This University teaches a class on “infant sexuality” and what they want to do next is utterly depraved


Radical leftists have completely taken over colleges and universities across the United States and are using them to spread their immoral agenda.

But this university in northern Texas crossed a line.

A college professor is teaching a class on “infant sexuality” and what he suggested his students do next is utterly depraved.

It’s no secret that college leftists are destroying academia.

Radical environmentalists, socialists, and the LGBT movement have all taken positions as professors, administrators, and in-campus leadership.

Part of their agenda is to normalize sexually depraved behavior by apparently studying things like “infant sexuality.”

Now, this college professor is encouraging his students to “take a field trip” to preschools to observe children’s “sexual interactions.”

The Daily Wire reports:

A professor presented a lesson to students at the University of North Texas titled “Sexual Pleasure and Response in Infants,” Big League Politics first reported last week. Moreover, as highlighted by The College Fix on Friday, the textbook for the same course, “Psychology and Sexual Behavior,” suggests students take “field trips” to preschools and elementary schools to observe students’ “sexual interactions.”

The lesson plan on sexuality in infants, which can be viewed here, is from the 13th edition of Our Sexuality, the course’s listed textbook, reports the Fix. “One section of the document, titled ‘Teaching Ideas,’ suggests that instructors take students on a ‘field trip’ to observe children possibly engaging in ‘sexual interactions’ during recess hours,” the report notes.

The professor went on to tell students to observe the children when they were placed with same-sex peers vs. those of the opposite sex.

There was nothing that required the students to ask the parents permission, only the teacher’s.

Now that this story has been made public, the University of North Texas is facing greater scrutiny.

But the professor teaching the class is not facing any consequences for his actions.

If this had been done in a setting outside of academia, the police likely would have been involved.

What do you think?

Is studying, “infant sexuality” a serious academic topic? Or a perverted sexual act?


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  2. The sex drugs and rocken roll message from the 60s has destroyed countless more young lives then it’s helped. America has to wake up fast with a new message.

  3. Somebody should fry this demented son-of-a-b*tch. No punishment would be too harsh for this perverse weirdo. College professor my a*s. He’s the epitome of a piece of s*it.

  4. These so called professors are ruining our schools and colleges with their perverted ideas. We really need to try and change this, they are making kids have distorted views of everything. We now have these ‘snowflake’ college students that can’t handle the real world. This professor is a pervert and should be fired.

  5. I agree Roman,These sick A_ses need to be jailed. They are abusers in the making..Tics me off , no one is talking about these things .On normal Media…

  6. Everyone get involved with your public schools..Find out what’s being told and listen to what’s going on. I know some,they won’t send their kids to a building ,they can’t trust who’s there to teach. So their kids are home schooled.

  7. OK…lets just stop blaming the “radical left’ for EVERYTHING !! There are just as many “nit wits” on the right, middle and everywhere else!! It’s time to stop the blame game and DO something about all this absurd crap!!! ( Who came up with that nightmare anyway?? You should run, not walk, to the nearest head doctor!! You sickos trying to instill fear into the rest of us are not going to succeed!!! We have a very Loving and fair Creator who’s not going to let you get away with it !!!

  8. Get on this, send to facebook, legislators, newspapers. If you are sick of this CRAP be vocal and send letters.

  9. He is a sexual predator/pervert and should be watched by law enforcement. You never know what the sicko does in his spare time but I bet nothing good.

  10. This what you get when you Allow them to Breed and it’s going to take a whole lot more than RAID to get rid of this PESTILENCE Folks !!!!!!

  11. No matter if a state is conservative, the government universities and colleges are not. Leftists and perverts have a haven there. They fill young people’s heads filled with mush with all their perversions and leftism. Be careful where your children and grandchildren are attending college.

  12. The University where this professor teaches should be cut off from all federal taxpayer money and any and all financial support from taxpayers be it federal or local. This guy is clearly a sexual pervert and should not be allowed in any classroom let alone near any children, students and normal people.

  13. And you people wonder WHY we are in this mess? EVIL crap, SIN!!! ALL these people have a seat reserved in HELL, waiting to step into the Lake of Fire! Can’t wait to see the smoke rise! If I had kids, NO WAY IN HELL WOULD I SEND THEM TO FRIGGEN COLLEGE!

  14. If you have read the comments from
    Barbara Streisand a couple of weeks
    Ago about Michael Jackson & molesting children you would understand more that liberal ideology has no bounds for immoral actions…NO BOUNDS

  15. The Kinsey report had the same issue many years ago.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  16. President Trump needs to sign an executive order legalizing the MOONING of this “professor.” Once the order is signed, it will be illegal to arrest, detain, cite or constrain someone for the MOONING of this douche bag professor! Those who want to MOON him in the USA will be able to do so! The professor will also be required to go on MOON tours so those who want to MOON him will be able to do so! Vendors will be able to sell MOON Douche Bag Professor t-shirts at these venues! This order will expire on Jan. 20, 2021 at noon and the president who will be inaugurated that day (whoever it is) will have the power to renew this executive order for four more years if he or she chooses to do so!

  17. Dear Beverly, PLEASE, just answer some questions for us, so we might STOP blaming the “Radical Left” for EVERYTHING . Which Political Party do MOST of the prisoners in ALL of our prisons belong to ? And for your “bonus question”, which Political Party has MOST of our “Mass Shooters” belonged to ? And for your “Super Bonus Question”, which Political Party PROUDLY represents the LGBTQ and NAMBLA ? I’m SURE that will make our “very loving and fair Creator” very HAPPY ! Look it up, ALL the FACTS are readily available !

