This university took indoctrination to a whole new level with this class


Donald Trump is the bane of the left’s existence.

No stoop is too low for their attacks.

But this propaganda class shows just how desperate the left is to stop Trump.

San Diego State University, a taxpayer-funded public school, is offering a class focusing on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The class, formerly titled “Trump: Impeachment, Removal or Conviction,” will focus on the major events surrounding Trump’s presidency.

The university changed the name and dropped “Trump” from the title in response to backlash.

But the syllabus reads like it was written by Rachel Maddow.

Trump’s name is mentioned numerous times and virtually every subject focuses on the Trump administration or his campaign.

The College Fix reports:

The College Fix obtained the fall 2018 course syllabus through a California Public Records Act request after SDSU did not return emails and phone messages seeking the document.

The syllabus appears not to have been proofread carefully. Under “Special Counsel Investigation,” it says the FBI “conducted an investigation or [sic] Russian interference with the election and lings [sic] to Trump’s campaign” after the 2016 election.

The course includes Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey on the grounds that Comey announced “an investigation into Hillary Clinton shortly before the election” and “was not doing a good job.”

It covers the appointment of Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI, as special counsel to investigate “any links or coordination between the Russian government and Trump’s campaign.”

Without fully naming the “former British intelligence operative,” the syllabus refers to Michael Steele and his “dossier.” It says he did an “investigation” on Trump’s dealings with Russia that was turned over to the FBI and made public.

The rest of the special-counseling heading deals with Republican challenges to the FBI subpoena to track a person who worked on Trump’s campaign, and the cooperation of a “Trump Aide” with the special counsel.

The “Indictment and Pleas” heading returns to the Trump campaign: “A number of those connected with the Trump campaign have been indicted, including Russians.”

This is a textbook example of the liberal bias in academia.

The class does not mention Bill Clinton, who was impeached for lying under oath.

It also doesn’t mention Andrew Johnson, the first president impeached.

In contrast, Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump and his campaign have come up empty.

Yet taxpayer-funded public schools are drawing up classes based on anti-Trump conspiracy theories.

Do you think colleges should teach classes on impeaching Donald Trump?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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  2. No if they, had a brain and, knew one percent as much of what is going on in are country, that they think they do, then there wouldn’t be all this ignorant talk. What really is going on here, is quite clear, we have a generation of young people that are set on trying to make everyone think they know it all, and are starving for attention, they will make a complete fool/ass out of themself, just to be seen and heard!

  3. Taxpayers are funding this university of imbeciles. If they have a class on impeachment, they absolutely should include Clinton and Jackson. The kiddies have already been brainwashed, and this type of nothing course continues with the manipulation of young people’s minds.

  4. Time to shut down all institutions of higher learning and send ALL its personnel to Civics 101, Exceptionalism 105, Constitution 1, Constitution 2, Bill of Rights 106, Declaration of Independence 115, etc. These are all numbered as First Year college courses. Then of course, to learn these, you would have to attend Hillsdale College, a non government school.

  5. What else with the criminal state of Cali do? Very few of us take them seriously anymore & I hope parents look hard at sending their kids to these camps of indoctrination. Next, tell me Dr Ford is the prof of this BS course….. that would be the icing on the cake!

  6. What a total waste of time and money. If people WANT to pay for this, that’s OK with me ( a fool and his money, soon go different ways), but a Publicly funded institution of higher learning? This is dishonest propaganda from leftist educators that were never adequately educated, just indoctrinated.

  7. This website is only committed to whining and complaining about higher education and twists the narrative to try to get conservatives all worked up and stoking anger and feelings of being victims. Perhaps the syllabus does not mention some historical references, but probably will be brought up in class in the lectures. Did some of you not know that MOST colleges and universities have “selected topics” courses where they can teach specialized courses to upper division students IF THE INTEREST is there? It is like adding a specialization and in all probably has several prerequisites of subjects to be met before one can be admitted. Generally courses of this sort are developed with the interaction of students with faculty and generally, if you have a group of excellent students, can give them more than the standardized lower-level courses.

