This university is forcing students to read Michael Moore’s book on white men and you won’t believe it says


American colleges and universities have gone completely off the deep end.

Now, one major university is even teaching students to outright hate white people.

Students are being forced to read Michael Moore’s latest book and you will be shocked what it says about white people.

Radical Leftists have taken over colleges and universities and abandoned all attempts to provide students with any semblance of an education.

The college professors are simply radical Left-wing ideologues preaching their agenda to students.

And this agenda includes white hatred.

Syracuse University is forcing students to read Michael Moore’s book, Stupid White Men.

It claims all white people suffer from mental illness.

Breitbart reports:

An African American politics course at Syracuse University requires that students read leftist filmmaker Michael Moore’s book Stupid White Men.

Students at Syracuse University that enroll in “African American Politics” may be in for a dose of leftist indoctrination. According to a report by Campus Reform, students in the course are required to purchase a copy of Michael Moore’s 2001 book, Stupid White Men, which focused primarily on criticisms of the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

But Stupid White Men isn’t simply a criticism of past presidents. As the title suggests, the book includes controversial statements about race. In one chapter, which is subtly titled “Kill Whitey,” Moore asks if all white people suffer from a “shared low-grade of mental illness?”

“Are white people’s brains hardwired to see one thing but believe the opposite because of race?” Moore writes. “Do all white people suffer from some shared low-grade of mental illness?”

Moore’s book is nowhere close to an academic study or textbook worth reading.

It is pure indoctrination against white people . . . particularly white men.

Michael Moore is himself a white man, but is most likely bent on proving how “woke” he is to other progressives.

To make matters worse, the students were forced to purchase the book and give Moore, an avowed socialist, a profit from the purchase.

What do you think?

Should Syracuse University instruct the professor teaching this class to stop preaching white hatred?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Well we Know one White person That Def.Has Mental Problems!! I’ve been doing some research on this Hate Whites Racism And You Wouldn’t Believe Whats Going on World Wide!! You think chelsy handler running around in her documentary on Netflix saying How Horrible it is to be White is Bad,You Have Noo Clue! And the people im talking About ARE White!! This is Mainly in Europe,But Here as well.These people mane M.M. Look like David Duke! I Knew about the White self Hate and White privilege crowd and Their ilk,But This is a Whole Other Animal! These Nuts HATE Whites(And Their White)They call for the Extinction And Genocide of the White race(Especially Men) Through the act of White women Solely mating with Black men and”Breeding” Whites into Extinction,It’s Called Breed Black Only.This Sounds Crazy,But this is a big Movement and it’s Real,Mainly among White women Who Despise White men And Would Never Touch a White man.In Europe,They Want More African and Muslim refugees And Completely Open Borders so they can “Breed” Their OWN race Out of existence! It’s Too MUCH to describe in a post like This but i Plan on Writing an article on it.You’ve seen the clips of White protesters calling other White people Racist names,Believe me,That’s Nothing compared to What’s going on around the world.These are women(and men)The WORSHIP Blacks,Literally!If these peoples Parents and family were murdered,And it ended up being a Black that Did it,There is Not a Shadow of a Doubt these women,Girls and men Would say Their families DESERVED it because they were White! This is Real,Its Huge and its Worldwide!Ya think ya Heard an Seen it ALL,You Ain’t seen Nothin Yet! Semper Fi

  3. The only way that stupid white guy ,ie Michael Moore, can sell his book is to add it to a stupid racist schools curriculum.

  4. If one particular brain of Michael Moore” is programmed to see one thing, but to believe in the opposite because of race ”- this does not mean at all that“ All white people suffer from some general low mental illness ”- this is most likely difficult mental problem of one specific person – Michael Moore.

  5. The lefty loonies have a well established pattern of accusing others of the very things that they are most guilty. So if a person who is bold enough, and curious enough to do the research on population genetics and human history in the past, say 50,000 years or so, honestly lists the characteristic traits, faults, inventions and accomplishments of the various human populations around the world, they will either be very proud or embarrassed by the plain facts. And I will not take this line of thought any further…it’s your turn.

  6. Actors on the right (Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) have failed to impress those of us on the Left. And this might be due to the distaste we have for their politics.

    But many actors and actresses on the Left, too, are socially and politically aware: Robert Redford and Ashley Judd immediately come to mind.

    We’re in the Age of the Internet, and everybody posts their opinions online!

    No longer “actors,” now the common man has a voice. That’s democracy in action. The Internet might prove to be a blessing – the basis of a free and open society in which everyone has a voice – if we can guarantee Net Neutrality.

    Michael Moore writes, directs and produces as well. He points out the hypocrisy of the right. There’s a huge difference.