  18. Clearly this Professor needs to be terminated from his job and his credentials should also be permanently removed ! Criminal charges should also be considered . The radical left keeps trying to push the boundaries and in this case the boundaries were completely crossed !

  19. There are not enough problems on this earth that Colleges and Universities could be working, I guess.
    They are now taking their twisted ideas to child sexuality with hands on lab experience included.
    Keep the toxic higher education “community” the hell away from children.
    That community, lately, has not shown any signs of positive morality in standard every day life.
    Also, let children alone long enough for them to have a childhood.


  21. I just hope the daycare and primary schools are not buying into this. Thank God I don’t have a child in a daycare or preschool. I’d be in the establishment s office telling them if they partisapate in this study my child will never return.

  22. I believe this is called child sexual abuse. Toss this piece of slime in with the other cons and let them give him a harsh lesson.

  23. Before making a judgment, I would have them define ‘infant sexuality’ and ‘sexual interactions’ . If the field trip is to study how girls or boys choose who they play with, or what toys they select, then I would have no objections.

  24. Tom, you forgot which party proudly supports murdering babies, even after birth. Out Creator forbids it

  25. The sexual experimentation I was involved with when I was around 9, was PEER-initiated, and PEER-involved…not taught and pushed by teachers in a classroom…BIG difference.

  26. I have been saying over and over these people on the school boards and in legislatures like Baltimore and homosexual priests and teachers in these schools are pushing this crap with sex with kids because it is their sexual dreams. Why would a person on the school board or a teacher who is supposed to love kids want homosexuals in schools teaching five year olds how to do homosexual sex and want boys in girls bathrooms and these people don’t even need the politicians in gov’t to make the laws, the schools just go ahead and institute this sex crap and the parents have to find out about it from their own kids. These are sick, sick people who got themselves in positions to hand over kids to perverts including those making up these rules.

  27. mark: you mean it happened outside of school and outside of your house. You are lucky you didn’t get kidnapped or just disappeared because usually that is what happens when it happens outside of school. Usually sex in school stays in the school building unless it is in the older grades and the teacher talks the kids into going to his home or to run away with the teacher.

  28. Well, now we all know where the hippies from the 60’s and 70’s went to live in their communes and come out (slightly) from their mantra “Peace, Love, Dope and our government gave them the ways & means to become professors to mind bend our children in a fashion to where they become screaming liberals like them. Once these professors get tenures they start spewing hate and theses kids think they (professors) are so brilliant that they are warped by their ideology!
    We (all parents) are to blame for NOT talking to our children about situations around the world (good or bad) and to tell them what is really going on so that they will go out and not be mind poisoned by the radical mouths in our colleges today.
    My kids heard about everything from early childhood (good & bad) so that my husband and myself would be able to explain what was happening.
    Our kids are worth saving and they are starting to listen because of the crazed liberal left. We cannot depend on our government so WE THE PARENTS have got to stand up for ourselves and our kids!

  29. To: T
    “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” How many people that have written comments here are registered, voters? How many people here voted for the same incumbents in both political parties that have been in office more than two or three terms? How many people here have not voted, especially in local elections, the police chief, sheriff, school board superintendent, council members, etc. How many parents have attended a PTA meeting? It is hard for me to believe how fast and aggressive that Satan’s LBGTQ group have managed to spread their sinful agenda, and Christian institutions are somewhat quiet. Would Jesus Christ accept the agenda of the LGBTQ and their supporters? Some members of the Democratic party says that people should encompass all groups, including Muslims laws also.

  30. That one is probably the most egregious – that said I know there are circumstances where a late term abortion might be necessary if life of mother is in true danger and or a serious issue becomes known but those instances are very rare – I’ve read about some that truly are understandable and where the fetus or baby is seriously deformed etc and mothers life is in question so there should be allowances for some of these situations but media does not really report these circumstances on
    Either side …. but you’d think legislators would be given good complete info – but then they’d have to read it wouldn’t they

  31. An open question to America,How/when/why? have we sunk to such a perverse standard,that now seems to be taking over?

  32. You are so right, he’s a pedophile in every sense of the word. Wonder what inner action he has with thencollege age students or is he just after babies. What a pug, and then he gets paid big bucks to do this.

  33. Since when is a college course on or about children’s responses to sexuality not considered a crime or immune to investigations done by law enforcement? I know I haven’t heard all the presently unheard ofs but this surely
    is one of them with more to come from these groups of demonic characters. Ancestors of those responsible for the blasphemy conviction and crucifying of Jesus Christ.

  34. THIS IS SICK, FROM THE GETGO. Get rid of these so-called “professors” and replace them with some good, Christian adults. Unbelievable.

  35. For any pre-school to allow this would fast find them being closed down for child abuse. This professor sounds like a pedophile. Has anyone checked his computers? As for the University, that’s another to check off your list of possible schools.

  36. This is setting up a generation of young people to accept pedophilia as “normal” – exactly what some said would happen if other sexual deviations were also considered acceptable and normal…beyond sick. Again, the admonition from Jesus, “Better a millstone be tied around the neck and they be thrown into the sea than cause one of these little ones to sin…” Those who won’t listen and let this go on are just as guilty….


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