    I have a Ph.D. and taught in college for 35 years until retirement. You are just trying to make higher education a scapegoat because we DO NOT indoctrinate students, we use course materials to provide a certain amount of information, like historical, and then work to advance our students ability to critically think. Students often disagree with their professor – – and sometimes faculty use different methods, like playing the “Devil’s Advocate” so students can see another point of view.

  8. Technology today has really damaged these young people. They are a society of Stepford girls and boys! Sickening!

  9. That’s what seems to be socialist propaganda 101 taken to the extreme.unfortunately we have Democratic senators feeding this they fit it on TV they’ve done it in emails they should be silence there is no reason to impeach President Trump however they found plenty of reasons 2 prosecute the former president his staff and the justice department for wrongdoing and they haven’t done that.

  10. It is time to stop funding college’s and universities with tax payer money. Why should I pay for your kids to get a degree when I couldn’t afford to send my kids to a college or university to get a degree. Most of these institutions are liberal left wing anyway and they just brain wash these kids into becoming liberals. I know a conservative family who sent their daughter to college and she came back a screaming liberal much to their dismay.

  11. Liberal c uckers are about to pay the price.
    The election of Donald Trump almost certainly prevented civil war.
    The day he leves office for any reason except losing an election, the civil war starts.
    We have been very patient with the crap that you low life liberal dem bloodsuckers have been putting out for the last 2 years.
    patience is gone.
    When it starts there will be no cease fires , no treaties and no armistices.
    When it is over there will be no liberal dem bloodsuckers

  12. That’s a lot of Bull. That seems to be where many of our “educators “ excel. If you want to go off in your own direction and brainwash your students, do it on your own dime.

  13. But this is Californicate – those kids are already indoctrinated by their parents, CNN, and their neighbors. All this is doing is re-enforcing the dribble for when they “grow up and take over” their little world – hopefully they stay in Calicraporia after it leaves the Union, (or drifts out toward Hawaii), and that it doesn’t spread to the rest of America!

  14. I have been around a long time, and I have NEVER witnessed such a large percentage of DUM-ASSES!!! That included the College Professors, who are turning out so many STUPID “GRADUATES”!!! They are “HELL-BENT” on ruining the youth of America, and don’t realize that that will also eliminate their positions, cuz these “SMART” grads will eventually eliminate the Higher Learning Institutions for fear of someone else coming along and learning more about TRUE KNOWLEDGE!! These JERKS only know how to skip school, or break the windows, or start fires, or run amuck in the streets instead of truly learning something that will advance our country, our world, or even themselves!!! I am GLAD that my life is in my DECEMBER YEARS!!! I don’t have to watch too much more of this CRAP!!!

  15. I take it you do not have a college degree, correct? What makes you an expert on higher education?

  16. One doesn’t have to be an expert on higher education to observe the results of liberal education indoctrination. Common sense will suffice.

  17. You libtards have already fired the first shots and our patience is gone. We will defend ourselves and the wonderful constitution that embraces this great nation, both of which you libtards hate!

  18. Aaaah, Truth is Important has a crap degree – Piled Higher and Deeper!
    He needs to hangs his moniker to Fake Truth as he has no clue.
    A basic life rule says, “If you can’t make it in real life, get your PhD and teach!”

  19. Drain the college swamp of its vermin infested sludge! Close these colleges down and eliminate their opportunity to indoctrinate! Virtual education is the way of the future and will be free to all Americans! Drain and close!

  20. our higher education system is joke. Professers should be mixed, 50% Democrat and 50% Republican. anything less should not be funded by taxpayer money. The current colleges are brainwashing our kids and turning out uneducated people who are turned Left and do not understand the background of our country and don’t want to. that is why so many young people are embracing Athiesm and communisn. they never hear the other side from kindergarten through college. What can we expect?

  21. We have not seen their worse yet, if the Democrats lose Nov.6th all hell will brake loose, they will all come unglued, people will get hurt. We cannot give in to force, this is the game plan since day one, we must give back the same treatment, their playing us soft, because We are civilized people, time to remind them we are human to!!!

  22. I am so glad i know one professor who turns oul well informed students .
    She tells it how it is and won’t take any deviation from the real issues.
    Students excitably think they can get an A just by attending class.
    She has no trouble failing a large number of students in her class
    if they have not fulfilled there responsibility for turning in there work.
    I think she is an A++++ professor


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