    He must have voted for Hillary Clinton?

    Even if you disagree with his politics, you can’t dismiss him as merely an “actor.”

  7. Is there a book Stupid Black Men that is also being “taught” at Syracuse? I didn’t think so. This course is so racist and the professor should be kicked off the staff and never be able to teach another course at any other college anywhere.

  8. What a sham, their are some wonderful books that that these students could read that don’t glorify our differences. The book “His Excellancy” about my hero George Washington is an incredible book about one of our greatest Americans. Why take the time to read a book written by a national pig! Why would Syracuse support a useless course like this one.

  9. Moore is a traitor to America and should not breath his next breath and any professor or school that makes you read this book AS TRUTH or a guide on how we should be should just dismissed from our lives!!!!

  10. These courses are designed by progressives to transform America by teaching students as young as five years old that our country was founded by evil white men. The ultimate goal is to abolish U.S. Sovereignty – fold America into the EU governed by unelected bureaucrats. As always, progressives move incrementally whatever area they are transforming, be it Sovereignty, Religion, Family, Culture, ….. If they told the truth at the beginning, no matter the subject they would be rejected. Instead they move step by step. Look around. See the transformations…..

  11. Since when is racism against whites any better? Racism is racism,period. The students at Syracuse should de.and this racist book be removed as required reading. M. Moore, if you think Communism is the way to go,move the our nearest workers paradise,Cuba.

  12. Steve,
    if i was forced to read this kind of garbage i would remove myself from this class and or completely leave the school. nowadays these collages and universities have gone for the dogs. you could go to a trade school or private higher educational school. i have said many many bad things about Michael Moore in the past as well as for Obama. it would take me a week to discuss the language i used for the past 10 years.
    these leftists are very very sick people. i wish but won’t hold my breath that the republican congressman and women grow some balls and push back hard. there is a two justice judiciary system in our country now. unless we are going to stand up verbally and physically our way of life is gone for good. i am white and proud but respect decent people of all races.

  13. Michael Moore is sooo yesterday! And, I believe that “stupid” book is more the 25 years old!! WTF and why is that “stupid” college forcing kids to read this piece of trash? If my kid went to that college, I would advise Syracuse to reconsider, very strongly, NOT to advocate for Mr. Moore! He’s sooo biased and not someone who should be part of ANY curriculum, whether it’s a college, high school or any other organization. This is so wrong and actually, like others have said here, the only way Moore could make ANY money is to sell his 25+ year old book to a college! Also, if I was in this class, I would demand a refund and book outta that class faster than my legs could take me. I can only imagine the “discussion” on this book: If students in the class had differing opinions/ideas, would they be included or would they not be taken seriously or worse yet, shot down and/or shunned because of differing viewpoints? I can see it all now…unfolding. Sad, that this college (and OUR COUNTRY) is stooping to such levels. Michael Moore IS FURTHERING HIS DANGEROUS RHETORIC AND I HOPE IT BACKFIRES ON HIM.

  14. I just read a comment earlier about why the college isn’t teaching “STUPID BLACK MEN,” AND FELT THE NEED TO SHARE MY DAUGHTER’S STORY: She took a class, she’s in law enforcement, and the so-called Black “professor” (GET THIS: He was a convicted felon “trying to get his life in order…” we all know the comment!), taught nothing but vitriolic hatred towards the cops who were in his class. My daughter was horrified that his class was part of the curriculum and spoke up in class ONCE and was shot down by this person. She politely got up and left the class and demanded a refund. She was turned down and could not believe the person was teaching this class when he obviously hated cops and was so biased. As it turned out, a few years later, the Black mayor appointed this black guy to a prominent position in the police department, where he was supposedly a “watchdog” for the mayor and the police chief. HE DID NOTHING AND EARNED A 6 FIGURE SALARY. He got a car allowance and basically just sat around with “eyes” on everyone. So unnerving…however, he went to the mayor stating he needed “more” of everything and was turned down. YES!!!! He ultimately quit and God only knows where he is now and the havoc he’s creating in his wake.

  15. This obese POS is no authority on any subject. Any university requiring students to read his trash should be shut off from federal funds Liberals are ruining our country and the media is a party to the crimes involved and should pay for their complicity!

  16. Does anyone care what M Moore has to say? He is a sick individual, plus he is a fat pig who can’t control his eating. He may be a diabetic due to being such a walrus. He must be in a wheel chair, but who knows. He wants publicity any way he can get it. To me he is less than a man. I bet he can’t even find his ego parts and maybe that is why he is so bitter. I would not look out the window to see him. Michael, dig a huge, huge, huge hole and get in it and have someone do you a favor and cover it with the displaced sand, or…, better yet just jump in a gravel pit and have the professionals cover you. Good ridance to bad rubbish. You are so ugly a person has a hard time looking at you, and the ugliness reached and affected your brain (you have one?))

