This unhinged leftist just made a jaw-dropping statement about Christmas


The holiday season has taken a serious hit because of the coronavirus.

Lockdown restrictions and economic hard times for many have made Christmastime even more challenging.

And one unhinged leftist just made a jaw-dropping statement about Christmas.

Liberals often roll their eyes at the notion that there is a war on Christmas, but it’s undeniable at this point.

Secular leftists who detest capitalist “consumerism” have been attempting to undermine Christmas for years.

And one leftist just upped the ante.

Jen Bokoff, Director of Development at the Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund, argued that Christmas is a form of white supremacy.

Bokoff tweeted, “This is your annual reminder that not everyone celebrates Christmas! The default to ‘Merry Christmas’ as a normal greeting is also white supremacy culture at work. If someone celebrates, by all means. But so many people don’t.”

Perhaps someone should break the news to Bokoff that Christmas is a national holiday, and it’s a common salutation to wish people Merry Christmas.

Also, it’s absurd to conflate Christmas with white supremacy when people of all colors celebrate the holiday.

On Bokoff’s website, she explains,“I bring anti-racism and intersectional feminism lenses into everything that I do,” which basically means she attacks everything that doesn’t align with her ultra-progressive views like so many rabid leftists.

Christmastime is part of American culture, which is why leftists like Bokoff hate it so much.

Liberal comedy writer and actress Whitney Cummings – who was an executive producer on the Roseanne reboot before Roseanne Barr was “canceled” for a joke tweet – encountered this when she wished her crew Merry Christmas.

One of the “woke” crew members reported Cummings to human resources for her “faux pas.”

Also, it seems as if leftists within the corporate press are almost revelling in the fact that so many people won’t get to celebrate the holidays like usual because of COVID-19.

The same thing happened during Thanksgiving when Dr. Anthony Fauci and other pro-lockdown officials strongly discouraged people from congregating with extended family and friends.

Meanwhile, several Democrat politicians disobeyed their own restrictions.

Recently, a “woke” mall Santa made a young boy cry when he chastised him for wanting a Nerf toy gun for Christmas.

Nobody needs the Grinch when so many liberals are up to the task.