy when it comes to President Trump, aren’t you? You and I have been down this path many times, so I’m not going to debate with you on all points. But let me ask you just one question, alright? Do you HONESTLY believe Hillary Clinton would have made a better president?? Because some of the wordage you used to describe Trump fits Hillary, perfectly. Not the serial sexual assaulter though. That prize belongs to her charming husband. But the traitor part certainly fits.
    Be well Rick….


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