  17. And that’s why Democrats want FREE college for everyone. Tax payers can pay the bills and progressives will teach the students.

  18. After his flops of movies, why would a university think it appropriate to teach the bigoted slop he wrote? Are there no colleges or universities teaching instead of indoctrinating our youth? Education used to help students discover the truth now there is no education—only propaganda.

  19. What in hell makes you think that black people have a smaller IQ than white people ? Are you a racist? Dr. Ben Carson has an IQ which surpasses the IQ of some of the brightest white people I know. I was once a member of MENSA with an IQ of 167 but now in my twilight years it is barely above 130. Most people do not chose to use the brains given to them by their Creator but that does not mean they have a low IQ. Being brainwashed by leftist educators will not allow you to examine every problem critically but just blame those around you for your own failure to make a decent life for yourself.

  20. I’m thankful Michael Moore is not my judge. IF the nuts would live by the Supreme Law of the Universe GOD’s law of LOVE we would NOT have this hatred and stupidity in the world.
    People like Michael Moore and others are going to bust hell wide open because the Bible says “For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing is there” This fits MM and all those that push the hate agenda and trying to destroy the USA.
    There a story in the Bible in Acts 5 about a married couple who lied to Peter but in reality were lying to the Holy Spirit. When thy lied they died. I’m asking you to join me to pray that God will do the same today for His people and the USA. Ask that when a Politician running for office, the President, Senators, Congressmen/women, Supreme Court Judges and all other public offices from the highest to the lowest. Let this include the Deep State, all News Media and all political parties. If I missed anyone please add it to your prayer list.

    Let us the people pray that GOD will destroy our enemies and return our Nation back to Him

    There is a lot more to say about this but I hope you understand my point.

    Enjoy His Blessings Today

    Dr. D

  21. Dewey: You ask: “Why a courseSyracuse support a useless course like this one?”

    Hmmm … A severe lack of intelligence on the part of key decision makers, and the course instructors? Weak educational backgrounds of those who would opt for taking such garbage courses? No credible sense of history on the part of either the instructor or professor? Possible all-around lack of integrity of anyone involved? Strong evidence of real all-around moral depravity at the university? Perhaps an utterly unsolvable case of closed-mindedness? Blindness to anything other than their own ideological preferences? Risible credentials? A combination of some or all of the above?

    So many possibilities!

  22. I see the bottom line / goal as this: Breed the whites out so all are mixed race. Then enslave the world controlled by the elite. Commies in charge there will be no freedom, all will be slaves at their beck and call.
    You reap what you sow and we are sowing weed seed everywhere. I see the world full of mixed idiots muslim’s . Satan is at work and your all falling for it. It amazes me how screwed up this world has gotten and getting worse everyday.

    I will be dead by then and it’s up to you. Good Luck! Amazing how many white women I see with ugly blacks and White guys with ugly black women. I don’t understand the attraction except the men have big dicks. Not my problem and don’t care any more. Don’t have any kids to o through this crap. The world will be a sad cruel place to live., doubt it will ever recover. I’m sure some will call me “Racist” Not really, I could care less and not PC. I don’t give a “S**T shove your PC as it’s about to bite you in the ass. When is “Michael Moore” going to kill himself to help remove white people from the planet and do all of us a favor.

  23. If there was ever a stupid white man, that would be the spiteful glob known as Michael Moore. When I was in Shanghai on IBM business back in 2002, the English-language BBC Asian Network that I was watching one night in my hotel room featured a panel that included an American of whom I had absolutely no knowledge. This was Michael Moore. He was extremely critical of & dishonest about his own country, & of President George W Bush in particular. The Twin Towers attack of 9/11 was still very fresh in my mind. I considered Moore’s dissing of his own country on foreign soil to be thoroughly despicable. In my opinion, he continues to be an extremely anti-American blowhard. Maybe the Left is the only group that will listen seriously to the ludicrous blathering of this complete fool.

  24. “Do all white people suffer from some general low mental illness?” Asks this amazing Michael Moore. I answer: “No, of course not, only people fixated on hatred of themselves and their own kind. A racist- schizophrenic is a disease, it’s like leprosy and even  worse. But why infect young people with this terrible disease? – Here is the problem!

  25. moores book is correct on one fact, he is white and he is insane if he expects the students to believe this piece of trash he has written, the only way moore can get his book read is by paying the university to force students to read it but the university can’t force them to believe it, there are too many of these students that are not lemmings who follow blindly anyone who spouts off, there are some students that have sense enough to think for themselves and consider the book a load of BS

  26. I Just cancelled my Netflix account because of their racist views,When i heard about chelsy handlers documentary aboutBS”White Privilege”,That was the Last Straw!Everyone reading this, Write,E-mail,Call or do anything you need to do to get your voices Heard.We have been Silent for Way Too Long. The silent majority has been walked All over while the Left Never shuts up,And it’s been Working for them(Doesn’t hurt the have the Media on your side)This is a non shooting war now,Time to Start Fighting Back.Get involved,Let these demons know you Not going to be Pushed around ANYMORE!! Semper Fi

  27. Very sad. God created and loves all races, but satan is gaining ever more of a foothold. He has dems, communists, atheists, muslims, and all others who have rejected God in his army. All the hatred and lies these people embrace come from satan whom they serve. When Jesus comes, He will fix everything

  28. MIke, satan will rule for a time and it is all falling into place. But when Jesus comes He will rescue His people and satan and all who follow him will be cast into hell for eternity. So, yes, all who belong to Jesus will recover. God created and loves all races and there will be all races in Heaven and Hell.

  29. Shelba, that is the whole problem. The students DO believe the crap they are being taught. They are being indoctrinated to be good little libs.

    If our country is so bad – why have so doggone many people through the years (and especially today) done their best to get here….legally or illegally. And of course lately the ones coming here want to remake us in their not-so-great image.

  31. Steven Tobin: I agree with you comment. I am very dismayed as to why the Republicans have not taken ANY action as well. Many posters have stated this fact, but I truly see another civil war coming, because this madness must be brought to an end soon if our government won’t help the American people.
    All Moore’s book is doing is trying to do is to force a further divide with the races. He is a fool. But a dangerous one. Why this college approved this propaganda is beyond me.

  32. So sorry that you don’t know that we ALL have different levels of I.Q. and it has NOTHING to do with race. Just as we all have different personalities, each of us is a unique individual which adds up to a world full of artists, electricians, garbage collectors, scientists, athletes, etc.

  33. Hey Jacqueline ,we also have to remember that he is not only the fat guy. But he is the Ugly WHITE FAT GUY. SADLY HE IS NOT POOR.

  34. Hey Jacqueline ,we also have to remember that he is not only the fat guy. But he is the Ugly WHITE FAT GUY. SADLY HE IS NOT POOR.

  35. Why is no one calling for higher education to remove ALL ethnic courses and admission preferences? K-12 should be teaching basics including non-biased civics and allow the children to be creative thinkers not indoctrinate them in far-left ideologies.

    Moore is another highly biased person that swings with the myriad of MSM frauds.

  36. President Reagan is one of the smartest people I have ever know. He was kind to all people.
    Redford and Judd are people full of hate.

  37. Good one!
    If I had a child at that school I’d pull him or her out SO fast their head would spin for weeks. I would demand my money back too. Arghhh!!!

  38. Good one!
    If I had a child at that school I’d pull him or her out SO fast their head would spin for weeks. I would demand my money back too. Arghhh!!!

  39. That is absolutely disgusting! What the hell is happening to our country? I’m sorry but I can’t imagine when all these changes started! I don’t understand it? The libs in California have totally lost it and continue to spill out such a horrible agenda!!!!
    Please share with me what is happening? It’s all so sad! Michael Moore should be put in an asylum somewhere!! And yes I’m a Trump supporter. Everyone in our country needs to pray to God asking for his help????

  40. Hate is hate by whomever, Vasu. Doesn’t matter left or right, black or white. As my father used to tell us as kids-skincolor is only on the outside-there is a person inside who should not be judged by it. But I do notice Hollywood talks alot about saving the environment yet they jet all around the world, yacht around the ocean-all using fossil fuels. So most are a for thee but not for me.

  41. Michael Moore is a racist and misandrist! Once you say “all” referring to any group, you have become an “ist.” In this case he’s referring to all white men, therefore yes he is a racist and misandrist! Disgusting! And yes, he is white and male, so who is mentally ill? Unbelievable!

  42. Michal Moore, required reading? That’s what universities need, more left wing authors. I could write a book on this one, but it would be a waste of time.

  43. Michael Moore is capable of piling more contemptible tripe onto a film screen or the pages of a book than nearly anyone. Reading his book as part of a college course is not so bad; is it wise to see what is propounded by fools and clowns. To take what Moore says as true would be an act of pure ignorance. There is no crime is reading Mein Kampf; believing it could be deemed so. Same for Michael Moore’s writings.

  44. Michael Moore needs to be prayed for. His agenda is “twisted” with biased towards whoever is his target for the week. Too bad someone with his gifts does not use it to better the human condition. PRAY FOR MIKE.


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